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Lynsey Whitaker KHQALynsey

Multimedia Journalist - Quincy, Illinois

RT @KHQADavid: Now learning there is a vigil planned to honor the two Quincy children killed in a house fire this past Friday. The vigil is…

2018-10-16 08:01

Vero 🔮 Big_Daddy_Vee

Keep Slaying & Hustling 🤘🏼✨

@HervGOTTI Lol I will 😂

2018-10-16 08:01

Vera notvwang

🍋 20 limones y medio limón 🍋 Veronika Yelena era demasiado complicado y me quedé con Vera.


2018-10-16 08:01

Joseph Freda ReloadSports

Gambling writer and enthusiast. Sports, horses, blackjack and poker. Formerly of Blackjack Insider, Don Best Sports and SBR. ✨SAP SuccessFactors Catalyst✨


2018-10-16 08:01

🦄 Emily 🦖 Rockhard 🐺 Glitter_Tiger21

#Glambert #Bruins #RedSox #Feminist #Metalhead #RMNB Love my horse, movies, comics, vegan food, working out, and standing up for science. Chemistry BS #UMB18

RT @Handsome_Jake_: Sports Twitter is so depressing on stuff like DV and sexual assault

2018-10-16 08:01

Drew Knight drew_knife

the Red Sox are the only thing keeping me from full blown depression

RT @jcmccaffrey: Q: Do you think the Houston Astros are the toughest team to face in baseball?

Brock Holt: “Besides the Boston Red Sox, b…

2018-10-16 08:01

Axeman Cartoons CartoonsAxeman

I animate and self amuse with absurd tweets.

@Blue_Margbot 75 dollars of pure easy fix

2018-10-16 08:01

Mr. S.R. SeanRomancito

CEO and Founder of Friends With Entertainment | Native American | British | Scottish | Irish | Human | Youtuber | Single |

Check out my episode "Seans New Brand" from S.R. & M.E. Podcast on @anchor:

2018-10-16 08:01

🧛🏻‍♂️Count Capula🧛🏻‍♂️ CapnMikeM

Host of the @BadFodderFigure(s) podcast. BFF stream dream team. Twitch Affiliate: Email:

Ah @capnjunkie … 🦈 🏊

2018-10-16 08:01

The Album TheAlbumWeb

Clemson | write action-packed history | pop-culture connoisseur | #HumanHallOFFame | freelance writer | @latenitehistory

@LightsCameraPod My man @trillballins putting RespeK on About Time...such a great movie

2018-10-16 08:01

Jini JiniMcClelland

Pop Culture Queen, Wife & Dog Mom, Foodie, FanGirl, Feminist, General Do-Gooder, ALLY & Friend. #NOH8 #Resist

Ooh! Me Mikey the new @bbcdoctorwho credits!

2018-10-16 08:01

MITSloan Mgmt Review mitsmr

The official account of MIT Sloan Management Review.

A new global study conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and @BCG dispels 5 major myths around #AI. Review all t…

2018-10-16 08:01



RT @celtics: Shirts are placed and the stage is set for tomorrow night ✅🔥

2018-10-16 08:01

Nicky Mac nickmacd89

God first ! finance guy Based out of the Boston area. Disney intern 2014-2015! Mathew 9:17

Okay so deff had/have food poisoning

2018-10-16 08:01

Natalie Wong NataLici0uSs

TVB freak. Accountant/Bartender. Foodie/Wino. Makeup fanatic. World traveler. Shopaholic.

I'm at Starbucks in Boston, MA

2018-10-16 08:01

Tracy Burns tbmHR

CEO @northeasthra, Co-Founder @gethytchednow, Diversity, Human Capital Talent, Women's Leadership, Gig Economy, HR Tech, Entrepreneur

2018-10-16 08:01

Carlos Mármol Vives CarlosJMarmol

RT @FieldYates: By not showing up this week - during which the Steelers do not even play a game - Le’Veon Bell is costing himself at least…

2018-10-16 08:01

Business News ZAQSBusiness

Tweeting the latest business news from

The Latest: US wants drugmakers to put prices in TV ads

2018-10-16 08:01

shikamaru _DreQuez

870 ✈️757| without struggle there will never be progression

RT @Pharaoh_Munk: Me yellin over the loud music she’s playin in the bathroom cuz we’re late for our reservation and she’s still not ready h…

2018-10-16 08:01

harfangcap harfangcap

I pick up pennies in front of a steamroller

@Nick_P3D you're going to lose it all, you have no idea what you're talking about and no ability to see the truth. Have fun with that.

