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Mohammad Ramzan Angaria RamzanAngaria

@jam_kamal sir Iam Ramzan Angaria Please Add Mee

2018-12-17 20:27

Fateh Muhammad fatehshahwani

Lecturer (Plant Genetics & Breeding)

China introduces ‘social’ punishments for scientific misconduct

2018-12-16 02:42

Naresh Shiyal NareshShiyal

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution. Educationfirs

રોજ તફાવત શોધું છું
પ્રભુ જીદંગીની બે ઘટનાઓમાં
તમારી આપેલી જીદંગી અને
અમારી બનાવેલી જીદંગીમાં

2018-12-10 01:08