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Larry Blake klblake91

Husband, parent, retired teacher & coach

RT @keithboykin: “Today I am announcing that New Zealand will ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons.” - New Zealand Prime Minister…

2019-03-21 14:39

Lily Lilylibeth_

Email | Snap | joselyn_libeth

& again i got bullshit weed.

2019-03-21 14:39

breanna breanna_owenss

21. probably running on coffee and working way too much. everything matters. figuring it out.

RT @ShenaeCurry: Megan thee Stallion: *anything*


2019-03-21 14:39

Cry wolf Morganmorgan21

Uk/Ireland crime.

RT @ABC7NY: 'Worst incident in my 45 plus years': Slain deputy leaves behind wife, 3 kids

2019-03-21 14:39

BlackMercy BlackMercy

AFS Exchange Student, Deutschland #49NH 2010-2011 • SIIT #21 - Computer Science - Thammasat University • Instagram: @BlackMiracle

RT @nytimes: Ethiopian Airlines was one of the first carriers to install a simulator to teach pilots how to fly the new Boeing 737 Max 8. B…

2019-03-21 14:39

𝐩𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐬 bentennofman

RT @neichelle: my room during sunset at 6:58 PM, then 7:02 PM 🏮🧩

2019-03-21 14:39

Hieronymichael Boschards MikeySoho4122

Wank Bank / jokes about seizing means of production / global proletariat vs factional construct / money is liquid dogma / Ken Loach etc

RT @natalietchang: the beatles: googoo gaga......i live in the ocean....doodeedoodee......i am a walrus

ppl in the '60s: holy ffuckin shIT…

2019-03-21 14:39

CSS Day conference cssdayconf

Advanced CSS conference & UI Special: June 13 & 14, 2019 ~ #cssday ~ ~ We also run @perfnowconf, @mobilismconf & @dsgndayconf

RT @Una: Wowowowow playing with @iamvdo's technique for Houdini JS-as-a-CSS-variable and I AM BLOWN AWAYYYYY 🌬️

Here's my scalloped border…

2019-03-21 14:39

msgenevieve447 msgenevieve447

Australian 40-something. Fangirl since the dawn of time. Been there, read that, snarked about it later. Bigots, racists and sockpuppets need not apply.

RT @kristenmeinzer: Is it just me who finds it insane that @BobbyBerk does the work of an entire HGTV show in every episode of @QueerEye -…

2019-03-21 14:39

Nadia🇵🇹 I 💗 Stana Katic #Absentia 👀 nlopes952

#Benfica #Quinas #Bayern⚽ #Heartland🐎 #OTH🏀 #FullerHouse #Stanatic #TamalaJones #MilMar #Timeless #WynonnaEarp #E4L
IG:Nadia6039 TVTime:Nadia I 💗 Stana Katic

RT @mabs_chariot: Again, big thanks to @KatBarrell and @DominiqueP_C !


2019-03-21 14:39

ENOUGH is ENOUGH EnoughCouture

easy going, loves traveling and a lover of sports .

RT @jacksonpbn: Atiku’s 146page petition against Buhari/INEC over the outcome of the Presidential election is really loaded. I am waiting t…

2019-03-21 14:39

Ev xicanayork

🌈Visual Artist from The Bronx 📸 she/her

@solelunastro Aqua Sun & Rising, Gemini Moon, I do want to be in love. Soon would be awesome and someday would be n…

2019-03-21 14:39

Kelz artphrodites


RT @anuscosgrove: im sorry but him being on two knees is sending me DJJDJDJDNDFJJD

2019-03-21 14:39

kristine krstnjylrn

RT @calvinstowell: anyways look at cute photos of my dog from this weekend, he was born with a disorder called iris hypoplasia so he has to…

2019-03-21 14:39

yen arlenemiranda_

half demon half saint

RT @voguemagazine: "I wanted our wedding to be kind of like a psychedelic cross between Dr. Seuss and the movie FernGully, but didn’t want…

2019-03-21 14:39

Just Joe elShuge

God is Love | Philanthropist | Realist | Manchester United | 🇰🇪 🇰🇪

RT @OnlyHipHopFacts: Lil Wayne's Hustler Musik is a classic in each and every way.

