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El Borracho chairo desente franky0835

@berkowitztorrez Sergio goiry este mensaje es para ti puñetas

2019-02-16 07:47

cami retrosolar

yeehaw @irontxny

RT @_AlwaysFaith: im obsessed with my phones camera quality 🤯

2019-02-16 07:47

G gabreeela_

Hey, I want to be famous.

My cousin sent me a video of my niece crying cause she wanted to “be bigger because she wants to go to work” lmfao!!!!! I can’t .

2019-02-16 07:47

Ryan Ostrander 88 🏁 rostrander88

@DaleJr 4 Life @WilliamByron & @AlexBowman88 Fan! Go 24 & 88 @Angels! #DaleYeah! #JRNation @acsupdates is my hometrack #ISupportSeaWorld #Appreci88ion #Bowman88

RT @Angels: Throwing for the first time since Tommy John surgery last April.

Welcome back, @jcramy56! #LAASpring

2019-02-16 07:47

Stacey Turis BrainGangster

- Best-Selling Author and Mindful Athlete + Lifestyle Coach

@ChatByCC @realDonaldTrump If that’s the best ever - you should probably get out more..?

2019-02-16 07:47

Annalise💖🇺🇸💍🇨🇴| #runbernierun blurrp1

18. proud progressive. populist. socially libertarian. equalist. American-Latina. I speak truth if you have a problem with it, well oops! get help.

@katiD22 @dragonflyinc @orphanedblues @america_vest And you are irrelevant to this conversation and in general so u…

2019-02-16 07:47

Vanessa Gee vgonzalez0127

snapchat: vanessag714 Instagram: vanessageee714

I been craving Korean BBQ but no one ever down #nofriends 😂😂😂

2019-02-16 07:47

Vaℓ 공주 발에리 valkhyun

Probably off somewhere blasting Monster & screaming the fanchant at the top of my lungs. 170428 #EXOrDIUMinLA | 180713 #ElyXiOnDot Oh, I also write a blog :)

Ngl this looks so yummy

2019-02-16 07:47

Caliente Chinito CalienteChinito

New YouTuber, occasionally bearded, weird, quirky, random, no filter, ♡ 80's music, quotes Mean Girls too much & still waiting for POGs to make a comeback


2019-02-16 07:47

Denny Culito10_


RT @CorridosYBandas: Tengo más ganas de unas cervezas, que de encontrar el amor de mi vida.

2019-02-16 07:47

paul bailey pbailey

i make, play, and teach music

RT @GISHammer: How I imagine the LA Galaxy handles their current DP situation.

#LAGalaxy #MLS

2019-02-16 07:47

ScanMyPhotos 💖📸🎞to📀 ScanMyPhotos

Welcome — 600 million photos, slides and film scanned with 💖 | Founded 1990 | NOW SAME DAY SCANNING, INSTANT UPLOADING | 5 ⭐️ reviews & news profiles | DM open

Huge scoop: “SarahSanders ⁦@PressSec⁩ interviewed by Robert Mueller's office” just in by ⁦@CNNPolitics⁩ ⁦@arogDC⁩ a…

2019-02-16 07:47

Astin ⚧ sun_rise_up

🇫🇷| Transgender (FTM)/He/Him | 19 | How many more Galileo's do you want

RT @EggrolI: I cooked a three course dinner for my girl, made a fancy menu and setting for it, but the dishes are all classic chinese dishe…

2019-02-16 07:47

Marvin ramirez supermarv7

the one and only

@maddiiochoa You’ll see BET lol

2019-02-16 07:47

Wm. P under_rower

Serving GOD in Santa Ana

@MrRileyJB @AOC You will, you should start picking out your rug pattern. Our President is not a Muslim sympathizer…

2019-02-16 07:47

shawty itsalleah17

living bratz doll + human cry baby emoji

RT @OGCO_: & your gonna burn slow in hell 😂, niggas be so ignorant bra

2019-02-16 07:47

Diana✨ condediana16


RT @CorridosYBandas: Tengo más ganas de unas cervezas, que de encontrar el amor de mi vida.

