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Chowkidar Manesh🇮🇳 ManeshKhanna

RT @MisraNityanand: (8) रामायण = “वह [काव्य] जिसके प्रतिपाद्य सीता और राम हैं”, “that [poem] in which [the essence of] Sita and Rama is pro…

2019-03-23 19:45

nannyuntwinmaw nannyuntwinmaw

RT @republic: Richa Chadha shuts down Harvard Professor who called Coconut Oil 'Pure Poison'. Here's how she did it

2019-03-23 19:45

Vikas Goel vikaspgoel

Banker who wanted to be a Baker. Views expressed are personal. co-founder सुकृत: foundation , email: , #DadTales on Insta.

More about the film here, this deserves an Oscar for sure.

2019-03-23 19:45


God= @iamsrk & i will do anything & everything for him. My dream is to meet @iamsrk atleast once. Hater=None .But i hate who hates @iamsrk

RT @rousso__: Didn't know @Nawazuddin_S was an SRK fan

2019-03-23 19:45

Babulal Namdeo Bagul BnBagul

Maharashtra Legislature Officer (Retired),All my Tweets are personal. Political analyst. Re-tweets may not be deemed as my endorsement. तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय

@JaiveerShergill On the contrary youths are rally behind Sanghis Bandvagon.

2019-03-23 19:45

Shivcharan Mawai ShivcharanMawai

Editor speed newspaper

@ZubinaAhmd Modi

2019-03-23 19:45

चौकीदार प्रिया झाझरिया priya_jhajharia

Vande Mataram soul belong to Sikar & Jhunjhunu, occupation- teaching & shaping the young mind to make better citizen भारत बनेगा super power!!🇮🇳🙏🚩


2019-03-23 19:45

KP🇮🇳Indian KhurafatiJat


RT @Republic_Bharat: #MamataGoldCoverup | ममता बनर्जी की बहू से 2 KG गोल्ड की बरामदगी मामले में कस्टम विभाग ने दर्ज कराई शिकायत, कहा- कोल…

2019-03-23 19:45



RT @YogeshKyogiz: संबित पात्रा जी पूरी लोकसभा सीट से टिकट मिलने पर आपको बहुत बहुत बधाई ....भगवान जगन्नाथ जी की कृपा आप पर बनी रहे और आप वि…

2019-03-23 19:45

लौहे का आदमी srk_worldof

In SRK world❤❤

RT @Srkian__Faizy: @iamsrk Fans On Malaysia Street, I Nvr Saw this Kind Of Videos for any Other Bollywood Stars

That’s Why I Use to Say…

2019-03-23 19:45

YellowGlassDragon karishmau

Freelance Bollywood journalist who also writes about travel and food. Byline in Forbes Life, @HTBrunch, @t2telegraph & @Firstpost

#MardKoDardNahiHota has finally been watched. And, L.O.V.E.D. If you watch one film this month, let it be this cracker of a film.

2019-03-23 19:45

#Chowkidar.Mahendra Purohit purohit_b


RT @iMac_too: In an allegedly leaked audio clip Maharastra Con-party chief Adarsh Chavan says nobody listens to him & he wants to resign ht…

2019-03-23 19:45

iamtabish TabishHi


RT @AjazkhanActor: Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.

2019-03-23 19:45

R K Malakar rkmalakar


RT @ibhagwa_n: लंदन कोर्ट में नीरव मोदी का बयान भागा नहीं भगाया गया 456 करोड़ कमिशन खाया कांग्रेस के नेताओं ने नीरव कह रहा है अकेले नहीं खा…

2019-03-23 19:45

Chowkidar S.poojary sanmohanpoojary

Mechanical Engineer..... Nation frst, party next. great fan of Modi ji & his good Governence. all views are personnel. jäi hind

@_pallavighosh Personal secretary of Pappu worried about him.....

