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Микроблог Моей Мечты amishami

#ДобрыйDaG #МикроблогМоейМечты #Амировъ #ТолькоВДагестане #ДагТви

Горная Сванетия ... ещё недели две назад я хотел сделать серию по Горной Грузии.. а сейчас к сожалению напряженная…

2019-06-24 18:38

Sonya Thomas writehandmedia

Freelance writer and journalist. Former blind-side flanker. Devotee of tea and rugby. Can occasionally be seen reviewing the papers on the BBC News Channel.

On a break in Georgia and just arrived at my hotel. Clearly a work in progress. @ Mestia

2019-06-21 21:41

Carlo Cretaro nxtstopwhoknows

We left Ireland in 2013 to travel the world & build an online business. 63 countries visited!

June 2019 - Ushguli, Georgia 🇬🇪
We’re just back in Tbilisi after spending a few days exploring the north…

2019-06-16 00:08