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Live in NH, work in VT. Activist, Humanist, Realist, live on a Tree Farm, believer in Restorative Justice #resistance #BueWaveisComing2018

RT @CyrusMMcQueen: A white woman in St. Louis blocked a black man from entering his complex cause she thought he didn’t live there... A whi…

2018-10-16 06:34

Relly Rellyluvsfairen

Trump has been in the WhiteHouse since January 2017.
Today is June 23, 2018. If your rebuttal is.. But Hillary... or But Obama
You will automatically be 🚫

RT @kylegriffin1: NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea says that police believe they have evidence to charge nine members of the right-wing…

2018-10-16 06:34


Follow The Bolt ⚡️Tune in to ”Pop⚡️Dust Presents” every Wednesday at 6 PM on Facebook Live⚡️

@BinHurd Make replenishing your body easy with HelloFresh. 😋 Enjoy $20 off your order with this offer:…

2018-10-16 06:34

Conservetwitt Jay Conservetwitt

cis gender straight person who loves our country of liberty and justice "for all"

Scientists say the average European American is 0.18% Native American

2018-10-16 06:34

Kevin Mandel KMAN011

USMC 1981-1985 LEO 1987-2011

@redsteeze Water boarding is too harsh, don’tcha know

2018-10-16 06:34

J-Mike jhyphenmike



2018-10-16 06:34

Theo Nova ⚡ tommy_tsunamiii

RT @40oz_VAN: You’re up next, be patient.

2018-10-16 06:34

mary lou aquarius1049

#the resistance
#Black Lives Matter/ mom, feminist, aquarius

RT @joncoopertweets: Karin Housley, a GOP candidate for the US Senate, compared Michelle Obama to a “chimp” in 2009. Housley criticized the…

2018-10-16 06:34

Kelley Heaton kelzs1

RT @AnnCoulter: So basically, Elizabeth Warren has the same percentage of Indian blood as Custer.

2018-10-16 06:34

Marcus Uslopp

UbiComp & Anthropology are my things. ✨APPLE ON THE STREETS, GOOGLE IN THE SHEETS✨

RT @CaseyNeistat: but why does boston dynamics need a robot that can do parkour ?

2018-10-16 06:34

Mark McMahon markroy53

Retired exec giving back. Working on women's issues in Latin America and outreach to the homeless and immigrant community in New Brunswick, NJ.

The Washington Post Politics reports:

2018-10-16 06:34

Jeannie Sadler js07073


RT @GrassrootsSpeak: These women are in a pervasive culture of Republicans. Their husband, their friends.
Even if they agree w/ Dems on key…

2018-10-16 06:34

me B_Gamss

I try to learn something new everyday.

RT @NYDNSports: The beginning of an empire.

On this day 95 years ago, the @Yankees won their first World Series.

Our front page the nex…

2018-10-16 06:34

edwin hernandez bayche

RT @Serranosisters: I’m still on cloud 9 after my victory Saturday. Thanks to the amazing commentary by the beautiful MMA Star Julianna Peñ…

2018-10-16 06:34


awkward black boy | Ally | Producer/Organizer | Founder of @altnubian | NEGROLEAGUES OUT NOW

RT @xonecole: Solange is like a breath of fresh air 😍😍

2018-10-16 06:34

lil j 🌸 jorjachachki

hoe culture

RT @NickiMarshall_: Said wipe my eyes
Stop this crying
You told the truth
That you been lying
You gave me racks
You tried to buy in ...💕😔…

2018-10-16 06:34

odile roadingold

you crush the lily in my soul

RT @eleanorrigblur: homens narigudos e orelhudos 😍😍😍😍

2018-10-16 06:34

Mike Mikho mikemikho

Iraqi born, Michigan raised New Yorker. CMO of @247LS and @bycycle

@SBrown_ What situation is this preparing for? Set a screen, get knocked down, get up, turn and catch?

