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Dana Parsons dlpyyt

Director @highlinebeta, Chapter Lead at LLC NL @learningcode, @21inc Delegate, 2017 Delegate @G20_YEA 🇨🇦

I had to give up competitive soccer b/c of a cardiac arrhythmia. #poweredbyfemalefans Makes me feel part of sports…

2019-02-24 11:00

jessa 🍂 astroxpsycho

24 | ♡ | horror fan | i'm a mom | ♚ | Twitch Affiliate | @sasstrotwitch twitch twitter

@FableReid_xo you’re incredible & beautiful & seductive & cute & 😍😍

2019-02-24 11:00

Steve Williams BuzzNTips

Steve Williams, a blogger, consultant, and entrepreneur. I help people thriving with digital marketing and blogging.

How To Break Bad Habits in Your Writing

2019-02-24 11:00

k.a undoubtedlyyou2

new blogger | I write about my personal experiences • lifestyle type blog 🌻🌖 just another twenty something ..

@momma_review Thankyou! Ugh that movie is so sad! I love it! Definitely watch the others 😌

2019-02-24 11:00

✨Todun✨ sassmasterx

A sense of purpose that's sweeter than rice cake.

I was talking to someone and then I realized I was really down 4 them like that so I called it off . And he literal…

2019-02-24 11:00

meh cryptomehh

See my father, but he never intended to kill a fallen man. #twitterbot #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #ethereum

2019-02-24 11:00

Tyler Messervey TylerMesservey


I'm 30 years old and still playing with toys.

Captain Phasma In The Snow

Shot with Canon 5D Mk IV


2019-02-24 11:00

Ahjussi ✨ Iezhar_Iaizi7

Kindly hai for all of u 😉

RT @MotivatedLiving: Life is too ironic. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value pres…

2019-02-24 11:00

Diane Koch Cig25

@KeithUrban @NHL @nbc @Sportsnet @TVASports Waiting & Waiting as YOU are up after the commercial 😀👍💕

2019-02-24 11:00

紫扬💞💎 OnlyEXOMatters

EXO’s winter albums are superior

merchbot do something other than post oksusu links challenge: failed @weareoneEXO

2019-02-24 11:00

Shiyo HoshiyoChan

I need to buy new clothes C: well, need... want..

2019-02-24 11:00

🦋gabby🦋 iluvyjh

💞☆*·°.ᵈᵃʸᵈʳᵉᵃᵐᶦᶰᵍ ᶦᶰ ᵗʰᵉ ᵐᶦᵈˢᵗ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ ᶰᶦᵍʰᵗ.°·*☆💞

♡ ~( •⌄• ू )✧*。💎🐔

RT @chanteii_: 🍩2019 Donut shop vs 2018 🍩

The donut shop was one of the very first catshops I drew! So i thought I'd explore another way t…

2019-02-24 11:00

Erik Kuhre 🦈 Puckguy14

#SJSharks diehard from day 1 @TealTownUSA Host/Editor/Blogger Graphic Designer, Produce Guy, #49erFaithful, Giants, A's, Quakes, #Wheel Alum #SharksFam

RT @CapFriendly: After trading Dzingel to Columbus and receiving two 2nd round picks as part of the return, the #Sens now find themselves w…

2019-02-24 11:00

kingddd kingddd17

Full Stack Developer. XCX/Destiny hell ElmaBot: @elmapics NSFW @ChristieFundo Icon by @catple_art Header by @suneiaaa

@eartlith there is a kirby cafe mug that i think is cute.

2019-02-24 11:00

prittie fucknprittie

its ironic

@NorthernlionLP @SlrMore

2019-02-24 11:00

Twañto Familio24

That's a hell of a swing for a pitcher! #FiveLinesStrong #CBJ #SaveTheCrew #GloryToColumbus #CLB #BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #tOSU #ChopOn #ATL

RT @CapFriendly: Hey @BlueJacketsNHL , just because we said you had enough cap space to theoretically acquire all 3 big names out of Ottawa…

2019-02-24 11:00

SoulCandy liminal67

Compassion in all things. #SanityIsSocial #MadnessHasMeaning #FaithIsSubstance #WorshipAtTheAltarOfEnough he/him


2019-02-24 11:00

marco marodr_

Oh whoops, I dropped my monster condom that I use for my magnum dong.

