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Shane_Kai ShaneXP99

A child touched by fire, Delivered from Heaven, Destined for Victory. I am the Iron Fist.

@Fred_Delicious I’m eating ice cream right now

2018-10-21 16:38

Dab🍯Daddy SergDollaBillz

watch the wall collide with my fist


2018-10-21 16:38

#JRGang™️ ShootTheJaay

AllAboutAjee 👼🏽

Who falls asleep in a Wingstop parking lot ?


2018-10-21 16:38

val🍒 valurriee

my mood will shift in a sec, don’t try me

2018-10-21 16:38

Debi Stehley debikay44

I love DJ #6 .....LeBron #23 ....and.... Adrian Peterson #28

@TomerAzarly 💞💖💞💖

2018-10-21 16:38

Josiah Golojuh JosiahIsWrite


The History of Dawn of the Dead Mall: In Under One Minute - Monroeville Mall: via @YouTube

2018-10-21 16:38

めんま alten_con


RT @DisneylandToday: Thanks for being part of our world! MRT @TheCoolHipMom Ariel 💕⁦

2018-10-21 16:38

paulinaa PaulinaPatino6

RT @CorridosYBandas: Ok, si no quieres pues a chingar a tu madre.

2018-10-21 16:38

SP WANTEDinTijuana

Things used to be, now they’re not. #UCDavis18-ish

Hate on him if y’all want, this nigga getting his money

2018-10-21 16:38

Ozma Stasinski OZMALICIOUS

#Witch #SheMale #Tranny #WickedQueen #StagelessComedian #FauxLady #HagDrag #SoulGendered #DickWhisperer #InItBeforeTheRaceBegan

And I will...

2018-10-21 16:38

malbug🕷🕸 Malloryyyyy__

osu ‘22 🧡

RT @_Vikter_: Can someone please be a wet Kim Kardashian with a missing diamond earring for Halloween?

2018-10-21 16:38

Bradley itz_bradley


RT @NullTruth: I had to come back for this


2018-10-21 16:38

ᴉɟɐs safiardini

spread love like nutella on toast

RT @antwtf: ..... he is so pretty this face went to WASTE

2018-10-21 16:38

Kenny RawthenticKen

speak your mind

RT @vincestaples: WHERE WAS STATE FARM ?!

2018-10-21 16:38

DJ Robert Blaze exoticsoundsdj

I got the music in me...

Sunday Night is the Exotic Sounds DJ takeover 99bottlesncocktails with @djrobertblaze

2018-10-21 16:38

la-vonnderful✨ lavon_dang

i'm literally exactly the same in real life (つ◕ヮ◕)つ━☆゚*:・゚

Just came from the scariest halloween party ever....crazy thing was...there was no decorations L O L.

2018-10-21 16:38

Leyla Aydin vlastaprd1t

By the numbers: The robocall scourge

The jungle in Disneyland's Jungle Cruise is now its own fully functioning ecosystem and no longer requires landscaping.

2018-10-21 16:38


Ox.|22| ⚽️

RT @chucky_beatz: when she grabs your ass thinking it’s funny

2018-10-21 16:38

Brad Turner BA_Turner

Back covering the Lakers.

RT @DanWoikeSports: Informal unscientific poll of people still working at Staples Center:
2 people believe Rajon Rondo purposefully spit in…

2018-10-21 16:38

GrandpaSpud GrandpaSpud

Cheese filled potatoes are murder.

RT @Obsidian: Howdy, partner! Happy 8th Anniversary to #FalloutNewVegas and all the Couriers who have wandered the Mojave Wasteland since.…

2018-10-21 16:38

Mr.Pink mrpinktv

RT @vincestaples: WHERE WAS STATE FARM ?!

