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Jamemes Harden HooperShooter

#nba, #basketball, #dubnation, #cavs #NBA #NBAAllStar #Basketbal #Bball #BballisLife #lebronjames #F4F #TeamFOllowBack

this will be me and my son on a daily basis

2018-08-21 20:51

Bees Crunktopus

shitpost shitpost shitpost

RT @kylegriffin1: Mick Mulvany has been making personal pleas to Trump admin officials to protect the viability of a television assembly pl…

2018-08-21 20:51

!broken need a fix brokenNotRecord

RT @kylegriffin1: Mick Mulvany has been making personal pleas to Trump admin officials to protect the viability of a television assembly pl…

2018-08-21 20:51

Wbrossoit BrossoitWard


RT @RealCandaceO: The iPhone X will be the last @AppleSupport product I buy. With all due respect, their products haven’t been innovative s…

2018-08-21 20:51

Nourhaal Saber nourhaalsaber

Seton Hall University💙 President of the Egyptian American Youth Group❤️🇪🇬

.@SigridKaag @markrutte Did you see Rihanna’s message?! Will you make education a priority in your new internationa…

2018-08-21 20:51

D J 🌻🦋 _CC5H

no estuve al principio, pero estaré hasta al final.
@dinahjane97 @Camila_Cabello @LaurenJauregui @AllyBrooke @Normani

RT @MTV: A special lil message from @Camila_Cabello 💜 #VMAs

2018-08-21 20:51

shan yu chanchanyou

Don't follow your dreams, follow my twitter.

Fun fact: the venue is a mall and a v active train station.. imagine the commuters trying to get in the path train 😱

2018-08-21 20:51

Hansi Oppenheimer troubledgirl

Filmmaker/Fangirl. Creator of the award winning docu-series Squee! Project & feature documentary Color Me Obsessed. Pop Culture and Fandom Vlogger

Sometimes, I miss doing extra work. That’s me on My Nane is Earl (L) & on Blue Bloods (R)

2018-08-21 20:51

Fun Stuff ContoursFine

Volunteer Philanthropist. Fun Stuff, C+ Neutral volumes. DO NOT FEED THE FEAR BEAST(S). If you want to promote your bank account, try

@realDonaldTrump ..,.because if medical staff, is severely allergic, to allergic reaction's based on his defenses.…

2018-08-21 20:51

Tita Oli Oli1Tita

RT @Lawrence: Today Melania Trump actually said, "We share one goal: to pave a smooth way forward for our children."

She didn't mean the 5…

2018-08-21 20:51

Rick W rick0327

Retired LEO, who believes 95% of information coming from Main Stream Media is false or staged to cause Americans to fall deeper into debt and despair

@bbusa617 @Rubato126 100% Creep just like his father, Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes, who set people up in his intervie…

2018-08-21 20:51

[૨ყūʝเɳ_ཞє¢кℓєรร] JPReckless2444

#ToonamiFaithful / #VahnAddict / make graphic shit / bad words / loyal bf and other shit...

Graphic Artist for @ToonamiNews & @G4ZDTekTV

RT @RAVIEB: It makes sense that MTV wouldnt really know anything about a good video at point, I’m surprised they didnt give video of the ye…

2018-08-21 20:51

Animation Abundance Addybun

Uhm... I like to animate and stuff. :)
Okay but honestly, I'm just a simple college girl with a vivid imagination. This channel helps me bring my ideas to life.

RT @stelllalights: well rip to lance fighting with his sword we had a nice run spanning like 3 minutes

2018-08-21 20:51

emily kcabllo

fan account ♡

RT @rogerhgold: Honestly doesn’t get any better for me. This is one of those moments you dream about...Madonna giving the @MTV Video of the…

2018-08-21 20:51

JoAnne Fillion joanne_fillion

I may be many things to many others (teacher, nurse, manager, friend) but nothing beats wife, momma, grandma 💚

RT @Lawrence: Today Melania Trump read a 4 minute speech about "cyberbullying prevention" while the 72-year-old father of her 12-year-old s…

2018-08-21 20:51

j'vais voir bts 🌟🌟 Sarah_jiminie

I fell in love with bts in 2014 and I dont feel like stopping | @bts_twt ♡

RT @thestreetsensei: #VMAs canceled tonight for me since @BTS_twt got snubbed 🙄 u gonna tell me their choreo or that beautifully shot video…