2019-03-21 14:39

Gotti YungMuss_

No Weapon Formed Against Me EveryTime I Pray At Night🙏🏾

RT @youngflab_: Ima make a one hit wonder watch

2019-03-21 14:39

𝔎𝔶𝔩𝔢𝔯 𝔎𝔢𝔶𝔟𝔩𝔞𝔡𝔢𝔰 🖤 𝔖𝔞𝔡 𝔅𝔬𝔦 KylerTheNobody

they/them 20| music junkie| memer| streamer| cosplayer |sc: keybladerider | insta: KillahKyler | business email:


2019-03-21 14:39

kar sinay_karina

im just a kid & life is a nightmare

RT @kayla_williamms: Not skinny, but not fat. Looks greatt in the right clothes but bikinis are ehh. Anyone else feel me?

2019-03-21 14:39

Dublanzo🎤🎤 alanzo_redz

Uwi Pelican || Prestonite || M.S.B.M Student ♐️Upcoming Dub Poet in the making. #Optima || M.O.G|| 20.11.17 RIP Rousell bro 😭

Tell dem watch it inna traffic, Lanzo nuh slow down.

2019-03-21 14:39

milas mom mawmakait

has got it going on

RT @neichelle: my room during sunset at 6:58 PM, then 7:02 PM 🏮🧩

2019-03-21 14:39

Franke James frankejames

Artist, Activist, Author on Environment, Ethics, Free Expression, Human Rights. @BCCLA Liberty Award; @PENCanada /Ken Filkow Award; Cheerleader 4 @TeresaPocock

RT @kylegriffin1: A fed judge has ruled that the Interior Dept. violated federal law by failing to account for the climate impact of its oi…

2019-03-21 14:39

Pablo 🎯🤫 elite_haxxz

19 I The Life of Pablo 🌹I

RT @drantbradley: Rapper J. Cole graduated from St. John’s University, magna cum laude, with a 3.8 G.P.A. He chose marriage, *then* childre…

2019-03-21 14:39

brandy boiiiiii brvndh

under the big blue sky is the great meadow of all things good, evil, and kind. #ut21

RT @alexkotch: It's been 2,285 days since Sandy Hook.

2019-03-21 14:39

Patrick St.Thomas Pstthomas

I was under the impression there would be cake...

@dragonflyinc 😂

2019-03-21 14:39

Joe Reid joereid

Co-host: This Had Oscar Buzz // Always: The Hours

@Randrews1322 @ashtonevans @theruraljuror_ yes "fans"

2019-03-21 14:39

nat 🍓 natfakhouuri

i miss bts

RT @neichelle: my room during sunset at 6:58 PM, then 7:02 PM 🏮🧩

2019-03-21 14:39

Indeterminate Determinades

RT @BenjaminNorton: A top Ukrainian justice official says the US ambassador gave him a list of people not to prosecute.

This is after the…

2019-03-21 14:39

Young Weezy 📀 OliverWeezyF


RT @OnlyHipHopFacts: Lil Wayne's Hustler Musik is a classic in each and every way.

2019-03-21 14:39

radicalled radicalled

I am called by God to serve Him, Bought with a price, Loved by Him.

RT @JamesOKeefeIII: Twitter engineers were caught on tape talking about shadow banning, banning "a way of talking," targeting conservatives…

2019-03-21 14:39

B R A N D Ö Makem3stfu

Come catch this Vibe 🧘🏽‍♂️✨ Succulents 🌿

The hardest battles are always the ones you have with yourself.

2019-03-21 14:39

Andrabi Waseem AndrabiWaseem2

#Kashmiri #biologist #humanity #Newyork #canadian

@NZStuff When love overtakes hate things will happen

2019-03-21 14:39

Tiffany MickeyDs_

Writer. Realist. Seeker of Happiness❤️ Psalm 37:4 Psalm 23

Our shit never died...soooooo🤔

2019-03-21 14:39

Matthew Harrison filmcrash

Matthew Harrison of Film Crash, New York. In California making films.

