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Arjay Manalo iamarjay_m

Cartoonist | Thomasian | 17 | IG: @iamarjay_m | UST SHS |
1 Corinthians 13: 8

Tangina shet ang ganda tlaga ni Secretary Kim

2018-10-17 23:37

Rapphhyy tuazonrphrph

The past is just a story we tell ourselves

Smile mo lang favorite ko 🙈

2018-10-17 23:37

kyle krzhdmng_


magkwentuhan kami ng ex ko bawal tapos sila magsasamahan sa trinoma??? puta normal ba yon ha

2018-10-17 23:37

BIDABIDA 🔥 joan09belga


See you 💯😊

2018-10-17 23:37

ligaya Aprilbsbc

love is worth the wait


2018-10-17 23:37

Lareina Nicolas imlareinnicolas

19 | 🇮🇹

@beeenmacalalad Hahahahahahahaha charot lang. Miss ko na kayo nila kuya jude 😂 libre nyo ko hehe

2018-10-17 23:37

Liyan Ki XiLeyyan


Awan manen liyan

2018-10-17 23:37

angelica angelicamnjs

its nice to be nice

diii pala pwede umabsent damingggg gagawin 😢😢😢😢😢

2018-10-17 23:37

𝕒𝕓𝕚𝕘𝕒𝕚𝕝 🌙 itsabigailasico

𝓪 𝓶𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓫𝓾𝓽 𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓵𝓵 𝓫𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓭

@shaneandraee @JustinVasquez__ i was like.. really wtf. Damn this feasibility study, ngayon ko lang nabasa!!!

2018-10-17 23:37

🍒 maedelapazzz

The best of me is yet to come.


2018-10-17 23:37

Qui KiaCalubayan

Mabait kapag tulog 😂

waaaaaa! nakakakilig sila ms. kim at mr. lee

2018-10-17 23:37

k ❄ yaceeme

let's go fyt!

true colors do not show even in a few months eh?

2018-10-17 23:37

Nikko Tuibz nvft

21 | UPD | Ka-3DS 🎮 | Usually sad or sleepy.

ACLE namin pero may pasok kami pero di naman required attendance pero may pasok pa rin.

2018-10-17 23:37

Izsay Toscano izsaybabyyyy

AB Psychology-Arellano University | TWENteen 💕😁 | PANDA Lover 🐼

Yung feeling na kanina gutom na gutom ka pero pagdating mo ng bahay mas gugustuhin mo na lang matulog na hysssss kapagod 😣😣😣

2018-10-17 23:37

® RiabethQ20

KCMB|DJFP💙 (@RiabethQ1220)(@bernardokath)(@imdanielpadilla)

RT @ABSCBN: Regine spills that she will be part of the network’s Sunday variety show, ASAP and is very excited to work with Sarah Geronimo.…

2018-10-17 23:37

May_Barber0918 barber0918

RT @mbchavez86: "There so many reasons to love this film,but let me just name one that also stood out for me:Edward Barber. This kid can ac…

2018-10-17 23:37

JoBOO! 👻 ThePapaJobz

Kaladkaring Introvert / Confused Gay Thing

21. Pass.

2018-10-17 23:37

Jill avilajilla

nothing special

RT @giasison: You deserve more than just being a second thought or an option. Realize and keep your self-worth.

2018-10-17 23:37

aj 🌺 neriannjustine_

loving u since 2015 • @EspirituChed

daming kailangan kabisaduhin sa applied eco 😑

2018-10-17 23:37

Isa Mariah bbisa92

God's beloved.