2018-10-16 06:34

Charnae 🦄 Its_naedoe

ΣΓΡ 💛💙 IG: Its_Naedoe Snap: CharnaeAF

RT @ItsAlexJackson: straight people: gay people are forcing their sexuality onto their children

straight people, to a 5 year old boy talki…

2018-10-16 06:34

Corey Alexander TGStoneButch

Blogs abt queerness, disability, kink, trauma, being trans, fat politics & writing. Writes queer kink erotica & romance as Xan West. They/Them

RT @DVpit_: ICYMI! #DVpit is coming at you tomorrow (for writers of kids/teen) & Wednesday (for writers of adult), 8AM-8PM ET! Be sure to r…

2018-10-16 06:34

Suzanne Beyer Suzi32Beyer

Wife, Mother of 4 Awesome boys, ETSY shop owner, THEDREAMDAYEVENTS, seamstress, artist, wedding coordinator

RT @RandyRainbow: Relax and have several seats, Melania, as I proudly present your slogan. #BeBest 🎶🌈💅🏻☕️🕯

2018-10-16 06:34

m blissedmed

26 year old mama living in LA. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

RT @KChenoweth: It's good to see me, isn't it? Getting back into some Wizomania this week... #Wicked15 @WICKED_Musical @nbc

2018-10-16 06:34

M. Dellamura M_Dellamura02

Loving life one day at a time, Enterprise Sales @ SimilarWeb #NYC #AdTech #MarTech #Startup #Cowboys #Yankees #Knicks

#Tech New tech lets robots feel their environment #Startup

2018-10-16 06:34

favorite president MartineVriendt

Human, immigrant American, proud of it, love America, notmypresident, should have been Hillary, Obama is my hero

RT @CharlesMBlow: Donald, your move…

Barack released birth certificate
Comey released notes
Omarosa released tapes
Warren released DNA tes…

2018-10-16 06:34

LorHatch🃏 lorhatch_

#CeddyG #Nook . . . 💔

RT @40oz_VAN: You’re up next, be patient.

2018-10-16 06:34

Lone Lone6R

American woman: mother, grandmother, business owner.

RT @LauraLoomer: One of @keithellison’s campaign staffers just called for Democrats to decapitate Republicans the day after Election Day.…

2018-10-16 06:34

Samir Simelane SamirSimelane



RT @EmirGNL: @ElNennY @Arsenal Gooner rainbow 👍

2018-10-16 06:34

Mortalsoil Mortalsoil1

80yr old mother and grandmother.

RT @thomasbrake: As the battle rages at the heart of a dysfunctional Tory and Unionist party over whatever damaging version of #Brexit the…

2018-10-16 06:34

matt matt_wakenhaman

“I’ll stir the smooth sands of monotony” he/him 🌞🏳️‍🌈🌱🏍

RT @espiers: Only an asshole who's a terrible father would consider a man parenting in public emasculating.

2018-10-16 06:34

Fred Lauder FredsAutoBodyR

RT @LauraLoomer: One of @keithellison’s campaign staffers just called for Democrats to decapitate Republicans the day after Election Day.…

2018-10-16 06:34

David Pettigrew DP3894_fgcu

RT @Kasparov63: "Rogue actors" in the Saudi regime sound like the ones who murdered Politkovskaya, Litvinenko, Nemtsov.. Nobody does anythi…

2018-10-16 06:34

kassi minaj kassiminaj


RT @ItsAlexJackson: straight people: gay people are forcing their sexuality onto their children

straight people, to a 5 year old boy talki…

2018-10-16 06:34

Gojira Getta9940

I'm just a human...

all trump ass suckers get blocked

RT @NBCNews: The former director of security for the Senate Intel Cmte. pleaded guilty on Monday to lying to the FBI about contacts with re…

2018-10-16 06:34

Greg Rizzo GRGRZZ

LI to the BX, and back again.

That first TD pass from Tua was a beauty. 40 yards on a line to Jeudy.

2018-10-16 06:34

allison allygaterx83


@briabydesign @noname YESSSS

2018-10-16 06:34

Bärí A. Williams BariAWilliams

Tech Esq. + Ops | @StubHub + @Facebook alum | D&I/Equity advocate | Asker of why | Around the way etiquette lover | #TownBusiness | Cal Alum | Views = mine.

