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DimetriosVandiegriff DimetriosV

ARMY Desert Storm Vet.; DVOP for the State of CA.; 2nd VP of L.A.-IAWP; Union Steward for SEIU1000;

Live & Learn then Learn to LIVE!

RT @RealDLHughley: Trump signed letter of intent for Trump Tower Moscow project despite Giuliani insisting he didn't - CNN Politics https:/…

2018-12-19 18:06

; _annarivero

ricci only 🙃

RT @kelsmerritt: Back with @antheabueno’s magic hands💄 Look for #MEGAxSanMigLight ✨

2018-12-19 18:06

NA🧚‍♀️ nesliisaah

RT @hsynifti: Elden ele uzatın bunu. Yoruma emniyet genel müdürlüğünü etiketliyoruz.

2018-12-19 18:06

Dan Balkwill DanJBalkwill

Veronica Mars movie got me on here finally. Music is my life, other than Star Trek and football and chocolate and kitties and...

RT @JeffreyToobin: State of play: @realDonaldTrump is unfit to run a charity in New York State but fit to control nuclear weapons that coul…

2018-12-19 18:06

Chandria George ChandriaGeorge

Just want to travel

RT @KFILE: “A newly obtained document shows President Donald Trump signed a letter of intent to move forward with negotiations to build a T…

2018-12-19 18:06

WolfOfEthereum LUKACACIC

Bitcoin was opening act, Ethereum is the main show.

@raulitojordan @VitalikButerin 💪😎👍

2018-12-19 18:06

Eric I ericicomedy

I am in love with jokes.

I was thinking about breaking up with my girlfriend.

But I don't have time to change all these jokes to past tense.

2018-12-19 18:06

Fig Figgstir

how we doing on breadsticks

RT @WorldWideWob: Josh Okogie’s dunks have shockwaves

2018-12-19 18:06

6thgencynic emuwhisperer

The underprivileged must find protection in the morality of the fortunate. Swing voter leaning left of centre with limited options!

RT @kylegriffin1: The Trump Foundation's single largest gift — $264,631 — was allotted toward renovating a fountain outside the Plaza Hotel…

2018-12-19 18:06

eugene boramy88

RT @puneetsingh: Offset ain't getting Cardi back dawg. It's over.

2018-12-19 18:06

N.Y. Tribune Health Tribune_Health

The official account of the @NYTRB health, covering news of well, fitness and food. See also @TribuneSCI, Technology @TribuneTECH and Sports @TribuneSports_

Ariana Grande's Upside-Down Christmas Tree Is The Perfect End To Her Year - HuffPost

2018-12-19 18:06

Ñembotavy nembotavy_0101

Art, music, politics, science, gender, and entrepreneurship. Always learning and hoping to do so, willing to play the fool. I do that well.

RT @FJS: Explore the intersections of eight social issues with feminism, art, and technology at @ThinkCREA's creative global gathering.


2018-12-19 18:06

capricorn♀ versacegrillz

siren singer. astro-slut. femme stan. blm. she/her. as above, so below.

STOP asking me for samples of my work. I’m not going to fucking DM you a second of an album that has taken me a fuc…

2018-12-19 18:06

A sofiyafirdaus

Struggling to be happy

RT @SamanthaLyynn: I hope Halsey never stops. She’s opening up bigger dialogues. This NEEDS to be on prime time tv. THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL.

2018-12-19 18:06

Keyniah R ThaNameIz_Key

337-210 Instagram: ThaNameIz_Key

RT @Complex: The only thing you need to see today.

2018-12-19 18:06

Flavio Grande Flavio16302


RT @FrankieJGrande: my sister is the greatest vocalist on the planet.

2018-12-19 18:06

Eagle Shot Eagle_Shot_







@bozu_108 鏡みて変顔した時

2018-12-19 18:06

도미니크 데커 Dominick_Decker

64 / 178 / Abstergo Industries / Templer / Control / May the Father of Understanding Guide Us


2018-12-19 18:06

yvettebify yvettebify

my tweet my opinion

RT @seanonolennon: Happy times w these goofballs at @nbcsnl and @mileycyrus the other night...