RT @TheRVFriends: #SongbirdReturnsToABSCBN @reginevalcasid @justsarahg

2018-10-17 23:37

P•A•T patarisya

Student-Athlete 💚 OLFU WVT

Thank you Lord! ❤

2018-10-17 23:37

Joy Joy101874

Fan account

@Yellow82559580 @JeofMb yung boitoi nila ang sisihin nila

2018-10-17 23:37

Jess Milner jessicamilner

DJ • Logiclub member • Fried Chicken Lover • Bad with faces • Pretends to know how to sing • Nice Lady • Email:

@noah_charlick @pillowtalkbeats

2018-10-17 23:37

❣️ shinecoleyne



2018-10-17 23:37

Peach.Def 🌴🍑 PeachDef

The Green Galaxy Last Forever ✨💚✨
#GOT7 #JJProject let's be friends birdieees 😉

RT @0430darlene: Yugyeom really.... maknae on top!! Hahaha from the beginning he had everyone coming to him as allies.. and bam was like mo…

2018-10-17 23:37

JEP itsjepcatayas

advertising & pr student

Dami ko namang obligasyon sa buhay grabe

2018-10-17 23:37

Ced pinoygaymer

🌟taken by @asthmatickid🌟moral support extraordinaire🌟🏠MNL/🏢TAC

Ohmygod. HAHAHAHA buhay pa pala yung statue xD

2018-10-17 23:37

🃏 smdvdpnd

@jasperagbanglo Kaya yan!!

2018-10-17 23:37

Arar🤘🏻 ararsntos

@ajvalondaa Type mo lang hahaha

2018-10-17 23:37

whella castrooo_w

Too lazy to think of a cool bio

RT @akoposimarcelo: Wag mong hayaang sirain ng heartache ang buong pagkatao mo.

2018-10-17 23:37

ᶜᴱᴬᶻᴬᴿ ⚜️ Abivaaaa

Kalmado at Banayad

🎥prison break

2018-10-17 23:37

Bryan Villasana bry_ed

A communication specialist, traveler and writer.

Snacks to light up my mood right now, as I realize that some things are not meant to be. 😐😔😐

2018-10-17 23:37

Phil PhiLatonio

rarely witty, mostly rants | IG: Philatonio #JusticeForHoracio

RT @PhilstarNews: Defeated vice presidential bet Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. was also present at the Comelec to support his sister Imee…

2018-10-17 23:37

nil jenilzxx


Pause muna sa review

2018-10-17 23:37

Kbmulawinemman kbmulawinemman

RT @Arvin91313710: Guys Tweet na Tweet
Para makadami tou


2018-10-17 23:37

jajajajaja joysanvllrsc

qt lang ho

RT @akoposimarcelo: Wag mong hayaang sirain ng heartache ang buong pagkatao mo.

2018-10-17 23:37

MARIA💙 rainmndza


@rricaesmejarda Fan ka din po Ma'am?😂💓😍

2018-10-17 23:37

juanbie imperialdeguzman juanbie0901

💛💛💛juanbie lang ako💛💛💛 an ordinary fan na always godvibes lang,kinikilig sa juanbie at support no matter what happen😁😁😁

RT @imGhieeBombita: Ano girl? Diba nag b'Babe Time yung dalawa. Epal ka! WALA KANG MAMA? DI KA LOVE?

2018-10-17 23:37

Jesyl 🍁 fluffyamjrs

PROUD Iglesia Ni Cristo 🇮🇹• Choir • Finance • District Officer • KADIWA • NURSE • Food Critique ✌• Nature Lover • Nocturnal • Risk Taker • Lover • Abnormal 😂

RT @EagleNewsPH: Israel’s Ambassador Harpaz makes courtesy call on INC Executive Minister, visits INC Museum and Central Temple …

2018-10-17 23:37

star #StandwithWorkers StartsWithStar


@lindondunitis @UST_CSC @UST_NCBS inaaway ako o HAHHAHAHAHAHAH CHAROT HAHAHAHHAHA hindi naman tay!!!! HUHUHU MABAIT AQ

2018-10-17 23:37

corny charlanalene

frustrated template.

don't forget about me.

2018-10-17 23:37

박지원 Jiwoon9097

°•♡☆ Ur Glitters kill the night,MH ♥️ ☆♡•°


❤이민혁❤...❤허타 왕❤
☆ Melody since 2013.07.26 ☆

RT @ItisokayMelody: #Eunkwang always has that special spot in #BTOB Only one for me.