RT @KiaRichards_: Men are the primary beneficiaries of marriage. Society has tricked women into thinking they should be the ones begging fo…

2018-10-16 06:34

Jim McGay hypercinx

RT @joncoopertweets: I have five kids, ages 23 to 33. They’re smart young adults, so obviously they’re all registered Democrats. I love the…

2018-10-16 06:34

TechNative TechNative

Technology at Work • #IoT • #EnterpriseIT • #AI • #FutureOfWork • #DigitalTransformation • #4IR • Podcast: • Videos: #TechNativeTV

RT @BrandIntellisys: How software audits are damaging business via @TechNative

2018-10-16 06:34

Klaus Kinski Californiano marcelomiceli93

Um cara que escreve coisas coerentes que só os incoerentes entenderão

RT @Criterion: ✨ Announcing our JANUARY 2019 titles! ✨

2018-10-16 06:34

Andreina werkcvrus

i drink my poison and it's you.

3 pessoas visualizaram seu perfil agora

2018-10-16 06:34

Jefe Stevenoxide

Scorpio Szn

@JamaicanScammer lool hush

2018-10-16 06:34

Larry Cermak lawmaster

Head Analyst at @TheBlock__. Interested in crypto, blockchain and basketball. Previously @DiarNewsletter

@ReviloCR @TheBlock__ @Tether_to

2018-10-16 06:34

yayaa💟 _yayaguzman

👻 yaya_guzman

RT @Daddy__Ari: That club needs a dress code for dudes lol

2018-10-16 06:34

YoUniverse KeepingUpWitJ

big Lilith energy 🧞‍♀️

RT @GODLYMARTY: stress has been eating up my mental. i need a break from a lot of shit to center myself.

2018-10-16 06:34

T Hill terri4pta

Patriots Taking Action! Stop talking, start doing.

RT @kimguilfoyle: .@realDonaldTrump is the first President is US history to be attacked for doing exactly what he said he was going to do

2018-10-16 06:34

stefanie. partynexttostef


RT @ItsAlexJackson: straight people: gay people are forcing their sexuality onto their children

straight people, to a 5 year old boy talki…

2018-10-16 06:34

doxerscansuckit bonbolife

All American boy - Duty Honor Country. 40 years of LE/Security experience-Former Police Officer, Physical and Corporate Security specialist. opinions are mine

RT @DTRUMP4PREZ: Urgent message to my followers. Please contact your local republican club and find out the nearest purple swing county and…

2018-10-16 06:34

Maurice Moton MoeMoton

Breaking News Team Analyst, NFL Featured Columnist & Livestream Writer @BleacherReport | #Raiders/#NFL Writer @NFLSpinZone | Email:

Don’t listen to anything Jon Gruden says to the media.

2018-10-16 06:34

John Ritchie johnw_ritchie

RT @HayesBrown: Twitter is a great tool for figuring out who aced the writing section but bombed the critical reading section on standardiz…

2018-10-16 06:34


RT @economics: The U.S. Treasury report on currency manipulation is likely going to test Trump's claims on China

2018-10-16 06:34

Proto_equanimity jhazmine0

Idk what to call my politics but it's damn sure not Liberal.

I like to cook Vegan food..😄

RT @nytimes: A single mother in Florida decided not to evacuate for Hurricane Michael after her employer told her that if she left, she wou…

2018-10-16 06:34

EXCO Exco_21

I was a boy who wanted to achieve a lot, I've had enough bad times & I want to thank music for giving me expression

Tim Hortons | The Away Game

2018-10-16 06:34

NASHAY🔥 Nevasobernash

SNAPCHAT: nevasoberr👅

@DreadHeadPat_ No

2018-10-16 06:34

Douglas Miller ea_taxhelp

Cycling, iPhone photography, film, listed options, mushroom foraging, and taxes (in almost alphabetical order)

RT @Nouriel: My new op-ed on crypto scams, the current Crypto-Apocalypse and Meltdown, the massive centralization of crypto while decentral…

2018-10-16 06:34

🇺🇸Kimberlee🇺🇸 BlessPres45

♥️President Trump ♥️My family ♥️Freedom 4 all ♥️Immigrants & want ppl to come legally so #Smugglers don’t harm Stop #ChildTrafficking Remember the #GoldenRule

RT @bennyjohnson: When you’re so bad at your job you can’t even quote your own interview with the president United States correctly.