2018-12-19 18:06

Reagan Sargent reagan_sargent


RT @aquariaofficial: no whack mean messes in 2019. sorry 2018 was ur year. yall can stay there thank u. pls. no worries.

2018-12-19 18:06

aruka mixedtuft


RT @mefeater: Happy 94th Birthday to the legendary Cicely Tyson 💕

2018-12-19 18:06

Ashleigh Keelean jakeelean

M.C.E. and M.A. in Global Sustainability/Water.

RT @NBCNews: Facebook denied that its dozens of "partners" were able to misuse Facebook users' personal data, but it didn't address explosi…

2018-12-19 18:06

Lynnette Stephan hobbesmommytwo

oncology nurse, wife, mom, grandmom, friend of kitties (but no, not the crazy cat woman yet), love political satire, #uniteblue, #neverTrump, #Resistance

RT @B52Malmet: When you use your own charity for personal gain, you buy a shitty portrait like this.

2018-12-19 18:06

Levy strawlevyy

slurring sonnets like love drunk poets 🌙 strawberries 🍓

RT @MikeAdamOnAir: #LoveShot by @weareoneEXO debuted at #1 on the WW Digital Song Sales Chart!!! Congrats #EXO and #EXOLs!

2018-12-19 18:06

FOLLBACK? rapxel mllrd sehuznr

RP. Oh Sehun ー @ciggurl & @bhyunek's daddy

@rlbbhkr wkkwkwk tolol ajon gua ngakak

2018-12-19 18:06

* ✧ · ˚ · . taktaktown

ー /kā'trē'ell/ n. a film major with aesthetic; 바보; 시즈니

once you stop focusing on the wrong people in life, you start to notice the right people

2018-12-19 18:06

SpaceHead Ryno george_dreadson

..follow the yellow brick road.. #spacehead #TR!BE dm to order.
Craftsman of creative.

RT @loveeD__: Why the fuck am I still up?

2018-12-19 18:06

karam KaramAfaneh

Living life like Carrie Bradshaw || Artist

It’s bad enough we live on the damn island!!!

2018-12-19 18:06

IG: Kopano_g KopanoGonyane

Charge it to the game.

Host of @NoLimitPod. Please subscribe on the link below.

RT @VanityFair: Idris Elba says the #MeToo movement is “only difficult if you’re a man with something to hide” http…

2018-12-19 18:06

Krishan Maggon kkmaggon

Consultant & Adviser; New Drug Development R&D, Pharma Biotechnology.

FDA approves device based on Vanderbilt invention to ID parathyroid during head and neck surgeries | News | School…

2018-12-19 18:06


im back on my bullshit

RT @Tribeca: "If you're not having a good time, find something else that gives you some joy in life." RIP Penny Marshall, an actor, writer,…

2018-12-19 18:06

☾ 𝖕𝖎𝖊𝖗𝖈𝖊 monteIIimar

» 19 genderfluid she/they ♋︎ « @rdjanddw i love you bitch

RT @LadyBloof: 'ppl hated twilight bc girls liked it' and 'twilight is bad bc of all the glorified abuse and racism' are both true u dont g…

2018-12-19 18:06

New York Startup Lab NYStartupLab

Have an idea but don't know where to start? We can help. Our technical and knowledge based teams will give you the expertise to turn your vision into a reality.