2018-10-17 23:37

Alyssa Valdez alysssa_valdez2

FANPAGE | real: @AlyssaValdez2 🏅MVP 🇵🇭Flag Bearer 🐯UST 🕊AdMU 📞PLDT 📲SmartMaynilad 💧BaliPure ⚖BOC 🇹🇭3BB 🍦Creamline 💪Rebisco-PHI 🤾🏻‍♀️AttackLine

RT @abscbnsports: #PVLonBSCBN: Cool Smashers put dent on Perlas Spikers’ record, win fifth straight

2018-10-17 23:37

euwie LegaspiEurwen



2018-10-17 23:37


#EXO I run to you, through the darkness. I'll hold you close to me through this crazy race. Let's make it forever, ever. 💕

Yung nag update na ang NOWK pero dko maopen huhu bat ngayon pa atat na atat nko basahin e 😭😭😭 #NOWK @beeyotchWP

2018-10-17 23:37

Da tiipsyd

Be nice, the world is a small town!

Sorry mataas standard ko. Wahaha

2018-10-17 23:37

N K D paharace

18age. Philippines🇵🇭 Athlete 🤾‍♂️/ Music / Fried Chicken / Singer / I want to become a photographer / ARSCian / A.R.M.Y / Dancer / IG: _davincicode

RT @itsmetricia__: i love twitter HAHAHAHAHHAHA

2018-10-17 23:37

Josh Gollayan Gjoshuaaa


May mangyayare ba pag ginawa ko.

2018-10-17 23:37

Jas 🥀 JasmiiinCaaaps

Pinaka peyborit ko talaga tong it might be you e dunno whyyy

2018-10-17 23:37

Renee yanaagustin_

drink until the bottle is emptier than u

RT @akoposimarcelo: Big or small, blessing is a blessing. ♥️

2018-10-17 23:37

[17's elle] ➹☾♡ // csd 📌 jeonuwuu_

.。. – dreamer x carat – wonu ・゚.。. ➹☾♡⋆

@carat_noona @marsdct_ No prob ateeee, laptrip po ako palagi kay junjun 😂😂😂 waiting for the next update ate, fighting!! 💕

2018-10-17 23:37

🥀 Mariajazzia

She fell in love with travels 🌸

RT @matabangutak: Hello raw sabi ng mga switso.

2018-10-17 23:37

Sh. Oshieeeeen

hit the wave with roses🌹


2018-10-17 23:37

Kiara So kiaradeniseee

; if i was a rose maybe you'd pick me

"Di mo kase alam kung pagod naba ko" 🙂

2018-10-17 23:37

Francis Baraan IV MrFrankBaraan

Human Rights Advocate | GM, @sirombeachhouse | CEO & Entrepreneur| @rapplerdotcom Political Blogger | Social Media Activist | Resource Speaker |BLOCKED by Trump

RT @dawende: Pia, a women’s rights advocate would not evade questions on the President’s conduct or remarks on women.

You may not be the…

2018-10-17 23:37

Whnd Rgr 👸🏻 whindiaries

Thy Will be done. 🙏

New fave music ko tong soundtrack ng a star is born. 💛💛💛

2018-10-17 23:37


FAITH,It Does Not Make Things Easy,It Makes Them Possible...♥♥♥

'Maymay Entrata-Barber'♥
'Edward Barber'♥ Yezzz!

RT @rajolaurel: So happy that she’s walking my show!

2018-10-17 23:37

CG Eligio cgthreena

CG | Filipino | Scorpio | Wattpad Ambassador | Layout artist | Author

Ngayon ko lang naalala na meron nga pala ako nito lol

2018-10-17 23:37

lizzette heraldo liz_heraldo

Korea tomorrow!!!!

2018-10-17 23:37

EToYs Etoooys

Alexandra Nicole Per3z 🌻

Tots about newo? — Principal ng ck. OG ng eu plus poging gwapo.

