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⚔️ hieisoul

end of evangelion (1997)

RT @hieisoul: Niggas see my tweets, get mad, go to sleep mad, wake up mad, go through they whole day upset LMFAO

2018-12-12 07:29


song writer an battle rapper from asheville nc, but currently residing in st pete florida..The founder of murda gang. the bara and music speaks for its self

Whats the best bank to have

2018-12-12 07:29

TampaBay_4_Life RideOrDieTB

Professional Arborist !!!! 🌳Tree Service🌳 #EverythingTampaBay, Go Bucs, Go Lightning, Go Rays!!! 102.5 Bone!!! #LOD #DGL

That annoying bitch from Nashville needs @MC_guyguy to give her a good fishhook or zombie mask. Give her some close…

2018-12-12 07:29

Jamie Engel JamieEngel

🏝 Realtor In The Florida Keys 📷 Photo Bug, Videographer, Travel Pro, Cooking, Coldwell Banker Schmitt, Islamorada -

Check out my new tour....
Jamie Engel #FloridaKeysHomeTeam

2018-12-12 07:29

Pastor Bluntaround SINice

You want good words, follow a languager. #Free32

RT @RealVJones: Don’t have any birthmarks on me

2018-12-12 07:29


“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
― Aldous Huxley


2018-12-12 07:29

Checkers & Rally's CheckersRallys

Our fries 🔥 Your fries 👎

@williamvercetti @ILoveBeinBlack

2018-12-12 07:29

Terra Ingalls TArchuleta

Marketing & tech: CRO @thetopcompany, prev. VP WPP Strategic Partnerships

Facebook Is Testing Ads in Search on Its Mobile Apps and Marketplace

2018-12-12 07:29

🦅Mark Hartig🇺🇸 markhartig

🦅Former State Prosecutor and Current Professional Liability Civil Defense Attorney 🇺🇸 | Space Force Cadet | Aspiring Crisis Actor For Hire | #FSU #Noles

@blakehounshell I see she has a future in comedy.

2018-12-12 07:29

ℳariela♡ monsterinmee14

Don’t be a bummer babe Be my undercover lover babe♡

RT @ClaravidalXoxo: Is it my birth control or am I just an emotional ass bitch???

2018-12-12 07:29

Candace ⭐️⭐️⭐️ smokemrainey

#Trump2020 #MAGA 🇺🇸🇮🇱, FB: @GenFlynn @Scaramucci @stranahan @AntonioSabatoJr @therealroseanne @realdrgina @JessieJaneDuff @WayneDupreeShow

RT @BayshoreRunner: Stormy Daniels is ordered to pay $293,000.00 in legal fees. I wonder if she'll pay all of it in dollar bills? #TheFive

2018-12-12 07:29

april apefaceoo1

this is not normal.

@The_UnSilent_ He's good at doing his criminal shiz quietly, unlike trump

2018-12-12 07:29

Vinny Scotti VinnyScotti12

just a rational guy

@stephenasmith Not your first ice cold take. Def won’t be your last.

2018-12-12 07:29

Kristin serenityinall

amateur photographer, SEC football, people watcher, motorcycles, scuba diving, traveler wannabe, restarting blog, writing, movie/tv fan, in search of new career

RT @gfcbeautiful: Have you registered for the 2019 GFC Beautiful Conference yet?! What are you waiting for?! 🎉 Treat yourself this holiday…

2018-12-12 07:29

Heather P LatinGringa

Canadian/American/MK from Ecuador. Gringa on the outside but latina on the inside. Deviously manipulative. Hockey freak.

@tmobile #thankyoumeal #contest

2018-12-12 07:29

Darius Kapris darebear1195

How does one "YouTube"? 🙃 Snapchat: DariusKapris Instagram: Kingdarebear

No TF it isn't

2018-12-12 07:29

Kyle Simon KyleSimon

#Politico, #HomeCare advocate, @TampaNoles leader, @CityofTampa native, master of snark, film/news/trivia enthusiast

.@Had_Oscar_Buzz Suggestion box: When recording, do your best to be near the in, in the same room as the microphone.

2018-12-12 07:29


Providing real-time weather data for Oak Grove Middle School and surrounding neighborhoods

Oak Grove Middle School at sunset and it's 51.8 F

2018-12-12 07:29

B&B ChandaFinch

If you call me out of my name because we disagree there's going to be a #BlockParty I refuse to go back and forth with these typing egos.