2018-10-21 16:37

Jose ² kryptxc

I give 100%, 50% of the time. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Thank you @Cloud9 from a @TeamLiquidLoL fan

2018-10-21 16:37

ThickkyyD✨ simply_davonna

Instagram:simplydavonna_ snapchat:simplydavonnaa

I’m so irritated

2018-10-21 16:37

ناصر القحطاني 🇰🇼. itsN9x

( وقضى ربك ألا تعبدوا إلا إياه وبالوالدين إحسانا )

RT @7_k_w_: اكسب عيال عمك على علمٍ طيب
لاتكسبهم على صوت و انتخابـات

علمني بهـاااا ابوي شـايـبٍ طيـب
لله درهـهـ راعي الجود والـوقـفات

2018-10-21 16:37

Jaesus _jaeparklb

[PARODY] A damn straight Kpop legend. I enjoy taking long romantic walks to the fridge. I prefer my puns intended.

@dlwlamr I know nothing.

2018-10-21 16:37

Maria 又 thisis_mary


@msmarylou4 no no. hehe but maybe on a night where I don't have to do hw. LMFAO

2018-10-21 16:37



2018-10-21 16:37

V 🦇 NessAddams

Born Rotten. A Blessing & a Curse. Aspiring poet and Solitary Practitioner of Wicca 🌙 Also, I’m pretty damn gay. 🌈 “An ye harm none, do what ye will”

Appointed 77 parking spot, 77 boating dock, 77 on receipt, 77 on road signs, 77 on a street address, I feel like I’…

2018-10-21 16:37

Ian Fletcher 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 92660voter

🏳️‍🌈I'm a regular guy. Not a pilot. I do cuss and apologize for 🤬 Just want to fight for what's right! #BlueWave2018 #LoveGIFs #LGBT Blocked by Joel Osteen

RT @92660voter: @Uwaine I love your cover photo! Amazing ! 💜

2018-10-21 16:37

Boii boii10

Flip the switch

2018-10-21 16:37

Mariya Kitkat69__

A human. Being !

RT @__NotYourGuy: We don't have to agree with one another, but it is important that we learn to respect each other.

2018-10-21 16:37


God over EVERYTHING Inspiration @Fab_Blessed078 Taken in Christ💙 #VEGASUPNEXT FOR ANY INQUIRIES EMAIL ME🎤🎵 #702MAFIA #NGB4L

RT @iNeeedMoneyy: “We finna lose this game, but we not losing the fade.” - Ingram

2018-10-21 16:37

Drunk Joe JosephGarciaIII

My tweets turn fantasy into reality. 400-0 in Vale Tudo. A phenomenally phenomenal phenom of life.

@Kaipetrucci @HellbowsH @ImShannonTho @JustSumNiceGuy @StruggleFaceTom @jasontomlin2 @tiffanyn8433 @nikki_c_lane…

2018-10-21 16:37

Jenn Jenn81276040


RT @Jenn81276040: @hsojlightfoot @SenSchumer You people arnt bright the democrates are going socialist they will win at all cost no morals…

2018-10-21 16:37

D⚽ ElCatrin24

En esta vida nadie es mas que nadie.. 562' Puerto Vallarta

El amigo es el que está cuando voz lo necesita

2018-10-21 16:37


Give my all for my family tree📍Austin 📷 👻Snap: KingRock94

RT @vincestaples: WHERE WAS STATE FARM ?!

2018-10-21 16:37

Chris Ehrlich clickcuecree

Industrial broker @cbre Automating Real Estate Marketing @clickcue

@bramcohen The oil and gas industry be like

2018-10-21 16:37

The Honorable PapBrady

LeanProofEnt X HammasquadProd

RT @vincestaples: WHERE WAS STATE FARM ?!

2018-10-21 16:37

S • ∆ • R • R 🇸🇳 JoshuaBoukar

| V•E•S |. Supply Chain Manager. Great Values & Learning. Paving my way & also Striving for that space where my dreams & realities collide.

RT @Feint_twiN: @Cha_cha421 Pro tip: No one is where they feel like they should be. Ever. Enjoy the journey, because you’ll always be chasi…

2018-10-21 16:37

DeAnna Burghart DeAnnaBurghart

Freelance editor, part-time volunteer, full-time sci-fi/science geek. Member EFA, ACES, AIPP. GO CHIEFS! she/her

RT @keightdee: We're nearly halfway funded! Can you help us get there?