2018-10-16 06:34

whatzen whatzen

THX POTUS for killing the TPP! "Globalists" & EU need DISMANTLING! Renegotiate ALL lousy trade deals! (retweets are not endorsements)

RT @TheAnchoress: Biggest split in modern Orthodox history: Russian Orthodox Church breaks ties with Constantinople — RT World News https:/…

2018-10-16 06:34

Francis Alpatro FrancisAlpatro

Hate the sin, not the sinner

RT @bennyjohnson: NARRATIVE BUSTER:

According to a comprehensive DNA study by the Genetic Literacy Project, an average White person in Am…

2018-10-16 06:34

PC de Moraes pcmlima2010

Guitar Player, Rocker, Singer, Composer, Photographer, Law and Finance. ###FB: PC de Moraes. Bel, Stm, Floripa, Mia.

RT @kimguilfoyle: .@realDonaldTrump is the first President is US history to be attacked for doing exactly what he said he was going to do

2018-10-16 06:34

Dr. Donnie Horner DocDonnieH

Professor; Former Provost @JacksonvilleU @OCEARCH Partner; JU AD; Jax Ed Commish; Lobbyist; Army Vet; BN CDR; Army FB QB West Point ‘81 MIT ‘85 Stanford '90 ‘92

RT @dodo: “He’s made our home feel complete and brought so much laughter into our house” ❤

2018-10-16 06:34

caz speaks citizencaz

RT @redmadheshi: What does America have instead of the much feared re-education camps?

The largest prison industrial complex in the world,…

2018-10-16 06:34

Christopher Agocs agoX

{Software, Helluva} Engineer with Nautilus Labs - @NautilusLabs1. I don't make ships, I make ships better. He/him

@shapr Zero; I feel like we have a healthy relationship with alcohol here.

2018-10-16 06:34

金子 清 KANEKO Kiyoshi kkiyoshi21

RT @KazuhiroSoda: 何という本末転倒。原発を止めろよ。→電力需要の8割以上を賄える太陽光発電を原発のために停止要求へ、九州電力が「ブラックアウト回避」を名目に

2018-10-16 06:34

Benedict J Govender benedictjude

Radiographer, Sport watcher, Food lover! ordinary? Not a Chance!

RT @timkellernyc: Every person, religious or not, is worshipping something to get their worth.

2018-10-16 06:34

Huski 🌈 ImHuski

RSN: Canines | PSN: oT-Husky | #TeamWitt | @Twitch affiliate: | Duo: @Julian_ATX_ |

RT @GameBattles: Like free stuff? Make sure to enter the #GameBattles15 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Winners will receive:
🔰 1-month of GB P…

2018-10-16 06:34

Dr. JK - Trumplikan CASuperrunner

Conservative American patriot who feels my country is an exceptional nation. God bless President Trump. He's bringing back good jobs to America! MAGA! No lists

RT @JamesOKeefeIII: Wow: Spokeperson says workers we caught don’t work for @PhilBredesen campaign. Reporter from Local TV station confronts…

2018-10-16 06:34

i love bucky barnes winterfr0sted

bucky and loki are in love, that’s the tea

I honestly wish my life was different. I can’t afford food, all my friends make fun of me, my family hates me.