PixelMe raises $1.3 million for its retargeting URL shortener #tech #funding #vc

2018-12-19 18:06

Eh va EvaAfk_


RT @MKBHD: Never thought I'd see the day 🧐

2018-12-19 18:06

Zeroluv Zeroluv73

RT @BetteMidler: #RudyGiuliani says #Trump's lies don't matter because he's "not under oath." Which is weird, because, through my fingers,…

2018-12-19 18:06

Porkchops😋🐖 phat_joe77

#blinn20 AMOSC: johnxlm15 🤪


2018-12-19 18:06

Sharon59 Sharon59

Interested in progressive social change/justice, UU, racial justice, human rights Filipino American, Arts, Community activism, immigrant rights, feminism

RT @DeadlineWH: "think about the moral reprehensibility of taking money that’s meant for children to pay off his own lawsuits... I have fro…

2018-12-19 18:06

サラ LZ8GvycA0Rx7Suu

#ユニバーサルデザイン 的な物を見つけたら、伝えたい!自分が #障がい者 #脊髄小脳変性症 になってみて、こんなに、不便なんだと気がつくようになりました。きっと、#お年寄り や #妊婦 さんや #子ども #外国人 だって、使いやすい方が過ごしやすい方がいいに決まってる! 健常者の視点ではわからないことを、伝えたい!

RT @KazuhiroSoda: へっ? 元米海兵隊政務外交部次長エルドリッヂさん「海兵隊も辺野古移設を望んでいるわけではありません。移設後の基地は、普天間飛行場よりも滑走路が短く、有事に動く主力の軍用機が離着陸できない。普天間のように高台にもないから津波にも弱い」

2018-12-19 18:06

mass Mws_13

RT @whosalex: fuck nudes, send me songs you think id like

2018-12-19 18:06

YPGold gold_yp

Digital Business Catalog

Tips on how to find a good travel agent – part 1

#travelagent #travelagency #ypgold…

2018-12-19 18:06

uyu Nick Proto626

COD Player for @uyu_gg | Reasons or Results?

@demisxxual DOTA?

2018-12-19 18:06

RAP BEATS readyforbeats

Producer at Need beats for your next single, mixtape, album??? GET 50+ BEATS FOR FREE HERE:

/> Beat Name: "FUCK THE SYSTEM"

2018-12-19 18:06

john spooner xryjohn

RT @perlmutations: Who takes other people’s money to lift up the unfortunate as an exquisite act of charity and then uses that money to pay…

2018-12-19 18:06

Ova Thorific_

« I noticed you’ve copied my beard. » @sheermangs 🇫🇷 | Slytherin 🐍 | #FRA🇫🇷 🌟🌟 | Marvel Stan | 5sosff| 5sos 🤟🏻 | insta : oceaneka_ | apparently 20yo

RT @ItsAlexJackson: shoutout to any trans friends that’ll be misgendered by family during this holiday season. you're strong and you’ll get…

2018-12-19 18:06

An aries in blue theonewithfoods

A big dreamer

@_oazayakan 6,7,12

2018-12-19 18:06

maryam fatima👩🏻‍🔬👩🏼‍🚀👩🏻‍🏭🌹 starbound1101

• 17 • ENFP • your friendly neighbourhood socialist • aspiring mad scientist • ♐️•

RT @QueenMab87: I have been harassed by Bernie supporters online who are known journalists/personalities or have blue check marks. I have a…

2018-12-19 18:06

Gbemi Famoti gbemifam

Managing partner @6ixfifteen, check out the brand on twitter and Instagram for amazing outfits.


2018-12-19 18:06

emma heaveniinhiding

RT @SamanthaLyynn: I hope Halsey never stops. She’s opening up bigger dialogues. This NEEDS to be on prime time tv. THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL.

