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peachgamsai⭕️ gamsaithe

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RT @LAGladiators: 🛡️ 12 DAYS OF GLORIOUS GIVING 🛡️

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2018-12-19 17:23

Haidy Farrell haidy275

life is to short to be wasted on HATE. Let's love one another.Proud wife of a long time Texas democrat Doctor. 100% Latina.. #resistant

That’s what she gets for being a Pendeja !

2018-12-19 17:23

Jean JanineCoria

Do Ya Thing B. 🍋

RT @Mamba_Insider: One year ago today,
Kobe had BOTH 8 and 24 retired by the Lakers 🐐🐐

2018-12-19 17:23

SIREN ladylawga

Fashion Designer. Illustrator. Chromic Writer. Gryffindor Troublemaker. stay strong + stay angry. work inquiries at


2018-12-19 17:23

🇩🇪henry germanhenry92

Splenda/Festival Daddy | Don't take me too seriously SC 👻 germasian

@ana_cee @iamshxwn +21 the lineup looks good but what's more appealing is the VIP open bar 🤔 blacking in and out to the new years

2018-12-19 17:23

Mimi_moon23 Moon23Mimi

I'm just here for the chisme ☕☕

@FallonTonight @ArianaGrande @theroots **Mariah carey has left the chat**

2018-12-19 17:23

Sarah Ross _sarahross

Bay raised, LA made. 🖖🏼💥🔥

Can’t wait to send it when I get to the bay ☝️

2018-12-19 17:23

mark thompson MarkTLive

TYT contributor, Vet. of Ch 11 News L.A. & KFIAM640 most listened to talk station. Host of THE EDGE w/ Mark Thompson Voice of American Idol

@joshrthompson Hahahaha

2018-12-19 17:23

Alejandro CincoDeJandro

Madridista. Peruvian. Trained in Culinary & Pastry. Studying Film & Media

“Showcases...” interesting choice of words 😅

2018-12-19 17:23

Rob Ferris RobFerris12

RT @ricswartzlander: Hey, @realDonaldTrump. Have you ever looked back at a moment in time and thought, “Yeah. That’s where I fucked up righ…

2018-12-19 17:23

mia strawbaaby

didn’t cha know

i miss u frank ocean

2018-12-19 17:23

Rhys Johnson RhysJohnson9610

RT @mKiK808: when my friends ask me if i got them anything for Christmas... 💁🏻‍♂️💋🎁🎅🏼🎄#merrychristmas #hohoho

2018-12-19 17:23

Carlos Pineda sup_carlos1

act dumb, be smart

Close enough

2018-12-19 17:23

asami assa_s


RT @JKCorden: Tonight we Emily Blunt @Lin_Manuel and I perform 22 musicals in 12 minutes. It may be the most fun I’ve ever had at work! htt…

2018-12-19 17:23

cat Caaathyb_

RT @jaxkkkie: I’m the happiest alone tbh

2018-12-19 17:23

Edgar Rice Burritos idntfd


Sometimes the art got you feeling some sort of way.

2018-12-19 17:23

Ash 💋 xoash__52

24 | Mother | Wife | Makeup Junkie | ❤️

RT @Laura88Lee: If you and your man don’t roast each other is it really your man?

2018-12-19 17:23

♥️ 𝒢𝑜𝒹𝒹𝑒𝓈𝓈 𝒞𝓇𝓎𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓁 ♥️ GoddessCrystal0

💋Verified 💋Jewish 🇮🇱 Princess 👑 | FemDom | FinDom Nurturing | Mommy | Seductive | MILF | MindFuck👇🏼links to my content👇🏼

Another Successful Call. Ready For Another on #NiteFlirt 1-800-To-Flirt, ext: 11672212. Lets Chat!

#FinDom #EFDP #BBR

2018-12-19 17:23

Burcu brcyum

graphic designer,working at an architects office+love music

RT @zackfox: I hope everybody had a blessed year overall and got closer to making their job something that they truly love, I can’t wait to…

2018-12-19 17:23

Natalie Stinson Nattyy_Marriiee

23 Cosmetologists MUA Married ⚓️

RT @JKCorden: Tonight! Emily Blunt @Lin_Manuel and I have a HUGE sketch planned. Plus @gwenstefani and @Pharrell all on @latelateshow 12.30…

2018-12-19 17:23

Gabbi gabbi_ech


RT @hann__lo: A plane wrote in the sky outside my work window, "Portia. What's our Netflix password - Ellen" and I'm dead.