Desh ke journalists

2019-03-23 19:45

Hemant Dharawat 🇮🇳 hemantdharawat


Well you have IQ & Fit but you are not from Gandhi surname

2019-03-23 19:45

Ashish Merkhed (चौकीदार) #MainBhiChowkidar AshishMerkhed

State Head @BJP4Maharashtra IT & Social Media | Founder Secretary - SBS NGO | Views are Personal #4YearsOfMahaGovt

RT @Marathi_Rash: आज अखेर गंगेत घोड न्हाणार!! नोव्हेंबर पासून बैठकांवर बैठका घेऊन अजूनपर्यंत जागा वाटप, मित्रपक्ष उमेदवार याचा घोळ संपला ना…

2019-03-23 19:45

Sankar Venkateswaran theatreraw

Long distance driver.

RT @dpanjana: The Kochi Muziris Biennale 2018-19 hasn't paid many of its daily wage labourers. These are people who actually make the art f…

2019-03-23 19:45

sharad kumar bajaj sharad_bajaj

faculty at The Art Of Living

RT @Republic_Bharat: #MamataGoldCoverup | ममता बनर्जी की बहू से 2 KG गोल्ड की बरामदगी मामले में कस्टम विभाग ने दर्ज कराई शिकायत, कहा- कोल…

2019-03-23 19:45

Harshika Tiwari🖤 TiwariHarshika



👉Learning first🖤

🌍 Wordy 🌍

❤Proudly INDIAN❤

RT @ayushmannk: “I’m such a lunatic that I’m free even in the jail.”

-Bhagat Singh


2019-03-23 19:45

Chowkidar ANUP Tiwari rahultiwari_jbp

RT @ArnabSpeaks_: शहीद राजगुरू, भगतसिंह, सुखदेव को उन के बलिदान दिवस पर नमन..!!🙏💐

I pay my glowing tributes to Shaheed Rajguru, Sukhdev, a…

2019-03-23 19:45

salome pinto sapphia


@ipfconline1 @TeachTheMachine @KirkDBorne @DiegoKuonen @gp_pulipaka @Fisher85M @pmddomingos Understood

2019-03-23 19:45

Aakash Jangid Indianfilmactor

Indian film Actor and fashion Mumbai

My shots

2019-03-23 19:45

karthik merespectator18

#LFC #YUVI #Ilayaraja #Manisharma #Maheshbabu #Jr.Ntr #TDP and few feelings n opinions ...

RT @b4politics: 3

2019-03-23 19:45

#IPL #IPL2019 IPL_2k19

IPL Tweets #IPL #IPL2019

RT @IPL: When ❄️ stopped the 🚀

@msdhoni had @imjadeja hiding for cover last season, will he give RCB's bowlers the same treatment tonight?…

2019-03-23 19:45

Dhurv Roy iInhibitors

Here for outburst the frustration.

RT @MinhazMerchant: Two kg gold worth over Rs 60 lakh seized at airport from wife of @MamataOfficial’s nephew & political heir Abhishek Ba…

2019-03-23 19:45

Wacky khanwacky

RT @MARIJKEdeSOUZA: Country goals... 🙏🏼

2019-03-23 19:45

chowkidar raj kumar sharma rajksharma093

कर्मठ युवा कार्यकर्ता भारतीय जनता पार्टी राजस्थान 303301

RT @SirPareshRawal: I request media and friends not to speculate about my nomination. I had informed the party months in advance of my deci…

2019-03-23 19:45

Chowkidar Frenny furiousfrenny

Mein Apni Fav hoon 😍

Watching this song on repeat mode @gaana Desh Ka Gaana #VandeMataramDeshKaGaana @TheJohnAbraham @bindasbhidu…

2019-03-23 19:45

Muhammad hassan Mhasanroy

IT Professional

RT @hvgoenka: What’s the difference between ‘I like you’ and ‘I love you’ ?
When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a…

2019-03-23 19:45

BmSeven2Nine bhumit729

A random timeline event

@AjayTiw51543699 @navikakumar @TimesNow Arjun Rampal bol deta 😂

2019-03-23 19:45

DailyVruttamitra dailyvruttmitra

We Provide News to the Nation

🌷 @BJP4India releases list of 11 candidates

🌷BJP releases list of 11 candidates (6 Telang…

2019-03-23 19:45

Chowkidar Manesh🇮🇳 ManeshKhanna

RT @MisraNityanand: (7) रामायण = “वह जिसके प्रतिपाद्य राम हैं”, “that in which [the essence of] Rama is propounded” (रामः अयनं प्रतिपाद्यः…

2019-03-23 19:45

karthik merespectator18

#LFC #YUVI #Ilayaraja #Manisharma #Maheshbabu #Jr.Ntr #TDP and few feelings n opinions ...