2018-08-21 20:51

thiveja pwerpff

RT @kimmythepooh: You’re 8 years old.
Your 3rd grade class orders chinese food & your father delivers it. You are so excited to see your po…

2018-08-21 20:51

Faith Angel Cuizon heyscherbatsky


RT @MTV: Seriously can't get enough of @ArianaGrande 🙌 #VMAs

2018-08-21 20:51

Paul Holdengraber holdengraber

Director, LIVE from the NYPL, Interviewer, Instigator, Agitator of the Mind, Impresario, Cognitive Theater also online

RT @holdengraber: Joshua Cohen: "You’re saying that Proust invented regret?"
Harold Bloom: "But it is regret for something larger. Almost a…

2018-08-21 20:51

Lil Dom Vert🤟🏽‼️ dre_drive


RT @RickyRoseYT: When 2K19 taking forever to come out

2018-08-21 20:51

✨IvAnA🖤🌈🇵🇷 ivanalovecamila

#CNCOwner✨ #Nova☄️ #Harmonizer🌸 #Camilizer🌹 #OT5 #Dinahsty🎆 #Jaguar🌈 #Puertorican 🇵🇷

RT @MTV: A special lil message from @Camila_Cabello 💜 #VMAs

2018-08-21 20:51

Harry S. Truman AbombTrinity


@ksngtysofficial チキンとトマトの相性抜群ですね


2018-08-21 20:51

Lisa tetik LisaTetik

RT @dodo: This blind and deaf puppy used to be so anxious — but he's a completely different dog now, thanks to his new family 💞 …

2018-08-21 20:51

Peter M Carlino CPA PeterCarlinoCPA

Peter M Carlino CPA PLLC Republican/Conservative

Good Morning 😀 🐦🐦

2018-08-21 20:51

Alwyn Burton ShottaKaz


So many things to do, so little time. Clear your schedule and ... More for Libra

2018-08-21 20:51

Spectrum News NY1 NY1

Spectrum News NY1 is a 24-hr news network in NYC. @NY1 is on Facebook (NY1News), Instagram (NY1) and Snapchat (NY1News).

Watch @deanmeminger train with the NYPD bicycle unit down stairs! Also known as the Strategic Response Group, the u…

2018-08-21 20:51

meen-a PitmanMena

bitches be truly bonkers

RT @ItsAlexJackson: everyone: teenagers need to focus on more important things

teenagers: *talk about politics, feminism, race, sexuality…

2018-08-21 20:51

Jack Dwyer WarriorBBall5

Clemson '19

RT @VINNYGUADAGNINO: Can’t wait to see u baby 😘

2018-08-21 20:51

Xiu - schied - 8418 × Redjoyvt

• Duplicate of Park Sooyoung • Part of Red Velvet ☘ The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step ☘ • Reveluv
• Unni-yaa @Roseantpark ☘ Aphroditeuz

RT @papermagazine: The summer's not hot without Red Velvet! ❤️ @RVsmtown

2018-08-21 20:51

green beans birdsRgood

ignore it sorry

be the gay cowboy, and cute

2018-08-21 20:51

atikah nuratikahnz

saya suka tidur dan makeup

RT @thekayanova: 8/18/18 was reported to be the most popular wedding date of 2018, with over 28,000 weddings planned. So if you felt like e…

2018-08-21 20:51

Barbara R BarbIllinois10

Liberal. #NotMyPresident, broths on #DailyKos, #TheResistanceParty #shepersisted, NO Lists!🐶🐶

RT @Amy_Siskind: It’s the aggregation of the stories lost in the chaos that is so alarming: 9 states purging voter rolls, GA closing pollin…

2018-08-21 20:51

Bob Bennett rlbenett

Government & Politics and avid Trump supporter #maga and aboard the #Trump Train

RT @foxandfriends: Sister Mary Jo Sobieck stunned with her perfect first pitch at a White Sox game, & now she's looking to make a splash on…

2018-08-21 20:51

Leigh Crosby🍀 teaandmagnolias

“We are the spark that lights the fire.”