2018-10-16 08:01

Samuel Casiello scas781

2A Patriot, bleeds Boston sports and America! Loves beer and country music! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🔫🔫🍺🍻🦅👮‍♂️

@OfficialSethN @TWGroupsWarrior @shifd1 @WHL808 @asawyer391 @alan058 @MLH915 @Briteeye777 @megrod2778 @momzilla54 H…

2018-10-16 08:01

Deborah Sampson Debsam1760

Former Dem now #RubioRepublican surrounded by lefties. I ❤️ Red Sox, Celtics, cats, UNC, 🍺 , Dunkies ☕️, GIFS, emojis. Mostly here to 😆 or 🙄.

I’m glad Navarro doesn’t work for Republicans anymore.

2018-10-16 08:01

John Deschenes oldbaldeagle

BC'70, sports fan; Raise em Up; 12; January 20, 2017; bacon, sausage, beer & scotch, etc.

RT @PaulaEbbenWBZ: @oldbaldeagle I don't know what you mean by "distance." We are reporting each new statement within this story for our v…

2018-10-16 08:01

Richard Mixin’ ✌🏼 RICHARDMIXINN

Art Director. National Recording Academy. Dj’d 3 continents. Special Olympics HOF Member, MICA bred, HBS certified. Newly married to an Egyptologist.

Wish me luck tomorrow.

2018-10-16 08:01

🧡𝒜𝓃𝒶𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓈𝒾𝒶🧡 cra2yCosmic

i indulge exclusively in sad white boys (she/her)

schools should stop making you speak about your life when you don’t have one and want to forget it even happened

2018-10-16 08:01

Kirsten Wysen wysenk

RT @MassEconomics: Inequality in Silicon Valley is getting worse: Wages are down for everyone but the top 10 percent

2018-10-16 08:01

dan dannyipps91_g

take it easy

RT @TherapyDad_: when you make fun of short kings , , , , just know who you’re mocking , , , ,

2018-10-16 08:01

evelyn hall riley evriley

mom Patriots fan

RT @boston25gene: The Sears Catalog was a must have for a kid at Christmas. Sears was a retail giant for 100 years...and now bankruptcy. ht…

2018-10-16 08:01

Scot Sarver ssarver333

Advocate to eliminate opioid addiction. Non-profit executive director. Father, husband, son and brother to my incredible family. Die-hard NE sports fan.

@SkyNewsBreak Rip Paul! You changed the world

2018-10-16 08:01

Salem MBTA Alerts SalemMBTA

Tweeting all #MBTA alerts for the Newburyport/Rockport Line and buses 450, 450W, 451, 455, 455W, 456, 459, 465, and 468. Direct all queries to @CodeForBoston.

#NewburyportLine Train 175 (6:45pm from N Station) is operating 15-25 min late between N Station and Newburyport du…

2018-10-16 08:01

🇫🇷 H U G O 🇺🇸 hugoarlb

🌍 Français immigré aux états-unis

On dirait un Mawa shi Geri

2018-10-16 08:01


👻 -mikecityvisual

Taking my niece shopping in the mall cuz she demands i do lol ❤️

2018-10-16 08:01

𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖗𝖆 𝖇𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 x0heathyyy

MS XO 💋 hopeless fountain BITCH

@halsey @Kehlani ya sis GIRLFRIEND !

2018-10-16 08:01

Tracy Burns tbmHR

CEO @northeasthra, Co-Founder @gethytchednow, Diversity, Human Capital Talent, Women's Leadership, Gig Economy, HR Tech, Entrepreneur

2018-10-16 08:01

topher ChrisIsLike

i can't relate to my peers

RT @celtics: Shirts are placed and the stage is set for tomorrow night ✅🔥

2018-10-16 08:01

Wendy O'Byrne ContmpOuttaOrda

director & owner of #ContemporarilyOutofOrder (#COOco) #choreographer #dancer

@CarlitonBanks Stop myself from saying things lol

2018-10-16 08:01

Sarge BastardProphet

Bigger than Jesus, in centimeters. Army Veteran. Instagram: sargethedestroyer

@mhaire0001 @fish4catfish @snotnboogers23 @CM_OGK @RSun82 @BeardedWiseAss @Mc88Flyy @GrimReaperInc Also, stop comme…

2018-10-16 08:01

하샤 에버렛 ms_hasha

앤관덕캐 사랑해 / 성인팔로만 받습니다 불건전드립 탐라대화맨

@U___zam 힘내요 업보자매 (본인얘기

2018-10-16 08:01

chaundra letssmilexo

@euphoriashoseok Wtf you can’t be serious?!😂

2018-10-16 08:01

Bel Ami 3bllm

yeep, yeep.