RT @b4politics: 2

2019-03-23 19:45

Worah psychedelhic

Studies journalism at @XICMumOfficial. History/Heritage/Culture enthusiast. Ruskin Bond Bhakt. Dil=Dilli ❤️

RT @sid_raman: 23rd March - definitely not Indian cricket’s favourite date.
2003 - Ponting and Martyn bulldozed us at the Bullring
2007 - S…

2019-03-23 19:45

Ravirajveer Bharti RavirajveerBha3

Author/Thinker/Poet/Scripts Writer/Director/Producer At Film Industry. My Film Production Company is BWLS Motion Pictures

@Manishajispeaks सब साले एक से बढ़कर एक है// C- अरिवंद भड़वा/ हर जगह बाज़ी मार ले जायेगा।

2019-03-23 19:45

Abhay Vaish sakv97


RT @TataPower: The #Ganga #river is getting polluted due to increase dumping of various waste into the river which is affecting the life of…

2019-03-23 19:45

Anam Jummani 🎯 Anamj23

Copywriter... Addicted to Cricket & Movies.

😘😘😘😘😘 Go, Go, Go.... we are the #OrangeArmy #IPL2019 🏆

2019-03-23 19:45

Akhil Gupta akhilgupta24

RT @kunalkamra88: Vivek Oberio has done a press conference promorting his movie on PM Narendra Modi while PM Narendra Modi has not done a p…

2019-03-23 19:45

Cherry Fairy 🍒 sherylbinoy

Budding doc / Music lover /Dancer/Keyboard / Sleepless elite / Vegan / Finally BOOKOHOLIC : An insatiable Bibliophile !! #NODM

@Jonty_Walker എല്ലാവരും പറയുമ്പോ ഞാനായിട്ട് സമ്മതിക്കാതിരിക്കുന്നില്ല...എന്റെ ട്വീറ്റ്‌സ് കിടുവാണ് 😉

2019-03-23 19:45

Boman R Irani BRustomjee

Business & CEOs

Stand up & support the forces - put a smile on the faces of their children @reach_anupam @jawamotorcycles…

2019-03-23 19:45

Iftekhar iftekharkhan62

RT @sandeep1175: @MLArajeshSP @News18India @nehapant19 दलाल चैनल है इसका बहिष्कार जरूरी है।

2019-03-23 19:45

Mizanur Rahman Mizanur03959816

सबसे आगे हम है हिंदूस्थानी🙏
Country fisrt,then Religion. Social Worker.
MCJ from GU. 100% Follow Back.

RT @imMAK02: Ok, So this all has started because Muslim boys were asked to "Go To Pakistan" .

I was thinking there is No communal angle i…

2019-03-23 19:45

MBBalamurugan பால முருகன் balamurugan_mb

RT @iMac_too: Sam Pitroda is a man who knows too much about Pappu & family. It's intriguing his utterances & its timing. Plus he was not ex…

2019-03-23 19:45

ORF Mumbai ORFMumbai

Non–partisan, independent analyses on security, strategy, economy, development, energy & global governance. Part of @orfonline

Raji Pillai: #MBS' voyage spotlighted the Saudi factor in #IndiaPakistan relations.

2019-03-23 19:45

Sunil Drooliya SunilDrooliya

believes in Karma
Jai Mahakaal

RT @ameesha_patel: 💖🌈🥰

2019-03-23 19:45

RAHUL VERMA🇮🇳 rahul83verma

Owner - KR FINKRAFT, Financial Consultant,Modi Admirer, Nationalist , Moderate Views on Religion, Believe in live n let live but there is limit to everything.