2018-10-16 06:34

Tom TBis222

RT @cvpayne: She is not Native American

2018-10-16 06:34

princess of sass ddanicotton

23// UOG alumni// sassy little native kid// i like to pretend im important & that my opinion matters// i like the #Leafs, cry about it// forever a gryphon❤️💛🖤

RT @nuffsaidny: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson breaking up, proves that the only thing that's real is J. Cole going double platinum with n…

2018-10-16 06:34

Candace🖤 godsgirl1112

•God is preparing ME for something GREAT• 🙌🏻

RT @MTV: .@CatelynnLowell reflects on what triggers her anxiety as she becomes a voice for others experiencing mental illness. 💗

Don't mis…

2018-10-16 06:34

FNC TWEETS MarkAllenJobe1

The OFFICIAL Twitter account of FNC TWEETS ®™ #FoxNews. =FB -Jesse b watters,Giana Loudon, Marc Thiessen, watters world , Ed Henry,Melissa Francis,Rene Baio etc

RT @ainsleyearhardt: Alec Baldwin calls to overthrow Trump.
@dbongino reacts on @foxandfriends. What are your thoughts?

2018-10-16 06:34

Ankit Choubey ankit_choubey

LiveSound engineer, DJ, Musician, Photographer,Journalist (journalism grad) Medical Student.

2018-10-16 06:34

Mark Tha Monk markthamonk

Co-founder of MonkFit: The Wellness Business | Certified Personal Trainer| Wolmerian | Powerlifting Evangelist

Doing everyday activities to jazz make life so much easier

2018-10-16 06:34

4.26 🕊 thevividChar

always staying modest 🔑 || #KSU21 😛

RT @mefeater: SHE’S COMING!

2018-10-16 06:34

Andrew. O. E. Jehwo Owner of Jenario™ Limited aeojenterprise

(c) Jenario™ Limited - AEOJ Space Enterprise
The Force Field ™ Space Company - The world is perfectly poised ®

RT @CNBC: Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: Adobe, JB Hunt and more

2018-10-16 06:34

🇵🇷TinoFuentes🇨🇺 tino_fuentes123

Fentanyl is fast becoming the number one reason for overdose. I am now asking for help to continue my work. Here's the link for it.

Liberated from thatsdifferent___
I believe this completely. I love sex, the art of sex, the bonding of sex, the gi…

2018-10-16 06:34

Big Baller Bran TheButlerDid_It

I’ve shot too much from the time I was 8 years old. But ‘too much’ is a matter of perspective.


2018-10-16 06:34

D-54&258 Maevalorya

Ma2x: 24/9/16. Lenni-kim: 13/1/18. Liam: 6.7.18
#NITP: 10.7.14/8.7.16/7.7.17/6.7.18 #Don't look back

RT @jacksonxkrec: How’s everyone’s day going?☺️

2018-10-16 06:34

Barry katz 🇺🇸 Barry__katz

Sarcasm should be taken as that

RT @bennyjohnson: 7. Warren has now claimed that she *may* have 1/1024th Indian DNA. This is equally problematic since DNA science proves t…

2018-10-16 06:34

Kağan glozkal

History's man of mystery

Why did they do teddy and abe like this

2018-10-16 06:34

Arwa Gunja Arwa_Gunja

Executive Producer of @TheTakeaway with @tanzinavega and @amyewalter

Hours upon hours of dna talk while the world is on fire is exactly why Twitter ruins everything.

2018-10-16 06:34

sarah baldson SBaldson

Quirky chic, soho is so last year, carbs, cardio, cali. Trumps tiny hands are a passion of mine. Re-uns of infomercials. Zodiac killer everything.

RT @NBCNews: Alec Baldwin: "We need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump."

2018-10-16 06:34

T.H. thehof74

RT @AnnCoulter: So he owes her 1,024th of $1 million, or $977, which he should give to a charity doing good work with the mentally ill. htt…

2018-10-16 06:34

su-noo-ver 🇧🇩 sanuvars


2018-10-16 06:34

Joseph Vanchieri⭐️⭐️⭐️ tobeme56

I enjoy all time with family includes shooting, fishing & hunting. USAF Veteran.Libs blocked. Let's #MAGA.#Christ in Christmas. Lifetime NRA member.list = block

RT @FoxNewsInsider: .@dbongino: '@realDonaldTrump doesn't succumb to this media pressure to be weak, and he fights right back.' …

2018-10-16 06:34

Snacks Harrison hottakeharry

South Florida sports fanatic, poker kid, sauce boss, beer snob, Netflix binger, Amazon addict, and dog daddy.

