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Luc 🐨 lucibarkerblog

19 - UK Blogger 💋💄 PR Friendly 📩

I’ve been so MIA with blogging again but I’ll be back soon, I just need to get back into a routine with it


2019-07-19 02:49

biend akosibien1996

Que sera, sera

Yo, this shit is my jam, kingina yoko na haha.

2019-07-19 02:49

MRL Consulting MRLconsulting

MRL Group delivers global recruiting excellence for the Technology, Financial and Energy markets. #TechRecruitment

Increased adoption of #AI and #ML is expanding #recruitment in the #IoT sector as well as driving up the market cap…

2019-07-19 02:49

Paul Sheppard SheppardPaul

@TLRailUK 410114. Almost home now but looks like it’s just the last carriage thatnita not working as the rest of the train is freezing

2019-07-19 02:49

pinga🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Pingachoo

Politics on the Left only👍 Conservatives, MAGAs & Kippers are usually muted & blocked😡blairites & fibdems are just No Nooooos🙄 #JC4PM #GTTO #SocialistAnyDay

RT @simonmaginn: Sarah Montague on #wato just stated as a 'BBC fact' that Hayter was sacked for 'criticising the Labour leadership'. In fac…

2019-07-19 02:49

moira mac #JC4PM2019 mrsmoneypinny

Socialist-#JC4PM-Geordie lass-says pet a lot. Loves: family, free-time, a bargain, Bob Dylan, dogs... Hates: Tories. Cruelty, Rt's are not always endorsements.

RT @simonmaginn: Not sure I want a fight so much as impartial, accurate reporting, as the Charter requires.
This kind of schoolyard tauntin…

2019-07-19 02:48

Grace Rogers grace_k_rose

Photography Student // Arts Uni Bournemouth

I got sunburnt for the first time in like 2/3 years and I'm honestly very disappointed in myself

2019-07-19 02:48

Gertrude Marley osanpisick

RT @nwillss: If locadia scores we’re on the pitch

2019-07-19 02:48

سعود الحربي . S10H_


@_FABULOUS_A @norena412 @iBullshit1 نفس الشيء 😂😂😂

2019-07-19 02:48

Benny behnamthegreat

LFC. Dogs. Classics. Philosophy and no specific order...


@OftwFP #dontmove

2019-07-19 02:48

Alice Attwood alice_attwood

Food, dancing, travel and fitness. PR lead at Govia Thameslink Railway. Personal account = views my own.

RT @PrideBrighton: Thrilled to welcome the #Trainbow to Brighton Station this morning! All aboard the Pride Train 🌈 🚂 @TLRailUK

Read all…

2019-07-19 02:48

Linda Moore linda36736762

RT @CarolineLucas: So we’ve done it!

Government attempt to oppose amendment preventing prorogation (or at least making it a whole lot hard…

2019-07-19 02:48


#1 Ronald Weasley & Peter Parker Stan

RT @AmmJoshua: if i see any of y’all harassing tom holland for not dating zendaya or harassing his girlfriend for dating him on instagram o…

2019-07-19 02:48

Will Abbott WillAbbott__

Head Academy S&C at Premier League Football Club | PhD | ASCC | BASES CSci

Fantastic achievement AJ! Congratulations!!

2019-07-19 02:48

Steven Marx stevenmarx

Web design, video and social media service provider. Writer for @macgamerhq. #NBCFail expert. Opinions quite obviously my own.

RT @StephenUzzell2: Gino Bartali is another Holocaust Hero whose story we need to cherish and remember. Tour de France champ Gino defied Na…

2019-07-19 02:48

Annette Berliner16

Books, films, music and art. Berlin, Paris, London and Oslo.

RT @mikeandscrabble: Every 24 hours you get another chance to have a good day

2019-07-19 02:48

Nat __nca

♥#SEO Manager ♥she/her♥2/10♥Vegan food, gigs, dog, travel. Do good & never grow up. ♥ Words ALWAYS my own. Blogs at

@atinymew Ohmy

2019-07-19 02:48

Fred Wyropiquet wyropiquet

Author of the Games Mathematical series of articles in Qercus magazine.

RT @mikeandscrabble: Wait a minute Doc, are you saying he’s been hiding all those bones under that jumper all this time?