RT @Amy_Siskind: Curious what @LindseyGrahamSC plans to do about this?

2019-03-21 14:39

Daniel Barnes danielbsays

RT @stephenwertheim: This thread hurts

2019-03-21 14:39

Cristian Gonzalez aapeXcris820


RT @slightlyice: My wolf fleece came in today what y’all think? 🐺

2019-03-21 14:39

ReCuen cuenre

New York Yankees🗽⚾
San Jose Giants⚾
Oakland Raiders☠️🏈
San Jose Sharks🦈🏒
SF Giants #Posey⚾
San Jose #Quakes74⚽
Golden State Warriors🏀
Arizona Hotshots🔥🏈

RT @BetteMidler: I....I....I’m speechless.

2019-03-21 14:39

David D17_3

@Juanin10i fr they only try when they see shit is too bad. no motivation

2019-03-21 14:39

Ashlyn Ames AshlynAmes10

ISU softball alum #9⚾️ JDP 🇺🇸. What goes around, comes around 💕 Trust your faith & know there is a plan 🌻

RT @kayla_williamms: Not skinny, but not fat. Looks greatt in the right clothes but bikinis are ehh. Anyone else feel me?

2019-03-21 14:39

Baby Girl🗝 InsomniaFelix14

🌺Multifandom!!🌺 ✨Staneo Ángeles✨🥰Enamorada de Lee Félix crying always🥰{Bangtan,Stray kids,Monsta x, Treasure13, Oneus,Seventeen, Ateez, Hyuna}

RT @MikeAdamOnAir: With the huge success of #MonstaX's “Play It Cool (Korean Version)", @OfficialMonstaX teamed up with @SteveAoki again fo…

2019-03-21 14:39

SteveMcKeen davidrecruitscb

Game of Thrones bot. All opinions endorsed by Russia

@jaketapper @benshapiro Grover Cleveland also invented the NFL in 1924 making him one of, if not the most, conseque…

2019-03-21 14:39

MatthewJohnRodriguez Learmanagement

Illinois PTA President, LULAC VP of Youth

RT @NBCNewsLearn: Learning to take responsibility teaches children they have control of their life. Here's how to encourage it at a young a…

2019-03-21 14:39

preme mulah baghdadmulah

“Believe nothing you hear, and half of what you see” 27 3.6.16 👨‍👧 “They gonna love me for my ambition” 💯 👻premefeddi IG baghdadmulah 🇵🇷

What ever female reading this I pray ya booty get bigger 😂

2019-03-21 14:39

Grace McGrath GemMcG

Engaged Business Major @ualbany, Social Media Marketer @CareersonMove, Motivated Peer Career Advisor @UAlbanyCareer, Sustainability Blogger @UAlbanyGreenScn

RT @konian2:

2019-03-21 14:39

FREE thelifeoffreeee

Business Inquiries:

RT @Complex: Some advice from @KidCudi...

2019-03-21 14:39


Content Emmys award winner. Disaffected populist. This account mocks conservatives.

Every Man a Kang. #Yang2020 #YangGang

RT @FiveThirtyEight: Andrew Yang is the only 2020 candidate thus far to put a universal income front and center, and his campaign says it’s…

2019-03-21 14:39

Bolu Wa Tife mofecollins

Believe it and have faith❤️🙏

RT @OnlyHipHopFacts: Lil Wayne's Hustler Musik is a classic in each and every way.

2019-03-21 14:39

carlos gomez cruz abgcarlosgomez

ECUATORIANO :. Abogado DR UC-Q Ex Fiscal, Ex Juez, Ex Asesor Parlamentario, Ex Jefe de Campañas Electorales. Email:😬


2019-03-21 14:39

Lhamotenz Tenzlhamo


Can’t go wrong with Snapchat filter
👻 Lhamotenz

2019-03-21 14:39

PacificKat barbkat

RT @PreetBharara: Pretty. Well. Put.