RT @MrDane1982: David Hogg take a good look at ageism, sexism and mgyonism

Nancy Pelosi March 26, 1940 - age 78 years

Paul Ryan January…

2018-08-21 20:51

Freshest Austen ♻ oustennkululek1

God first...Always fresh and positive....

RT @XXL: .@smokepurpp came through to the MTV #VMAs

2018-08-21 20:51

KIM Kim39283918

Just bts

RT @PopCrush: The new @BTS_twt #LoveYourselfAnswer track list has us hyped

2018-08-21 20:51

CD Sintierra7

RT @profcarroll: Bolton’s has authority over US election cyber security. Our nation’s top civilian breach hunter has delivered Bolton’s Sup…

2018-08-21 20:51

SouthernJazz❌🇺🇸 MelMeHayes

John 16:33 I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

RT @seanhannity: Parents who lost their son in Afghanistan blast retired Navy Admiral McRaven for his anti-Trump oped

2018-08-21 20:51

Margaret Antosca dateach51

Elementary School Teacher for 30 years - mostly substituting these days. I enjoy arts and crafts and reading a lot.

Social networking can be tricky, personally and professionally... More for Scorpio

2018-08-21 20:51

Nadeem Mian MianAdvisor

A Wealth Management Quarterback, Financial Planning, Investments, RBC, Proud Husband and Father of 4

RT @petenajarian: Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going....

2018-08-21 20:51

JezebelCams JezebelCams_TW

No registration free live cam shows 💗A damn good blog about the best pornstars in the bizz 💗Daily porn videos & GIFs 💗

RT Ersties: Zazi & Violet 😍

Strap on in, it's one hell of a ride 😜

Full Shoot & Pics [Free View] 🔞🎥👉…

2018-08-21 20:51

❌Kek I Serve❌ ichoosesafe

Conservative Bi Racial Self Identifying as White cos it is OK to be white. Self appointed ambassador for Kekistan in South Africa #MAGA KIS6THOT003

@campusreform Switch off the internet for a week and make them feel what it feels like living in a shithole country…

2018-08-21 20:51

Bearded Browns Fan Browns_Beard32

I'm just here so I don't get fined. Tweets seen on @Espn @BleacherReport @SInow @WKYC and more... #Browns #TeamLebron

RT @gmfb: What does @MylesLGarrett predict for Cleveland in 2018?

"A winning season."

The @Browns DE is looking to give teams hell and s…

2018-08-21 20:51

Cindy eclectetsy

RT @BigMikeLINY: @NYGovCuomo You said...
“We’re not making America great again. It was NEVER that great.”
You hate President Trump more th…

2018-08-21 20:51

juliaaa Azalyangregner

random shit with lots of fat

Ngano ang mga babay dali ra ma pul an? — Ask yourself first ug gi unsa nimo pagda imong girl mao na pul-an siya

2018-08-21 20:51

Young roof young_roof

Retired Army 20 years DV (Tanker M1A1) IN GOD I TRUST.

RT @AmyMek: Media Blackout - HAMAS is targeting Christians in USA!

CAIR Director Jaylani Hussein has been targeting & Intimidating Minneso…

2018-08-21 20:51

TheArticleTrunk TheArticleTrunk

PRESS DIGEST- Canada-Aug 21

2018-08-21 20:51

Donna Donna57013956

RT @nyshelterpets: 🐕 Come adopt #ELLA before it's too late! #petlovers She needs your TLC! #AdoptMe ❤️ …

2018-08-21 20:51

EricS EricRaif1

#TheResistance #FBR If at this point you still support Trump, you’re either a fool or a bot/troll. Either way you’ll get thrown into my blocked list!

RT @WSJ: Omarosa Manigault Newman said White House staff adjusted Trump's schedule so his public appearances were only after late morning.…

2018-08-21 20:51

mdfazende mdfazende

Reformed adman desperately seeking truth, meaning and an
occasional good night's sleep.

RT @Zac_Petkanas: Republicans campaigning on MS-13 as an issue are no better than George Wallace.

It's intentionally stoking racial resent…

2018-08-21 20:51

Stefanie Zulkarnaen anticebongs


@VIVAcoid jempol buat @Telkomsel 👍👍👍

2018-08-21 20:51

John Lemon🍋(ジョンレノンは俺の尊師) JohnLennon__No9

rock 'n' rollに憧れるクソ餓鬼。中3。 趣味、映画鑑賞/音楽聴く/絵を描く/ギターいじり/外出/トレーニング、など。 かなりの変人。。。 刺激を求める毎日でいたいね。【ジョンレノンは俺の尊師】 下ネタもブラックジョークも大好きなので気軽に話しかけてきてね!