RT @suchitrak: #Congress can also start a #MainbhiPappu campaign just like @BJP4India s #MainBhiChowkidar to gain loyal voters -what say #p…

2019-03-23 19:45

Irphan Irphanalia

Now the season finale of #TheFinalCall is here and gonna be amazing @ZEE5India @ZEE5Premium

2019-03-23 19:45

saket suryesh 🇮🇳 saket71

Father, Writer, Poet and Columnist: @JagranNews , @SwarajyaMag, @OpIndia RT# endorsement. Read “Ganjhon ki Goshthi” on Amazon:

RT @MinhazMerchant: Two kg gold worth over Rs 60 lakh seized at airport from wife of @MamataOfficial’s nephew & political heir Abhishek Ba…

2019-03-23 19:45

Parveen Kader ParveenKader

Books & Authors Bollywood and Celebrities Entertainment Food Government and Politics Hindi Music News Politicians and Pol Parties

Harghiz nahin ! #ChowkidarChorHai #Chowkidar ne apni Biwi ka saath nahin diya aur Muslim auraton ki bahut fikr hai…

2019-03-23 19:45

Akshay Kamble kambleakshay21

Law Student at GLC | Ambedkarite | Pharmacy Graduate |

RT @ameytirodkar: Maharashtra.
Opposition alliance done.

Congress, NCP, Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana, Bahujan Vikas Aghadi, Peasant an…

2019-03-23 19:45

Whiskey 🌿 WhiskeyTwilight

Professional step-touch dancer. Ex-newspaper girl.

@vivekpoduval 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Arsenal alle?

2019-03-23 19:45

Suresh sureshpetro

Fan of Thala/UlagaNayakan/Dhanush/VJS/MSD/ARR/Yuvan

RT @imMAK02: Mob lynching in broad day light.

A Muslim family is brutally attacked by goons in Bhondsi, Gurgaon, Haryana .

Dispute happ…

2019-03-23 19:45

#जागरुक देशभक्त Faizan Ahmad Malik faizanahmad0501

•Proudly Indian🇮🇳
•Fitness Freak🏋️
•Proudly Muslim🕋

@thewirehindi @kanhaiyakumar बिल्कुल करेक्ट बात है!

2019-03-23 19:45



RT @Republic_Bharat: #MamataGoldCoverup | ममता बनर्जी की बहू से 2 KG गोल्ड की बरामदगी मामले में कस्टम विभाग ने दर्ज कराई शिकायत, कहा- कोल…

2019-03-23 19:45

aarif upoki aarifkhanmanj

RT @RoflSinha: भाजपा ने मेरा टिकट काटकर रविशंकर प्रसाद को दिया है,
मुझे चुनौती स्वीकार है, पटना साहिब से मेरा चुनाव लड़ना तय है अगर चाहें…

2019-03-23 19:45

karthik merespectator18

#LFC #YUVI #Ilayaraja #Manisharma #Maheshbabu #Jr.Ntr #TDP and few feelings n opinions ...

RT @b4politics: @iVishnuManchu @LakshmiManchu @HeroManoj1 sorry to say this , but your papa has lost his mind . He is blabbering in public…

2019-03-23 19:45

vishesh nahata vishesh007

RT @arunv2808: The one who's changed his seat from Amethi to Wayanad, fearing Smriti Irani, will solve India's problems.


2019-03-23 19:45

Republic republic

Official handle Republic Media Network DIGITAL. TV. MEDIA

#LIVE on #CongRevoltTape | Maharashtra Congress chief Ashok Chavan addresses media. Watch here -

2019-03-23 19:45

Anupama Rajput anupama_rajput


RT @jatinsapru: Can’t wait for @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 and @sonakshisinha to join me at 6pm in the @starsportsindia studios for the big showdow…

2019-03-23 19:45

Varsha|| VG fan🎬 LakshyaVarsh1

#VikasGupta @lostboy54 Fan..