2019-07-19 02:48

Will Merrick watyle

I was born and then...

RT @simonmaginn: @BBCNormanS The rule book is quite clear. Do you think Labour shouldn't have followed the rule book on this occasion? Can…

2019-07-19 02:48

Archie #RevokeA50 #RemainVoter 🔶💙💛🇪🇺💛💙🔶 ArchieBurrows34

One of the 48%, Remainer, SabotEUr, Citizen of Nowhere, 💛💙 #finalsay #FBPE #revokearticle50 #optiontoremain

RT @PKBook22: Who arranged a non-binding Referendum, then treated it as binding?

Who attempted Executive overreach, only to be prevented b…

2019-07-19 02:48

Emma ✨ quitegutsy

A twentysomething Biomedical Science student living with Crohn's disease. I blog about patient advocacy and managing life with IBD. 🌺

@lunarchar_ Could be overflow diarrhoea? The stool builds up so much that the stuff that hasn't solidified yet does…

2019-07-19 02:48

CriminOlly | Sci-Fi & Scary whatmeworry

Katie Hopkins retweeted me once, other than that I'm an okay guy. Sometime writer, full time reader. Reviewer at Sci-Fi & Scary and CriminOlly

@RadiatorJD I actually prefer the first one. Empire always felt like too much of a middle film to me, it’s not satisfying in its own right

2019-07-19 02:48

Douglas Lees douglaslees1

Grumpy and happy in equal measures

@Holbornlolz Not bears and Twinks?

2019-07-19 02:48

Ross Auld The_Monties

Brighton fan, honest man, music lover, funny brother and yes I really am a veggie. #bhafc #f1

Calling @RobLowe bagpus in Wild Bill. 😂 don't know how popular it is but I like the show. You can see behind the ey…

2019-07-19 02:48

james james89500194

2019-07-19 02:48

Kerren Garner KerrenGarner

Actress & Director - Associate Director Brighton Shakespeare Company

@NatashaEWilson @SupportBritish Seeing women of ALL shapes & sizes in all kinds of roles (just like they are in lif…

2019-07-19 02:48

Martina 🏳️‍🌈❤️🇬🇧 MartinaSassyCD

A Sassy Fembot who some fucking geniuses claim is sarcastic. Pro Brexit. Love 🇬🇧🇺🇸 Oxford grad which just shows how messed up universities actually are 💋

@SteveSa94895522 @RobinsonhoodT @QuarrelQueen @Smileygirl19681 @SadiqKhan @BorisJohnson Why do you have to be so ru…

2019-07-19 02:47

Do Or Dice Podcast DoOrDicePodcast

A D&D 5e #actualplay #Podcast set in the #homebrew world of Agmenesta. Check us out at : Discord Patreon

RT @DarkHistories: Hey, all! With the 2nd anniversary show coming up, I'm fairly curious as to what YOUR favourite episode is from the last…

2019-07-19 02:47

The Wild Colonial Boy BrightonBoy9

I'm A Brighton Boy

@Holbornlolz BREAKING NEWS...

Leader of Pioneering Project...

torn limb from limb by bears and wolves...

in a wood near Bristol..!

2019-07-19 02:47

Rami Tzabar scirad

Editor & Producer for BBC science radio and podcasts. look after #bbccrowdscience #parentland and #13MinutestotheMoon

@grahamsalisbury 😂

2019-07-19 02:47

Rebekah few NotLostbutFree

Freelance Facilitator in Mental Health and Wellbeing. Owner of Tackling stress and poor well-being in fun and intuitive ways.

@theprojectsbtn You guys 😘

2019-07-19 02:47

Steve Rose SteveRoseSLT

Speech and Language Therapist. Expect: #deafblindness | #sensoryimpairment | #rarediseases | #epilepsy | #DevLangDis | #disability | he/him | Twits are mine.

@ros_herman @AaronShieldPhD Really enjoyed reading it too! Goes to show that there is so much more research needed…

2019-07-19 02:47

Doogle Digital Marke DoodleMedia1

Simple marketing solutions for your business. We are a small team of experts specializing in Search engine optimization, web design and Social media management.