2019-02-16 07:47

MEEVUUH 👽 MEVAlyenaaaa

📷 // Just because a pig is friendly doesn't mean they're your friend 🐷

Nahilig na ulit sa kdrama 😦

2019-02-16 07:47

☼ Alexasunshine83 ☼ Alexasunshine83


A jewelry company reached out to me on Instagram to send me stuff and when I asked them where they are manufactured…

2019-02-16 07:47

jennn jennifer_suissa

east side over weast side

RT @JbKnockout: Don’t be crazy. Don’t be crazy. Let it go. It’s not worth it. Let it go.

2019-02-16 07:47

NotionClothing NotionClothing

Est in 2003, we are the Original Notion Clothing. You have seen us in TWSURF, Surfing and other major publications. We been laying low, but we are back!

Big Boy shapes and skating the Bay.

2019-02-16 07:47

Jose Botello JoseBot32842153



2019-02-16 07:47

#SmallStreamersConnect SmallStreamersC

Growing is hard. We're trying to change that. Follow us for a host! 🚀 Tag for RT Join

RT @LiteCastMedia: We did it y'all! It's the weekend once again. As always tune into our Friday night stream! Spend your Friday night, chil…

2019-02-16 07:47

🎓⚡. xnfcc

"أعوذ بالله من حزن يصيب قلبيّ ومن أوجاع الدنيا وأقدارها"


@kingoftayheart ماسك خورافي مرا شكرا لك

2019-02-16 07:47

k kvrinas

RT @sxxgl: yo sufro mucho en esta vida

2019-02-16 07:47

Mark Oster, Patriot ⚽ 🦅 SoCalMarkO

Independent Computer Consultant | Soccer Referee #AYSO | Motorcyclist | Philippines Travel | Fighting to Restore America 'Stop Telling Me How I Should Feel!'

@AnaheimDucks @lyft @JackDaniels_US Sure --

So I can stand in the parking lot for another 30 minutes with a line…

2019-02-16 07:47

JimBurke@JimBurke21 Jkburke21Jim

Former Associate DPP/HC-SAC Scorpions USISL| SAC Senators WSL| Former Asst. Coach-UCD WSoccer| Former CYSA-N State/D6 ODP| Former Radio Analyst-SAC Knights CISL

@HTC_CaitlynR @TexansCheer @HTC_Speaker I definitely miss this smile!

2019-02-16 07:47

A🇮🇳 arathy_xo

drinking my water & minding my business x

RT @OGCO_: & your gonna burn slow in hell 😂, niggas be so ignorant bra

2019-02-16 07:47

Dann Marti danihumatz

Carácter fuerte, pero soy calmado. También soy bravo si tengo que ser.
Soy cuidadoso, mido mis palabras, me dirijo bien. | #ChorizoPower 👹⚽😈

RT @CorridosYBandas: Tengo más ganas de unas cervezas, que de encontrar el amor de mi vida.

2019-02-16 07:47

curtis morrison curtisatlaw

attorney at law #immigrationlaw #federallitigation #losangeles

Chuck Todd acting like @AOC doesn’t represent values of majority wrt to @amazon, was annoying.

2019-02-16 07:47

MyPride MyPrideBlog

A Walt Disney Company #StandUpToBullying with #MyPride and safely connect LGBTQ youth worldwide.
Coming Soon to the App Store

@TheEllenShow @CharlizeAfrica @Sethrogen @HeadsUp Sponsored Post

Photos Taylor Schilling and Pugsley, Princ…

2019-02-16 07:47

Paul I Jones oldjarhead1966

#NamVet, #MAGA #PATRIOT #GOD #COUNTRY #TRUMP Paul Oldjarhead Jones for Congress Ca district 38 2020 married to Doris 22yrs and counting I do not cheat don’t ask