RT @moonyrobs: —intentando posar como ellas.

2018-10-16 08:01

🤜MAN🤛 McCui21


RT @celtics: Shirts are placed and the stage is set for tomorrow night ✅🔥

2018-10-16 08:01

Judy Conner judygator11z

RT @IAMMGraham: Cherokee Nation official calls Elizabeth Warren's use of DNA test "inappropriate and wrong" /> #nhpoli…

2018-10-16 08:01

Taimur T. Malik Taimur_T_Malik

It's the ecology, stupid! Organic+regenerative agriculture & regenerative fashion entrepreneur | historian manqué | @Columbia alum | Gothamite via the Himalayas

RT @MITSloanSusty: Although many companies have noted the impending climate crisis, little has been done to move to reshape the economy #IP…

2018-10-16 08:01

Cece ⭕️ RandomLoser04

Can’t I just live in sweatpants and a sweatshirt and not get judged?

RT @mutuaIive: at the end of the day , all his hard work comes down to this , and how happy he is doing what he loves 😢😢

2018-10-16 08:01

KSanders KSanders9

avid reader, work in healthcare, love the outdoors, exercise, and sports. btw - it’s TWITTER not TINDER

@StormyDaniels AWESOME!!!!!

2018-10-16 08:01

Bob McElrath BobMcElrath

Reverse-engineering the universe and remaking money. Ph.D. Theoretical Physics; Bitcoin hacker

@chasdabigone If the state doesn't, no one else will... Unless customers reject it. People will always choose the c…

2018-10-16 08:01

Bentley Dining BentleyDining

The Bentley Dining Team offers fresh ingredients and healthy options all over campus!

#bentleydining 🍜🌯🍏🍽️

Tapas tonight!
Roasted Meatballs with Tomato Saffron Sauce
Mini Crab Cake with Apple Slaw
Mini Guajillo Chicken Qu…

2018-10-16 08:01

Zach VegetaReese

I like video games and shitposting

Snapchat: ztmazz

I told Jimmy I'd meet him in the kitchen to give him medicine and he doesn't care

2018-10-16 08:01

𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘢❣️ chlorinegrvstns

𝙨𝙤 𝙬𝙤𝙣’𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙨𝙖𝙮 𝙜𝙤𝙤𝙙𝙣𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩, 𝙨𝙤 𝙞 𝙘𝙖𝙣 𝙨𝙖𝙮 𝙜𝙤𝙤𝙙𝙗𝙮𝙚

RT @flickertrench: if anyone waiting in line in nashville needs a shower, a bathroom or just a place to get out of the rain, my airbnb is l…

2018-10-16 08:01

Jean M Hale JeanMHale

RN, Wife, mother, grandma = rights, 🏳️‍🌈 human rights, ❤️animals,photography,rare bks ,NO Porn, NO DM* #resist 🌊🌊 U follow I follow. U unfollow I unfollow

@DesignationSix 👍✋

2018-10-16 08:01

Michael Greene callongreene

Technology #Marketeer. NY Sports fan living in Boston. #2. Loyal to My Soil. 'Leave a mark that can't erase neither space nor time' - JayZ

RT @abialecki: 👇

2018-10-16 08:01

Jazzigator Jazzigator

Anthea Redmond: Co-Founder JazzBitesRadio & Guardian of tweeting Jazz News, Reviews, CDs, Festivals & Gigs. Tag to share events.

RT @JazzTimes: Continue celebrating Bill Charlap’s big day with this article on “Love Is Here to Stay,” the duets album from @itstonybennet…

2018-10-16 08:01


The Official Twitter feed of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). Check out our partners @MBTA_CR and @MBTATransitPD.

@MikeOrbank Thank you for these details. We're notifying bus supervisors to look into this further and address accordingly.

2018-10-16 08:01

Nancy Gaines ngaines13

civil servant who believes in democracy & equal rights. no bigotry here! proud to be from Lexington, Massachusetts - the Birthplace of American Liberty.