Here’s how e-commerce stores can sell smarter on YouTube, Facebook and Amazon

2019-07-19 02:47

MY Comedy Birmingham MYComedyBrum

comedy night in Birmingham with resident MC, @MaureenYounger (Formerly Laughing Cows Birmingham)

RT @JenBrister: Not sure why I'm banging on about my tour when there are literally SHIT LOADS of tickets still to be sold for Edinburgh. GR…

2019-07-19 02:47

che palle roryhearnshaw


@Conor68373678 @KatieMoore1995 Messi is the greatest ever

2019-07-19 02:47

Culann Power CulannPower14

21 Brighton ▪️ Instagram :


2019-07-19 02:47

Sam Mir sam_mir

All views/opinions are my own and do not represent anyone else.
Digital, Creative Tech, make things happen, Things, news, karate & sports.

Made it ! 💪🏼 Thank God !
#londontobrighton #bike ride. I'm dead. #l2b
#childrenwithcanceruk smashed…

2019-07-19 02:47

Lord Karl Gasson karl_gasson

newcastle united fan & exotic lover - loves building up brownie points

@ODDSbible Well said Zlatan!

2019-07-19 02:47

Quentin in Brighton to_quentin

Mark Farrelly brings his one-man show 'Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope' to the Rialto Theatre, Brighton, on 31st July and 1 August. All profits to the Rainbow Fund.

“I am unable to believe in a God susceptible to prayer. I simply haven't the nerve to imagine a being, a force, a c…

2019-07-19 02:47

The Girl Who Was Death bohaynowell

Red-haired idiot.

RT @HooiWanV: hi please enjoy this cat who’s off his tits on anaesthetic

2019-07-19 02:47

Graham Davey GrahamCLDavey

Psychology, Mental Health researcher, writer & @LCFC fan, curry & real ale quaffer, & @PsychToday blogger ... latest book - "The Anxiety Epidemic"

“Patients with non-affective psychosis have high levels of treatable problems such as agoraphobic avoidance, worry,…

2019-07-19 02:47

Hieu Nguyen Phi, FRM harry_nguyenphi

I'm currently performing MIT challenge in computer science. For my personal projects, please access: . Thank you !

RT @committedtotape: Ok @rstudio, you’re spoiling me now! Was not expecting anymore goodies, thank you @economicurtis! Time to up my #rstat…

2019-07-19 02:47

Steph wuthering_alice

Petticoated swashbuckler. Young old lady.

@Shit_Elise_Says I feel these are extremely in your interest

2019-07-19 02:47

sue tilbury susie_retro

Lover of all things craft, retro & vintage.

RT @MalpassMarkets: Who will be our next £100 hamper winner, will it be you? 🏅🍗🦃

To enter our competition, LIKE, COMMENT and RETWEET our…

2019-07-19 02:47

Peps Mccrea PepsMccrea

Dean of Learning Design @Ambition_Inst & author of concise, evidence-informed guides for teachers

@MrsSpalding @HFletcherWood @Ambition_Inst Looking forward to it > might even get the chance to pick your brains on…

2019-07-19 02:47

Julie Sharp Julieanne

Co-director @leftlogic, co-organiser @ffconf, wife of @rem. Answers to mama. Available for freelance event work.

@katie_fenn Sorry to hear that, lovely. These little furry creatures are part of our families. We also have a poorly puss 😢

2019-07-19 02:47

Kris Lipscombe halbpro

Senior Developer @FatFishGames, Editorial Contributor @TheSixthAxis. A fabulous blue trifle. #bhafc and wrestling tweets. Need more sleep. He/They.

Talking to @victoria070591 and we have an important question about @RIPTIDEwres’ @joshbevan88. What is his correct nickname?

2019-07-19 02:47

✌♡ thatsolouise


@BeckieLovesYou hahaha all our mad weekend seshes keep popping up on memories! wish we could back and do it one more time 😂xx

2019-07-19 02:47

Gazz Marlow (InMe) GazzMarlowInMe

Guitarist in the band @inmeofficial, occasional solo artist. DJ & promoter of @guerillarocks club night too. I do boxing, gym, running. Moonlights in the NHS.

Playing a little acoustic show tomorrow night in #worthing , only £2 entry and some top mates playing, pop down if…

2019-07-19 02:47

St Nicolas Primary StNicsSchool

We are a two form entry primary school in Portslade, Brighton.