2018-12-19 17:23

Rashy 🤪💖 rachelyabish

If this aint the cutest thing 😭😭😭❤️

2018-12-19 17:23

🧼 luckyloh7

by any means I’m gon get it

His fav thing about me is my scent and then my style like damn okay sexy

2018-12-19 17:23

Aᴀʀᴏɴ Pʀᴜɴᴇʀ AaronFlux

Always caffeinated. Always concerned. | Words: @playboy @rottentomatoes @ign @thrillist etc. | @OfficialTCA | I was a nerd on TV before nerds on TV were cool.

@ryanlarson @TheJoeLynch

2018-12-19 17:23

Dagny Phillips-Stumberger, as foretold. dagnificent

Storyboarder. Animator. Writer-ish. Disney, Nickelodeon, FX, Adult Swim, PBS, Comedy Central, ABC, etc. (she/her)


2018-12-19 17:23

Stephen T Lally StephenTLally

Award-winning Irish Director. And fan of unicorns | Screenwriter & Director of the upcoming #Irish #fantasy film @tetheredmovie

RT @41Strange: Gremlins (1984) 🎄
Director: Joe Dante

2018-12-19 17:23

Airo UpscaleGiraffe

if i can’t scuba then whats this all been about


2018-12-19 17:23

Paul Deconinck Jr. pjdjr70

110” BHS corrugator operator/wet end crew leader for a national account box plant, Covington Georgia, Love my gorgeous wife, cool🍺, after a hard day @ work.

RT @tomhanks: Goodbye, Penny. Man, did we laugh a lot! Wish we still could. Love you. Hanx.

2018-12-19 17:23

Isma IsmaMvp

Baskonia & Rockets. BasketLover!

RT @rgarciadelamata: El pueblo ha hablado y traigo un episodio especial: #DivertidasConsecuenciasNODO
Ahora están en la mierda, pero ¿cómo…

2018-12-19 17:23

Анче♥️ goodmenss__

🦄Anna💫15 y.o.♥️🤞Moscow💟

RT @TMZ: Cardi B Cuts Loose on 'Carpool Karaoke,' Gets a Driving Lesson Too

2018-12-19 17:23

Em Emaqueen_92

I love animals and I hate Trump.

RT @quintabrunson: I was so drunk at that party that I called michael b Jordan “michael Jordan” to his face. Did I care? No

2018-12-19 17:23

M // _CodysRad

I am the royal baby

RT @captainkalvis: lmao almost got evicted bc of this

2018-12-19 17:23

вαвє 🖤✨ toritosxxx

fuck me up on a spiritual level. 💜👑 🌈💕 🍍 💀🌹👽 Hawai’i livin’ 🏝⛰

RT @eenahsanairb: I am really fucking trying.

2018-12-19 17:23

odalys matxna

girlfriend ; @SOFlIAA_ 💖 | Duo; @Merkknn

I’m bored, talk to me

2018-12-19 17:23

EzE Big_BoyBaker

Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We're all going to die. 

RT @caseykfrey: Get back inside @nick_colletti

2018-12-19 17:23

Creator code:YaBoyWILDCAT HJavierMC18

Learn to love yourself!

@rileyreidx3 Yes i do beautiful 😍😍 twice a day haha

2018-12-19 17:23

Mistress of Disguise MysteryGirl1369

Lucas Till Freddie Highmore Halestorm Taylor Swift Matt Devine One Eyed Doll Anne Marie Bebe Rexha Selena Gomez Little Mix Palaye Royale Lizzy Borden

RT @anderssonmarten: #MartenAndersson #MårtenAndersson #martenanderssonbass #ESP #espbass Photo by g.pahlow

2018-12-19 17:23

JL⭐️⭐️⭐️ thelangwang

Free thinking human, Digital Forensics student. Drummer. Think for yourself. Let the truths you find guide you. amateur #Q analyst.

