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Poncho Zayas zayas_poncho

No quiero ser misogino, la SEÑORA SENADORA @Gonzalo_YanezPT, se le acabaron los testiculos 🥚 🥚.. por hecharle pa tr…

2018-10-19 22:49

Jesica jesica323

I’ll always trust my intuition

2018-10-19 08:53

Jesica jesica323

En la plaza con mi primita.

2018-10-18 09:59

Jesica jesica323

Finally killed this mosquito that was bugging me 😒

2018-10-17 21:55

Jesica jesica323

Trying to help my little cousin with her multiplication homework and I am dumbbb 😅

2018-10-17 08:35

Jesica jesica323

Nightmares are rough

2018-10-15 20:45

Jesica jesica323

Hi 🙋🏽‍♀️ bday is July 13

2018-10-15 13:24

Jesica jesica323

I’ve seen at least 5 engagements this weekend. I should have invested in Jared’s

2018-10-15 13:21

Jesica jesica323

Took two naps today and if that doesn’t say “vacation’” I don’t know what does

2018-10-15 10:13

Jesica jesica323

All these small dogs are making me miss Chispa 😩😩

2018-10-15 10:09

Jesica jesica323

Just had the best tortillas 😩😩

2018-10-15 03:18