2018-10-21 16:37

Yung Activi$t itsbapechris_

Instagram: Chrisdoris_
Snapchat: Chris_doris
Goth bitch I see tears...

RT @alanzee_99: I got a good 10 years left in me

2018-10-21 16:37

SamanthaCastillo Samminla


@pinchexpepito @CP3

2018-10-21 16:37

👻 Angelo Webster xCpTxSmOsH

my life is a cringe compilation

@nicahermosillo ya tu sabes 😞

2018-10-21 16:37

Daniel G SofaKingRadio

DJ for /> Tweet me for requests...follow me I will follow you!

The Black Box Revelation - Run Wild

2018-10-21 16:37

Ty Dean JustToBreezy

6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 🙏🏿 SOU 🏈

RT @vincestaples: WHERE WAS STATE FARM ?!

2018-10-21 16:37

❄ Alex #VoteNovember6th 🌊 northernstar171

Geeky gay dude. Translator. Humanist, liberal, moderate. HATE bullies. #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachTrumpNow #Impeach45 #TheResistance #Resist

RT @American_Blonde: @CapRogers2018 @1IronMan2018 @AgentHillResist @natasharesists @2HawkEye2018 @AgentCarter_SSR @1WarMachine2018 @ItHasBe…

2018-10-21 16:37

Harley Quinn❤️💙 devilchick266

23, just a girl looking for love haha ^.^ baby Fernando born July 16th ^.^

@stephan_xo That I can’t go to knotts scary farm with my fav person

2018-10-21 16:37

Marc Leon MarcL3on


This has to be a burner account 😂

2018-10-21 16:37

annette // kinda IA ICONMINGYU

⭕ Minghao is the goth lesbian of the century ⭕

iM BARELY WATCHING IT AND I AM SO SHOOK, I really love IU and Lee Joongi together 😯❤

2018-10-21 16:37

Timothy ReturnOfTheTIM



2018-10-21 16:37

madie useless_ahmad

fits just right

@nxllxlxxrnx opsss

2018-10-21 16:37

Juice ◡̈⃝ Hugom2498


@KnewWav Lmfao no that’s a thot

2018-10-21 16:37

Tykwando TyKwanDoo

TY은할 Shadow shinobi ⚔️ Artist| Engineer | Producer

Just made the bombest salad ever yo.

2018-10-21 16:37

캔자스시티 셔플 jskim723

젊음이 떠나간 자리에 지혜가 남기를...

RT @Hongjin84Jin: @YuriYuriChang 누나 군자금이 필요해.. 미국와서 많이 했던 소리..총알이 필요해..지긋지긋한 소리

2018-10-21 16:37

Brian Marks of the Beast BrianMarks356

I write about movies & TV. Bylines: Village Voice, LA Times, Goomba Stomp, @argonautnews. I drove across the country for a screening of Godard’s King Lear once.

Snob: I prefer his other films way more.

2018-10-21 16:37

عبدالله. v_bzc

- ﴿واذكُر ربكَ إذا نسيتّ﴾.

RT @7_k_w_: اكسب عيال عمك على علمٍ طيب
لاتكسبهم على صوت و انتخابـات

علمني بهـاااا ابوي شـايـبٍ طيـب
لله درهـهـ راعي الجود والـوقـفات

2018-10-21 16:37

+A arashi__six

✨嵐 & V6 // 翔潤 & カミセン // @arashifsquad

Yui on terrace house is prime example how social media directly and negatively can affect a person’s life. I feel S…

2018-10-21 16:37

October 11 ♎️ iPrefer_Kenny

Cooler than A Fan Circulatin’ RIP D Lew #43, RIP DMac #8 theHEMYway💪🏾❤️ ODU 📚 Christ Follower ✝️

RT @vincestaples: WHERE WAS STATE FARM ?!

2018-10-21 16:37

Ugochukwu Eric ibe ugocole

Nice and simple

@Offline_much @FestacCommunity @MyTPH Let me know when u are ready.

