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jocelyn♥garcia minniemouse0006


• StMU alumna | OLLU alumna | LSSP •
Roma, TX ➡ San Antonio, TX

RT @AlyssaBesa: can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. 😒

2019-06-26 01:30

Dear D&D, I HATE YOU Miny_K

“The most difficult part of attaining perfection is finding something to do for an encore”. Crazy Conspiracy Midget 💚

RT @DrChaeEd: I’m pretty sure Robin Williams laughed a lot in his life. Depression is always there, no matter what they’re doing.

Do y’al…

2019-06-26 01:30

Scuba steve🦍 Doyouflex


Uncircumcised niggas don’t even need condoms, they can just tie a knot at the top and they straight

2019-06-26 01:30

Gary G Gary_GarciaJr

@spurs @Patty_Mills 💧

2019-06-26 01:30

🥰 OnikaIsMyQueen

19 👑💅🏽 RIP Grandma 👵🏽🙏🏽💛

RT @darielaali: My grandma deadass just served my kids nuggets and fries in their fucking kiddie pool 😂💀

2019-06-26 01:30

Rhett Smith RhettSmith2012

-Think Globally, Act Locally-
As Our Case Is New, So We Must Think Anew And Act Anew. We Must Disenthrall Ourselves, And Then We Shall Save Our Country.~A.L.

Japanese-American Internment Survivors Protest Plan to Jail Migrant Kids at WWII Prison Camp

2019-06-26 01:30

Gil xgil4x4

Just tryin to live . Instagram : gil4x4 #eaglesnation

@The_Catalyst23 @bunchycarter_ @rjochoa @FirstTake Okay

2019-06-26 01:30

Devante 2TrillEclass

👻 E-klazz05 ig: isavageklazz.

Mf’s really be sleep on Timothy man boy was easily always the best player in the league when he played

2019-06-26 01:30

Energy 94.1 Energy941SA

San Antonio’s #2 Hit Music Station

Car Lie Detector

2019-06-26 01:30

lexi lxxaayy

insta : lxaayy snap : lexiissss00


2019-06-26 01:30

Robby Rodrick elrobby12

Male Photographer n Owner RRExclusvie Images. Fashion, modeling, portraiture, glamour, runway, family, weddings n promotions.

Cassie Rivella looking great in blue, with some wind effects. 📸❤️👄 #rrexclusiveimagesmodel #latina #latinaglamour…

2019-06-26 01:30

Chief Swan swan931

Avi by @AnthonyTa2u Gaming, singing, and sports.

@_Kenziepuff I do both. You tube isn't all bad. It helped Zander with numbers and colors. As long as you dont hurt…

2019-06-26 01:30

ChiamAKA _ChamiiMAC

CEO of Eyebrow Language | Healthcare Professional | Apartment Locator | Alpha Kappa Alpha 🇳🇬🏁

RT @DrChaeEd: I’m pretty sure Robin Williams laughed a lot in his life. Depression is always there, no matter what they’re doing.

Do y’al…

2019-06-26 01:30

Lindsi Root lindsiroot

Vegan. Feminist. Ravenclaw. Aspiring Minimalist. Lover of books and fuzzy socks. Comic book enthusiast. Mom. Spouse. Occasionally, She-Hulk.

I haven't been online much the last few days, and my emails have gotten a little out of hand. 😨

2019-06-26 01:30

♡ mia ♡ miriamhowlter

im the riceball in the fruits basket

RT @lomommaa: I attract both genders so I know for a fact I’m not ugly 🤣🤣

2019-06-26 01:30

Âñà Çåśtįłłø A_Castillo99

Sometimes its better to be kind than to be right. We don't need an intelligent mind that speaks, but a patient heart to listen.

RT @lomommaa: I attract both genders so I know for a fact I’m not ugly 🤣🤣

2019-06-26 01:30

Gilbert Ellis A91AG

Lifelong Texan, Aggie by the grace of God.

@ChildersRadio @CoachNeuheisel Texas A&M vs Clemson. Home and home

2019-06-26 01:30

Andy Jimenez AndyOtherside

within cells interlinked ||| video production.

"I like the big bang theory"

2019-06-26 01:30

kay🥂 kaylon_hoover

Put your lips on my skin and you might ignite it

@supercutofjus i agree

2019-06-26 01:30

shiraa.👑🇵🇷 _ymvc

stay in yo lane❗️💸 | sc; esaaboricuaa 👻

RT @lomommaa: I attract both genders so I know for a fact I’m not ugly 🤣🤣

2019-06-26 01:30

The Ringer Pub TheRingerPub

We are a neighborhood bar located at 2826 Thousand Oaks Drive in the Adobe Creek Shopping Center. Follow us on FB/IG/Snapchat: @theringerpub

We know you love Tequila, and thats why we have #TequilaTuesday! Cuervo, El Jimador, and Patron all on special toda…

2019-06-26 01:30

𝘫𝘢𝘯𝘪𝘢 💛 Jania43311168

𝘢𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘵𝘪𝘤 💞.

