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Darren Green darreng60

RT @BalounRyker: @darreng60 Your welcome! I'm trying to get used to doing anything other than Instagram.I just started, so bear with my mom…

2019-02-19 12:48

yin ♟ teethevegan


RT @idillionaire: May unexpected blessings, opportunities, and good news enter your life this week.

2019-02-19 12:48

Class War is the Only War carpepax

Aspie, idealist, futurist, progressive, sound artist and advocate for #Utilitarianism #MedicareForAll #SocialSecurityForAll #MaximumWage #FBR #BDS

@stonecold2050 Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

2019-02-19 12:48

C Denny cookiebandit44

love the USA 🇺🇸 interest politics. love dogs have four Doxies. Mother Nature and wildlife are top on my list. Blue is my favorite color. 🌊🌊🌊🌊🗽

RT @KamalaHarris: Civil rights leader and poet Maya Angelou had an immeasurable impact on the way I view the world and my place in it. Whil…

2019-02-19 12:48

THE REAL T.D.E. MelloRello3

Chicago raised, California chillin. Marine Corps Vet🇺🇸. My tweets 🚮 af just a whole bunch of random thoughts. Sc iStayPhresh

Can’t relate

2019-02-19 12:48

ModiAboveAll ModiYogiIndia

🇺🇸विदेशी घरती पर शुद्ध देसी दिल,मोदी,योगी और Trump🇮🇳। 2019 नरेन्द्र मोदी फिर योगी । देश को सिर्फ़ मोदी ही ठीक रख सकते है,

@sabtv @theparasarora अभी मैंने शाम सात बजे (Pacific Time USA) ‘बावले उतावले’ देखा । मैंने अपनी सारी ज़िंदगी में इत…

2019-02-19 12:48

BasedBob Trident__

🔨+💪+🔩+🔥+🕓=🔪+💰+😅+ 🍺 🇺🇸madeinamerica🇺🇸         🇮🇹consanguesiciliano🇮🇹

@Boogie2988 yes senpai steve

2019-02-19 12:48

Tajay tajizzlemynizzl

living so the last night feels like a past life.

RT @homosexualangeI: idk how im supposed to live when my entire perspective on life changes like every two weeks

2019-02-19 12:48

dead brat Muffin_emily


RT @tristehomo: me: *has my whore outfit on*
my mom as i’m walking out the door:

2019-02-19 12:48




2019-02-19 12:48

KentuckyFriedComrade KY_FriedComrade

still not a trot. profile pic by @hi_im_barb

@NHLogCabin @StonewallNH I went to a charter school. They're trash.

2019-02-19 12:48

Mr.Spider Frog MrSpiderFrog

特技 : 自動翻訳機能風の、ニフォンゴ日記を書ける。

RT @ArtandYogaGirl: Inspired to finally paint today. #freestyle #warmcolors #watercolor #handmade #leaves #florals #flowers #thinkspring #d…

2019-02-19 12:48

the sonia monsoonia_

RT @Nick_Offerman: Please let me back in the house?

2019-02-19 12:48

Son Of Central Scrutinizer SonOScrutinizer

Govts. perpetuate themselves through the commission of acts to wit a rational person might find stupid or dangerous. Our govt. is no exception. - FZ

RT @ihatethemedia: @SonOScrutinizer @Taxpayers1234 @alexissmirks @the_waginator @HappyManor @CoolCzech1 @YerboutiSheik @N_Fatale @bayareaha…

2019-02-19 12:48

jaimee Jaimenjoroge

RT @rencinasss: people nowadays be weird asf

2019-02-19 12:48

🤠 yikesruggero

@inspiredjara AY REN TE QUIERO MUCHO AMIGA🥰🥰🥰🥰

2019-02-19 12:48

marcus marcus04590832

I know stuff

Georgia Satellites -Keep your hands to yourself via @YouTube

2019-02-19 12:48

MeMz C.G. MeMzBroTres

Hey Kids/Adults, I don't really make much here but I do make videos on YouTube so please go to my channel ↓↓↓ and hit the Subscribe button, Thanks.