@eidoro3 変態糞土方訳したら強そうになって帰ってきた

2018-08-21 20:51

janice thorpe janicethorpe19

RT @neiltyson: I’m okay with a US Space Force. But what we need most is a Truth Force — one that defends against all enemies of accurate in…

2018-08-21 20:51

TheRealDerrick FuckWithD

It’s Just Twitter

RT @FrencHMonTanA: Don’t kill yourself trying to kill somebody !!! Don’t let that go over your head 🙏

2018-08-21 20:51

Platanorico69 Platanorico69

Dominican. What's your fantasy?

platanorico69: CUM watch some good quality shit. Join the PLATANO movement. 🇩🇴...

2018-08-21 20:51

Stacy Michelle Barrington StacyMichelleB

Eccentric/pagan/artist/niece of actors Jerry Maren (Wizard of Oz Lollipop Munchkin), Elizabeth Barrington, and comics expert Stephen Barrington/cute and silly

RT @Pfro: Just so we all don’t forget what the fuck were fighting for:

2018-08-21 20:51

Barbara Ehrlich barb71

Love animals. Support the Police , Military and Firefighter’s. Helping get the word out about #PTSD

@HonoredValor @EchoinRamadi @emaglaw @McginnKeven @deerman118 @wcwinc @dontcavitate @deel173 @MMchiefsquid…

2018-08-21 20:51

Viviix ⭐️⭐️ RamassamyVithya


RT @MTV: Seriously can't get enough of @ArianaGrande 🙌 #VMAs

2018-08-21 20:51

Misty Mdbirdy27

RT @TwitterMoments: Jakiw Palij, believed to be the last Nazi collaborator living in the US, was deported to Germany.

2018-08-21 20:51

𝓰𝓸𝓸𝓭𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓷 𝓰𝓸 chaxmoonlight

KꂅᏉ ᎠꂅᏕꂅᏒᏉꂅᏕ ᕱլլ Ϯ♅ꂅ ♅ᕱᎵᎵᎥภꂅᏕᏕ Ꭵภ Ϯ♅ꂅ ᎳԾᏒլᎠ ❤️ AᏒᎥᕱภᕱ ᎥภᏉꂅภϮꂅᎠ ოuᏕᎥ꒝ ❤️ Wꂅ ᕱլլ ꊰꂅꂅլ ᕱ լᎥϮϮլꂅ ꊰu꒝КꂅᎠ Ꭵო ᏕԾოꂅϮᎥოꂅᏕ

RT @MTV: "Pete Davidson, thanks for existing." Same, @ArianaGrande. Same. #VMAs

2018-08-21 20:51

Chris Prawdzik cprawdz

RT @LacrosseNetwork: Like if you’d play ice laxdosse

2018-08-21 20:51

Billy somerbill

Mental health professional + utopian anarchist 👨🏻‍⚕️🏴♥️

@StaticTician I personally find that mindful awareness makes me more active, not less! I like this little video des…

2018-08-21 20:51

Nichole ✨✨✨ tnwhiskeywoman

repped by @kieleraymond. poetry book LILITH, BUT DARK out now via @pubgen. co-host BuzzFeed’s @thirstaidkit. writing a memoir. will also write for film&tv.

RT @cxorlando: Day 1 of #TheSealeyChallenge was yesterday! Lilith, but Dark by @tnwhiskeywoman was exquisite

2018-08-21 20:51

Erik van Lennep Green_Heart

Climate Innovator, Change-Maker: Educator, Trainer. Sustainable Innovation and Strategy Consultant & Designer.

RT @maddow: Cabinet official from Gov Rick Snyder's administration -- chief of the state's Department of Health and Human Services -- will…

2018-08-21 20:51

🇰🇮 raury_surfing

Creative Writer, Journalist, Filmmaker based in Hartford Connecticut. Grinding trying to secure work I care about #feedingtheyouth.

