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Alejandra 🧡 kalejandra00002

ig/ sc: alejandra00002💛 "si vas a jugar conmigo, procura que yo también me divierta" 🏌🏼‍♀️😎Barça❤️💙⚽️. -con la abeja incluida-🐝💓

RT @crystaalgarciia: eres el "adios" que mas me dolio

2018-10-16 04:19

Chas Rich ChasRich27

Creator/owner of and freelance writer/editor

@CraigMeyerPG basically, as offenses in CFB have become more prolific and open, his numbers have declined.

2018-10-16 04:19

Shawnasaurus Rex ShawnG927

Political #humor #satire 😄 #memes ! #Patriot 🇺🇸 #MAGA #Military #Police #Christian #CCOT #1A #2A #Qanon #80s #CLE sports and #OSU #Buckeyes #followback

RT @ShawnG927: Breaking: Even more evidence the Elizabeth Warren is indeed an Indian ! 🤣🤣

2018-10-16 04:19

carmen dicicco🍭 Carmen_Dicicco_

senior @ mayfield || proverbs 3:15-18 🦋

RT @MayfieldSports: Support the Mayfield Tennis team tonight at the Wilson Mills Chipotle from 4-8 PM. Make sure to tell them you are ther…

2018-10-16 04:19

Michael Dana xxmikelinexx

I like to make fun of people. I love all things and everything Cleveland sports. tOSU grad #Buckeyes. CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. #Cavs

Also #Poppunk forever.

My buddy at work who is a die hard #Patriots fan just rallied off this 20 minute cluster fuck of a situation where…

2018-10-16 04:19

Rebecca (ctrlFrequency) ctrlFrequency

Snarky and loudmouthed (they said it like it was a bad thing) gaming girl with a lot of opinions on a crusade for equality with a love of giant space robots

Why are Americans so obsessed with being Irish? Not knocking the Irish, not in the least l. But…

2018-10-16 04:19

Cleveland Catholic CLECatholic

Browns, Indians, Cavs, Catholic, Latin Mass

RT @TheCLE: 48 hours of fall in Cleveland: 🍁🍂 #ThisisCLE #Fall

2018-10-16 04:19

Sandra goofytoes

Mother of two beautiful daughters and a son that I love spending time with, and young grandma(ne-ne) to the sweetest grandbaby! love football, movies and music.

RT @Browns: 🚨 RT for a chance to win a pair of @Bose #QC35 II headphones! 🚨


2018-10-16 04:19

Tom Regas tregas

Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others..Socrates / RT means look at this / sorry but if your identity isn’t attached I don’t follow

Cool 😎 Now do the Bush Whitehouse and a never ending war based on cooked intelligence and benefitting Halliburton a…

2018-10-16 04:19

tuh-far-eye HI_Im_Tafari

Today is the day you decide to make your destiny. Go take that nap, bitch.

@bacon_station You're a lamp now

2018-10-16 04:19

Kathryn Nichole romance_grl

Writer. Anime/Manga aficionado. Romantic. Bookworm. Believer in fairness. Dictionary reader. Music lover. Daydreamer. Saved by grace. Jeremiah 29:11.

RT @TheCLE: Thanks for the love, @vindicator! #ThisisCLE #Travel

2018-10-16 04:19

Nancy Beach nancymbeach

I'm a passionate blogger, writer, wife, mom, follower of Christ, daughter, sister, and friend. I believe in living today as if it was my last - no regrets.

Great Writing Conference @LorainPLSystem. Thank you @BrianKlems and @vselvaggio1 for lots of great information. I l…

2018-10-16 04:19

Michael Right MichaelWWERight

Nascar,WWE,gaming ,anime,music and my family are #life and #life is good

@idontlovethat add me on Snapchat gamerx83

2018-10-16 04:19

Wellz Dwellz90

Sports and occasional random thoughts! Try not to get muted! #RollTribe #Browns #Cavs

RT @KenCarman: No Joe Schobert for a bit. That’s a pisser.