2018-10-21 16:37

Emari Bennett lol_eman123

RT @Guardabascio: Long Beach 😍😍😍

2018-10-21 16:37

val soicyval

follow my main bro @icygirI


2018-10-21 16:37

IfIwAnTeDyOuToKnOwIwOuLdTeLlYoU NoTaBoT❌🌟🌟🌟 IHaveGodsFavor

A Child of The Most High King. Not Perfect, just forgiven. #KAG 🇺🇸 #2A 🇺🇸 #1A 🇺🇸 #NRA #Israel 🇺🇸 #GOA

@Patrici15767099 @DanaRohrabacher Let's flip California, Republican. Need more OC Republicans

2018-10-21 16:37

ghostly gabs 👻 GabrixlaWalkxr

50% hot cheetos 50% hopeless romantic

wow i really got you back.

2018-10-21 16:37

Katlyn deglandon_katly

🔝 I gotta get me a goofy girl (35 Photos)

2018-10-21 16:37

G🌻 Valeriquelme12

Estudiante de psicología 💕 #19 Football #3 R. Wilson ♡ 🇨️🇱️

RT @CorridosYBandas: Uno no sufre por amor, uno sufre por pendejo.

2018-10-21 16:37

Pasha Altair1189

mixed race turk cooler than the other side of the pillow

RT @vincestaples: WHERE WAS STATE FARM ?!

2018-10-21 16:37

Kody Martin 🥀🕊 Maserati_Martin

Instagram : Maserati_Martin .. Lowkey.. #lakernation

RT @vincestaples: WHERE WAS STATE FARM ?!

2018-10-21 16:37

Chris. C_24_S

F*** Trump

RT @vincestaples: WHERE WAS STATE FARM ?!

2018-10-21 16:37

α я ι є ℓ atameip16

garbage 🗑

2018-10-21 16:37

Future#⃣1⃣ effin_phatboii

Born in the backwoods raised by bears #ChiefsKingdom #RaisedRoyal ATΩ

RT @vincestaples: WHERE WAS STATE FARM ?!

2018-10-21 16:37

kareisha💗 kareisha_

new twitter :( || ♉️⚡️🌈

RT @yxngpvp1: if you kiss my neck you can like... get it

2018-10-21 16:37

blank Abbodi_a_Gooner

Music, @Arsenal and my shows. In no particular order. An English teacher on weekday mornings.

RT @CadaanSef: My guys barber got arrested mid fade, Pree the disappointment in his face looooool 😂😂😂😂

2018-10-21 16:37

🐺 KingAltmaier

#GoPackGo for life. 🇺🇸✡️🇺🇸
I host my own sports podcast, check it out!
YouTube - /> SoundCloud -

RT @joelklatt: Things I know
1 @AlabamaFTBL is incredible
2 @ClemsonFB is a clear #2
3 @UMichFootball is legit and my favorite in the B1G…

2018-10-21 16:37

Let’s Call It A Tie...... TheMostCasual_

240 Characters and a Space Bar. Typing stuff you shouldn’t be reading Sober.

@DJKevjam Hahah we saw two different things.

2018-10-21 16:37

Nature🌴 🇬🇺🇼🇸🇵🇭 natureesims

Make yourself a priority ✨ IG📸: @nature_sims | SC👻: @nae_simie

Bomb ass bitch ily 💚

2018-10-21 16:37

بهـارى springiiii


@hanieh_sadat_sh آى نوووو :))

2018-10-21 16:37

👻 jay2buck

i smile to hide the pain

she told me she miss me, but she knows damn well i don’t

2018-10-21 16:37

Keeva JaNyce Janyce_beauty

Los Angeles, California🌻 Fisk Alumna🎓 Instagram: @janyce_keeva

I love my cousin. She is straight to the point💯 You genuinely need people like that in your life.