2018-12-19 18:06

คุณคนดี tinytriplestars


RT @knowheresafety: ชั้นสูง ได้ติ๊กเกอร์เยอะ ทับใจ #GUASKREALรีวิว

2018-12-19 18:06

Theresa theresamax

Interests: Decorating NO LISTS

RT @BetteMidler: #RudyGiuliani says #Trump's lies don't matter because he's "not under oath." Which is weird, because, through my fingers,…

2018-12-19 18:06

[mystery mark] Halowars1023

"Be Worry, Don't Happy" - Bobby McFerrin

RT @shoe0nhead: i regret to inform you the checkmarks are at it again

2018-12-19 18:06

Marry.loves.BTS🦋 Lovehumans4

I stand only LEGENTS like BTS🐯🦋

RT @jessst0691: It seems now everybody starts their own variety game shows hah!
Copycat is copycat! No excuse! 🐝

2018-12-19 18:06

OTC Network, Inc. OTCNetworkInc

Thousands of #PennyStock #Investors trust OTC Network, Inc. for their daily #stock alerts. #Like Us

RT @OTC_DATI: Cradlepoint offers 5G-upgradeable routers ahead of AT&T network launch #Startups #Blockchain #DATI ht…

2018-12-19 18:06

trinaa. TrippyTrinss

Sports Dev & Coaching Undergrad. | Youth American Football Linebackers Coach | All views are my own.

RT @rofivelli: i’m actually dead inside but the show must go on

2018-12-19 18:06

JD jxckdarling


RT @XXL: .@theslumpgod’s fans are putting his ‘Stokeley’ album cover in picture frames and other places in different stores around the U.S.…

2018-12-19 18:06

Barbara Wieczorek BarbaraWieczor7

Democrat- Liberal,mother of autistic teen, passionate reader, atheist. Trump must go! #FBR #ImpeachTrump #WomanRightsAreHumanRights

RT @NewYorkStateAG: We continue to seek $2.8 million in restitution plus additional penalties, and to ban Mr. Trump from serving as a direc…

2018-12-19 18:06

木下秀雄 ichizu1213pa


RT @TrinityNYC: イェール大のアンケート調査結果は、フツーにアメリカで生活して、フツーにニュース追いかけてたら、フツーに感じるとおりの結果ですよん。フェイクニュースのせいだ!とか言ってるのは、アレとその取り巻きとFOXぐらいなもんで。そのFOXの阿呆番組もいまスポ…

2018-12-19 18:06

Architecte Lino MUNIONIO LinoMunionio

CEO Deka Innova
DRC Tony Elumelu Foundation Ambassador
Entrepreneurship Coach & Evangelist
Architect, Graphic & Webdesign
Advisor in E-commer, Digital & UI, UX

RT @Paula_Piccard: Robotic #firefighter 💥
#AI #Robot #autonomous #IoT #futureofwork

@evankirstel @quantum_spiros @sallyeaves @HaroldSinno…

2018-12-19 18:06

𝐃𝐲𝐧𝐝𝐚 drowncrete


RT @dodo: This dog lost an ear when someone used her as "bait." But when people around the world heard her story, they started sending her…

2018-12-19 18:06

bia cupimsanto

medrosa & abusada
(mentirosa nas horas vagas)
Insta: eobia


via minha mãe vulgo a cartomante mais amada da internet: Bya Blanco


2018-12-19 18:06

👑민윤기 ❣️방탄소년단 Love❣️👑 MinYoon97542721

RT @MTV: I love seven (7) qts 💫 @BTS_twt

2018-12-19 18:06

Charles Walters chazmn78

RT @ruthbenghiat: Thread

2018-12-19 18:06

Daor. saevyan1667


2018-12-19 18:06

Edward Jones Edwardjns22

Corporate Executive, Vegans and Vegetarians changed my life. #WMMA, MMA Boxing Fan and Critic. Great at Promoting too! Student of #wingchun

RT @scott_kerr: When physicists and engineers get drunk together

2018-12-19 18:06

It’s a special place in hell for #DonaldTrump HardballTruth

#Racist #Disgusting #hateful #bigot #Deplorable #Pussygrabber #Liar 🤥 Physically mentally unfit 👉🏾 #DonaldTrump The clown 🤡 Don’t be sorry. Because I’m not.

RT @CNNTonight: CNN's @DonLemon: "The President hinged his entire presidency on the economy. It's been a shield of sorts. ... But what happ…

2018-12-19 18:06

Inga Spoke MsIngaSpoke

Ce que femme veut Dieu le veut... That which a woman wishes, God wishes.