2018-10-17 23:37

RA 🍑 bbseokjinnie

hella thicc


2018-10-17 23:37

j h o a n n a dywnbrlz

Start with believing. You're the first one to root for yourself before anybody else can believe in it. 💯

ang damiiiiiii

2018-10-17 23:37

øīå AlexThasgo

Lo que importa es la intención, la razón por la que escoges tu camino. Esa es la única decisión real que tenemos que tomar. 3,2,1, let's Jam

RT @KirkCamaron:

2018-10-17 23:37

kimmy🌷 kimmydmflx

she's strong but she's tired//

tumaas na naman ung pamasahe pero ung chance mo kay crush hindi pa din tumaas sad :((

2018-10-17 23:37

leur amelie aalamelie

i complain a lot // knf // opm indie // pop punk

RT @mjfelipe: Regine also mentioned that she is impressed with Daniel Padilla. “Hindi ko kasi siya napapanood na kumakanta, pero nung napan…

2018-10-17 23:37

JK _premedboi

21 | employed | biology graduate

@Jemburger_ Hahah sa susunod bigyan kitang knees

2018-10-17 23:37

🌻TrishPQ🌻 rhiz_quitorio

Two things define you;
your patience when you have nothing.
And your attitude when you have everything.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

I'm a silent supporter of MN & NY 💯

RT @anna_obal: @LiezelIgnacio7 @HappyHartAsia Pati nga mundo ko napatigil e. Hahaha! #SwitchUnexpectedKiss

2018-10-17 23:37

K CalebMangonon

@mxhsantino_ Seenzoned

2018-10-17 23:37

Pklt sadpapineth

Tune ing Lugud par

@kmbrlyfrdjs Sad

2018-10-17 23:37

LAVS LumanlanLavinia

@angelidimacali_ @samxyams sobrang hapi mo palang hehehehehe

2018-10-17 23:37

Leah Navarro leahnavarro

Filipino. Singer. Actor. Advocate.

RT @mlq3: Cayetano in Headstart : "Anywhere you go around the world taas noo ang Pilipinas."

2018-10-17 23:37

Got Milby?™ Milby_Mob

We will ALWAYS love & support Sam Milby ❤ Whenever, Wherever, Whatever... Follow Sam's official twitter account @samuelmilby & officialmilbymobs ig (link below)

RT @Manaygiesam: Ikaw Ace kagigil ka talaga, ikaw pa maangas dyan ! #HarapangHalik

2018-10-17 23:37

αℓιzα ∂σмιηgσ Nnyawk

o bakit?


2018-10-17 23:37

Rose Goño rosemariagono

RT @KpmlyaAsianvela: Maghahalikan na ba? #WWWSKFirstKiss

2018-10-17 23:37

jhaijhai09 itsjhaizel2002

RylePaoloTan💖RussellReyes💕Mccoy Deleon💚NielMurillo💞Russniel❤💙

Dalhan kita food paoie💙😘Lablab❤😍 @HT_Ryle

2018-10-17 23:37

Yuriz Ann blueberheee

Romans 5:8 / @chingketiks11 ✨

@Jettii09 @dianeaalora Ako babato sainyo ng mangga 😂

2018-10-17 23:37

josh raverobles25

i can do all things through christ who strengthens me -Philippians 4:13


2018-10-17 23:37

Dakkie R. Sibayan dakkie_sibayan

Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow's a mystery.
Certified Kapamilya
IG: @senorito_dk

Sana maging ganito yung feed ng IG ko. 😊 Swerte talaga ng mga flight attendant.

2018-10-17 23:37

gine again❤ ginieeeeeeeee

Reader | Dreamer | PLMayer | Future educator😍

@kcrstlp Kasi lahat may hangganan, may katapusan

2018-10-17 23:37

°°° Rusty_Saberon

// life is merely an art of drawing without an eraser //

@AllenNagaa HAHAHAHAHAHA kita mo tinker ko? kanseran

2018-10-17 23:37

Ja Bautista _jabautista

MandSci | PLM | TIP | Electronics Engg

@jacquelinesyy Ipapasa mo 2nd shifting or ikaw magshishift hahaha jk

2018-10-17 23:37

irene /airin quartzairin

i want to draw flowers and hands sometimes 🌸ironically (probably) not a stan twt

HALAAAA MAY NAGBEBENTA NG CLAP HOODIE pero yung pero ko tulog naaaaa

2018-10-17 23:37

bobo itsmepranseng

(rowdyy!)ronda rouseyyy🤟

Malibu nights 😍

2018-10-17 23:37

Marvin Pelovello avvingers

Walwal, aral, walwal, aral, my life in general.

