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Scarlet Meyer scarletkmeyer

Writer/comedian/America's fave Internet aunt. I've made some stuff at @reductress @mcsweeneys @hellogiggles @elitedaily. Drop me a line:

Guys drop everything. I found the best Pokestop ever

2019-06-25 09:59

🔪 ㋐𝗅𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍𝖾𝗋 @ ATLANTA 🔪 nuchuujin

Allister (アリスタ) | 23 | ♂ | ♥︎ @seraphimtine ♥︎ | ♥︎ アミバ様 ♥︎ | This is my RT dump. | Art Account: @bird_kings | ENG / 日本語 (少し) | Icon by @moosephu !

there's a pokemon go pokestop in range of my apartment i can finally just sit here and play LMAO

2019-06-25 03:45

The Pastel Priestess teawiththegods

Love like Aphrodite, Laugh like Hermes, and Keep em guessing like Persephone.

My gym is both a Pokestop and a Greenhouse (new HP game) so you can bet your ass you will find me walking on a trea…

2019-06-22 02:26

XoticSmurf UnworldlyFate

@st1x10 @SuuperBlah @aDrive_tK @NianticLabs @HPWizardsUnite It’s literally the same thing as Pokémon go you need to…

2019-06-22 01:41

Sydney / Sherminator18 Sherminator_18

I go by Sherminator18. Geocacher | PoGo Level 40 | Level 13 Cleric | Dungeon Master | Critter | Green Belt

Thanks to the random person who lured my work pokestop. I got a new shiny off of it! #PokemonGO

2019-06-21 23:52

Victoria 🦇 VickiWasylak

Music Editor, Boston at @vanyaland617
Show me ya riffs.

Mood: pulling up to my local library to use the Pokestop there while “Welcome to the Jungle” is on the radio

2019-06-21 05:30

lu ludacroce

I’m the bad guy


consegui zerar minhas pokebolas no pokemon go e to mt longe da

2019-06-21 03:07

Jay pride parade everybodyska

Jay✨27✨they/them✨Elf on a shelf making art✨genderweird as heck✨alive and uncomfortable✨please be my bandori pal (357497)

In the pokestop
“walk closer to interact w pokestop”

2019-06-18 03:02