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Andrew talks films AndrewFilms15

screenwriter, amateur filmmaker, film fan, video game player, podcast listener, photo mode in games fanatic.

Sitting at the local carols, my job done for now, launch Pokémon go for five seconds to do the pokestop, this kid s…

2018-12-16 18:48

What if Kane but too much? Kanebeef

don’t @ me. (please @ me, I’m lonely)

I’m too far away from a pokestop. This hospital waiting room is draining my balls.

2018-12-13 13:22

Justin Jones justinjonestv

your introverted best friend. probably obsessed with your favourite tv show. I do the YouTubes over on

me trying to find a Pokéstop on Pokémon Go whilst on a plane

2018-12-08 08:18