2018-10-16 04:19

Lake Catholic Art Department catholic_lake

Some sketchbook assignments

2018-10-16 04:19

Urban City Unplugged urbancity216

Urban City Unplugged is an online based radio station that caters to up and coming indy artists, djs and musicians

Blackest Panther- Cant Say rxt mp3

2018-10-16 04:19

rileigh💫 Rileigh_22

Freshmen @ Wghs 22’

@chloesandss Chloe u looked gorgeous 🤩🤩🤩🤩

2018-10-16 04:19

Amanda Moore amandairene426

Tattoos. Science/Medicine. Cats. Weed. Lil Wayne. Ricky Johnson. IG: amanda_moore426 Snapchat: mandii426x2 Find me on fet too! PayPal:

Happy Monday

2018-10-16 04:19

Cash Flow 2K (KillaChinRider) Cashflow9ball

#nba2k19 #2ktips #KillaChinRider #tricks
2k all-day everyday ,legit baller, defensive menace 2K tutorial content creator ,youtuber

new room to gamble on #nba2k19 #KillaChinRider

2018-10-16 04:19

Abbott and Costello Meet Frank Cvetkovic GoFrankGo

Ace comic book letterer. | I'm not nearly as funny as I think I am. | He/Him

ROCKSTAR CO-FOUNDER: Like, eight people have died during the making of our Cowboy Times™ game... so you KNOW it's gonna be good!

2018-10-16 04:19

Snow Magazine GIESnowMagazine

GIE Media's Snow Magazine is the leading business management publication serving the commercial and residential snow and ice removal industry.

In light of the recent talk of rock salt shortages, snow industry veteran John Allin revisits his assessment of sal…

2018-10-16 04:19

Cleveland Grapevine Cleveland_News_

Entertainment & Book Reviews. Outdoors, Sports, Business and Travel... and so much More.

The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain. -Colin Wilson

2018-10-16 04:19

8/20♌️ life_2short_

ImmaDieARealNigga-In order to succeed,your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure #Leo speak my mind -Ramone Pelham

@SwezzySpeilberg Facts I’m tryna lay low on the beef to & oh shit I jus peep bro I ain’t here from u in years u still be on the Box

2018-10-16 04:19

chola savageswxtheart

🇲🇽 permanecer salado 🇵🇷

i’m too fine to cry bitch pull yourself together

2018-10-16 04:19

maggot rnarge

you can’t arrest me. i’m the cake boss

@ablakelock9 well i’m glad it isn’t all for naught

2018-10-16 04:19

Air Conditioned Hell Kasina__

Aspiring House-Husband || Brand Ambassador - Thoughts and Prayers International || Underground Bibliophile || Milk and Samosa Enthusiast || Cycologist

RT @JasonStraffen15: dude imagine being a bug and accidentally getting stuck in a car and driving far af away from everything you know

2018-10-16 04:19

Joseph Jennings triplejennings

take nothing I put here seriously

@ashleekronikk_ Me too yee yee 🤠

2018-10-16 04:19

tiff ✈ trg_62

bears are the cutest no one fight me on this

RT @VictoriaXoxo_12: Nahhh we’re not supporting bitches that litter

2018-10-16 04:19

tuh-far-eye HI_Im_Tafari

Today is the day you decide to make your destiny. Go take that nap, bitch.

@_abookwitch yas...... QUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNN

2018-10-16 04:19

KSwin216 KevinSwindler

@BrownsFilmBDN Finally someone has called out Jaime Collins!! Thank you....and this clip shows you why Belicheck go…

2018-10-16 04:19

Spooky Meg🎃 meganpretty_

Central State University✨

RT @FrankBallisLife: I Needa Go To Sleep For Like 2 Days Straight & Wake Up

2018-10-16 04:19

NCS Credit NCScredit

NCS is the authority in commercial collections, the mechanic’s lien process and UCC filings. Secure your receivables to mitigate risk and improve cash flow.