@xMxtro_ Plz

2019-02-19 12:48

Rahul Nair RahulNair77

RT @PaulScalice: @ChatByCC It's now obvious that Obama was prepared to do anything to protect his legacy.

2019-02-19 12:48

churchill ChurchillClear

“You have enemies? Good. It means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

@Pappiness 😂

2019-02-19 12:48

Don Collins-Currie ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ collins_currie

#MAGA TRUMP 💪 SUPPORTER, #WWG1WGA,Cristian, Republican, Gay Single. I love my boys(3 Mini Schnauzers)

RT @smart_whit: @realDonaldTrump #MAGA

Caught making up stuff...

How Small/Smollett do you feel? 😉

2019-02-19 12:48

isaiah thatmanZayy


Some days I feel like I want a relationship. Some days I just wana be your side nigga

2019-02-19 12:48

Ethan Allen adviceforbernie

British TV, Scotland, American Politics, Space Travel and Sci-Fi. Hello to Jason Isaacs.

RT @Mangan150: Prozac and omega-3 fatty acid (1000 mg/d) EPA appear to be equally effective in controlling depressive symptoms. …

2019-02-19 12:48

Helen Hall AuthorHelenHall

My debut novel, The Mind Walkers, will hopefully be out in 2019. LGBTQ Ally, #writeLGBTQ, Mental Health Advocate, Hufflepuff, She/Her

@deapoirierbooks That explains today.

2019-02-19 12:48

Jared M Gauthier HylianTelligent

I'm just a guy who loves Nintendo, phones, and Spider-Man. I make motion graphics and logos.

@FerrisWheelPro In Nintendo's vault never to be seen.

2019-02-19 12:48

Tina Mowery ❌🔥🚩❤️🇺🇸🎗 TinaMowery2


RT @kkmgii: This is one simple example HOW Deep State related to their controller, Soros!

Soros & Rothschild control ALL Bad Actors with "…

2019-02-19 12:48

Michelle Michelle19_24

Trump supporter- Gold Star Mom 💝GOD, ISRAEL and USA! USA! USA!

@KnucklDraginSam @vickibazter @StarSpangledVet @JOHNTPOTTS1 @PatCaruthers1 @Julieandalice @Leaclar15996245…

2019-02-19 12:48


//scorpio\\ //jhhs\\ //spice girls\\ #TXST22

RT @marsjuul: me analyzing what plastic surgery i need at 3 am when i can’t sleep

2019-02-19 12:48

Sheri is ready to take it on!!!! MusicalPainting

Marine biology student, artist & mom. I paint to songs. They all show an element or feeling of the song. Art account, life account, fan account, me account!

@buzzbuzzingliz 😂😂😂😂

2019-02-19 12:48

SoMEboDY thRoW shaMU baCK iNto tHe ocEan corey_tits

unemployed. previously ft on buzzfeed


2019-02-19 12:48

Tom Hammer MAGASoGood

I promise I am not a Russian Bot. I just love America and the U.S. Constitution. I follow Patriots back 🇺🇸 #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020

@allahpundit Thank you. #JussieSmollettHoax

2019-02-19 12:48

Diana birdinfoyer

@TheRightMelissa @realDonaldTrump I hate it when people have to say in their profile who they are followed by ...

2019-02-19 12:48

JML💫 Disboysonfire

“Sometimes you have to forget what you feel, and remember what you deserve” 🤴🏾✊🏾🦄🌈✨

@kiaranixon26 I bet you skinny like a twig too.😒

2019-02-19 12:48

christian rdaigoranger

be the best person i can be. this is the shitty part of me. mikays 👑

RT @billionaire_key: You are not a victim. Life is not doing anything to you. You are the one creating your life. You have a say in how you…

2019-02-19 12:48

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Square Feet: Bringing Nature Back to the Urban Core - -

Frederick Law Olmsted understood…

2019-02-19 12:48

Sam Webb GxIxctic

~ #GreenWall ~ Fortnite Pro ~

RT @VloneFrosty: This mindset has drastically improved my skills in the last three weeks also shoutout to my team they help me improve ever…

2019-02-19 12:48

Clifton West OfLifeandTime

Author of Of Life and Time. Sacrificial service and unconditional love constitute the highest form of human existence.