2018-10-21 16:37

Chris j dennis cjdennis06

California Raised 🤴🏾⛹🏽‍♂️ Drake University Lincoln Academy Alum ⚪️⚫️ Romans: 1:16 📖


2018-10-21 16:37

taboo'#are_you_there sverhova

/ в погоне за успехом и в одном направлении вместе с монста экс /

RT @mxwonchae: Monsta X: Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Princes of Hell (the satan head in special film)

Wonho: Wrath: Behemoth (last scene when…

2018-10-21 16:37

Socalhusband socalhusband



2018-10-21 16:37

Ale aleeexh24


RT @CorridosYBandas: Yo mero.😁

2018-10-21 16:37

gabby's marsmargarette

hunter ng puso mo baby

RT @heysheyyy: I miss jhs so bad ☹

2018-10-21 16:37

rachael ray rachie_doo

| Have courage and be kind | B a r i s t a | Student | Eat fruit not friends | @ChaseMilless💕

@anysssaaaa @ChaseMilless

2018-10-21 16:37

Kristen Daniels kristendanielss

Actor. Singer. Dancer. Lover of Pups. Ice Cream Enthusiast. Disney Nerd. Kindness Spreader.

@thehoneywoman @SwankTheKing I am indeed a native Orange County resident so my point is meaningless BUT OTHER PEOPL…

2018-10-21 16:37

Royalty RoyaltyTheP

lone wolf 🐺

RT @avyendramos: @RoyaltyTheP Back in high school I use to bus it to the dance

2018-10-21 16:37

Mikazuki Augus JioTheZoe

🇭🇹 5 Star waistline according to Yelp. Jooking Coordinator. #FIU

RT @vincestaples: WHERE WAS STATE FARM ?!

2018-10-21 16:37

Erik Andersson eandersson_net

Senior Engineer @ Blizzard Entertainment. The views expressed here are 100% mine and in no way reflect those of my employer

I feel like my heart needs a 20 minute cool down period after a Solo #Blackout victory. It's just too darn intense.

2018-10-21 16:37

Sandra teammesaa


RT @CorridosYBandas: Cuando amaneces bien crudo alv.

2018-10-21 16:36

Shark Shark04Sunz

@cruz_control4 @ShannonSharpe @21Joseph @RajonRondo f@$&?! @CP3 up 😂

2018-10-21 16:36

Daniel Fx🍯 Dannyy2D


Kill me

2018-10-21 16:36

Deejay Griffith DJlavish05

It’s not soda it is milk 🌴💮Mr. Lavish LongLiveJudah

Try getting off of twitter too I heard that helps a lot

2018-10-21 16:36

Gibson Gibson_27

#LakersNation #BleedPurpleNGold #808 #Hawaii


2018-10-21 16:36

groovy p Paarthyyy

23 • #49ersfaithful • #Lakers • #Dodger • 🇮🇳 • 🕉

wanna fly her out here for rolling loud LA ..

2018-10-21 16:36

amieeEEK!!! 👁 ameetoe

20 y/o animation student • character design & storyboard • she/her • 💌 @lionfishh • 🌺 qpp: @frecklemcmurray

this is a very late promo but @lionfishh and i will be tabling at the lcad art market today!! we’ve got cool charm…

2018-10-21 16:36

idk jocelyn i guess joctasmic

turning lemonade into lemons since 1995

i love seeing jeremy happy :D

2018-10-21 16:36

Mark Hill kahntrellsims

RT @AveryHudson1016: Don’t tweet about us nigga

2018-10-21 16:36

Jonathan🧞‍♂️ YB_MCM


RT @CorridosYBandas: Un día andas cantando bien enamorado “Te Metiste” y al otro “A través del vaso” porque te mandaron a la chingada.

2018-10-21 16:36

Alvinarin kreepykarpy

ya boi. 🇰🇭🇨🇳

I'm gonna rent a U-Haul truck and disguise it as an escape room. The challenges turn out to be super easy and when…

2018-10-21 16:36


BEARWULF is a Long Beach California Rock band. Soulful lyrics, screaming instrumentals and explosive live performance make them an act not to be missed.

LIMBO MOTHERFUCKIN LIVES #LimboLives #oflimbo #joyouswolf #bearwulf #lacedinblue #slidebar #fullerton #orangecounty…

2018-10-21 16:36