Join us 10/23 at 1:00 pm for the Webinar: The Basics of the Lien and Bond Claim Process | NCS Credit

2018-10-16 04:19

Dominique 🥀 _DJohnsonn

Mackenzie Lynn 🦋

RT @216ix: Idk about y’all but I still love music videos

2018-10-16 04:19

Matthew Corentin matthewcorentin

Global Technological Sales Manager - Rain Bird Golf Division. University of Georgia Turfgrass Alumni.Saturdays Belong To Football. Life is better on the slopes!

RT @Golfdom: Today's the last day to submit your dog for the 2019 Underdogs of Turf calendar. Don't miss out, send yours in now: …

2018-10-16 04:19

The Kennel Cleveland Football Podcast FootballKennel

Listen to The Kennel - A Cleveland Football Podcast! #GoBrowns #UnitedByStripes Hosted by @IAmStevieJames & @ObiDankKenobi

@germandawgpound @DawgPoundEast AGREED

2018-10-16 04:19

Kelly G IamKellyG

Mom, wife, Steelers fan

RT @CleClinicMD: Vascular dyplasias are among the most-feared complications of the most common of the neurocutaneous syndromes. #CNSMeeting…

2018-10-16 04:19

The Land LASteelers

Cleveland sports fan. Thats about it.

@RuiterWrongFAN Is he talking to Haley or to us?

2018-10-16 04:19

Cavs Nation CavsNationNet

Your Official Source For All 2016 NBA CHAMPION Cleveland Cavaliers News, Updates, & Highlights!

TW: A look at some potential concerns for the #Cavs in the first year of the post-LeBron era.

2018-10-16 04:19

#S4GTiller 🔮☄️📸🌴 RabbTiller2k

22 l Current PG for @BirdiesRevenge_ l MPBA Season 10 Honorable Mention/All-Rookie 1st Team l Xbox WR Select #1 Overall Pick| GT: RabbTiller Member Of @S4GClan

RT @RabbTiller2k: SKIP THAT LANE.

2018-10-16 04:19

Andrew Hallock Hallock

JavaScript developer in CLE.

@JRubinBlogger She proved nothing with this test. You're fake news.

2018-10-16 04:19

Aaron Ashley AaronAshley32

RT @LNSPMensHoops: Wed D1/D2 - Subcity holds off Team Bolin 95-88, @AaronAshley32 32pts, D.Pulley 18pts,7rebs,5asts, @SircharlesWill1 18pts…

2018-10-16 04:19

SPC Marine Marketing SPCmarine

A small social media marketing company with extensive experience in the marine industry.

RT @CMIContent: What does the future of demand gen hold for content marketers? 🤔 Find out during our first-ever Demand Generation Summit.…

2018-10-16 04:18



2018-10-16 04:18

shanelly BBYNELLZ

afro-boricua, equality enthusiast, queer🌈


2018-10-16 04:18

DansDeals DansDeals

Miles, Credit Cards, Deals, Free Stuff and more at or Points addict. 5th generation Cleveland proud. #LetsGoTribe

Orgain Organic Vanilla Bean Protein Powder 2.03 Pound Jar For $14.01-$16.56 Shipped Via Amazon Subscribe And Save

2018-10-16 04:18

Alek Babel alekbabel

Raised Minnesotan, living in Cleveland. Licensed IL Structural Engineer, #runnerd #redeyeroyalty MARATHONER! THPer #ImWithChad

@MeltzVegas @LasVegasLocally You can tell who the northerners are around there in January and February. We're out t…

2018-10-16 04:18

Mike Zeuli Mjzeuli5

RT @captain_cactus: Happy birthday mike! @Mjzeuli5

2018-10-16 04:18

Terri L Bambakakis bambakakis

Mother of 3, step mother of 3, and grandmother of 13. I'm a devoted Christian. It’s my faith, and love for my family that takes me from one day to the next

A need to watch Hannity tonight to find out this explosive footage of SenMcCaskill 👇👇

2018-10-16 04:18

CelticJade13 CelticJade13

The Five-Year-Old Who Was Detained at the Border and Persuaded to Sign Away Her Rights

2018-10-16 04:18

TerminatorX129 TheCool129

Just another black man trying to make his mark in the world. I have been drawing since I was a kid and I hope to do something in animation.