@BeingVishuReddy @IAmSidra8 @hprneet143 Maine kuch nhi kiya🙈🙊😅🏃🏃🏃

2019-03-23 19:45

Sam 🇮🇳 Inception_0_

Movie Lover 🔥 Contest freak 💯

@TataMutualFund CORPUS

#ContestAlert #MutualFundGyaan @TataMutualFund

Join in

2019-03-23 19:45

Chowkidar Kailash Wagh 🇮🇳 kailashwg

Entrepreneur! Salute to King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!👏Mahatma Gandhi,Netaji Bose,Sardar Patel, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar👏#MainBhiChowkidar #ChowkidarPhirSe

@abpmajhatv More parties then 48seats

2019-03-23 19:45

piyush sharma piyush94590

RT @SrBachchan: @ImRo45 Too cute

2019-03-23 19:45

chowkidar KP & Sush viratfanlyftym

RT @SrBachchan: @ImRo45 Too cute

2019-03-23 19:45

santhosh prabhu SanthoshPPrabhu

RT @SirPareshRawal: I request media and friends not to speculate about my nomination. I had informed the party months in advance of my deci…

2019-03-23 19:45

Ragunath Naidu NaiduRagunath

Proud Indian , Love Indians , Patriotic & Secular , Born Telugite , Kannadadha Abhimani "ನಮ್ಮ ನಾಡು, ಕನ್ನಡ ನಾಡು; ಬೆಳಗುತಿದೆ, ಮುಂದೆ ಸಾಗುತಿದೆ."

RT @priyankac19: This is saddening at so many levels. Terrorists using innocent 12 year olds as shields are nothing but pure evil demons. T…

2019-03-23 19:45

Shrikant shrikantkhopkar


@theskindoctor13 @Olacabs But they elected kumarswami, right ?

2019-03-23 19:45

Indus Source indussource

We are a niche, independent publishing house passionately committed to publishing good and relevant literature.

2019-03-23 19:45

Santosh Choudhary santoshkumarc81

Account Director-Private Wealth ( L&T Capital Markets Ltd. )

@kunalkamra88 Kunalkamra teri soch itni hi hai..... pappu k talve chat

2019-03-23 19:45

Luis Guerrero Weber weber_guerrero

RT @idtsevaks: ISKCON Global Gaura Purnima Special Deity Darshan Part 01

2019-03-23 19:45

चौकीदार Alka ALKAAGARWAL9

pranic Healer, counsellor and Therapist
मैं ज्ञान में ब्राह्मण ,व्यवस्था में वैश्य,रणभूमि पर क्षत्रिय और सेवा करने में शूद्र हूँ ..
मैं हिन्दू हूँ -

RT @MukulAgarwal66: On the 20-25 men assault in Gurgaon and the "communalising" of the same by one side and the jamaat:


2019-03-23 19:45

Uweresaying comealongpooh

sentimental/ hopeful / crazy /dreamer

RT @shivology: Breaking: Karnataka Govt Bans Ola Cabs For 6 Months Due To Violation Of Bike Taxi Rules via @Inc42

2019-03-23 19:45

Chowkidar VICKEYY 🇮🇳 Vickey09AkFan

Die Hard Fan Of @akshaykumar & Respect All Others 🙏

Proud To Be Indian 🇮🇳

RT @TripathiiPankaj: "They may kill me but they cannot kill my ideas"

23 मार्च। पता नही क्यो लेकिन आज का दिन बेहद ही गर्व और आत्मविश्वास…

2019-03-23 19:45

Ekta Sharma EktaSha31132747

RT @KRKBoxOffiice: Queen #KanganaRanaut to play #Jayalalitha in her biopic #thalaivi 🔥🔥🔥 perfect choice!

2019-03-23 19:45

BloombergQuint BloombergQuint

#India’s premier multi-platform #business and financial #news company.

India’s biggest bondholders have a new favourite trade.

2019-03-23 19:45

IndianPremierLeague IPL

Follow to get exclusive and real-time Indian Premier League news and updates.