@GOPLeader And don’t forget the leaking of classified material to the media and his sexual abuse and violence again…

2019-02-16 07:47

まゆみん@推しの笑顔は世界一💮 mayumin0101



2019-02-16 07:47

𝕸𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖚𝖘 martinianoman

Artesão // @thenewerastore

Fui no cemitério hj, e como sempre me arrependi, é ótimo estar lá amo o ambiente me sinto confortável, mas toda vez…

2019-02-16 07:47

CureDuchenne CureDuchenne

Our mission is to save this generation of children and young adults with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. #LetsCureDuchenne

"Six-year-old Yannick Etienne and seven-year-old Marko Filenko look like two normal, happy, adorable boys. They cou…

2019-02-16 07:47 SportsTalkLine

We search the World of Sports, then we talk about it. #Football, #Soccer & #WeFollowBack

RT @nfltalkline: Colin Kaepernick vs NFL is Over - Pro Football Talk Line via @AresgodFF #NFL #49ers #AAF …

2019-02-16 07:47

legendhero iunnoz


@desereydiaz Nah it will prob ruin it

2019-02-16 07:47

✨Ezzekiel🦎 Ezzekiel_Fox

Only the most colorful, fun, tasty, exciting and silly person! I love wandering around, going on late night adventures and meeting ALL THE PEOPLE! [He/Him - Bi]

@careinq What’s the streamer’s link? I wanna check em out

2019-02-16 07:46


Patel Bail Bonds open 24 hours 365 days bail bonds service in Southern California, and Nationwide.

Look at this two POS ..corrupt idiot

2019-02-16 07:46

Chris trineas

RT @jesawyer: alita: battle angel is the 4th timeline for true detective: season 3.

2019-02-16 07:46

💥HonorBound💥 HonorBoundCOH

The Developmental Brand aka The Next Generation Of @COHwrestling1 Live on Friday Nights @ 6pm EST/11pm GMT! DM For Enquires!

RT @FPBJOHNSON: You don't want to miss out on all the matches Tonight! @jaydastorm13 @RealHailStorm, Zoe Zombie, and Isabella Ventura will…

2019-02-16 07:46

RJ MadeOfAdams

@aHyerPower What a Keenumdrum...

2019-02-16 07:46

Erik Andersson eandersson_net

Engineer @ Blizzard Entertainment. Swedish. The views expressed here are 100% mine and in no way reflect those of my employer

@miketheitguy It's called CodeHub in iPhone (at least).

2019-02-16 07:46

patricia trisha513

I'm worried about climate change, wildlife and the environment. I love art, movies, books. Am bpd, ptsd, and in recovery.

Please support my GoFundMe campaign: @gofundme

2019-02-16 07:46

instagram: @Wavydr3 💜 bbysosa0

I wanna go to South padre with my niggas bruh

2019-02-16 07:46

Salil Khaladkar SalilK

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान् निबोधत. Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached

@arrahman Welcome the hood!

2019-02-16 07:46

MEEVUUH 👽 MEVAlyenaaaa

📷 // Just because a pig is friendly doesn't mean they're your friend 🐷

Watching// My ID is my Gangnam Beauty

2019-02-16 07:46

Gerardo Garcia DeNunez27

Si ya saben como me pongo, pos porque me invitaaaaan?

Like, holy fuck.

Reggeton is on the rise, again. 🎶

2019-02-16 07:46

Emmanuel Oouu_YaYa


RT @chozinweak: ma’am may i pls DM u????

2019-02-16 07:46

nadine nadine_amberr


@YouuLoveeKimm Love you too 🤗💖

2019-02-16 07:46

Joce jbdubzzz

con nadie me comparo

RT @CorridosYBandas: HÁBLAME DE TI

2019-02-16 07:46

Samantha Reanne samanthaareanne

daughter of the King ✝︎ @EMUSAAC @EMU_Baseball @242Community

RT @Angels: #OpeningDay can’t come soon enough.

