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Mike Fowler Fowlsupper

@beatsbydre @smithjustincoco

2019-06-20 02:06

Mike Fowler Fowlsupper

Is there any bookies that take weather bets? 100% chance of 25-30mm tomorrow hmm, do you like those chances? Or do…

2019-06-19 21:53

Mike Fowler Fowlsupper

When mother nature’s in a giving mood we all win. 1/2” of rain has things coming back alive. #maywehaveanother…

2019-06-18 11:34

Vicky Hamilton Wicky9999

Love SciFi, Comedy, Action Movies (nothing too scary!), BBC Sherlock, Impractical Jokers, Phil Collins & 80s music and have a soft spot for animals (rescue ones

Hope we can see some merchandise with Mountain Dew and The Impractical Jokers on it soon!!! Would you like that?…

2019-06-16 09:08

Jared Kornkven KornkvenJared

farming and flying in south east Saskatchewan

@Joe_Widdup @LeeFortin 2 tenths to an 1.5 inches

2019-06-16 01:37

Mike Fowler Fowlsupper

Meteorologists should have to be held accountable for their botched forecasts.

Me: You said 15-20mm and it only r…

2019-06-15 21:57

Mike Fowler Fowlsupper

@SaskParty @mcintyrebrad No mention of thanks to the campaign manager eh @gouldy08. How quick they forget.

2019-06-15 02:36

Mike Fowler Fowlsupper

This is very cool.

2019-06-15 00:46

Mike Fowler Fowlsupper

Happy for the blues but more happy for Pat Maroon. What a story!

2019-06-13 11:50

Mike Fowler Fowlsupper

My dang eyes are leaking, love this sport.

2019-06-12 10:05

Mike Fowler Fowlsupper

The small town buzz over the @Raptors is amazing

From the old grey hairs down at the coffee shop, the guys puttin…

2019-06-11 09:54