@BUNNYH00D 👏👏👏👏my kinda woman 😱😍🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹

2018-10-16 04:18

yes im vegan michaelasuxxx

poli sci student, #1 koRn fan / jordan 🍑 ✡️ ☭

honestly ... i’m wet

2018-10-16 04:18

Ben Axelrod BenAxelrod

Digital producer/sportswriter: @wkyc. Author: Urban Meyer vs. College Football. Child of the WWF Attitude Era. 2018 Winking Lizard Tour of Beers Finisher.

According to the Browns' online roster, Breshad Perriman will wear No. 19. No word yet on whether or not he called…

2018-10-16 04:18

Pacino PrimeTime__10

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. @GrandEmpire_ is the team PluggedOrUnPlugg 🔌 Podcast host •👻 Prime.10~ IG: Just__prime

RT @beam23team: Where the hoop spot at today

2018-10-16 04:18

Blunt Virgo _JoeSeth

Arrogant & Humble

RT @AryihK: Being Hispanic don’t make you black lmao.....

2018-10-16 04:18

Christine Parker • Editor Chickadee_Rev

freelance book editor • she/her • I like smutty novels, knitting shawls, and tattoos • sometimes I say bad words

The narrator of this audiobook
pronounces “gif” with a hard G and I don’t think I can listen anymore.

2018-10-16 04:18

Abbott and Costello Meet Frank Cvetkovic GoFrankGo

Ace comic book letterer. | I'm not nearly as funny as I think I am. | He/Him

Today has required raspberry Jaffa Cakes.

2018-10-16 04:18

Smallz 81smallz

Never No More

Culture vultures go right up there with global warming when it comes to killing the earth

2018-10-16 04:18

Susan Seitz sjsarnp

Conservative , family of military men and law enforcement

RT @LalaDenihan: I fear people do no understand that voting is an American's CIVIC DUTY, not right. In our Constitutional Republic it is th…

2018-10-16 04:18

GoldysFatSpoopyBussyArea HerLowerBussy

19 Y/o Male. Love long walks on the beach and im ready to ming.....Oh Shit this ain't Tinder

@AMMercer1997 @GoldGloveTV It'll be on twitch

2018-10-16 04:18

Buttercup TabithaTimmss

23. CSU. Easy to amuse, hard to impress. Founder of @Roarreports former @Allpunkedup journalist, bylines at @Vindi_CSU.


2018-10-16 04:18

Liv livjstromme

Building the future of democracy w/ @Votem | @Venture4America Fellow | 5th Generation North Dakotan | #Skol

Hey @kairyssdal.... am I just a millennial or is Super Bass by Nicki Minaj starting to make an appearance in the background of @Marketplace?

2018-10-16 04:18

JGL Strategy JGLStrategy

Inquiry-based, outcome-driven, relentlessly client-focused consulting firm helping organizations excel in strategy, culture, and execution.

RT @civiccollab1: Aspirational questions from @CF_Conference What questions will inspire your community to thrive? #collaboration …

2018-10-16 04:18

☭ Antifa Payroll Dept ☭ NoahHerschberg

Working Class Sucker/Useful Idiot of the Elite


@thisisthyempire @CatoInstitute @DougBurgum Word. DM me whenever, dude.