Welcome to our world

2019-02-19 12:48

Alexhandr 🌲 Alexhandr_D

Orthodox Christian. Confederate loyalist. Tolkien fan. More anti-porn than ever.

@Gravantus cause you're black, right?

2019-02-19 12:48

Strange Ange AngelGotBars24

Hakuna Matata, Sakauna Kawama

@ullyocho @Bebenai_ Hell yeah.! Sounds good brotha.!

2019-02-19 12:48

Chelsea Hoppe ChelseaHoppe

RT @youknowyouknew: If you smoke weed or cigarettes near or in the same room/home as your kids when you can literally get your stupid lazy…

2019-02-19 12:48

Jaden Gibson Jadennjay

snap// reese9702 🌈

RT @marisamclovinit: finally some good news

2019-02-19 12:48

Alexandre Nagado 🇧🇷🇯🇵 ale_nagado

Veterano dos quadrinhos nacionais e da cultura pop japonesa. Pai de família. Católico e politicamente conservador.

RT @usagiguy: I had some time this weekend to do a ink and watercolor drawing

2019-02-19 12:48

SWIFT Brendanswift_

im trash

RT @scarra: Morgana is a champion for intellectuals

2019-02-19 12:48

EON News Net eonnewsnet

Ecological Options Network - A Planetarian Perspective on Nuclear & EMF Radiation, GMO, Election Protection, Pesticides, Clean Energy

Great, Green, Gobbs of...

2019-02-19 12:48

Speer🏴‍☠️ SpeerWhiteDevil

𓃰 Aspiring arms dealer. slavery advocate.

@cum_economics It’s my world

2019-02-19 12:48

tania taniatannnnn

this became a multi fandom acc :(

RT @BallingerMom: Apparently this needs to be said again. Xoxo

2019-02-19 12:48

SALT7 AllyHud7

Love God & Country, Christian, Vet Supporter, FT Job & Entrepreneur, Mother, #MAGA, 🇺🇸#Trump20, #Q #WWG1WGA, Beader, Chef, Singer & Puppy Rescuer!

@RealTT2020 This is AWESOME!!!!!❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

2019-02-19 12:48

Martha Duke outdoorsygal35

Jesus/Family/Furbabies🐾Mountains/Nature/StarryNights/Roll Tide🏈/#MAGA #TRUMP45🇺🇸 #BACKTHEBLUE #NRA2A #ICarry #MILITARY #VETS

RT @benshapiro: The day of the attack: "Modern-day lynching."
The day the hoax collapses: "The facts are still unfolding."

2019-02-19 12:48

StarvinLarry StarvinLarry

Hunter,fisherman,gun rights advocate. Married #GOA#NRA#2A #MAGA #Chronicpain #opioidhysteria #keepkratomlegal #BTFSTTG

RT @Caliicoder3: Oh the irony...

@GavinNewsom @AGBecerra are suing the Federal Government due to @POTUS declaring a National Emergency to…

2019-02-19 12:48

Joey Ⓥersacie JoeyVersacie

// 🐉💛/🇻🇪🇯🇵🇨🇺 // //Vegan protest and fuck// //Insta :joeyversacie//snap:bryanversacie // //Son of Aphrodite//

RT @homosexualangeI: being called skinny coke whore is a compliment btw

2019-02-19 12:48

BrokeGi🇺🇸☝️ BrokeGi2017

Retired Veteran US Army , Proud Dregs/DEPLORABLE, Member of #MAGAVETERAN ARMY. #NRA, Bill of Rights! #1Ddrive #BacktheBlue #KAG2020 Husband father!