2019-02-16 07:46

BAILEY ✨🌙 // FEB. 14TH GretaVanHorror

People are shipping me with Sammy 🤷🏻‍♀️ • @GretasTexts is also me

This fandom has changed.

A lot.

2019-02-16 07:46

Reza Shaeri RezaShaer

California based attorney, focus on #startups & investor immigration. Frustrated student of #Iran history & politics in my spare time.

I would vote for Bill Weld...

2019-02-16 07:46

edith _ejaramillo

RT @Grimstew: Anyone selling a crush ticket for tomorrow?

2019-02-16 07:46

Ðestess xDestess

melee expert ranked #6 on global power rankings

no i didnt make that up trust me

i play zelda only sheik is for noobs lol

RT @C9Mang0: Taking today off

Sorry single nerds

I'm with you in spirit


2019-02-16 07:46

Franturo franturo

@GCTigerTracker Stay dry TT

2019-02-16 07:46

Elaine Jones esjones13

RT @RepBarragan: As someone who has visited our Southern border several times, the only emergency is the crisis that was created by this ad…

2019-02-16 07:46

Brandon👑 beeeking_

Taurus♉️ | Long Beach State📚|IG: beeeking_

@goldkvngg Thank you! 🙌🏾

2019-02-16 07:46

Rose S. King rose_s_king

Rose is an author. She's from Long Beach, CA. Her second novel Miracles of the Swan's Reflection is Available on Amazon. Blog:

Thanks for the mention. =)

2019-02-16 07:46

Tevin C. Phelps thetevinator

Movies Television Music Entertainment

@TPHYoutube Having too much time on your hands doesn't have to be a bad thing. Just gives you MORE time to work you genius magic. 👍😊👏😉😎

2019-02-16 07:46

𝕻𝖆𝖙𝖗𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖆 pattyvargasj

comfortable silence is so overrated 🦋

RT @CorridosYBandas: ALV 😂😂

2019-02-16 07:46

Democratic Club Seal Beach Dems_SealBeach

We are a progressive grassroots activist organization for the towns of Seal Beach, Rossmoor & Los Alamitos. Starting local by getting people elected!

The most amazing thing just happened! I met with my Congressman Harley Rouda’s Senior Field Representative, and we…

2019-02-16 07:46

Samantha Diaz Samanthadiaz98

@daily49er Managing Editor. Covering LBSU beach and women's volleyball. Little bit of journalism, lots of Lakers

RT @49erSports: Read @HollarAtMeRob's full preview on the season⚾️👇🏽

2019-02-16 07:46

𝔦𝔫𝔰𝔭𝔢𝔠𝔱𝔬𝔯 𝔤𝔞𝔡𝔤𝔢𝔱 COMEBACKBENNET

stanley steamer gets carpet cleaner

RT @LEAVEONREID: @.BABYDCLLZEENA reid won’t let me call him cute

2019-02-16 07:46

Jessica May jessmayhaydenx

RT @JbKnockout: this is so fcking sad

2019-02-16 07:46

Val3 Val3Ball

RT @Eri_gc: Today I got laid-off from Blizzard. Because of immigration laws, I have 60 days to get a job or I will get deported. I was the…

2019-02-16 07:46

Darren Till darrentill2

RT @designsbygaunty: @darrentill2 Normal tweets from you scare me. You better start talking the good shit in the next 20 minutes or so!

2019-02-16 07:46

Samantha Diaz Samanthadiaz98

@daily49er Managing Editor. Covering LBSU beach and women's volleyball. Little bit of journalism, lots of Lakers

RT @49erSports: @LBDirtbags baseball kicks off in less than an hour at No. 3 Florida. LBSU is 3-6 against Florida all-time and faces a part…

2019-02-16 07:46

TheR&BGod SenayKenfe

Proud Akh. Eddie's Liquor.