@RepCummings Sorry congressman I know you have to show deference ti tRump but he does not deserve it...

2018-12-12 07:29

Fly Retweets FlyRts

Follow us to get the fastest RTs l For a low cost you can get custom tweets DM us for more info l #FlyHigh l

RT @BaserFifty: Just went live! Earn N3RDz!!! Win Prizes! Thanks for all the support!

2018-12-12 07:29

Marilyn 🦋 menenluna

Sugar, spice & everything nice / JD 🏹❣️💫

RT @ulibeanz: the problem with holiday grocery shopping is that my festive brain says 50 different champagnes and chocolates and a scented…

2018-12-12 07:29

jaehwan gdnljhw

i have so much music that reminds me of you. | 26.

need me some pussy

2018-12-12 07:29


Providing real-time weather data for Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School and surrounding neighborhoods

Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School at sunset and it's 53.5 F

2018-12-12 07:29

Sasuke flyguyky__

I'm not from this planet I was abandoned...

Death Over Dishonor

IG: @_flyguyky_

Gunna × Top Off

2018-12-12 07:29

Drew Downs D_Downs

RT @sgw94: I know we've pretty much accepted that Kap won't get another opportunity in the NFL, but the Ravens completely changing their O…

2018-12-12 07:29

Caleb C_Dot_21

die 4 respect

RT @Mr_Swift90: A lot of niggas pull a woman they never thought they could and realize she’s too good for him. He goes back to being his se…

2018-12-12 07:29

Golgo 13 Golgo007_

The most stressed / Ex Anime Champion / Green Belt Rookie / 21 Years Old / Living in a world of my own.

RT @noahalaktas: I pray your Inshallah’s become Alhamdulillah’s

2018-12-12 07:29

Alexandra Rose alexandracrdss


@Codd_Dubz That too.. beer, wine, liquor I got it all

2018-12-12 07:29

Sισηα💫💙 Simply_MisRissa

💁🏾‍♀️ REH m’I

If you like hot sauce in the fridge, you’re a psychopath

2018-12-12 07:29

Bbg°♡☾✧ Legit_Aimee

°♡☾✧ 11/10/14 °♡☾✧ Msp: LIGHT PINK STAR °♡☾✧ 2nt acc: LIGHT PURPLE °♡☾✧

I liked a @YouTube video A Day in the Life of a Drug Addict *Emotional* (Part 2)

2018-12-12 07:29


Providing real-time weather data for Dunedin Highlands Middle School and surrounding neighborhoods

Dunedin Highland Middle School at sunset and it's 52.7 F

2018-12-12 07:29


Providing real-time weather data for Clearwater Pinellas County Emergency Management and surrounding neighborhoods

Clearwater PCEM at sunset and it's 52.6 F

2018-12-12 07:29 Labboo5


RT @akio_yam: ガス検針表偽装し手当524万円不正受給 懲戒免職のNHK副部長 - 毎日新聞

2018-12-12 07:29

c z3vac

i choose happiness

RT @talkboutash: all i did this year was put people first knowing damn well they put me last or put me after people that ended up folding o…

2018-12-12 07:29

John R Bach johnrbach

Are you searching for a new company to host your website. I highly recommend this outstanding company. They are c…

2018-12-12 07:29

SHSM💜 SunnYLuV20

BackWoods&Leafs Only ⛽️🍃 21 w/ no kids 💪🏾 I just want some MFN 💰🤑 all about me myself & Shy 😍

A lot be on my plate right now , between my friends my relationship and my own life I be going thru 🤣

2018-12-12 07:29

Drax the Destroyer DaOBeeZY

Wrong questions get wrong answers. | My name is my name | UF Alumnus | ΣΛB | Gamer | PSN ID: DaOBeeZY | SW-8080-1199-4816 | Gym Rat

Me rapping Hispanic trap music during the holidays

2018-12-12 07:29

мιѕнαιℓα✨ Mishaila_xoxo

Rip Brai😪💔

RT @talkboutash: i ain’t gonna front, i lost myself this year. i forgot my worth. i let my mental health deteriorate and take a toll on my…

2018-12-12 07:29

# midorisalad


andru bit my toes off

Nope lol

2018-12-12 07:29

Tampa Joe #Resistance ☮️🇺🇸🇨🇺 Tampa_Joe_813

Drinks on me the night 45 gets impeached or resigns! Voracious News Consumer and Sports Junkie. #Progressive #Impeach45 #AmericanSocialism ☮️❤️🇺🇸🇨🇺

Christine Blasey Ford or Jamal Khashoggi should be @Time Person of the Year. Their sacrifices opened up our eyes! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

2018-12-12 07:29

Tampa Bay S-Chain tmj_TPA_schn

Follow this account for geo-targeted Supply Chain job tweets in Tampa Bay, FL. Need help? Tweet us at @CareerArc!