RT @Sulliview: In a world awash in disinformation, there’s no ‘both sides’ to the truth. The media must stop enabling liars. My column http…

2018-12-19 18:06

DTStruthtrooper DtMikey

The earth is the Lords. MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸

RT @_realBlackTrump: When I go to @realDonaldTrump's twitter, I see hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets, but strangely, only negati…

2018-12-19 18:06

Mister Cash MisterCash420

🌹It's taken me years to accept my curse, that I actually do know everything.🌹

@timothycsimons 😢

2018-12-19 18:06

Alexis👑 alexis_lyneice

justin ❤️ luna 🐶

RT @The__Prototype: Them: “What you getting me for Christmas?”


2018-12-19 18:06

Jarosław Serafin Jaro188

Crypto trader, BTC,LTC & DOGE enthusiastic, Electrical Engineer, Family guy.
Hobby to cryptowaluty BTC, LTC i DOGE, inżynier elektryk, rodzina przede wszystkim.

RT @ZwyklySzaryTyp:

2018-12-19 18:06

青文 terryhammer299


RT @ZonePhysics: This is so cool 🙂

2018-12-19 18:06

👽 _eichalien

🇸🇬 | 22

RT @axmxa_: You go hard for everyone, but who goes hard for you?

2018-12-19 18:06

OTC Network, Inc. OTCNetworkInc

Thousands of #PennyStock #Investors trust OTC Network, Inc. for their daily #stock alerts. #Like Us

RT @OTC_DATI: Pokémon Go Trainer Battles are live for players level 10 and higher #Startups #Blockchain #DATI https…

2018-12-19 18:06

OTC Network, Inc. OTCNetworkInc

Thousands of #PennyStock #Investors trust OTC Network, Inc. for their daily #stock alerts. #Like Us

RT @OTC_DATI: Facial recognition remains tempting but toxic for tech companies #Startups #Blockchain #DATI https://…

2018-12-19 18:06

Did You Know? DYKbot

We mastered the art of finding the truth. Now we bring it to you.

How to complete Destiny 2: Step 43. Read a manual and join the New World Order.

2018-12-19 18:06

SkeyeeGangYT gabosnog

Subscribe to my channel: SkeyeeGang


2018-12-19 18:06

DimetriosVandiegriff DimetriosV

ARMY Desert Storm Vet.; DVOP for the State of CA.; 2nd VP of L.A.-IAWP; Union Steward for SEIU1000;

Live & Learn then Learn to LIVE!

RT @RealDLHughley: George H.W. Bush secretly sponsored a Filipino child for 10 years. Read their letters. - CNN

2018-12-19 18:06

The Real Django TheRealDjango

#Never2LateNever2Soon|I'm Django|RetiredChef|MusicProducer| @ASCAP|I ❤ #Justice|🇺🇸 #Resist Intelligence|Tough/Fair|I'll Say it When They Can't. I Still ♥ NY

RT @BenjaminEnfield: Look Familia #theholocaust WELCOME TO #AMERICA

2018-12-19 18:06

monica geller arawarawpagong

ang iskolar ni oming at ni inday.

ate thalia sino tatay mo?

2018-12-19 18:06

Krystal Hiller KrystalHiller

Mom of 4 boys~
Love to laugh~
USMC Veteran ~
Seeker of truth~
Proudly support my President Trump!*****NOT looking for a ♥️ connection

RT @RealCandaceO: Remember when Margaret Sanger created “The Negro Project” to decrease the number of black births, but then changed the na…

2018-12-19 18:06

W.D. Bamberg WDBamberg

#Deplorable #Patriot/German Heritage.Grand X 8.Husband.Supporter #DJT & #2A. Just trying to hold on to our country. #KAG #NRA #WWG1WGA #Q #BUILDTHEFREAKINGWALL

RT @PeterHi32200905: @BonaJuanita @cynthiaboaz @realDonaldTrump I GOT NEWS FOR THEM!