RT @almostjingo: This is rich @SenatorParker is pushing for a bill that would require pistol-seekers to submit to a social-media search. Me…

2018-12-19 17:23

Jack Fifield jack_fifield

when ya hustle always make it fancy

RT @JKCorden: Bowling Jimmy Anderson for a duck!

2018-12-19 17:23

†Luis Hidalgo† luishidalgo8

2018-12-19 17:23

Test Account2 test5geo1798

TEST_GEO_Hierarchy: 152bcf59-b1ca-4911-a244-dcb30e304b7f

2018-12-19 17:23

Neeta Lachmandas n_lachmandas

Moana in the streets, Maleficent in the sheets

RT @captainkalvis: might fuck around and be nice to myself

2018-12-19 17:23

samuell (:🥀 samuellfloress

clhs 20' | i love twice 🌺🌷

RT @xcivxo: Fuck you if you drink and drive. It’s a week before Christmas and he left her kids without a mom. Disgusting selfish people htt…

2018-12-19 17:23

𝗔𝗹𝗼𝗵𝗮𝟴𝟭 🌺 Aloha81_H50

I'm a big fan TV show #H50, #NCISLA, #NCISNOLA, #BlueBloods, #MacGyver, #Lucifer, #ThisIsUs, #MagnumPI, #LethalWeapon, #SWAT, #HTGAWM, #Bull, #Blindspot, ...

RT @Liliflower33: 💙🥰 #suitup 📸 @tizianolugli 💃 @soniamyoung #love

2018-12-19 17:23

вrandn ☃️ brandntrbl

haha what || VII.XIV.MMXVIII • ♡

@ta3ho bro you should show me it and I can tell you what you need to revise

2018-12-19 17:23

Ŕis ️‍🌈 risshady

You changed me, my girl i wanna keep ü ilysm💙💚💛💜🌈

Mailhan ang mga di kbalo sa GenMath kay sabaan ang mga kbalo kay hilom kayo skl

2018-12-19 17:23

Patrick Ryan emblem21CEO

Create a new emotion.

@QuilletteM @clairlemon All those female C-levels making six figures need to watch out! It be raining power rape all over them!

2018-12-19 17:23

James Hixson JamesLHixson2

Not your LA LA land liberal. Talk the talk, walk the walk kind of #Deplorable! #NRA #Trump2020 #Constitutionalist #ProLife
#MAGA #1A #2A #KAG 🇺🇸🇺🇸

@Landslide1973 @jeepsuzih2 @MissILmom @ROHLL5 @cajunchick25 @Harley_1955 @consrvatvebammr @Trumptrooper2…

2018-12-19 17:23

lara laraavilma

i burn dude. don't listen to bryce, i burn

nicola and i were talking about santas cock size and lily goes CAN YOU GUYS BE QUIET THE DOORS OPEN AND THE WALLS ARE THIN im pissing myself

2018-12-19 17:23

Pugszly dannysinfield

Game on Steam/PS4 Pro/Switch/Xbox One S gamertag: Pugszly (On Twitch, Mixer, Discord)

RT @ChrisRGun: Oh, I still love making videos. I have so many written out already. It's YouTube as a platform that's been more frustrating…

2018-12-19 17:23

Zinodegree zinoakpobaro

RT @souljaboy: Temporary people teach us permanent lessons

2018-12-19 17:23

chie ategalchie

Work in progress.

RT @thisisLANY: WORLD TOUR 2019 ~

2018-12-19 17:23

mrS kiM kfadii

16 || been a fan since I came out of my mama’s womb

RT @MEANIEJUNGKOOK: it’s taken a very very long time...but i am slowly starting to love myself and come to terms with the fact that i am be…

2018-12-19 17:23

Fa🥀t h BasicallyKhleah

twenty-one ♥️ #PVAMU20

RT @myyughh: all my friends are beautiful and talented and funny and sweet and amazing and loving and gorgeous and pretty

2018-12-19 17:23

Roopak Gupta hurekatek

Tweets about Machine Learning, digital marketing & latest tech. Contact for bespoke tech solutions.