RT @smart_whit: @realDonaldTrump #MAGA

Breaking News - AOC leaked @JeffBezos’s pics!

Than AOC rejects a deal to bring 25,000 jobs to New…

2019-02-19 12:48

Bone Daddy 又 stonecoldheartx

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica// DM me for tattoo designs! Check out my art projects on sc! dannyrulezd00dz VENMO: @Danielarodriguez6

Damn I let someone manipulate me into changing who I really fucking am. I’m so stupid haha(:

2019-02-19 12:48

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On Pro Basketball: For Curry, a Return Home Shows He Is Where He Belongs - -


2019-02-19 12:48

venus; jjklate

...ˁˁI have discovered that they are angels walking in the midst of humans🍑 #방탄소년단 ˎˊ-

RT @lavodnas_j: B-army literally DESERVES this #BTSinBrazil

2019-02-19 12:48

Will C realBalbo

#Conservative #Nationalist #WWG1WGA


2019-02-19 12:48

🦋Chloe 🕊📝📖🗽🎨🐈🐬🌊 ChloePolitiCat

Joyfully retired; member of the hinged-left;📜history geek; animal rescue; voracious reader📚INFJ🌻I block accounts that add me to lists.#HR1 #HR676 vs S1804

RT @JerryCritter: @MsMollyRachael Hey! These are people who like Donald. What does that say about their cognitive abilities?

2019-02-19 12:48

Johnny E. Awesome JohnnyEAwesome

☮️🐱.🎨🎼🎸📷#Marvel🎉🌊#Artist|#Singer #Songwriter| #Musician|#Guitarist|#CinnamonCat #ColourMagick #PhotoArtist
|#Photographer #Comics #Movies|#Positivity|#Fun|#60s

RT @JohnnyEAwesome: Rosenstein

2019-02-19 12:48

otdon otdon

#MAGA #CodeOfVets #AmericaFirst #VoteRed #GodBlessAmerica #IFollowBack #MAGA #Patriots

RT @brideofJC: @RyanShaun84 @Lrihendry @realDonaldTrump The penalty for treason is hanging!💥⚖️🇺🇸

2019-02-19 12:48

Travis Talks 🌹 _Travis_Talks_

Social democrat. Unabashedly progressive. Anti-war. Democratic Party reformist. Biromantic asexual. 🏳️‍🌈 #Bernie2020

@Tony_AG @MattHeiden22 Wrong. Free college is supported by 60% of Americans. Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble.

2019-02-19 12:48

Javier Ramirez Turtle_God_327

Marching band, comedian,

Once you got in it was on sight

2019-02-19 12:48

Tammy Osuna-Burton tobmiakity

Realist, vindictive, dark, brooding, moody, blackened soul, and anger issues. But love fluffy cute kittens, sloppy pawed puppies, and snuggles😉

@Miss_Marie___ This is such horrible abuse!! They deserved this.

2019-02-19 12:48

Drew Dgarrison6

Thoughts & opinions on life, sports, fitness & spirits.

It’s official. The Rock has been Cloonied. Can’t stand any post now. Doesn’t matter what the content is. He’s ruine…

2019-02-19 12:48

mari soshils

…:tiffany ♡ girl groups ♡ tvxq (yh+cm) ♡ shinee:…

RT @xotiffanypics: 102.7 KIIS-FM presents Tiffany Young Live inside our AT&T Sound Studio (2/28) (PAIR)

Win a pass!! Don't miss it!❤


2019-02-19 12:48

🌈Natalie🌈 natalieltstyles

Louis & music are my safe spaces •Colombian• Sarcastic •Slytherin •will defend Louis no matter what💜 L&H • #FuckTrump #resist 🌈