When ❄️ stopped the 🚀

@msdhoni had @imjadeja hiding for cover last season, will he give RCB's bowlers the same tre…

2019-03-23 19:45

K.R.Dave🇮🇳 krdave

Engineer,Country First,One abuse & blocked,tweets personal opinion,Tweets for national social cause and interaction with friends.RTs are not endorsement,

She may get tickets?? @AmitShah

2019-03-23 19:45

Victor Tarapore VictorTarapore

Stats man & sports fan!
Always up for a game of cricket and a beer afterwards.
Doing what I love since 2014.

Let's finally, do scatter-plot pitting the top-50 #IPL run-scorers on two metrics: Strike Rate & average.…

2019-03-23 19:45

Anshu Singh anshu33008709

India army lover, animal lover, nature lover. believe in intrigity and respect.

@riya_gawade It's painful heartfelt.

2019-03-23 19:44

Chowkidar A M Jain anilbaghmar111

Hindu is my only identity हिन्दवा सहोदरवा सर्वे a proud sanghiतृतीय वर्ष शिक्षीत staunch vegetarian, Akhand-Bharat is my only dream

RT @sambhaji_bhide: #chokidar वाला रंग चढ़ रहा है ।
मेरा देश अब धीरे धीरे बदल रहा है ।। #ModiHaiToMumkinHai

2019-03-23 19:44

Vijay Pandey vijayrpandey

Advocate at Bombay High Court, President @profcong Mumbai (w) Vice President @INCMaharashtra (legal dept) RT's are not endorsement. Alumni #GovernmentLawCollege

आज श्री सिद्धिविनायक जी के दर्शन का सौभाग्य प्राप्त हुआ. ॐ गण गणपतये.. नमः!! Shri Shri #Siddhivinayak ji

2019-03-23 19:44

All The Names Are Mine ! SNMHH_

Everyone knows me but can not recognize me !

RT @anupjalota: Thundering Performance of @akshaykumar Ji made #Kesari roar at Box Office. Ingenious cinematic marvel retraces the long for…

2019-03-23 19:44

Deepak Tewary dtewary

Agripreneur, Investment thinker & Nationalist. Love Books, Stocks & Old Monk.

RT @sandipsabharwal: As per Left Liberal Media people with a chance of becoming PM
1. Rahul Gandhi, Max seat possibility 100
2. Mamata Bane…

2019-03-23 19:44

Chowkidar Hemant Vora scherzo56

मैं भी चौकीदार
अदना सा ...

@Aabhas24 @RahulGandhi So you are just Thirty 🤔🤔😊

2019-03-23 19:44

jarish ahmad 121 malik49893395

RT @SethShruti: When you get tagged in brainless click bait posts and comments by trolls, the best strategy is Thode mute, thode block.

2019-03-23 19:44

Navin Bulusu navin_bulusu

Interested in strategic and economic affairs; and social change

RT @IndiaSpeaksPR: Those who think Mani Shankar Aiyer can have competitors will regret their comments when Aiyer finally opens his mouth

2019-03-23 19:44

मीमरोट वॉरियर Just Do It krmeemrot

RT @RoflSinha: आदरणीय आडवाणी जी,
गुजरात दंगों के बाद अटल जी ने मोदी जी को राजधर्म का पाठ सिखाया था।उस वक्त आपने मोदी का बचाव नहीं किया हो…

2019-03-23 19:44

Chowkidar Manesh🇮🇳 ManeshKhanna

RT @MisraNityanand: (6) रामायण = “सीता और राम का चरित”, “the acts or life of Sita and Rama” (रामयोः सीतारामयोः अयनं चरितं इति रामायणम्)।


2019-03-23 19:44

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RT @MiLOKMAT: नाश्ता आणि लंचऐवजी ब्रंच करणं ठरतं फायदेशीर?; जाणून घ्या

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RT @sanjaypugalia: इंसानियत और करूणा को भी उभारा जा सकता है। हैवानियत और क्रूरता को भी उकसाया जा सकता है।

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