RT @DanyLazarus: and jussie smollett bumping you to third on the podium 🥴

2019-02-24 11:00

Ben Johnson BJohnsonCanada

I'll take love with a side of lust, and happily ever after for dessert.

2019-02-24 11:00

Insecure Housewife InsecureHW

Lifestyle blogger. Wife. Mother. Gardener. Baker. Canadian. Star Wars fan. Kid at heart.

Kitchen declutter, clear out the heart of the home

2019-02-24 11:00

the king daddyfrench86


@FriedgeHNIC hey what’s up with the hair tonight?

2019-02-24 11:00

EL UNIVERSAL Qro universalqro

Cuenta oficial de EL UNIVERSAL edición Querétaro en Twitter. /

#BajoReserva✈ | Seguramente eres amante de los viajes en avión. Si es así, te interesará saber que el AIQ sigue en…

2019-02-24 11:00

AM Querétaro am_queretaro

Entérate de lo más importante que sucede en Querétaro, México y el mundo. #EstamosATiempo

Ver a un perro en la calle, detenerte y darle un poco de comida. ¿Y tú qué opinas?

2019-02-24 11:00

CBC Books cbcbooks

The home of CBC Books, Canada Writes, The Next Chapter, Writers & Company, Canada Reads & the CBC Literary Prizes.

Books > movies.

2019-02-24 11:00

She Does The City shedoesthecity

An imperfect life guide for women. Founded in Toronto, 2007.

You have until March 8 to cast your vote for @LOrealParisCAN Women of Worth!

2019-02-24 11:00

AMNotify Canada 🇨🇦 AMNotifyCA

AMNotify, Eh?

Copies live @

2019-02-24 11:00

DeeBee nrveebee


@sockjig I think it's 2 sizes bigger. LoL

2019-02-24 11:00

Spark CBC Radio sparkcbc

Tweets by Nora (@nora3000) and Adam (@adamkillick). Subscribe in iTunes: or at:

The new period emoji is on its way!

2019-02-24 11:00

Rye Encoke rye_encoke

Huge fan of Grant and Tyler Gustin. Been gay since I was born. Caretaker for my elderly mom, cuz she's mom! I live in a land of anxiety so block all haters.

Take the time to hug your friends and loved ones, hold them close, tell them you love them, cherish them. Have a go…

2019-02-24 11:00

SomeoneYouDontKnow justwritewhatev

It’s gonna take me forever to find all the funny people again. Did you miss me?

RT @I_Bl33d_Purple: All I'm saying is the only reason you have two hands is so you can pet two dogs at once.

2019-02-24 10:59

Martin Ruiz Sosa martinruizsosa

Amante de la historia y las letras. Devorador de cine y asiduo lector. Otrora estudiante de Administración Pública. Soñador profesional y bastante feliz.

Programa de Capacitación Anual

2019-02-24 10:59

the snack that smiles back™️ bby_dog

since ever since

RT @GailWalden6: I am very cross with China

2019-02-24 10:59

Hyedar_101 Hyedar_MMLD

Merry Go Round fandom loves OT9. We are here for Momoland. @MMLD_Official @MOMOLAND_japan @mld_official_ @MMLD_supporters #MOMOLAND #모모랜드 #モモランド

@mgrusa1 Wait until cb..

2019-02-24 10:59

Jensku hahahasounds

refuse the hashtag.

@LeahNidasMMA Canada is ready.

2019-02-24 10:59

lyrics by kq fellaz 1 yeosangspromise

this is (a not so) strictly yunho and haechan fanpage.

did she rlly go out of her way to block me on a new account, how sad

2019-02-24 10:59

Subi Vaid MaliBear1

Be kind to one another.

RT @jannarden: Find someone you can be yourself with...your honest self.

2019-02-24 10:59

Universenme Peter C universenme

#Loveyourself, someone

or something, guaranteed to make you #feelgood! I #love #Humour and #Humanity! I hate no one, #brother or #sister #Cheers!

@TheMine9000 @JustinTrudeau

2019-02-24 10:59

Joe Murphy murphycurling

Veteran, husband and father, musician, carpenter, technologist, fighter of evil, defender of weak, promoter of rights. I will respond to your tweet!