RT @lomommaa: I attract both genders so I know for a fact I’m not ugly 🤣🤣

2019-06-26 01:30

TxDOT San Antonio TxDOTSanAntonio

@AlamoAreaMPO @sanantoniotci @cpsenergy @MySAWS

2019-06-26 01:30

skye 🥢 skyeperezz


RT @adrianaalopezzz: i never posted these on insta so i’ll put them on here...

2019-06-26 01:30

7. gabbfab_

Extraordinary thinker

RT @lomommaa: I attract both genders so I know for a fact I’m not ugly 🤣🤣

2019-06-26 01:30

LRobin liliketheflower

man up to the life you aint livin.

RT @esunchingona: A MAN

2019-06-26 01:30

Jonathan Irvin sublimegeek

I love technology. Been using Git since '05. I love animals. Hufflepuff proud. My opinions are my. own. Sr. Fullstack of 🥞 @TheWGVS

@rainiedazze Smh

2019-06-26 01:30

Nelcares’ Hood Nelcares

#ProjectManager #ITsupport #Entrepenuer•

RT @PastorJohnHagee: It is better to be reconciled than to be right. Forgive each other totally, immediately, and fully. Only then can God…

2019-06-26 01:30

⏩⏩ Dolemite⏪⏪ MinusWashington

Denzell No Washington Tho 24 TX..

I’ll never understand why people speed through parking lots

2019-06-26 01:30

Lixxa __Alisssssssaa

RT @uglyygoddesss: I’m .... disgusted

2019-06-26 01:30

Dumb Donald MrFiveZeroFour

New Orleans grown San Antonio's own... Mr.Who Dat himself Sir Gumbo Leaux Lafitte 504 to the 210 SAINTS ALL DAY🏈🏀⚾️🥊⛹🏿‍♂️🎳🎷💊🚬⚰️🧪

@fancypants723 You better get that check hardcore...and let your lawyer work the piss outta the insurance company..…

2019-06-26 01:30

katie yourheartlines

goat in the water

RT @RAICESTEXAS: To other facilities? And that's going to fix what exactly?

Can someone remind us why children are kept imprisoned? What…

2019-06-26 01:30

daddy mold2begreat

snap :@Raymond45CHIEFS , yes I'm 6'0🤘🏽. Puerto Rican and Mexican #UTSA21

I look at niggas like this , when there a 4 and there girl be a 9 😂

2019-06-26 01:30

dago. ddaygo__

stephalicious. 💛

RT @Clarissa_Love3: @its_Marioh aw chill out b4 ur friends think we’re talking

2019-06-26 01:30

Lucero lucy_galore

Sleep with dreams. Die with memories.

Seeing how deep the #AdventureTime fandom is. I’m not nearly as bothered of barely getting into it bc time.

2019-06-26 01:30

Ryan Clinton ryanclinton

Texas Appellate Attorney; commercial litigator; energy law; @DukeU & @UVALaw; Louisiana native; husband & dad; sucker for a good cause.

RT @RAICESTEXAS: A young Honduran boy was separated from his father at the border.

We represented him and he told us what it feels to be l…

2019-06-26 01:30

The Lone Wolf qd_u3

𝔓𝔢𝔬𝔭𝔩𝔢 𝔡𝔬𝔫’𝔱 𝔣𝔬𝔯𝔤𝔢𝔱. 𝔑𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔤𝔢𝔱𝔰 𝔣𝔬𝔯𝔤𝔦𝔳𝔢𝔫

#PS4share I’ve been a BAD BOY Again

2019-06-26 01:30

Study Breaks Study_Breaks

The best student writing in the country.

It may take a while, but the tide is slowly shifting from tokenism to actual inclusivity.

2019-06-26 01:30

Charlie Brown's charlie_brownSA

Whether you live or work in The Neighborhood or have to drive across town, Charlie Brown's is the place to go for lunch, dinner, drinks and local entertainment

Live music Saturday night June 29, Asa Keese,

2019-06-26 01:30

Jacob O. Lopez MrJacobOLopez

I am my client's best friend on their worst day.

Relive title No. 1: Spurs became NBA champions 20 years ago today

2019-06-26 01:30

Mod Snap modsnapradio

Voted Best Radio Station in SA, 2018

Hooverphonic - Romantic

2019-06-26 01:30

Bruno Passos bouncepassos

@PoundingtheRock ⛹️

Keldon update

2019-06-26 01:30

Carlos Ramos CarlosR53101817

Opinando de lo que conozco. libre pensador. Vivo en el país donde el que trabaja mucho Gana poco y el que no trabaja gana mucho.