RT @NiceGuyxVinny: Long Beach takeover tonight at @BlindBarber in Highland Park w/ @SenayKenfe

2019-02-16 07:46

Lalig Laliguijarro2

RT @MixedByCrook: Cholo by @INGRucci 🐾

2019-02-16 07:46

takhyra munoz TakhyraM

sometimes things don’t go your way.

RT @CorridosYBandas: Es viernesito y el cuerpo lo sabe.💃🏻

2019-02-16 07:46

Erick erickelpaisano

Fuck Ugly Guac

This sake bomb got me feeling like bin laden.
— Erick

2019-02-16 07:46

Crescent Software, Inc CrescentSw_Inc

Crescent is a leading Sage reseller & software developer, providing solutions for #Manufacturers, #Distributors, #Grower/#Packer/#Shippers, and #FoodProcessors

@Volt_Protector @Dropcopter @Backpackjohn1 @tuscanray @americorpusa @EKKOlifts @AZMetals @witzshared…

2019-02-16 07:46

JoleneDurbin jolenedurbin

Christian; Entrepreneur; Grammy;

2019-02-16 07:46

James B. Jones TheJamesBJones

Your Friendly Neighborhood Wordslinger | Game Designer / Writer / Producer | Disney Nerd | Oxford Comma Enthusiast | Son of Detroit

@kateburning Is that... in a.... where can I find this piece of magnificence?

2019-02-16 07:46

Cyborgs Vs Earth cyborgvsearth

Prehistory was female! And only women-centered communities can save us from the cyborg/male apocalypse! -

Thien Hau & the History of Vietnamese Whale Worship

2019-02-16 07:46

Gwendolyn gwinki

Digital Content Coordinator - Animal Rights - Green Living - Trying to Help My Community & Save The World

@Skeeter7777 @FrankLuntz This HuffPost article Dec 2016 predates June 2017. (Just one of many)
If Trump was serious…

2019-02-16 07:46

David 🔱 this_SantanaJr

Travel ✈️ 🏋🏽 & 🏃🏽 (26.2 & 13.1)

RT @Angels: For the sixth time in his career, @MikeTrout is No. 1 on @MLBNetwork's #Top100RightNow player rankings!

2019-02-16 07:46

Church Los_999

IG,👻church16i🇲🇽👨🏽‍🏫 6'2

@RomeroJerry12 Chill we would lose a day ? Lol

2019-02-16 07:46

мать демонического козла leogreenble

ведьма полевых цветов

RT @raspbearyart: ♦️harley+penguin 🐧

2019-02-16 07:46

Giovanni Chonchis_69

Want sum pizza

2019-02-16 07:46

乃尺ㄚ卂几卂- 𝘽𝙍𝙔𝘼𝙉𝘼 benanzz

𝙄𝙩’𝙨 𝙤𝙠𝙖𝙮 𝙩𝙤 𝙗𝙚 𝙨𝙚𝙡𝙛𝙞𝙨𝙝 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙩𝙝✨

Kali girl is forever my mood 💓😂

2019-02-16 07:46

HI, I’M LINZ LinzStanley

💥LOOKING FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES💥 | Geek of All Trades™ | Cosplay | Fitness | Makeup | 💌

@Karasaph @LifeatBlizzard They (the people) also used a LOT of my content and were really supportive.

2019-02-16 07:46

Alex 🦁 AHernandez_7


RT @CorridosYBandas: Tengo más ganas de unas cervezas, que de encontrar el amor de mi vida.

2019-02-16 07:46

A1 AAfalava

I’m hearty in my approbation, and lavish in my praise.

@Lai_luuu Exactly! Idk why ppl keep trying to bust on these current missionaries like they ain’t got the discipline…

2019-02-16 07:46

John W. Simpson Bravehartsfire

Seeking to know God and make him known to others.

@KamalaHarris #BuildTheWall #WallsWork

2019-02-16 07:46