@AllisonRFloyd I try and guess how much fuel I’m gonna take to fuel up at the pumps 😉

2019-02-24 10:59

Jo PaperBoy_CEO

and the winner is ......

2019-02-24 10:59

S Khan (Multan Sultan) SK_____Wazir

Pakistan 🇵🇰 KPK _N Waziristan_ Pukhtoon PTI @ImrankhanPTI #Team #insafianspowers #Admin at @insafianspower1 #Dm me for joining Insafians Power

RT @talatkashif: 💜🌻💜

اسلام علیکم ۔
صبح الخیر پاکستان!

علم کی فضیلت وعظمت، ترغیب وتاکید دین اسلام میں جس بلیغ ودل آویز انداز میں پائی جا…

2019-02-24 10:59

Keith Trumbla 🇨🇦 Tweakjunkie

A guy who has a gift with electronics and has a much greater gift of being surrounded by wonderful loving people. #keto #AA

@BadKarma5555 @EricHolthaus And we wonder why people go on shooting sprees... #nihlism

2019-02-24 10:59

❌❌Cliff❌❌ bighungry9

Live life everyday for my family, faith and conservatism. ➡️I'm not here to date⬅️

RT @AMike4761: Crooked Hillary and Politico Publish Hit List of 200 Influential Conservatives They call "Foreign Actors" Who They Want Remo…

2019-02-24 10:59

em lilphaag

idk i like history and claymation ||

RT @GailWalden6: This is classified medical information

2019-02-24 10:59

The Motivation TheMotivationCC

The CC is for Cheesecake, cause why not? Streamer, gamer, casual cheesecake maker. Instagram (I'm new): TheMotivationCC

@indiALAjones @AnthonyKongphan Look at the size of the cherries compared to the stems, the proportions are all off!…

2019-02-24 10:59

Pamela iamlupie4life

I support my #POTUS💯 and my #FLOTUS💯⚠NOT here🔎for a date⚠#BestPresidentEVER #Q #QAnon #BuildTheWall #WWG1WGA #MAGA #KAG #SCOTUS🎅#JFKJRLIVES #SaveTheBabies

RT @BBLTMPR: @RealTT2020 @gsteck74

2019-02-24 10:59

Mʀ ᖴْ๏ّχْᴇʟᴏᴛ 🐾 MrFoxelot

Pro Fox, liberalist, writer, software engineer, soft fur, Eagle Scout, Webmaster for (a @DireWolfMedia venture)| #CommunismIsMurder #NotAllFoxes

RT @TheCoffeeSnolf:

2019-02-24 10:59

Myday PiringKeramik

Gak usah dibuat ribet namanya juga hidup, jalani dan syukuri.

RT @davelackie: I'm giving away Clarins' new blending brush on Twitter! To enter, follow @davelackie & @NinaWmakeup & RT

2019-02-24 10:59


stupid armeries when will yall learn. yoonjinstan😋fan acct


Thanks @DJclymaxxx and @devobrown for playing Mic Drop Remix by @BTS_twt and @steveaoki f…

2019-02-24 10:59

Alyssia allycatt1990

A Hobbit-sized science and history nerd who loves to cook, play videogames, listen to podcasts and watch all kinds of geeky things.Too many fandoms

@vorratonn Going through trauma affects everyone differently. I couldn't imagine what you went through and still go through day to day.

2019-02-24 10:59

Carbon Footprint DiamondTrailz

Butterfly Kisses...}¥{,..


2019-02-24 10:59

John🇨🇦 John_Lives_Here

Seen the light. Darkness is living by blaming others for all wrongs. Fixit, propose alternatives, don't lie. Honesty, truth and smiles go a long way. 😀

RT @TLTwitchHudson: This is why I think that good @Alberta_UCP MLA will be voted in and Jason who holds the pen will not do or listen to th…

2019-02-24 10:59

Micah M. MightyMicah74

Child of El Elyon | Humble Man After HaShem’s Own Heart | Jesus is LORD | Jewish | Saved | Christian | Baruch HaShem 🌿🍃👑🍃🌿

RT @AbideinntheLord: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and…

2019-02-24 10:59

Ruth Sweet RuthimSweet

RT @macleans: Anne Kingston: Powerful men repeatedly refused to accept Wilson-Raybould's authority. This isn't a 'he said, she said.' It's…

2019-02-24 10:59

Tbone1819 tbone1819

@anyaparampil Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld........Iraq

2019-02-24 10:59

Alain Sanscartier A_Sanscartier

Analyste hockey Sénateurs d'Ottawa à Unique FM 94,5 Collaborateur RDS, Collaborateur Émission dans le Vestiaire, 94,5, Collaborateur 91,9 Sports Montréal.