RT @nateraymond: “There’s an Asian-American penalty, and it’s significant,” a lawyer for an organization suing Harvard for discrimination s…

2018-10-16 08:01

GreeneGuerilla GreeneGuerilla


Black Bear Dub 6 In The Morning Roots of Creation Open Electric Haze Wor... via @YouTube

2018-10-16 08:01

Moccahontas 👸🏾🥀 BEEis_iconic

Bri. Boston Born and raised. Poet. Lover of Anything that makes me laugh. Spicy food or Die. #myasu #bsubears

@cheekyytam Right! She sounds like she’s yodeling

2018-10-16 08:01

Finn Gardiner phineasfrogg

Researcher/advocate talking about policy, politics, language, disability, design, race, gender, philosophy, &c. Blocked by Jill Stein. Views mine. No Trumpers.

I think it’s pretty difficult to confuse my high- and low-content speech. My formal writing is never echolalic unle…

2018-10-16 08:01

Karolyn J.D. Sing4Elohim

Volunteer for the @Brill4Congress Campaign #vote4BRILL #AmericaBeforeParty

RT @bd_highsmith: bc language matters, I propose nixing the term “arbitration agreement”

consumers+workers do not “agree” to never bring c…

2018-10-16 08:01

Carrie Oaki on Soundcloud! CarrieOaki

🎤🎹 #Singer #Producer💻#SoundEngineer #CEO #CFO #CMO #COO! GENRES: Pop, Rock, Top 40, Kpop --🎵100% #me. Usually shadow banned 🤬--📳👋🏼THIS IS @CARRIE99ZMCGOT7 📳👋🏼

This song is one of my most popular! STILL!!!! 🎸🇬🇧🎶Is it my imagination? Have you heard Miss You @Louis_Tomlinson b…

2018-10-16 08:01

Thomas Fitzpatrick TomFitzIV

#EnrolledAgent - Fmr @CollegiateDECA VP - @UMassD & @BGSU Alumnus #Accountant #Taxes #Finance

RT @SamuelAdamsBeer: Before Fenway Park, where did the Red Sox play their home games?

2018-10-16 08:01

Liz Bucar BucarLiz

Author of PIOUS FASHION @harvardpress. Professor @northeastern. Religious ethicist, sartorialist, cultural critic. PI of @Sacred_Writes.

I wonder what project you could be making buttons for....hmmmm?

2018-10-16 08:01

Jarritt Ahmed Sheel jsheelmusic

Dreamer, Creative, Assistant Professor, Arts Advocate, Leader, Revolutionary, Dad-Husband #hiphopmusiced #TeachersCollege #Berklee

"Don't miss The #HipHopTalks Wed. October 24th, 2018 at David Friend Recital Hall on the Berklee College of Music B…

2018-10-16 08:01

Emi emimaryjane

fighting evil by moonlight winning love by daylight

RT @TherapyDad_: when you make fun of short kings , , , , just know who you’re mocking , , , ,

2018-10-16 08:01

Sunset SunsetWorship

Competitive Call of Duty Coach for ? Affiliated with @Greenmangaming @stmpgrips and @bluvos_HQ. Use code 'BLACK' for discounts. 2013-06-19

RT @J4LOrg: What is everyone gaming on tonight? Comment below and let’s see your #twitch channels below let’s network.

2018-10-16 08:01

robbie picco RobbiePicco

work smarter not harder

Your powers of creativity and communication are virtually alch... More for Aries

2018-10-16 08:01

د.خالد بن سعد الجبري JabriMD

MD @_ksu | Internal Medicine @Mcgillu | Cardiology/Electrophysiology @TuftsMedicalCtr |MBA @MIT | MA19 @FletcherSchool | طبيب قلب

RT @TuftsUniversity: ICYMI: Former Secretary of State @JohnKerry will visit Tufts on 11/28 as part of the @TischCollege Distinguished Speak…

2018-10-16 08:01

山形方人(nihonGO) yamagatm3

ハーバード大学、神経科学。ネガティブな気分の研究者。✨English: @masayamagata  ブログ: #わがまま科学者

MIT to use $350 million gift to bolster computer sciences

2018-10-16 08:01

AutismSpeaksNewEng autismspeaksbos

Autism Speaks is enhancing lives tod ay and accelerating solutions for tomorrow.