Our team continually strives to advance, focusing on processes, statistics and #leadership. #Innovation is the key…

2018-12-12 07:29

RHiiNO Corp RHiiNOCorp

RHiiNO Corp (Tampa) is charging full speed ahead towards success in the marketing consulting industry thanks to an optimistic attitude and unrelenting drive.

We are hiring! Don't wait until 2019 to start your new career.

#HiringTampa #HiringFlorida #JobsInTampa…

2018-12-12 07:29

Loca Linda _CurvesAndKicks

Send me both okay?! 🙃

2018-12-12 07:29

Gabriela Alonso gabrielaalonsoo

RT @FLTopDog: Please pray for our amazing Ariyah, who is a part of our TD2 Rainbows. She is currently hospitalized and fighting for her lif…

2018-12-12 07:29


Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic,loves science, physics space ,Aviation ,Guns&Sports Bikes [#HONDALIFE]

@BreitbartNews She better be sucking off alot of people to get that money fast lol

2018-12-12 07:29

Eyes Full of Tinsel and Fire TheComelyAlpaca

I deedle, I doodle, I dawdle. [She/Her] My name is Jona. CARPE FILUM. Comments and views here are my own and not endorsed in any way. Yarn, dance, SKC.

RT @bubbaprog:

2018-12-12 07:29

Stephen Bright 😎 StephenBright

#CatDad making a difference before his time is up in #SunshineCity , #SunshineState -How #BRIGHT, right?

@Evan_McMullin No. No. No. 20 times

2018-12-12 07:29

booty enthusiast makeupjedii

i was once called a succubus // insta: sxrxh.c

If the lightning don’t win the cup this year I give up on them

2018-12-12 07:29

CUBAN L I N K ✨ LadiiJew

Owner of #BodybyYew #SuitsYew #healthcoach #SwimwearPLUG swimwear available for pick ups & priority shipping IT'S NOT A PRODUCT IT'S A LIFESTYLE 👙👍🏾


2018-12-12 07:29

Jay Skorupski jayskorupski

I'm a Creator and a knower of nothing. Seeking answers to questions I haven’t asked yet and learning every day.

RT @DominicDAgosti2: Our Great Dane Scooby had a nasty looking tumor in his mouth. Maybe a Fibrosarcoma? Did a 5 day metabolic interventio…

2018-12-12 07:29

Joe Foster Bravehrt

I came, I saw, I killed all the zombies and left...

@TWRPband Got mine and couldn't be happier!!

2018-12-12 07:29

JK Network JKNetwork1

Yo! I’m JK Network and I’m a fan of movies, tv, comics, anime, manga, and video games. I’m a chill dude who sometimes fucks around lol.

RT @hieisoul: Pierrot really snapped on Ichigo vs Grimmjow, my god.

2018-12-12 07:29

Pete Petesareeno

Mapper, reader, social-liberal, and lover of all things Disney. Fighting for democracy and the future of this once great nation. #FBR #TheResistance

RT @MichaelJElston: Neo-Nazi James A. Fields Jr. has been sentenced to life in prison, for his fatal vehicle attack on anti-white-supremaci…

2018-12-12 07:29

Barbara Scheible BarbaraBarbnan

I am an aging Baby Boomer, love dogs, living on the Beach, from Michigan. Love Classic Rock from the 60's, went to Woodstock. Listen to my iPod all the time.

@funder Scott, the President is a criminal, and must be removed from office. He is putting our Country in danger with Russia.

2018-12-12 07:28

SantaSean 🏳️‍🌈 crazyseandx

Reviewer, Comedian, YouTuber, Liberal, Animal Adorer, Mental Health Advocate, Suicide Prevention, Brony(?), Wrestling Fan, Meme Man. Hug me, plz.