RT @easthillcafe: Congrats to our Saturday cafe worker (and former @StNicsSchool pupil) Amber who has received a First in chemistry from th…

2019-07-19 02:47

Anil Seth anilkseth

I'm a neuroscientist working on consciousness. I am also a European.

@Neuro_Skeptic please stop it hurts

2019-07-19 02:46

Bespoke Records bespokerecords

Independent Record Label // Starting a music revolution by championing art, championing artists. 🔥 NEW Lydia Evangeline ‼️:

RT @lydiaevangeline: HEY ALL! Perfect Once has been added to Spotify curated playlist 'Easy' - please follow this link and have a listen!…

2019-07-19 02:46

Ginger 63_susan

Egalitarian, humanitarian, animal welfarist, atheist & feminist. Gender is not an innate feeling but a tool of oppression used against both female & male.

RT @helensaxby11: @Newsround_Blog @brunskellevans @TaviAndPort Here is my piece from 3 years ago about 'I Am Leo'. The @BBC have seen this…

2019-07-19 02:46

J.D Ridgway 🌈🦄 jridgway23

Fitness addict living in lancing. Searching for my place in the world one day at a time.

This is hairlarious!!

2019-07-19 02:46

Owen Boswarva owenboswarva

A mix of stuff: mainly #opendata, #dataprotection, #geospatial, #datapolicy, #digitaleconomy, #ddj, and #biodiversity. Also at @datadaptive + @correlatedrisk.

RT @ocsi_uk: Feast your eyes on some data delights in our newsletter ft. content via @j_bowles @owenboswarva @ldodds @OxfordshireCF @Sussex…

2019-07-19 02:46

kkthedoctor kkthedoctor

Graduate Research Scientist. Lifetime Whovian. Twelfth Doctor Defender.

Probably Drinking Tea.


This is the kind of scene you see in dystopic fiction. Except it's real. It's here and now. The #Fascist…

2019-07-19 02:46

Mark Grant MarkGra90619749

To Dare Is To Do

@LastWordOnSpurs @TheOriginalSP1 Holy shit..

Just spat my drink everywhere

2019-07-19 02:46

Tom Lines TomJLines

Have taught Int Business & Economics at Edinburgh and London Uni's. Reported for Reuters and others on commodities, banking. Author of Making Poverty: A History

@El86562179 A few of them. But the great majority of the MPs opposed to No Deal are of course in opposition parties.

2019-07-19 02:46

siha siiisiiii

RT @FernzFanatic: Fuck Area 51, who remembers the war we'd have in school between the science and commerce students

2019-07-19 02:46

NorthStandChap. marco8981

Brighton fan, boozer, Italian sportswear aficionado. Feast ya peekers on #BHAFC related drivel here;


2019-07-19 02:46

rhi💛🌻✨ blakeftbws


ok but why is Blake so fit

2019-07-19 02:46

Dr Sam Robertson sam_recovery

Lead PPI and AIR research theme at SPFT. Researcher, survivor, advocate, challenger, sports fanatic, gin fan. Always learning - forever growing! Own views!

Bravo Molly. We are not binaries. Service user or clinician, for many of us we are both. To acknowledge this - more…

2019-07-19 02:46

Douglas Lees douglaslees1

Grumpy and happy in equal measures

@Nigel_Farage Basically No

2019-07-19 02:46

Green Britain BattleOfGB

Beyond Copenhagen

RT @CarolineLucas: Four US women are standing up to the racist bully in the White House.

Proud to stand in solidarity with them and with e…

2019-07-19 02:46

Amir Taghan AmirTaghan

Brighton, UK

Half Iranian, quarter English, Quarter Irish. All mammal.

On Email

@NetflixFood Series 2 of the Final Table!

