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2018-12-17 00:18

Lisa Ann Gillie30ca

* Writer * Comic Book/Show/Movie Geek * Love Arrowverse Shows #OTA 🐶🐶 Tumbler @LAGeniuswannabe A03 Lisarealist55 instagram @LisaKourkafas

@jesileighs Yeah I am so happy for you

2018-12-15 11:12

Evan Hardy hardyseeds

@apasztor82 How many days left

2018-12-12 09:52

Evan Hardy hardyseeds

@MaizeingPete @amy_kaymay I had Bell’s palsy when I was 12. Iv has a twitch on that side of my body ever since but I really never notice it.

2018-12-10 12:47

Josie Krausher JosieKrausher

Sub-par tweets

I tell myself it’s bulking season to make up for my poor nutrition choices

2018-12-10 11:27

Evan Hardy hardyseeds

@AngryAccountant Meet my new accountant, his name is Dave also.

2018-12-10 03:55

Evan Hardy hardyseeds

@AngryAccountant @logan_bourhis14 No drgree here. They wouldn’t let me in, dip ag represent right here. I did almos…

2018-12-09 01:32

Evan Hardy hardyseeds

@AngryAccountant @logan_bourhis14 Are you saying it was a good thing I wasn’t smart enough to get in the degree program?

2018-12-08 14:45

Josie Krausher JosieKrausher

Sub-par tweets

I cry every time I watch my sister play sports bc I just wanna be in highschool again playin sports every second of my life

2018-12-08 08:42