@inihelene "What are you looking at? ....feed me, hooman."

2018-12-12 07:28

©♣️ TheJeffC

a better version of myself.

You hell 😂😂😂🦒

2018-12-12 07:28

God Bless America BayshoreRunner

#KatesWall #NRA #MAGA #Trump2020 End the Mueller Witch-Hunt. #SpyGate

We knew we weren't voting for Mother Teresa we wanted a fighter. And he proved it today with that beat down of Schu…

2018-12-12 07:28

Krista Rust krista_rust

Once I had a baby. Once I wrote a book. Don’t say I’ve never accomplished anything.

@MDalto421 Congrats!!!

2018-12-12 07:28

dominicanna 🍃 nashelyy

always Lilith, never Eve.

@LIONSROAM He needs to stop tweeting like a whore!

2018-12-12 07:28

sara ersle

🎃Animal Activist/NoKill Advocate 🐱mama to 4 #rescue #CATS 🐈❤️LOVE 🐾ALL #ANIMALS ❤️#StellaMcCartney Yoga 🎃HALLOWEEN

RT @SPCATampaBay: Minnie is now available for adoption! This female Boxer is 5yrs old. Learn more at

2018-12-12 07:28

Dean Lewis DeanLew13089931

Sports,Sports ,Sports, History, Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it's usually something unusual.

@FunkNFantasy Forget the mirror

2018-12-12 07:28

EsquireDon EsquireDon813

Florida appellate and litigation attorney. Best Lawyers In America 2013-19. My 8th great-grandfather signed the Mayflower Compact (1620).

@MichaelAvenatti @YouTube

2018-12-12 07:28

Jamal Williams Jwillams

Ima shut the office down with the fit tomorrow

2018-12-12 07:28

Mike xDarKStaRx616

Founding member of 616-Gaming, Pro Mixer Mod for lyfe 😉Sponsored by @pixeleyewear. Use promo code 616 for $5 off purchase!

@PimpinellaPlays I blame the dutch, because they invented the "dutch oven" google it...

2018-12-12 07:28

jaehwan gdnljhw

i have so much music that reminds me of you. | 26.

@gdnhyuk sns : jaesuschrista

bitch u thought

2018-12-12 07:28

Thomas L. Moody ThomasLMoody

🕊~ + ~ 🦋

I appreciate ya.. show me dat same energy or pretend at least 💙

2018-12-12 07:28

Coach Martinez martinezjd21

Jefferson High School Varsity Offensive Coordinator

@Jpask00 @JesuitTigers_FB @80sCane57 @dcgero2 Rolling in! Love it! Keep it up!

2018-12-12 07:28

Ryan washington _Ender1

Skate and Destroy

@PeteOsIII You ain’t lying bro.

2018-12-12 07:28

Mighty No. 32115 Sorcerer Lance SorcererLance

Artist, animator, musician & video editor with too much time on his hands
INFJ - ♑ - 🇨🇺/🇨🇴
Media Arts & Animation major
2006 Times Magazine Person of the Year

@Rugdog Kid's WB presents: Sonic and Tails

2018-12-12 07:28

RC The_Lock_God

Part of the #Resistance in a Han Solo kind of way...

@delila_cain My survival instincts tell me NEVER to cross her, which I can’t say about too many people. She’s a st…

2018-12-12 07:28

umaru ashyassknees

straight frm da archive😘

i desperately need a pair of royal blue crocs

2018-12-12 07:28

caroo itscarofranco

ur friendly internet gangster✨👽 24🈵 #sadgirlclub

@TheEternalLion Hai! I added u lol

2018-12-12 07:28

Beauty From Ashes™ BeautyFrmAshes

Est. 2002 ❌#abuse #exploitation #trafficking #PREVENT 🛑 #REACH 🤝 #RESTORE ✝️ #art4FREEdom 🎨 #horses4FREEdom 🐎 #ranch4FREEdom 🤠 #overcomers4FREEdom 🦋

“It wasn’t until she began “trauma-informed” therapy that the wounds of her early experience healed. She discovered…

2018-12-12 07:28

𝒮𝒽𝑒𝓁𝒷𝒾 𝒞𝒶𝓂𝒶𝒸𝒽𝑜 👑 Shelbaejoyce

𝟐𝟑 • 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓭 💍 • 𝓢𝓷𝓪𝓹: shelbi_joyce

@crissydanielle_ I support both of y’all but you aren’t giving anyone any reason to not believe her. You won’t tell…

2018-12-12 07:28

Meghan Morris seaghost78

...and if I seem a little strange, well, that's because I am...