Dibs na kami sa Wash 107.5 ha. Tapos papatugtugin na lang namin yan sa shop. :) Haha

2018-10-17 23:37

amon rendelladajar


RT @zelbautista: Kung hindi ikaw....


Hindi ikaw 🤦🏻‍♂️

2018-10-17 23:37

jae ninyajoyie


Puta sakit ah HAHAHHA

2018-10-17 23:37

Cjjjjj 💓 KristinEbreo

happiest 💕 pcy's since 00's

RT @akoposimarcelo: Mali ka. Mali rin ako.
Tama pa bang itama ito
O tama na kasi pagod na tayo?

From my new book:
"Kung Hindi Lang Tayo S…

2018-10-17 23:37

ky khylatuazon

be my last true love

nawala mood ko🙃🙃

2018-10-17 23:37

Jona JonamaeLopez

taenaaa antok na ko pero ang aga aga pa hahahuhu

2018-10-17 23:37

Alyssa Valdez alysssa_valdez2

FANPAGE | real: @AlyssaValdez2 🏅MVP 🇵🇭Flag Bearer 🐯UST 🕊AdMU 📞PLDT 📲SmartMaynilad 💧BaliPure ⚖BOC 🇹🇭3BB 🍦Creamline 💪Rebisco-PHI 🤾🏻‍♀️AttackLine

RT @abscbnsports: Here's a look at the updated #PVLonABSCBN standings as of 10/17/18! 📊

2018-10-17 23:37

Jigsaw Yong | Byul's slave 졸리 ➗ jollie_mar

Too young and too boorish~ I'm usually that person who has no idea what's going on. Well, except that life is never gonna be as smooth as Jessica Jung's armpits

bastos talaga kaya pala hindi mahanap ng moomoos dahil nasa ankle niya hahahahahaha pakita mo samin yaaan :(((

2018-10-17 23:37

🍑.rycll pinto_reycell

Magsama kayo total ang saya saya niyo😊

2018-10-17 23:37

Leon Dran thisisleondran

half filipino half pagod halfpit 😂 sweet/hot smile. maginoo pero medyo bastos 😍pervert 😅😂moreno 😍 this is not an alter account.
see my shit's

@Jake_Collin4321 Ay hindi po.. May binisita lang na kaibigan ng mama ko

2018-10-17 23:37

•L🌈 Lmtuico



2018-10-17 23:37

Cry Baby🍼 imsandra_jele

🥀Jesus Christ, I will open up again.🥀

Na badtrip ako the whole day and at the same time naiiyak

2018-10-17 23:37

k e y e m 💙 krshmei_

God Server | 21 | HP | Ryoma × Conan | Fan Girl | Inspirit | Elf | VIP | Papa's Girl | Future Engineer | Ball is life | JCY | Thespian | 04.29.97 | God is Good

RT @jeshwehey: wensdeiiii

2018-10-17 23:37

Crsnt ❤ CrisantaSmsn_


Sarap matulog kapag umuulan.😁

2018-10-17 23:37

Marcial Bonifacio marcboni

Better Philippines only possible with Better Filipinos.

RT @did_lie: Question 3: P'wede ka bang kumuha ng law sa UP kahit walang undergraduate degree? Ang student number ni Imee sa UP ay 76-31500…

2018-10-17 23:37

turmoil _____babyruth

i love myself so much. fuck y’all

natural na siguro sakin ang maging gago kase kahit anong pigil ko yun talaga nature ko eh

2018-10-17 23:37

Rica ricaortizo

istj | to be is to do

RT @xandicheeks: Ugh Carlo Aquino looks like that dude I fell in love with because he was just so down to earth and jologs kind of funny (m…

2018-10-17 23:37