RT @IHCWomensHockey: Who says Hockey Players don’t have good dance moves too!?💃🤩

2018-10-16 08:01

MBTA Commuter Rail MBTA_CR

The latest alerts, information and updates for MBTA Commuter Rail by Keolis. Customer Service: 617-222-3200.

Newburyport Line Train 175 (6:45 pm from North Station) is operating 15-25 minutes behind schedule between North St…

2018-10-16 08:01

bridgeth bridgeth_bro

I speak for the trees. animals too.

RT @TherapyDad_: when you make fun of short kings , , , , just know who you’re mocking , , , ,

2018-10-16 08:01

jack white HorseRacingCOO

The horseracing industy charges for Basic past performances🤡🔫

Tracks, Trainers, Owners & breeders all support high takeout on horseplayers... #optimaltakeout

Boston globe reviewed the evidence 🤣🙄

2018-10-16 08:01

The Beatles Lyrics TheBeatleDaily

Because The Beatles have THAT song for each moment of your life!!

The White Album's "Good Night" made Ringo the third Beatle to record a song without his bandmates; John became the fourth with "Julia."

2018-10-16 08:01

tamera. tam_tiny

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO but damn i miss doing this LMAO

2018-10-16 08:01

David Charles Craley dd3dcc

Writer, editor, publisher of biblical research. Author of The Secret to Holy Spirit Authority and The Voice of My Brother's Blood: A Love Story

RT @Frank_Schaeffer: Trump's evangelicals are mentally ill. They think:
Trump is a good man
Trump's Saudi king isn't a murderer

2018-10-16 08:01

Falez Falezoy

Dilinizi Bilen Farklı Gezegenli Biri

RT @ValaAfshar: Tilly's first couple of minutes wearing a bionic hand. The very best use of tech is to improve quality of life. …

2018-10-16 08:01

Paula Ebben PaulaEbbenWBZ

@wbz Anchor #WBZ News @ 5:30 & 8. Mother of 4. I'm Irish...I love to tell a good story. Instagram: @PaulaEbbenWBZ Co-host of @StudioBZ podcast

@oldbaldeagle I don't know what you mean by "distance." We are reporting each new statement within this story for our viewers.

2018-10-16 08:01

MO angierichiee

At times I want a relationship, other times I just want a puppy. I’ll probably end up with a puppy before I get int…

2018-10-16 08:01

🎹 Goyo 🎸 goyotocho64


RT @Amber02150: ⛅️Morning Twitterworld☕️🍃
🍁Happy new autumnal week to y’all 🍂🍃
🍃Hope you had a great weekend 🍂🍁

🍁#autumnvibes 🍃 #fallcolor…

2018-10-16 08:01

Andrew LoVuolo TheRifter

Creator of The Rift, Writer of Marshal comics. Creative Director for Graphic Illusions Studios and GI Comics.

“Sherlock” Team Plan New “Dracula” Mini-Series via @darkhorizons

2018-10-16 08:01

Katherine Morceau Kmorceau30

RT @jreineron7: Pre-gaming. #Fall #Pats #Sox

2018-10-16 08:01

𝔰𝔭𝔬𝔬𝔨𝔶 𝔨𝔢𝔫𝔷 rightgirlacous

everything is fine

this is what bands see when they look into the pit during their last song

2018-10-16 08:01

James McClean Stan Account 🇵🇷 IRodC

Jodo y hago otras cosas tambien.

@Arturo_Ulises Hay varias antes. Este es el orden:
-Si tu novio te deja sola
-Soy peor
-Dime si te acuerdas

2018-10-16 08:01

Kevin VersaceNoose

Insta : Kevin.Melin
Nothing amazing happens here. Send Noose. When I make my soundcloud its over for all yall

High key I've been having a lot of fun playing the Doom multiplayer. I'd definitely recommend it.

2018-10-16 08:01

Greg A. Bedard GregABedard

Owner, editor and columnist at BSJ. Father, husband, Rutgers grad, covered Patriots, Packers & Dolphins.

@JoshuaJ37 Will be watching defense tonight

2018-10-16 08:01

Julienne iamjgayondato


RT @celtics: Shirts are placed and the stage is set for tomorrow night ✅🔥

2018-10-16 08:01

Jacqueline DeRose🍷 jackie_derose

Neuroscientist @Inscopix. Passion for new tech advances designed to unlock the mysteries of the brain. 🧠 Wife. Mom. Wine snob/enthusiast. Views are my own.