RT @neiltyson: I’m okay with a US Space Force. But what we need most is a Truth Force — one that defends against all enemies of accurate in…

2018-08-21 20:51

Dinner Leader JeffPKramer

Recovering historian, writer, snarkist. Mostly here for Star Wars. He/Him. AO3: ErrantAdventure

RT @nytimes: Kelly Marie Tran deleted her Instagram posts this summer in response to online harassment. Here she speaks out for the first t…

2018-08-21 20:51

ViACamila/27-06 gambix_

≈ ∞ ∆ // Mirar como muere otro poeta sin que nadie supiese que lo era. Camila Cabello 🦋. 🏳️‍🌈

RT @SonyMusicU: Look at our queen @Camila_Cabello getting ready for the #VMAs tonight 😍

2018-08-21 20:51

J A T A N D✍🏾 Julien_Ths17

🇳🇪 X 🇫🇷 TC à l'IUT de Lens

RT @Diddy: Accept nothing less than greatness. #MondayMotivation

2018-08-21 20:51

Carmella Storino StorinoCarmella

Proud Deplorable. MAGA. Trump train. Love our President

RT @ThePatriot006: Trumps black support at 36%. They are freaking out. Don't fall for the globalist communist plan. Racism in America is de…

2018-08-21 20:51

JoshLia Unicorn 💚🦄🌈 Joshlia_Unicorn

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

RT @Babas_NY: Tweet na tayo for the second episode #NgayonAngBagongBuhay

2018-08-21 20:51

Pippa Stevens PippaStevens13

@CNBC @HalftimeReport @Princeton

RT @CNBC: After more than a century behind bars, the animals on boxes of animal crackers are roaming free. https://…

2018-08-21 20:51

Joseph Pond pond4cobb

Independent, Property rights activist who believes in smaller government, lower taxes, and equal rights. Union Man- 'To each their own & God bless everyone!'

RT @JoeMyGod: Catholic League "Debunks" Pennsylvania Molestation Scandal: It's Not Rape When The Child Isn't Penetrated -

2018-08-21 20:51

Solo Loves Nippy Jandjsmom1

I'm Every Woman, it's all in me. Anything you want done baby, I'll do it naturally. 💥

RT @lezvma: I slept so good last night.

2018-08-21 20:51

Ranjit katiwyal ranjitkatiywal

RT @PrudourResearch: Future Industrial Trends of Global Marine Grease Market Analysis by Expert
To know more Insightful information, click…

2018-08-21 20:51

Marie sfmckigney

Californian. Nurse. Healthy people make me happy.

RT @MrDane1982: The 2 assault weapons bans before Congress are co-sponsored by 195 Democrats & 0 Republicans

David Hogg, Nancy Pelosi isn'…

2018-08-21 20:51

Israa israa_fayz22


2018-08-21 20:51

Metal Sheep Season DpEsho

I wish I had a low IQ so I could feel what you saying, I’m your role model's role model. I need that happy beginning, middle and ending. Metal 🐐 with 🐉 energy

RT @prizord: Jeremih been playing with voodoo dolls.

2018-08-21 20:51

HighHeelHero highheelhero

Love the heels but hate the pain? Your cries have been heard! This is for all the women who love to wear heels! Who is your #HighHeelHero

Rules of life! #TuesdayThoughts #Motivation

2018-08-21 20:51

LouiiV LouiivBeatz

Artist🔁Producer Soundcloud Audiomack Youtube Spinrilla Rapcatchup credits: @rico_recklezz @keyisqueen @dntbop


2018-08-21 20:51

chris superfunboy1012

4EVER - School of Social Work - Activist - Give each other a helping hand - Saint Leo🦁

RT @TheCut: Nicki Minaj reminded Tiffany Haddish not to mess with Fifth Harmony because "Normani is that b*tch" #VM…

2018-08-21 20:51

Tara Rice MyTaraarice

RT @TheDemCoalition: Whatever you do don’t retweet this terrifying interview @Funder just did with a psychologist who confirms that @realDo…

2018-08-21 20:51

Keyona K_Amoni

🦋 • USF Alumna • Grad Student • Pitbull mom • Blogger • R.I.P. Davares 🖤

RT @SoLovelynAmazin: All that face. Least he could do is spread them eyes out.

2018-08-21 20:51

The G 🍃 George_I_H

RT @2wentyFour_: “I pUt mY bLooD sWeat & tEaRs inTo wRitinG a dOpE aLbUm”...