@dylangrogers Pecan pie bars

2018-12-12 07:28

N3RD NYC BaserFifty

Just went live! Earn N3RDz!!! Win Prizes! Thanks for all the support!

2018-12-12 07:28

BAYGUI baygui

News Related Stories From All Over the world. Opinions Are My Own. Retweets Are Not Endorsements.

Judge orders Stormy Daniels to pay nearly $300,000 in legal fees to Trump's attorneys in defamation case

2018-12-12 07:28

MA 🎄🇺🇸🎄FLA Deplorable ecipmck

Deplorable Educ Female MA,FLA Resident 1st gen Italian from legal imm Finally Repub President who fights back at lies. Finally a Politician for the People #MAGA

RT @BayshoreRunner: Stormy Daniels is ordered to pay $293,000.00 in legal fees. I wonder if she'll pay all of it in dollar bills? #TheFive

2018-12-12 07:28

Tyler Patrick The_real_tp_

Faith, Family, & Shannon..John 16:33..Rebs..University of MS Alumni..UMMC

@Blakelyle14 Bc you stole my interception.

2018-12-12 07:28

Jason Millwood jabuc

Contemplative Activist Coffee Lover|Social Work Grad Student @sacredheartuniv | Enneagram 2w3. I ❤️ Trees.

@BigStoryEph1 @SkyeJethani What blows my mind is the word VIRTUAL doesn’t faze them one bit 🤯

2018-12-12 07:28

@ligea_lady LadyLigea

@TB_Times Shocker🙄

2018-12-12 07:28

Sισηα💫💙 Simply_MisRissa

💁🏾‍♀️ REH m’I

@deeethevirgo I was so hot😤 I had plans for that sub

2018-12-12 07:28

Kim _Kimadelic

Keep It Moving • ΧΥΣ 🌺

RT @genstep: @_Kimadelic Baaaabeeeee 😍

2018-12-12 07:28

FITTY MATT Matthew3_2

My daughter is probably stronger than you. Too sweet🤘🏼. We’re wrestling fans🙂. 👮🏻‍♂️

RT @alexis_b82: Look at Kota's face. He's moonsaulting off the Tokyo Dome, isn't he?

2018-12-12 07:28

Mark O. Martin markowenmartin

Husband, father, educator, researcher, moderate libertarian, and always a microbial centrist!

RT @virome_girl: Look at this great gift from my #SecretSerratia - Thanks!!! Happy Phagemas!

2018-12-12 07:28

Michael Wrenn evangmlw

Ordained Southern Baptist
Sr. Pastor Rocky Creek Baptist
Church, Tampa, Fl
Author & Founder: God's Addiction Recovery Plan: The Biblical Path To Freedom


2018-12-12 07:28

Camille' Millierockkk

RT @BritishNichelle: God Please Show Me What You Want From Me ... & Make It Evident By Opening Doors That Should Be Opened & Closing Doors…

2018-12-12 07:28

champagne kathy edeetak

once described as the “most distracting person alive”

RT @ashleykorrn: We really do lower our standards for the creatures that attend the university of Tampa

2018-12-12 07:28

iHate__Chicken! Ebbs12

Snapchat Ebbs08 Instagram: Ebbs93

I been on hold for 30 mins. They close at 5:30. I might as well hang up. @USPS @USPSHelp

2018-12-12 07:28


Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic,loves science, physics space ,Aviation ,Guns&Sports Bikes [#HONDALIFE]

@BreitbartNews Hahahaha

2018-12-12 07:28

Chad Mortensen mortchad

RT @TeslaMotrsports: This is dope. Would you rock this?🔌🔋 #Tesla

2018-12-12 07:28

tuesday;) abbytdaniels

d’feeters ecnl | chs ‘20 | sc: abbytdaniels

RT @danggnate: Ask her on a date instead of asking her to come over. Pick her up & walk to her door instead of texting her I'm here. Open t…

2018-12-12 07:28

Marisa Barone ♥ Marisaxox123

animal lover- vet tech - 22 yrs young- mommy - wifey

@lexjohnnson Thanks lex 💕

2018-12-12 07:28