RT @CapFriendly: After trading Dzingel to Columbus and receiving two 2nd round picks as part of the return, the #Sens now find themselves w…

2019-02-24 10:59

فاراهانا سزالي FarahanaSazali

Kepunyaan Allah SWT. Kesayangan Bonda Ayahanda.Mujahidah AK's. Ibu AI's

RT @MotivatedLiving: Respect people who find time for you in their busy schedule. But love people who never look at their schedule when you…

2019-02-24 10:59

Marcela Torres P. Marce_Torres7

Mamá, deportista, ciudadana. Diputada Federal por Querétaro.

#Mujeres ⁦@makugo⁩ ⁦@MirandaMish⁩ #mujeres #EstanciasInfantiles #Queretaro

2019-02-24 10:59

Neody 🌪 Tomer_Ksan

people in this world are wise

@WitcheryMC @FinniLOL I’m done xD

2019-02-24 10:59

Kungfu Ape ApeKungfu

Mystic Warrior, Born into the ages of legendary Shadow Warriors, lover of Metal Music, MK Ultra, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Rammstein,Kyshera !


2019-02-24 10:59

Normen Nescio coolxenu

Some guy The Internet, properly used, is a devastating weapon of mass instruction #UCPQinsider

@tangibullah @SkepticRod @fleurdelis30

2019-02-24 10:59

Peter telephony55

Any system that ignores human nature, is doomed to fail. #MAGA.....Make America Great Again......#MAGA.....Make Australia Great Again. Socialists beware.

RT @AMike4761: Student Suspended from University for Calling Halal Slaughter 'Inhumane'. Universities are breeding grounds for hard left,…

2019-02-24 10:59

John redstripecanada

@SarahResister @JBuck1505 @TomKickham3 @Icepick_Victim @greasemunkeee @JeffreyGuterman @realDonaldTrump You're a jo…

2019-02-24 10:59

💜🍁Talat 🍁💜 talatkashif

💖 Married. Traveller, love fishing, camping & long driving. passionate, ambitious and advanturist.

@SheraziKhanYJA @syedbadshah2200 Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎁

2019-02-24 10:59

ジヤー@夏くる MisterJar1


@kinoko384 Sounds about right. 👌👍

2019-02-24 10:59

Ace Bearclaw24

Just a Pointer trying to make it in a dog eat dog world. Nationalist,deplorable,smelly hillbilly, dreg of society. ≠

RT @EcoSenseNow: @AOC Pompous little twit. You don’t have a plan to grow food for 8 billion people without fossil fuels, or get the food in…

2019-02-24 10:59

Recvoid🛸 Jackyvoid

[Slowly moving to @ambihound][Do not repost/edit my art‼️][All links pinned][Commissions: closed][Icon by @reggiehedgie][Sometimes NSFW]

@Unicornbutts !

2019-02-24 10:59

Annette Christie MsAnnetteMC

Writer | repped by @jldallow of Brower Literary | #PitchWars Mentor | Former Mascot/Current Misfit

@ARLucasWrites @jaydee_ell Yesssss. I want to join you on that patio!

2019-02-24 10:59

Valoment ValomentZ

Just some random twitter user - Alt: @Zalovent - Banner by @xTheSaiyanGodx

@6728502Coble Well, then it would get interesting.

2019-02-24 10:59

Kathryn Suk KSukEDUC

Proud mom of son, Associate Prof. of Education & Student Development, former elementary & middle school T, @Teach2Matter_RV, EdD Candidate, she/her/hers

RT @WCTH_TV: TOMORROW, it's time to follow your heart to Sundays and head back to Abigail's Cafe. What will you order?