And she’s still going off 🙄🙄

2019-02-19 12:48

billy ray cheyrus cheyycanoo

raising a fckn QUEEN

@leajacobsen A true auntie 😿😿😿💓

2019-02-19 12:48

Haze Buumo_

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ // I sleep alot oi and draw // Please be my friend

Damn so much stuff happening in america ajdkslal this is basically the sign of the end of the world Ahsakakalal

2019-02-19 12:48

B 2gandb

Hobbyist photographer who advocates for human rights, animals, equality, affordable healthcare, international diplomacy, environmental laws, & ethical leaders

@latimes Many of the replies in response to this article are satirical or biblical. Humans can make a difference. #ClimateChangeIsReal

2019-02-19 12:48

Tranny Bane Tranny_Bane

just your average tranny, here to mock leftists. I'm a dick. And a sorry excuse for a Christian. @scrowder in pic. not associated with Louder with Crowder

RT @LadyThriller69: Plot twist: Jussie Smollett's scorned baby momma pops up and exposes him as a straight republican

2019-02-19 12:48


I watch #YR #Days #GH & Sometimes #BoldandBeautiful. #AdamNewmanFF

RT @SoapOperaNewss: Melody Thomas Scott who is celebrating 40 years on Y&R, reflects on her journey and Kristoff St. John! #YR #Youngandthe…

2019-02-19 12:48

No Longer Forgotten Justbrewed1

@BisonUnion "Who does number two work for??"

2019-02-19 12:48

Pineapple Fever S_T_6_5

Constantly gay Huge fucking shill for @patourstheband

Damn, I’m so old I remember watching internet videos and thinking, “yeah I’d nut in Boxxy.”

2019-02-19 12:48

Debra Schneider Clover_88

Literacy PhD & Teacher-Librarian: BadAss, Champion of Liberty, and Research Ninja. Tweets are my own.

Let me add that using @GooseChase is great support for scavenger hunts.

2019-02-19 12:48

Haley Jensen cosmicqueen32

Expect dogs, just a fly bi, 18, CSU ‘22

RT @mayonose: Hi #VisibleWomen I’m Mayumi! I’m a character designer for animation. I draw a lot of fanart and drink a lot of boba ✌️ https:…

2019-02-19 12:48

Alyssa Dominguez alyssanr

A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none. -Marilyn Monroe

Me: What do you want for dinner?
Husband: You pick
Me: (quick pause) How about Blaze pizza?
Husband: No...let's ge…

2019-02-19 12:48

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On the Runway: Lee Radziwill, the Original Influencer - -

What does it mean to have your…

2019-02-19 12:48

Mercedes Kamala groupie and not ashamed S Mersch77

Anti-Trump; Lover of all things furry, cept' Trump's weird hair. If you still think Trump was the better choice, you're a fucking idiot. End of discussion.

RT @KamalaHarris: It’s long past time to address bail reform across the country. Too often, poor people sit in jail because they don’t have…

2019-02-19 12:48

idk 🇲🇽🇵🇷 __jay__g

yeah | sfsu

Ak47s, MAC 11s, Glocks & 9s

2019-02-19 12:48

Haylea✨ _hayleas

Self taught MUA💋 instagram: _hayleas makeup instagram: _hayleasglam

RT @marryxusami: Boy has sex, he’s a man.

Girl has sex, she’s a hoe.

Boy cheats, he’s a player.

Girl cheats, she’s a slut.

Girls get…

2019-02-19 12:48

Alexandria Aleigh802

Be Bold..Be Brave..Be Yourself!!! #ProLife #AmericaFirst #prolifegeneration #MAGA

RT @RKlotchman: Jussie sure hates Trump. Hence the they yelled "the is MAGA country" lie..#JussieSmollettHoax #JussieSmollett #liberals #co…

2019-02-19 12:48

Jonathan McManus ImJMcManus

Millennial. Democrat. Native Angeleno. Shawn Mendes, though. #Kamala2020

RT @GavinNewsom: Instead of fighting the actual threats facing Americans, the President has chosen to undermine our Constitution and fan th…

2019-02-19 12:48

Lenny Innecken LennyInnecken2

Born again Christian Love My Mother shes the Best .president TRUMP

@RThaens @mayalates @loveshoulas @LeeLore2 @thomaspearc3120 @MoooPapa @jebel06 @DatoFreddy @PigglyAGoGoMAGA…

2019-02-19 12:48

imagine someone being in love with you helenmoocow

Colorguard 🏴✨ | #UTSA22 | Depressed?