RT @AdamSchefter: Steelers’ RB Le’Veon Bell did not return to the team today, despite the continued expectation that he will report to Pitt…

2018-10-16 06:34

STOP BOARDERS 2018 VitaminBounce

The most I’ve ever played for was 5$ and I’ve gotten first rounded on every tourney I’ve ever played in. I lie to E-Girls tho because I’ve always wanted a gf.

@JasonAARip @NegateTrix Why do you have a fat cock in your ass bud

2018-10-16 06:34

Enrique Sebastian EnriSebaRiv

Wandering around | 🎬🎭 | USMC Vet | Foodie


2018-10-16 06:34

TroutFishin BigBopper_

#TRUMP2020 #America1st #MAGA #TrumpTrain 2A, 🇺🇸God Bless🇺🇸 #covfefe #BuildTheWall
Vote in people 2018 that will vote yes on America 1st Agenda.

RT @bennyjohnson: 8. Multiple members of Warren's direct family have disputed her claims of a "proud Native American heritage." They deny t…

2018-10-16 06:34

SarChasm ttyger

A rising tide floods anchored boats. AK /⚜️

RT @AmesCG: On Friday, DOJ filed a memo opposing Chicago's police reform litigation, citing a single study to argue that stopping unconstit…

2018-10-16 06:34

rhonda ashby aaashbyrhonda

Visual artist science enthusiast heathen progressive. Header by the great @roweafr #TrumpRussia #Mueller #BrexitRussia #PeoplesVote 🚫Lists!

RT @eorden: A group of other news organizations, including ABC, the AP, CNN, the Daily News, Dow Jones, etc, have joined the NYT request to…

2018-10-16 06:34

K Chrizzle 15Chris20

The Rightful King of Dogfort

RT @brianstelter: Trump says King Salman gave him a "flat denial." A "very strong" denial. And "all I can do is report what he told me." Pr…

2018-10-16 06:34

3⃣man Da_Buhl_DMAN


RT @Krypto_C: I hear a whole lotta nigga but don’t see a lotta color

2018-10-16 06:34

Patriot ❌⭐️⭐️⭐️ DeniseAnn410

Happily married. 🇺🇸For love of country, military wives offer that which is most precious to us. The men we love. GOD, Family, Duty. Honor. Country. 🇺🇸

RT @bennyjohnson: Every Time Elizabeth Warren Has Lied About Her Native American Heritage:


1. Elizabeth Warren self-identified a…

2018-10-16 06:34

DuBz LeeRoy DaRealDubz

Hip hop artist from NYC for business Looking for producers , directors, singers ,graphic designers , public relations,

I liked a @YouTube video The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 187 | "Track 3"

2018-10-16 06:34

Purpdick purpdick

@ssssss23fk /> Lil pump no muere

2018-10-16 06:34

Megan Dooley MeganDooley2

Dedicated to change the conversation from What is wrong here? to... What can we do about it?

RT @kylegriffin1: Trump on mimicking Christine Blasey Ford: "It doesn't matter. We won." (via CBS)

2018-10-16 06:34


Patriot, married, engineer retired, President TRUMP @kellyannepolls @realdonaldtrump #TRUMPTRAIN #MAGA pro Trump since 2012

RT @bennyjohnson: 7. Warren has now claimed that she *may* have 1/1024th Indian DNA. This is equally problematic since DNA science proves t…

2018-10-16 06:34

Abedo🌚 twenty_fat

Even if I tilt my head, you can never knock my crown 😎

RT @khhayla: When mi really tek a look on my life

2018-10-16 06:34

Miss Roberta shepherdrm

RT @paulkrugman: Even on the most basic things, you can count on this administration to lie -- an everyone treats it as normal …

2018-10-16 06:34

LessLiesPlz rubalittledirt

Just a Patriot, munching popcorn, as all this unfolds. Proud member of the 'Suspended' Party. #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Qanon

@Natlyco1 @occulturalism Thank you. I feel lucky to be able to keep her out of a nursing home, for sure.

2018-10-16 06:34