RT @peadeua: "Cuándo la ciencia resuelve un problema ya la religión tiene que salirse de ahí".
Atte.: @laluzjose

2019-06-26 01:30

Liz Cheslock cheslockschimps

First grade teacher, tech lover, Seesaw Ambassador, and mom to an awesome little man!

Worked today on becoming a @Flipgrid certified educator and put in my submission to become a Student Voice Ambassad…

2019-06-26 01:30

narc-hoe-leptic carolynmaeee

cause on a 1 to 10 she’s a certified 20

@sierrabwitchin the amityville horror, Halloween, and the shining 😈😈

2019-06-26 01:30

alejandra relmixela


sosososososo soooo beautiful outside today

2019-06-26 01:30

Obliteron ObliteronNebula

Counterindoctrination Czar

RT @RAICESTEXAS: As we revealed recently: 98.4% of immigrants we paid bonds for show up for their hearings (& we've paid lots of bonds).


2019-06-26 01:30

Jess 🌸 ™ JessicaDelRey_

XXV 💎|♒️| It is what it is| 『👻 』jessicaplacido5 | Humble with a hint of Kanye.

I fell asleep watching Peter Pan last night lmao 😂

2019-06-26 01:30

ダメダメプリンbot Nek_1125



2019-06-26 01:30

Pretty Boi CJ😴 CJMane2

Black Mexican & Chinese. “Mexblasian”....... sc: Skipper_boii

My phone is literally so dry..I’m just not used to it 🥴

2019-06-26 01:30

Kaylyn kaybear1513

I rather live and fail than to never live at all. ❤️

@janellevargasxo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

2019-06-26 01:30

Stout House StoutHouseSA

We're a pub style bar, located off Bandera in the Silverado Theatre shopping center. Full Bar + 20 craft beers on tap. Add us on
FB/IG/Snapchat: @StoutHouseSA

You HAVE to take break from the week! May as well have some fun at Stout House! We've got Jameson, PBR, Lone Star,…

2019-06-26 01:30

Christopher Valdez 🇲🇽🇺🇸 Uzum9ki

22 | Freelance caster for @Rainbow6Game | Parents: @EsterrBunnyy and @Stoax | I carry @Quickleyz_ Business:


2019-06-26 01:30

Jeanette Seulement JSeulement2019

RT @RAICESTEXAS: To other facilities? And that's going to fix what exactly?

Can someone remind us why children are kept imprisoned? What…

2019-06-26 01:30

Express Information Systems expressinfo_ERP

Working with #SageIntacct Cloud Financials and Microsoft Dynamics, Express helps businesses accomplish more by elevating their accounting and business software.

VIDEO: How healthcare leader Welltok was able to adopt #ASC606 early with #SageIntacct cloud financials…

2019-06-26 01:30

Robert VanBurg RobertVanBurg

Airport Operations Manager, Veteran, Hon Cmdr 149th FW Ops Gp. TXANG, USAF AETC Commander's Civic Leaders Group Member.

RT @SATairport: New to SAT and renting a car? No problem!

60 Second Direction Videos
ConRac from Terminal B

2019-06-26 01:30

Weast andrewlackstact

Artist, snacker, all-around napper

RT @RAICESTEXAS: 'After assessing 39 children under 18, she [a board-certified physician] described conditions for minors at the McAllen fa…

2019-06-26 01:30

Ariana Lubelli ArianaLubelliTV

Reporter for @News4SA & @KABBFOX29, #Bronx native, University of Miami grad, Texas explorer. Story idea? E-mail me,

Heading towards the border to assist with #flood coverage. This is what it looks like passing through the town of R…

2019-06-26 01:30

sustainable queen ShelbyUggen

TAMU ‘23

RT @Elithetrumpet: Just going to leave this here @tiktok_us

2019-06-26 01:30

🐺 Ńéxúş 🐺 Arcticw84437991

im just a simple furry. dont do much except draw and play video games :p (mainly video games) but check out my YouTube channel nexus the wolf :p

RT @Citrinelle: ☀️THANK YOU for 8,000 Follows! ☀️
To celebrate, I'm giving away 1 shaded illustration ($100 value)! Additionally, for every…

2019-06-26 01:30

Stephanie texyasss


I’m DEFINITELY giving out Honey Buns if I ever go to jail... 🤣🤣🤣 Great idea!! @momsandmurder

2019-06-26 01:30

Richard Gutierrez richgutierrez18

Wrestling fan since 98, Member of The Sasha Krew and a Blissfit

Fans that are taking Seth's comments too seriously is a great reason why social media wasn't around years ago

2019-06-26 01:30