2019-07-19 02:46

(((Andrea Zanardo))) andreazanardo

Faccio il rabbino, mi piace il mate, ho una lista di cose di cui non mi importa una cippa e la tengo aggiornata. English speakers please follow @AndreaZanardo8

Una settimana fa il documentario della BBC sull'antisemitismo ha fatto infuriare i laburisti che hanno promesso que…

2019-07-19 02:46

Elizabeth One-of-the-British-people-too ElizabethBangs

Angry at our loss of EU citizenship to lies, racism, ignorance & crap leadership. Freedom of movement is for everyone, Brexit for the few. #fbpe

@andreajenkyns Is that all you've got?
The will of the British people on deal/no deal has never been established.…

2019-07-19 02:46

Andy T CaptainInbox

Well Seasoned Email Marketician & Deliverabilitist. Product & email whisperer @Pure360 #emailgeek

RT @minskybabs: Not every evening you get beard glitter - Curiosity Club at proud Cabernet courtesy of @Pure360

2019-07-19 02:46

Left Of Marx ☭ LeftOfMarx1

Son of Nottinghamshire miner, dyed in the wool red. Working class boy never really allowed to make good.

RT @simonmaginn: @JewishChron Labour party has 'Stalinist levels of paranoia', apparently.
And that's the BBC's wholly impartial view on t…

2019-07-19 02:46

yeewhore straygays

Welcome to the cult

I didn't write this but tru

2019-07-19 02:45

beth kameronact

𝔱𝔥𝔞𝔱’𝔰 𝔟𝔢𝔠𝔞𝔲𝔰𝔢 𝔰𝔞𝔰𝔥𝔞 𝔳𝔢𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔴𝔞𝔰 𝔱𝔞𝔩𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔢𝔡 🖤

rupaul’s drag race questions

1. courtney/kameron/yvie
2. silky/eureka/bianca
3. april
4. latrice
5. tyra/ trini…

2019-07-19 02:45

Adam Klopek furrycow

John Traversial

@Matthew_Wright @WEIRDCHRISTMAS I might have a spare freshwater rod. Also you can fish down by where the adur start…

2019-07-19 02:45

Emma Mulhern emsmulhern

Data. Evidence. Best Practice. Learning lessons. Policy. Irish. All views are my own. 🇮🇪 🇸🇱 🇿🇼🇳🇵

Your skirt will never be long enough to protect you... If you listen to one thing today, make it this incredible wo…

2019-07-19 02:45

Alan Lewis Chambers #FBPE #ABTV AlanLewCh

Retired, carer, birder, railway buff, ex geochemist, ex environment lecturer, ex IT lecturer, ex MIS Manager.
RT not endorsement.

RT @my_grayne: @LeaveEUOfficial I think the phrase is
*rustles papers*
*checks _your_ notes*
‘You lost, get over it’

2019-07-19 02:45

Michounette #FBPE PaoliMichele

Dual British/ French nationality Committed European. Retweets not an endorsement.

RT @CarolineLucas: So we’ve done it!

Government attempt to oppose amendment preventing prorogation (or at least making it a whole lot hard…

2019-07-19 02:45

Von Kant poesia_efimera

En realidad aquí no se habla de poesía... She/they.

@MeridaCabreada de Antequera...

2019-07-19 02:45


Everton fan, husband, father and serial moaner

@Fussboll_ No no no no no no no no no!

2019-07-19 02:45

lewis shiitcreek

luxury bucket recordings // shit creek / docking / the grand meat theatre / etc. contact:

RT @DylanNyoukis: Tonights episode of Fae ma Bit Tae Ur Bit airs at 6pm (BST) and shall feature an the usual opening collage nonsense plus…

2019-07-19 02:45

Nat __nca

♥#SEO Manager ♥she/her♥2/10♥Vegan food, gigs, dog, travel. Do good & never grow up. ♥ Words ALWAYS my own. Blogs at

@daledavies_me He is, and has perked up since Chinese food got delivered 😂

2019-07-19 02:45

Hayley Maisey hayleymaisey

Marketing Consultant primarily working with L&D professionals and learning tech providers. @CIM_Exchange Chartered Marketer. Ex @Brighttweet Marketing Manager.

@LisaLout Second...

2019-07-19 02:45

Where should Nature live🦉🐦🦋🌻🌳🦌🐞? Steveredwolf

Teacher,naturalist,gardener,bird enthusiast,believes Nature has a right to places to live! Knows human population growth is THE biggest problem facing the world

RT @CoLeeves: Still a beautiful bird, we take for granted.