2018-10-16 04:18

🐲Merdock Parker🐲 MerdockParker

21 year old audio engineer, guitar player, songwriter, weird art enthusiast, Queen lover

@BUNNYH00D The last one has me like wtf. How do you not like utada hikaru?

2018-10-16 04:18

Setback ABitofaSetback

Sure, I make my share of mistakes but in the end the world gets saved so it's all good!

RT @handelabra: Did you miss the special #TalesFromTheArchive stream last night? Watch episode #63 - "Groove Crusaders" with narration by @…

2018-10-16 04:18

Justin Lyons jayelplanner

City Planner | Urbanist | Cyclist | Chief music creator at Opinions are my own.

RT @schmangee: 90% of the solutions tech wizards come up with for our transportation problems could be solved just by taking street space r…

2018-10-16 04:18

David OHtruegod

Midwest fighting game player. Dhalsim/Yoshimitsu. 🔮@PaluShina🔮beats me up a lot 🤕

So SonicFox has been to Grand Finals in SoulCalibur 6 twice now? 🤨

2018-10-16 04:18

Anson Joey Hill ahill_81

@MichaelEstimeWX Do you have a better idea of the timing for Wednesday's rain?

2018-10-16 04:18

thekidJAYDOE💔❄💸 Jaydoe59808925

tryna find hope in a hopeless world⛄

nationwide bikelife,

young ceo💸💰🖕

RT @jake_yb: i grew up on ramen and that shit will always be good to me 😂😂😂

2018-10-16 04:18

Kitty _klms_

♈️ | PrayForTheWorld | 💓|

I need a nap after work before I can do anything else today.

2018-10-16 04:18

mags beancassaroli

im never really sure what to say.


@AllPackedUp666 sure!! Just text me and I'll tell you if I'm still at the house ❤️🏵️💮

2018-10-16 04:18

OPB 🇺🇸 CLETrumpFan

Hopeful Cleveland Browns fan - Proud Conservative - Supports President Trump & the MAGA agenda - Blocked by @Rosie - OJ Did It

@SenWarren cheekbones are 1/1024th higher than anyone else's.


2018-10-16 04:18

Blade Brown™ FilthyRich216

RT @CIVMx: i need to travel more.

2018-10-16 04:18

dani lioneatszebra

Kind of funny and a dinosaur enthusiast.

For the same reason former FBI director James Comey had to send his letter to Congress about @HillaryClinton’s emai…

2018-10-16 04:18

Diamond x_babyk

I love who I’m fucking with. 😊

2018-10-16 04:18

Ivan Stankovic Ivan_Echocardio

Head of Echocardiography, Clinical Hospital Centre Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia and Acting President, Echocardiographic Society of Serbia *tweets are my own*

RT @EiranGorodeski: 25% of patients with heart failure would give up >50% of their survival to have perfect health. @jspertus #cvGeri #Choo…

2018-10-16 04:18

Crack Baby Creigh Shell_Of_A_Man

Matt Gerard’s cousin.

Fentanyl ain’t free #BostonStrong

2018-10-16 04:18

Roar Reports RoarReports

Reporting on your favorite bands • a source to help you find your next. Founded by: @Tabithatimmss. 📧:

Check it out!

2018-10-16 04:18

Jen Riess JenRiess

Do no harm & be an advocate for good • Roll Tribe • DM XXIV • @CRC_BGSU

This is everything

2018-10-16 04:18

Great Lakes Futsal GreatLakeFutsal

Futsal Leagues, Teams, Tournaments and Instruction for youth, adults and referees in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Toledo, Mentor, Willoughby Ohio.