2019-03-21 14:39

ً ‎ً martinnechloe

a series of mercury retrograde ahead

RT @neichelle: my room during sunset at 6:58 PM, then 7:02 PM 🏮🧩

2019-03-21 14:39

José R. Carballeira Carballeira

Proud Cuban-born American, traditionalist/nationalist. Don't follow if neo Marxist, will fiercely defend attacks to Liberty. MAGA's turning things around. 😎🇺🇸🇨🇺

RT @AmyMek: Media Blackout

This is Al-Aqsa Islamic Society In Philadelphia who works closely w/ the Mayor's Office, City & State Officials…

2019-03-21 14:39

arabella lustforlanaw

being a bad bitch on the side

RT @MissDaytona: and still loving u. After all of these years

2019-03-21 14:39

SleepySeven xSevenForeverx

~아미💙~아가새~MONBEBE~Hidden KARD~STAY~BLINK~IdolProducer~NINE's~Evanism~
I post fan art on my YouTube Channel, link below!

RT @taehyungthugg: I need HD pics of silver haired Yoongi STAT

2019-03-21 14:39

Sabrina_1994 Sabrina_1994_

Hey im from Austria ;) im a #Oitnb #xena #buffy #Carmilla #glee #odaat #son #Earper

RT @earpinthecity: omg you guys!

2019-03-21 14:39

Petit Canari Des Îles viperswordw

Mrs Weasley, Witcher, Slytherin, Herald of Andraste, Dovahkiin, Medjaÿ, Mistress of Bruce Wayne, Headmaster of Hogwarts

RT @reallyhalalfood: Y’all would appreciate this.

2019-03-21 14:39

Holy Coley ThebeKgositsiIe

Switch Friend Code: 1757-8807-8091

RT @JeffDLowe: They're CGI'ing the actual sky as they film now??? Hollywood is wild.

2019-03-21 14:39

Qu33nn_Leader1248 Qu33nnL

Straight Forward NO SUGAR COATING


2019-03-21 14:39

Kea Keaoleboga_N

@Tlotlo_Blessing ❤️ 🇿🇦


RT @OnlyHipHopFacts: Lil Wayne's Hustler Musik is a classic in each and every way.

2019-03-21 14:39



RT @Complex: Some advice from @KidCudi...

2019-03-21 14:39

BTS Canada Canada_BTS

방탄소년단's first Canadian fansite. Sharing the love for BTS from coast to coast to coast. (est 2015) Contact:

RT @TwitterMoments: A dimple here, a shoulder there: Fans are slowly piecing together what the #BTSxMattel collection will look like. https…

2019-03-21 14:39

grif GriffinFerency

Just a dum beech that enjoys cold brew


2019-03-21 14:39

Megan Smith megan_smith194


RT @feisssty: Some bitches really don’t like you just cause you look good.
That’s a disease sis.

2019-03-21 14:39

K karla_vdc

Menos palabras y más acciones

2019-03-21 14:39

Risky Liberal RiskyLiberal

This is going to end with Stephen Miller, Kellyanne and Trump holed up in the basement of the West wing, brandishing broken stemware at US Marshalls, isn't it?

RT @gregolear: 7/ Carter Page looks more and more like he was, in fact, a Russian agent all along, which explains why he goes on TV and act…

2019-03-21 14:39

☽☾ gexesxs_

Soul of a mermaid, Mouth of a sailor ♊︎

RT @kayla_williamms: Not skinny, but not fat. Looks greatt in the right clothes but bikinis are ehh. Anyone else feel me?

2019-03-21 14:39

🇩🇴🖤 Prissell_

18. 👻Prissell.a♓️


2019-03-21 14:39

Tyrone Jackson cashmoneyglock

I produce music and I have my own record label.

All words, statements, likes, retweets, memes, and any other content is humor and not intent to commit a crime.

RT @ubermensch11111: @BallinSerf @cashmoneyglock @NewRightAmerica @MuhPrivateCo Give me break. No red flags when Javanka pushed out Bannon…

2019-03-21 14:39

Count_Drakin (Joshua Smoyer) Count_Drakin

Dungeon Master and Cat Dad. Header Photo by

RT @nathanwpyle: take 60 seconds to watch this pigeon video I made

2019-03-21 14:39

jade _jadeegabrielle

RT @garyvee: Focused

2019-03-21 14:39

lorenzo crguuuu

@PabloHiriart @JLozanoA Míralo no q@muy decente en escritor ese nunca se sabe

2019-03-21 14:39

🎀💕 piinkdreams_

Blessed. With God anything is possible.