2019-07-19 02:45

Mark Eade uk_eade

Assistant Director for IT Services, University of Brighton

@AldrichLib A busy time. I didn’t have much fun stuck at work all night on New Year’s Eve!

2019-07-19 02:45

Sian Thomas #GTTO SianThomas7

RT @simonmaginn: /> "Why did you sign the letter?"
"Because everyone else was."
This is as good a definition of a mora…

2019-07-19 02:45

Rebecca Hammond BeckieLovesYou

Half English, half Welsh! 27. Nursery Practitioner.

@thatsolouise You looked hot plus we all went out in short skirts, we liked to flirt and pull the men lol x

2019-07-19 02:45

Fifilove Fifilov80804085

Opinionated European Londoner 🌱🥂🌱Champagne Socialist

RT @simonmaginn: Sarah Montague on #wato just stated as a 'BBC fact' that Hayter was sacked for 'criticising the Labour leadership'. In fac…

2019-07-19 02:45

Dr Barbara Van Heerden BarbsFerreirafo

leadership development through coaching. Phd thsis leadership coaching towards intercultural competence. better together. united in diversity

RT @LekkerLie: South Africa deemed most dangerous country for solo women travellers via @MailOnline

2019-07-19 02:45

Marcus Beard marcusbeard

📰 communications boy

when do i get the free stuff

2019-07-19 02:45

The Mighty Brighton Infidels كافر BrightonMighty

Est: April 2010. Brighton based alternative protest group. Sussex activists. Casuals from the south coast's right-wing counter-culture. No Surrender!

Wrong! Politicians that collaborate with this far-left Soros-funded "the end is nigh" death cult will be viewed as…

2019-07-19 02:45

Paul Rose mrbiffo

Digitiser and Mr Biffo!

RT @superpage58: In just two days time we’ll be only 15 mins away from #DigitiserLive - if you’re there early, the joys of Chunky Fringe ar…

2019-07-19 02:45

BRAVO Awards 2019 🍽 bravofoodawards

The 2019 BRAVO Awards have now ended. For a full list of 2019 winners visit the weblink below.

First place in the new #BRAVO2019 category of Best Wine List goes out to the well-matured city favourite,…

2019-07-19 02:45

Restaurants Brighton EatBrighton

Here to help visitors & locals find and enjoy great places to eat and drink in Brighton & Sussex. Organisers of @bravofoodawards and job site @ResBrightonJobs

In a city drenched in coffee, it is impressive to see how a small independent business, in an out of the way locati…

2019-07-19 02:45

Owen Spedding OwenSpedding

Opinionated Welsh Free-Market Libertarian Atheist

@PhilipHammondUK I guess people are suspicious that your total willingness to put your own whims above the promises…

2019-07-19 02:45

Michal Pekar m_pekar1

I love video games, board games, food, whisky and experiencing new cultures. Also, my golf coach said that I have great hand to eye coordination.

@Khangat_Harsh @Upwork @PhoenixGyaan @syntaxfm I'm not sure what happened there on those replies. SyntaxFM is a pod…

2019-07-19 02:45

Victoria 🔶 #FBPE VictoriaW1212

Not giving up, not going away, not getting over it #FBPE #ABTV #WATON

RT @CarolineLucas: So we’ve done it!

Government attempt to oppose amendment preventing prorogation (or at least making it a whole lot hard…

2019-07-19 02:45

Rosy Young besidetheriver

There's moonbeams for the dreamers,
starry nights for love,
spring flowers for the garden,
blue sky for the dove

...bought some lovely RAW organic cider vinegar today - using some for the chutney ...but no brown sugar on hand so…

2019-07-19 02:45

Joe Scadding jonoseph


@realcrimeprofil @realcrimeprofile i was disturbed by the casual and un-interrogated use of the term 'wilding' in t…

2019-07-19 02:45

stuuup rluxxx

RT @OQPlay: Doctor Who: The Edge of Time coming to Oculus Quest - #DoctorWho #Games #Gaming #OculusQuest #VR https:…

2019-07-19 02:45

Stephen Holden stephenholden

Sing songs.

Bassist for @thedamnshebang

RT @Acidboxpromo: #AcidBox welcome #NYC #rockandrollers #Beechwood to Brighton.

We've got a whole bunch of our favourite new local rock'n'…

2019-07-19 02:45