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I ❤ gaming, yummy food and desserts, singing/karaoke ( dancing, music, scientific research, cosplay, anime, bunnies and cats

@PokemonGoApp My first time joining community day event ever since I reinstalled my Pokemon Go. My workplace became…

2018-10-22 13:38

Patrick 'Sockrates' Camarador MrSockrates

PharmD Candidate at CNUCOP | UC Davis c/o: 2018, B.S. Pharm. Chem. | @Hikaabuu is cute + does my art | Check pinned thread for more 📌 | Tweets are my own

My only regret this morning though; Oblivion's not in range of a Pokestop to farm 😩

2018-10-22 02:31

CSDS Inc csdsinc

CSDS is a leader in surveying, mapping, & wide-format printing solutions. Call 800-243-1414 for GPS, wide-format printers, 3D laser scanners, drones & much more

I liked a @YouTube video Pokémon Go How to Spoof community day Early Hack and new pokestop feature

2018-10-20 11:01

🌱🎃 Jorge 🎃🌱 MKMJorge

🦑🦑 Splatoon 2 player who loves Rainmaker & Salmon Run 🦑🦑

1243-8122-2350 ~ 🎮]

[Discord: #9588] · 👾

Found a Pokestop gold mine!! 🎉

I also caught my first ever Mewtwo!! 🎉🎉

2018-10-19 08:43

Amy Jenkins Sunsetsapphire1

@revistaopolvo @CommunityGONews You want to look at the s13 cell level to be sure that cell doesn't already have a…

2018-10-18 04:35

Vote November 6th comk4ver

Team Valor
Hit Pokémon Go Level 40 on 03/12/2017 @0708pm

@trnrtips Go down to Mexico and show us what makes a good Pokéstop.

2018-10-18 04:14

Jenna starshipTARDIS

Jessie was here.

@JJ9828 Well, if I place a lure module (birdseed) at a Pokestop (park bench), tons of them will suddenly appear, so…

2018-10-16 11:09

Spooky Rachel SeltzerPlease

Esports Host & Interviewer @TheCSAgency for Twitch/ Blizzard / Pokémon GO +More #30under30 ''Too Legit to Ragequit'' B) Contact & Bookings ➡

@GabbySnyder I wish I could be there!! What a cute Pokéstop!

2018-10-14 03:08

hotwater pellodel

you know what's going on || 19

Rain and lighting wild outside but I haven't gotten a pokestop today so guess what I'm about to do :) #PokemonGo

2018-10-13 13:51