2018-10-16 04:18

Kenneth comefollowmek3

Prayer answers everything Instagram:kingken2387

@yafavoriteaunty Yeah ok lol

2018-10-16 04:18

kelis💰🔝 knexttttdoor

follow me on insta- k.nexttttdoor💘

Who gettin’ me a Gucci headband for Christmas?😩

2018-10-16 04:18

Skeet Dynamo SkeetDynamo

Not that smart. Just really curious. #freakparty

@DeTabachnick The things he’s talking about are things a lot of people consider. Again, I just don’t think you take…

2018-10-16 04:18

Col D saxaulsparrow

@HinleyStew @roxby_malcolm @grazjoynt Hope you do it Stew, you need to do it on Corvo to avoid 850 being an armchai…

2018-10-16 04:18

MJ sparkseeker81

amusement parks, superhero movies, traveling, oasis, 311, noel gallagher, gorillaz, matisyahu, kasabian are just a few of the things I'm into 👍


2018-10-16 04:18

#Pittsburghsux75 pittsburghsux75

im a believer in lord and bleed Cleveland Sports O-H been fan since 1981 i bleed brown and orange dawgpound4lyfe

@GlennMooreCLE @NFLOfficiating fix it or we will

2018-10-16 04:18

Royce gdollaz

I’m getting old

2018-10-16 04:18

IrresponsibleCaptNathan IrresponsibleC9

Art nature food gardens sci-fi 4k photography film PC gaming science space music animal♥️
Virtual Photography enthusiast📸
I Support equal rights for everyone!☮

RT @NatureTeam_: SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube CHANNEL:


2018-10-16 04:18

John JohnHillbery

Cleveland sports humor/satire. Love sports, music and photography. All tweets are my own. RTs/Likes are not endorsements. Drop a follow! I follow back!

I wonder if the Broncos would be willing to trade Emmanuel Sanders

2018-10-16 04:18

Wellz Dwellz90

Sports and occasional random thoughts! Try not to get muted! #RollTribe #Browns #Cavs

RT @justchii_: Y’all, life is about to change so drastically in the next 6 mo. I can feel it.

2018-10-16 04:18

julien julienTeboul1

le PSG dans le cœur et Lebron James comme inspiration

@theo_prnr @Ileana_Hvs Grosse erreur la

2018-10-16 04:18

Malou Mendoza 🔊🎙️🎼 MalouMendozaP

Periodista/Digital & Social Media/Música/Cómics/Podcasts. Empedernida filósofa/lectora. Tattoos. Fotógrafa a veces. Coffee Lover Always.

RT @UltClassicRock: .@DefLeppard and @StevieNicks Lead @RockHall Fan Vote ...

2018-10-16 04:17

We are all Walk-on. EricHuber3

Father, Husband, flawed Human Being. trying to be better on a daily basis.

RT @rjohnson4727: My thoughts on the current state of #Browns receivers:

2018-10-16 04:17

ConstellationSchools ConstellationOH

Constellation Schools provides every child an opportunity to obtain an excellent #education built on a foundation of character education for life long #success.

#teambuilding #fieldtrip #characterbuilding #education #Students working together

2018-10-16 04:17

MoiraC Resident90042

Love to be at Santa Anita in the a.m.

RT @k9frenchy: Ready, Steady, Go. Heads up to all criminals in Cleveland, team Izzy & Gunner will be out hunting you tonight.

2018-10-16 04:17

danielle elleinvd

If I ever played a mean and nice cop scenario, I’d def he the mean cop

2018-10-16 04:17

Minah loveminah__

20. Cle. yambam extensions 🤪

i literally never heard anybody say that 🙂

2018-10-16 04:17

Jammie Harris Jharr52

10.3.16❤️ RIP Dad 04.01.18 RIP Nana 06.26.18

RT @KenCarman: No Joe Schobert for a bit. That’s a pisser.

2018-10-16 04:17

Kiwi💛 kiwi__bby

Forever missin you Dad💛

Keep that same energy.

2018-10-16 04:17

Cleveland Metroparks clevemetroparks

It's #TimeToExplore Cleveland Metroparks. 🔎

Announcing @CrainsCleveland "Forty Under 40" 2018 Class - congratulations Chief Planning and Design Officer,…

2018-10-16 04:17