RT @MikeQuindazzi: 55% of the #csuite agree that #ArtificialIntelligence will boost business productivity >>> #PwC via @MikeQuindazzi >>> #…

2018-12-19 17:23

♥ 𝓛 💎 1_ina_Milli

Nothing in life I can't handle 🦋 | 26 | ♋️

Thanks for the bowl tho lmfaooo

2018-12-19 17:23

❥moonrox _roxeen

living my best life at 24🇪🇸

@anndrreeaaxo Foreal ??

2018-12-19 17:23


just want luv

I’m not being quirky. But I’m going to die alone

2018-12-19 17:23

henry henry_kessy

RT @Fvck_J_R: The state of denial

2018-12-19 17:23

Aiz Faiz AizFaiz6

Bismillah.....kelawan ridho Allah 😍

@bankmandiri #mandiripromo

2018-12-19 17:23

Mahdi Ali electricslide94

subhanallah, i have at least a few ounces of chest and belly hair. it’s a rug

i remember when i was a kid, my mom…

2018-12-19 17:23

Max Dubler maxdubler

Mostly skateboarding and cameras.

@2sneaky4me @robert_enna @lukeisaacj @NateSilver538 Google is free.

2018-12-19 17:23

ゆきちゃん yukiko9405


RT @thevandykeparks: Ecology: Job One. So—sign this petition!

2018-12-19 17:23

Jada Jhendrixxx_

#LongLiveJR 💙

@GGuapo_ LMAO bye hater

2018-12-19 17:23

𝒢𝒶𝒷𝒷𝓎 gaabbyyd

𝚖𝚞𝚜𝚒𝚌 𝚒𝚜 𝚖𝚢 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚓𝚘𝚢//𝚄𝙼𝙷𝙱 ‘𝟸𝟸//🇲🇽👠💞

RT @daisymarquez_: I just want to go on a midnight adventure

2018-12-19 17:23

Steph🥀 abovelovesteph

Ig: abovelovesteph

RT @melinaa_4: Snap just sent me a recap of the whole year it can fuck off

2018-12-19 17:23

Sharon Martinez cherthismoment

RT @KarenOrduna143: Yalitza Aparicio, an indigenous Oaxacan actress is doing the damn thing! It’s amazing & heartwarming to see a beautiful…

2018-12-19 17:23

Gordon C. vfxgordon

Just tell me where you want the couch.

@archillect Navidad!

2018-12-19 17:23

... _youradmirer__

RT @mariaisabelszxc: belgian chocolate milktea + fries hahaha takteeeeeeeeeee

2018-12-19 17:23

Oscar Hills Oscar8192

23 / Conservative / Eagles / Arsenal

RT @jerryxfeng: Jared Goff made the Pro Bowl over Russell Wilson...

2018-12-19 17:23

Yrasema Yrasema

I love coffee, pusheen, guacardo, and crying.

@rayquaza93wi Dusky I want it to snow. I arrived today

2018-12-19 17:23

recovery&renewal recover2renew

supporting recovery from dependence on mind-altering prescription medications.

RT @Fattythedragon: @Cloud_Night_1 @recover2renew Antidepressants have ruined me. I’m still chronically ill 27 months from withdrawal

2018-12-19 17:23

Briana Ruiz brianaruiz__


RT @jaxkkkie: I’m the happiest alone tbh

2018-12-19 17:23

Chris Howell ChrisHowellUCLA

Internship Guy, UCLA Career Center 💙💛

The basic tenets of college career advising!

2018-12-19 17:23

MikeyMidis MidisMikey

I evolved! But I still like amiibo! He/him.

Profile icon by @ninaninanina95
Banner cropped by @kittybladepaw

RT @YachtClubGames: @SwitchNindies This listing is incorrect and we've reached out to have it taken down. We're always interested in provid…

2018-12-19 17:23

Marcel VonRomerbach

~Hat nicht viel zu sagen!~

RT @trixiemattel: It took me hours to cover Tyler’s full body scars but I did it.

2018-12-19 17:23

Tatiana Bonner TatianaBonner

Sometimes you do and sometimes you still do

Just how it should be. YOU GO GIRL!

2018-12-19 17:23