2018-08-21 20:51

Hdin #SayangiMalaysiaku #TeamMAS 🇲🇾 HdinHafizuddin

Manners maketh man. Javanese. Geologist. Running is my passion. Currently stress. #MalaysiaBaru

RT @Shikarius: Please greet my new little brother, G Dragon

2018-08-21 20:51

John Bedford LeBedford

New York Giants, Cleveland Cavaliers, Nike, Jordan, Sneakerhead #UPBGolf ⛳️

RT @getnickwright: MJ was absolutely amazing and this is as smooth as it gets, but I'm just impressed he was able to get past those brutal…

2018-08-21 20:51

Minger evilminger


RT @OnlineMagazin: 🤪👮‍♂️☀ Hi folks! Tuesday, the weather is fine, the sun is shining, and in the British diversity villages everything is c…

2018-08-21 20:51

temporarily dead in the face dxyzolaa

🇳🇬 x ☪️ | here for chaos and laughter

RT @TheCut: Nicki Minaj reminded Tiffany Haddish not to mess with Fifth Harmony because "Normani is that b*tch" #VM…

2018-08-21 20:51

Dre Jax DreJaxBx

All sports...all the time...when i'm not in the real world.

@Miss_Met Wow....I'm sorry 😑

2018-08-21 20:51

Ҟąى¡๓ɓ¡ DonaldSturna

#RealMadrid👑 to the bone


2018-08-21 20:51

Jill Nehman DaytonTiger

RT @paulkrugman: Nobody could have predicted that tax cuts would be followed by calls to cut SS and Medicare to reduce deficits, except any…

2018-08-21 20:51

Jacko Kozbialiĉ 🇵🇱 🇭🇷 JacekKozbial

Przeciętny Polak, dla którego słowa: Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna są wciąż aktualne i ważne.🇭🇷

RT @OnlineMagazin: 🆘‼🤪🔥 #Turkey: Several educated #Erdogan followers did not obey their Sultan's command to exchange dollars for the Turkis…

2018-08-21 20:51

cla . . . | #AnswerIn3Days ! flirteons

[🐱 ♡ 🐰] | best tea? you exisiting. | a fan/personal account | misses lil meow meow :(

RT @vuy_thien: @bts_bighit Oh BTS
I vote for #KIMTAEHYUNG #V of @BTS_twt for most handsome face of 2018

2018-08-21 20:51

michellepeck michellepeck

Wife, mother, holistic RN, passionate about homeopathy, wife of a veteran, Conservative, Catholic Christian.

RT @AmyMek: Today on the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha, throats of tied-up, fully conscious animals are slit, w/o cutting the spinal cord,…

2018-08-21 20:51

Love yourSelf Answer gNadelyn_

"We have lots to pitch in.There's no knowing what will come. But hard work will get us somewhere"-Jungkook 170403

RT @MTV: Seriously can't get enough of @ArianaGrande 🙌 #VMAs

2018-08-21 20:51

Matt Dunbar mattdunbar057


2018-08-21 20:51

No2Another1933 Not1933

WTF, everyone! Really?

Hey @realDonaldTrump!

That oreo kiss-ass addled-by-his sycophancy-to-you moron / idiot you laude with compliments,…

2018-08-21 20:51

Sahyadihsb sahyadihsb

pemburu rupiah

RT @medallion_medal: Medallion Airdrop 2 (AVATAR CAMPAIGN)

👥Join now and get 30,000 MEDAL limited to 5K users👥

2018-08-21 20:51

Eli Bosnick elibosnick

Comedian/Podcaster Co-Host of God Awful Movies,The Scathing Atheist, The Skepticrat, and Citaton Needed....I also have a blog

I chose correctly

2018-08-21 20:51

bal küpü peter hanımefendi peterpetrovski

teferruatla ilgilenmiyorum.

RT @loonybinsblog: dunyanin en tatli arkadasligina hazir misiniz? lily tomlin jane fonda’nin mug shotini bastirip canta yapmis 💙❤️ https://…

2018-08-21 20:51

Chris Havel hickman52

RT @paulkrugman: Nobody could have predicted that tax cuts would be followed by calls to cut SS and Medicare to reduce deficits, except any…

2018-08-21 20:51