2019-02-24 10:59

Ayenem TheAyenem

Manga, Rap, Battlerap, TV Series, Gaming, Engineering. By order of importance.

@MandyKay18 Wish a lot of girls got that it's all about the long hair. Sadly, most are fighting it like it's a disease

2019-02-24 10:59

T I M M A Y instimatique

Not a fan of the words: moist, vinegar and gaping

@MapleLeafs "BaBcOcK hAs LoSt EnNiS"

Sometimes, the worst thing about being a Leafs fan, are other Leafs fans.…

2019-02-24 10:59

Katie yaanaaforeverdk

Rainbow 6 Siege, Borderlands 2, League of Legends... and more

live now!

2019-02-24 10:59

Ro RoroP711

Sport loving Canadian-Italian girl who loves all things Canadian, Prosecco, cooking and living healthy. Hoping and praying for a new NHL commisoner

RT @Sportsnet: Leafs. Habs. This is what Saturday night is all about. 🍁

@BaruchelNDG reflects on the iconic rivalry to open #HockeyNight i…

2019-02-24 10:59

Lt. Leslie 🇨🇦 hkgillett

Living in the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches. Husband; father of two teen boys; firefighter. World peace, anyone? #TheResistance

Laugh of the day!

2019-02-24 10:59

SENS TALK senstalk_

Official Twitter of SENS TALK, brought to you by @SeatGeek. Tweets of @Senators games here! website: #NextChapter #GoSensGo #Sens #MelnykOut

RT @CapFriendly: After trading Dzingel to Columbus and receiving two 2nd round picks as part of the return, the #Sens now find themselves w…

2019-02-24 10:59

Jeff Hamilton jeff8ham

Mainly tweet about being a long suffering #Oilers #Mariners #Esks fan hoping THIS is THE year! Proud 🇨🇦

So...#Oilers McDavid gets 2 games for a 1st time offence on a borderline headshot...meanwhile Simmons throws a jump…

2019-02-24 10:59

🇨🇦 Sabby #PPC2019 sabby1957

#TrudeauforTreason #TrudeauMustGo #DefundTheCBC

RT @Ray_Sims77: @breezing_in @GtoPmd @TomTSEC @GadSaad @Alzer_One @MaximeBernier @canadapoli @BillyJoyce1976 @99freemind @mick12346 @LannyW…

2019-02-24 10:59

arjun _marlanderthews

i really like those leafs | utm ‘22 | 🏒

Our guy is Muzzin, use him

2019-02-24 10:59

John Millar ❌ millarjohnf

Love England&Europe, Conservative, Trumper, Great wife, retired, MAGA🇺🇸 BlackHawks💥expat🇨🇦💥Stop the Islamic invasion in the West💥Go Irish💥

RT @AndrewScheer: Canadian energy is the cleanest, most ethical, and is the best energy in the world. We need leaders who will champion our…

2019-02-24 10:59

Mr. Surveillance 🇨🇦 surveilz

I'm sticking to conservative values hoping they'll make a comeback. Only hard-left quacks like Trudeau and liberals like Scheer in Canadian politics for now.

@BrytonCherrier @MaximeBernier @LauraLynnTT Bernier: "I don't want to do like the politicians saying one thing and…

2019-02-24 10:59

Botan AbtiShorobo

𐒁𐒅𐒂𐒛𐒒|On A Mission And A Half|

$1 Mil? This nigga gonna post bail, and then go on a rampage, he’s gonna find the snitches and get to work 😂😂

2019-02-24 10:59

Old Time Football Ol_TimeFootball

Sharing memories of the greatest game ever created.

Norm Van Brocklin

2019-02-24 10:59

Iván González Chups05_

Do not trust on anybody, anybody.

Yastuvo de pepenar tiempo.

2019-02-24 10:59

Brother Soupbone BrotherSoupbone

I'm just here to retweet.