2018-12-19 18:06

S silizzzle

fashion & beauty journalist/mua | ig: silizzle / sierramitchellmakeup | ubercode: uberSilizzle |📧🗣

And don’t you fuckin forget it

2018-12-19 18:06

Tech Viral TheTechViral

Tech Viral is a Network About Viral Technology News, Hacker news and Latest Hacking Tricks and Tutorials.

How To Disable #Google Assistant On Any #Android Device?: Don’t like the presence of the…

2018-12-19 18:06

Lisa Martin Pingouin LisaMartinPin

RT @MaxBoot: The sound you hear is a million conspiracy theories exploding

2018-12-19 18:06

🇺🇸❤Mulholland Driver 🌟🌟🌟🇺🇸 Cindea6

#God, Family#Country🇺🇸 #MAGA
#Permenantnicelist #Q ARMY #First
werecommingHillary! #FREEJULIANASSANGE

RT @JoeHaz123: @marklevinshow Hans Vestberg must be a seriously unhinged, unstable person; scary he defends Verizon’s unethical policies. C…

2018-12-19 18:06

ハゲスギタレオ🙄🖐🏻 XPFTF0tfzPh1TWG

RT @Slasher: Got @Ninja @JGhosty courtside at the Lakers Nets game. NBA champion Richard Jefferson is a gamer and a fan. "I'm a big fan of…

2018-12-19 18:06

juju JujuMetzger

19yo sportif et passionné par les nouvelles technologies 🔥🦁

RT @namek237: - Passe moi les céréales
- Mais t’es un ours
- Ta femme c’est une grosse chienne et je dis rien
- Frosties ou Chocapic mdr…

2018-12-19 18:06

Web Central TV webcentraltv

The Evolution of Video Streaming and Digital Content Delivery Since 2003

RT @DanRather: Unexpected headlines out ot the Flynn sentencing - another reminder that the judicial branch of our system of government is…

2018-12-19 18:06

maebates maebates

Too vast and trunkless

RT @rolandscahill: Just tuned into Tucker Carlson to see who was advertising and shocked that @ymca of all places was still taking ads... S…

2018-12-19 18:06

bambú_SRH dreamingflying9

Viajera compulsiva!there is not better way to meet yourself!loving Outlander series and books and madly in love Sam Heughan! Supernatural crazy fan too, Arrow🇪🇸

RT @ofthepeach: The OL producers scrambling to find someone to throw under the bus for 4x07 since they can't blame this one on Sam. 😬 https…

2018-12-19 18:06

Татьяна KononenkoTL

RT @KarpenkoBatjar: "Порошенко - кращий президент України за весь час. Таку думку художник і письменник Лесь Подерв'янський висловив в ефір…

2018-12-19 18:06

🐶백앙글🍓 '.ㅅ ' mysteriousmuay

♡ B100현 | 614 🚢💕 짐큥!

RT @MikeAdamOnAir: #LoveShot by @weareoneEXO debuted at #1 on the WW Digital Song Sales Chart!!! Congrats #EXO and #EXOLs!

2018-12-19 18:06

dayang dsuhaida

A person who loves to give a toothy grin.

RT @thisisinsider: This pastry chef makes pastries come to life

2018-12-19 18:06

Ferriel frrlyl


RT @businessinsider: Your fear of clowns explained

2018-12-19 18:06

Will Hedderich willhedderich

Guy interested in political science and people. All I want is to make enough money to live comfortably and not die from exhaustion. Tweets are my own.

RT @Timcast: Patreon top channels have gone beyond breaking the rules.

I won't name them because I don't want them banned. But the evidenc…

2018-12-19 18:06

🏙 youngacejay

New Life ⛅️

RT @Slasher: Here is @Ninja telling Jimmy Fallon why people love to watch other people play video games. No matter your opinion on Ninja, y…

2018-12-19 18:06