RT @Cyn_Santana: Disagreements don’t mean you gotta get into a whole argument. You can disagree respectfully and try to find a balanced and…

2019-03-21 14:39

Putri Adhelia Ang. PutryAdheliaa

Civil Engineer | Bathroom Musician | ig: @putryadheliaa

RT @MikeAdamOnAir: #LISA Manoban of #BLACKPINK (@ygofficialblink) was named Asia’s most beautiful woman for 2018 in a list compiled by a co…

2019-03-21 14:39

Marwa itsmeMarwaaa

Seventeen years old chick with some 80’s & 90’s vibe .🕺🏻

Also i would like to remind my FUTURE MARWA (whos reading this sometime in the future now) that this Marwa isn’t re…

2019-03-21 14:39

ya boy heyitsgeorgy

Poser Engineer ⚙️🔩, bread chaser 🍞, tire 🔌🚗🏎,

RT @evansiegfried: Can’t stop laughing

2019-03-21 14:39

mylo! idkmylo

RT @levicarter: living my life
not worried bout others
gotta lot of work to do

2019-03-21 14:39

Carl Myers TheCarlMyers

Blogger and TV Junkie. I appreciate a nice wine & champagne cocktail paired with tacos. Tweets & opinions are my own.

RT @whembleysewell: ARIES, ASSEMBLE

2019-03-21 14:39

stef stefaniesalibaa

RT @whembleysewell: ARIES, ASSEMBLE

2019-03-21 14:39

♡❀△⃒⃘⚢|-/ sabbycatt95

23♍️ Be someone you want to know.

RT @MissDaytona:

2019-03-21 14:39

Asia 🦋 Sydnc0

✨Insta: Indianc0✨. HarlemWorld. Taurus Queen.

@barbaradajour Thank you my love. Ik u got me ❤️

2019-03-21 14:39

Fran Fernández👑 FranFer15

-Toda la vida es un baile y te pueden bailar, aunque no quieras lo verás en una cancha o en un bar !

RT @bigdupu: igual nunca voy a entender estas cosas onda si tu ex te dejo es porque no le debe importar te aviso

2019-03-21 14:39

Shonn shonn_trends

24,♊️ Brave hearted soul

Exhausted but going to the gym is really paying off.

2019-03-21 14:39

Alex Basson boycats

Engineering manager @Pivotal Labs, musician, and most importantly, husband and father. Opinions expressed are worth what you paid for them.

@ankushnarula This is absurd. The Electoral College affects exactly one election. One. It has no impact on the Sena…

2019-03-21 14:39

SNW.B1† B1263tH3R

Love #minho & all of @SHINee for 1000years, always beside with 5HINee ❤️💎 SHINee is FIVE through out my life. @Realjonghyun90 u r always in my mind.

RT @alittlefreakey: SHINee Minho's application to the Marine Corps has been accepted! 🎉 The dates of his enlistment are:

Enlistment: April…

2019-03-21 14:39

Gazi Gazirnon

Sup I'm Gazi and I talk too much. He/they, 22. Kin and weeb on main.

RT @nathanwpyle:

2019-03-21 14:39

Kurtix Biederwald LargeSonLogic

Contributing editor with a silver foot in my mouth

The question for 2020.

2019-03-21 14:39

Xavier ^_^ Xavier_MG

No importa cómo te vean los demás mientras tú creas en ti mismo 💜love yourself💜

RT @ONU_es: "Cuando tú te respetas y te quieres tal y como eres, aunque lleguen comentarios del exterior, no te pueden afectar porque tú sa…

2019-03-21 14:39

Mónica Ybarra monicaybarra15

RT @dodo: This car saves dogs’ lives ❤️🐶

2019-03-21 14:39