RT @Chainbody: obese cat:my breaths are shallow and i am approaching death

twitter animal page: chonky boy c:

2019-02-19 12:48

Bradley Taylor TaylorBrad76

The "King" of movie audio commentaries with 1,200 and counting.

@BoneheadBlog The good old days was under Ronald Reagan.

2019-02-19 12:48

v 🌹 valeria_miira

RT @JASMINEllV: new york accents >>> 🥵

2019-02-19 12:48

a babbage kattaractt

RT @fayglo: *someone having heart attack*

person trying to help: HELP does anyone know CPR? This man is dying

Guy who’s 5’7: Tbh I’m the…

2019-02-19 12:48

Liquid Aru♏ kuchigy7

Lover of all things gaming. Xbox just has a special place in my heart.

@TWTHEREDDRAGON Crackdown 3 isn’t even bad so....try again later

2019-02-19 12:48

Chloe Winter RocChloeTg

Working FT in higher ed & part time PhD student. Nature photography. Former college athlete. Opinions my own. (she/her)

@AndreaBreannaNY Normalize the trans flag. Bring it to their venues. Meet trans children and while not exposing the…

2019-02-19 12:48

Subscribe to PewDiePie 🇺🇲 🐻⭐⭐⭐ FrankBlack2001

#Deplorable #UnBEARable #MAGA #2A Proud member of the NRA.

RT @LadyThriller69: @realDonaldTrump @seanhannity @FoxNews The biggest abuse of power was Obama teaching our youth that being humble is wro…

2019-02-19 12:48

hong big minion [D E P] Ahobakaguy

[FANACC] I miss BlockB everyday.
Tweeting and retweeting too much.
[🎰 BLOCKB | ATEEZ | XENO-T | DPR | H1GHR | PLT | and many more]
Header cr. @IBlockBYou

RT @h1ghrarchive: Sik-K for Puma Korea 2019

2019-02-19 12:48

Chromafy ChromafyUS

We help brands by developing startling visual identities and motion graphics | contact: 📩

@SlyFlow That is a beauty

2019-02-19 12:48

Kathi realkitchenzink

RT @realDailyWire: On January 29, Two Hate Crimes Occurred. The Media Only Covered The Fake One. Here's Why. // @BenShapiro

2019-02-19 12:48

mac 💌 Tiny_Faiiry

19 ♥ gamer ♥ CA (◕‿◕✿)

I just want the sushi

2019-02-19 12:48

dame314dash dame314dash

Gemini on a mission to change the world ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

RT @KamalaHarris: We should never bow down to those who have a lot of money because we are afraid that we may not win re-election when peop…

2019-02-19 12:48


p a s h t u n 🕊 الحمدلله

A cute white cat named syrup was lost and had no number on the tag. It came to me and my mom and then ran away 😭

2019-02-19 12:48

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What to Do With a Day Off - -

Welcome to the Smarter Living newsletter! Every Monday, we…

2019-02-19 12:48

nia wahdanialail

jadilah dirimu sendiri

RT @PLUGZONESTORE: iPhone XS Giveaway 🎁📱(256GB)

How To Join :
☑️Follow Us 📱
☑️Turn Post Notifications on
☑️Comment “Done” when fini…

2019-02-19 12:48

Luís sidetochalamet

Timmy🍑 Ari🌙 TWICE🍭 | 🇲🇽 | ♒️


2019-02-19 12:48