RT @LukewSavage: Some liberalish people lived through Bush and Obama and came out the other end with critical, oppositional politics. Other…

2019-02-24 10:59

Usr Flyr FlyrUsr

RT @Mintgecko: $RK is a name we will be looking to #BTD should we breakdown from here. Over 1M ounces of #Gold and growing. Another Yukon m…

2019-02-24 10:59


Married, three children, over the moon grandmother, retired intensive care nurse, true blue 4th generation proud Canadian🇨🇦 and big fan of the great USA🇺🇸

@DrJacobsRad ABSOLUTELY 👏 and I don’t use all caps frivolously. As a Mom, nurse, and daughter of an old time family…

2019-02-24 10:59

Quincy 'i don't like it when frens are ban' Jones Quincy_l_Jones


Aboriginal - Progressive - Old Fashion Liberal - Frog Twitter 巨大な直立カエルの陰茎 Groyper Underground Born August 14 1988

@kothscreens @Tormounus That time Hank gave Bobby lung and throat cancer

2019-02-24 10:59

Joann 🔵⚪️🔴 msserv_joann

Wife,Mother,Nana! Artist! CSA DieHard #Habs fan! #GoHabsGo You only get one life! So Enjoy It!

@Studio420Ben Hi Ben! How are you?

2019-02-24 10:59

Burrito Justice burritojustice

SF is a fractal; we contain multitudes. Taco en Paz, Burrito en Guerra. NPR: 'a little bit of a burrito thought leader' @here, viva @mapzen, 📸 el caminos

RT @CFOperations: Recognize that tune? It’s #HockeyDay in Lviv, Ukraine! 🏒

Recently, sportsmanship and a thrilling game transformed a hoc…

2019-02-24 10:59

Ginni ❤️🇺🇸 GinScorpio014

Unplugged Truth Seeker. One Nation Under GOD 🙏 I stand by @POTUS 💯% Dark to LIGHT.

RT @AMike4761: Father who beat man to death for raping his 5 year old daughter faces no charges in Texas!
Gotta love Texas eh? #ma4…

2019-02-24 10:59

Raj Karnie RajKarnie

Atheist and ex-Defence officer

Was the govt sleeping all this time to declare such a large recruitment drive just before elections? Is it true orj…

2019-02-24 10:59

[♔] zesty bitch 🍋 tinypiranhas

Jessica/26/kpop hell/(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧


2019-02-24 10:59

IG: DJSANDMAN204™ DjSandman204


This is where I get my work done. Holla at the kid 💯

2019-02-24 10:59

Danni Maxwell |Team Neverland💙✨ DanniDarlingx

*22* Author of A World in Blue (NineStar Press). INFP-T. Booktuber. Hopeless Fangirl. Invisible illness warrior. #spoonie. She/her.

@picklepickle87 I AM SO IN

2019-02-24 10:59

Michael Poppo🇺🇸 MichaelPoppo0

I’m a Proud, Married, American Man 🇺🇸 !!! ❤️my Family, my Flag, my Country and my President!!! #TRUMP #TRUMP2020 #MAGA #KAG #USA🇺🇸

RT @AMike4761: 11-Year-Old Grade Dropped For Not Bashing Trump! This is not Education, it is INDOCTRINATION 😡😡😡 What should we do about…

2019-02-24 10:59

🇨🇦Grabba King Radio🇨🇦 grabbakingradio

License Radio Station that play all genres of music. Download your apps for free and listen some good music

I-Octane - Ready When You Ready - [Clean]

2019-02-24 10:59

Cynthia magnetdoctor122

Physician, small business owner, wife, mother, daughter. Resister! Never Trump. I cuss a lot, don’t like it then don’t follow me.


Speaker of the House Nancy #Pelosi participates in a #US-#Mexico HUG CEREMONY on the border near #…

2019-02-24 10:59

CivRyan CivRyan

@twitch partnered streamer and YouTuber doing GTA5 RP and other games.


2019-02-24 10:59

*•.¸♡ 𝕄𝕣𝕤. 𝕎𝕎𝕙 ♡¸.•* mrs_wwh

一ニ 💜 こちに 💜 석진 이 🇨🇦 💕 진을 위해~ #streamepiphany 180920|180922|180923

Am I the only one that can hear this gif?

2019-02-24 10:59

Old-Fashion-Recipe OldFashRecipes

Love collecting Old Fashioned Recipes. Lifetime hobby. I love to cook.

RT @ChefDLewis: Crockpot chicken soup. Mix of veggies, luxurious stock and bbq chicken chunks...
Keep warm!!! ❤️
#cold #snowday #soup #soup…

2019-02-24 10:59