RT @eboyden3: Sad to hear this. Paul was one of the very first supporters of our work at MIT to scalably observe the brain. Thanks for your…

2018-10-16 08:01

Thomas Fitzpatrick TomFitzIV

#EnrolledAgent - Fmr @CollegiateDECA VP - @UMassD & @BGSU Alumnus #Accountant #Taxes #Finance

@SamuelAdamsBeer Huntington Avenue Grounds now part of @Northeastern

2018-10-16 08:01

Evona Niewiadomska EvonaWiktoria

Founder and head #foodie @UDKitchen & @gourmetwedding – & Infographic designer

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory BrandVoice: Why Reputation Risk Is A CEO And Board Priority…

2018-10-16 08:01

Chanda Cashen Chacon ChandaChacon

Influential Healthcare Executive * Authentic* Passionate*Courageous* Strategic* Drive Results* People Focused*Energetic Team Leader * Engagement

RT @HarvardBiz: Currently, you have to be fairly wealthy to invest in private tech companies. Should that policy change?

2018-10-16 08:01

Fernando Bizzarro fbizzarroneto

Political Scientist | Harvard University

@giselagasparian @Hupsel Eu tb acho q eles tão um esperando on outro, mas nao pq acham q tao do lado certo. Tao esp…

2018-10-16 08:01

Régg. reginaldtib

it gets better (with time)... †

RT @Pharaoh_Munk: Me yellin over the loud music she’s playin in the bathroom cuz we’re late for our reservation and she’s still not ready h…

2018-10-16 08:01

Jeffrey Robbins jeffreysrobbins

Boston lawyer, former US Delegate to UN Human Rights Commission, former Counsel to US Senate Committees. Somewhat too focused on Red Sox.

The Trump Trifecta: misogyny, racism and plain stupidity.

2018-10-16 08:01

Yes You're Transphobic ThisTransphobia

Transphobia isn't an opinion, it's just good old-fashioned bigotry. Inspired by @YesYoureRacist and blocked by @dinahbrand2, @souldrunklove, @FatimaAtelier

RT @camphalfblood: From the New York Times: "Understanding who each individual child is, and supporting them on that journey" Helping Pedia…

2018-10-16 08:01

R Ray Wang (王瑞光) #My31 rwang0

@ConstellationR CEO, CoHost @DisrupTVShow, @PCI_Initiative, BestSelling @HarvardBiz Author, Keynoter, Futurist, Provocateur, EDM DJ #Foodie #SVLife

RT @dvellante: Icahn "the great" gearing up for another battle w/ @MichaelDell - on CNBC right now doing the dance - (AKA negotiating in pu…

2018-10-16 08:01

Tresca Restaurant TrescaNorthEnd

An authentic Italian experience in Boston's historic North End and home to the most romantic table in Boston! ✨🍷

Linguine with Clam Sauce
Fresh local cherry stones, chopped clams, shaved garlic, white wine, olive oil, parsley, b…

2018-10-16 08:01

Chris Rudel BraveNewChris

Singer-Songwriter / Spotify / Apple Music / iTunes / YouTube / BRAVE NEW WORLD Album / OUT NOW!

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Chris Rudel - Empty Suitcase (Official Lyric Video)

2018-10-16 08:01

TBT thetournament

Your Teams. Your Tournament. The highest stakes basketball tournament in the world. $2 million, winner-takes-all. Summer. ESPN. Since 2014.

What a preseason it was for our #TBT2018 fam!

Of the 19 games where a TBT player logged 10+ minutes of action agai…

2018-10-16 08:01

Katelyn hollabackate

Life, for all its anguish, is ours. It belongs to no other • Aspiring Behavioral/Forensic Psychologist

RT @Pharaoh_Munk: Me yellin over the loud music she’s playin in the bathroom cuz we’re late for our reservation and she’s still not ready h…

2018-10-16 08:01

Eric Cameron ReadySetToast

Let's have a beer.


2018-10-16 08:01

cookingchat cookingchat

Tweeting about making & enjoying good food; and finding wines to match. Focus on healthy, local & tasty. Also at

Tonight’s wine: Bastide des Lunes Côtes de Provence rosé, bursting w ripe melon fruit. #wine #wiyg #pinksociety

2018-10-16 08:01