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Jasmine_OVO SideEffects_RN

Ms Chun-Li the street fighter, get the fuck outta here !


2019-02-23 12:21

ᴋᴀᴛ ↯∞ IDKKatW1981

✫ ✯ 𝙸 𝚍𝚘𝚗'𝚝 𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚖𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚊 𝚜𝚊𝚢𝚜 ✯ ✫

FoxyBingoDotCom: 10/10 (:

2019-02-23 12:21

Puff💞 Pruff10

CashApp: $PRuff456

RT @danay__: 25 and I just moved into my newly built apartment. The journey to get here was not easy. I’ve been sitting in the empty apartm…

2019-02-23 12:21

Luis Boezio lboezio

Música, historia, arte, naturaleza.

RT @bbcmundo: "Se me tiró encima a tocarme los genitales e intentó hacerme sexo oral", dice una de las víctimas.

2019-02-23 12:21

kjoimyl 💜 ravishingkthv

FAN ACCOUNT • PH ARMY 🇵🇭 • ARMY since 2/24/17 • user / @ravishingkth / 🐯 • i followback everyone •

RT @hopieismyhopie: taes duality is actually terrifying wtf

2019-02-23 12:21

Witneycarson1 witneycarson11

Witney carson is my favorite pro on dwts follow me on Instagram @witneycarson1

RT @artemchigvintse: ☕️ #tourlife #DWTSTour

2019-02-23 12:21

BRIE👑 briedgaf_

PSU Alumna🎓 techie & music enthusiast. FAKE LIT. my tweets are not a representation of my employer // ✊🏾♐️ Philipians 4:13 🙌🏾

RT @findingmalo: What Jordyn did was mad. But you will not find me dragging her when that whole family has like 5 or 6 taken men between th…

2019-02-23 12:21

Fuzzy Clock U.K. FuzzyClockUK

Put the (GMT) time in your timeline!

Twenty after Three

2019-02-23 12:21

Javid Premium JavidPremium

self-defence coach, and gym

311 #London #England #visitlondon #Transportation

2019-02-23 12:21

Elizabeth Howard33 Lizzie33how

Mother of 4 and grandmother of 6 and live in Catalan Bay

RT @Ty_Duarte: The spirit of Manuel Fraga Iribarne is alive and well. Spain’s Ministry for Disinformation. When they call as "colony" they…

2019-02-23 12:21

Stage Center Now StageCenterNow

*Out-0f-the-bOX * #African-American #Asian #Jew #Latino #LGBT #SupportIndieFilm #IndieFilm

RT @BellaLack: DEVASTATED to hear that @OfficialMasisi is considering lifting the ban on hunting elephants. It has even been proposed that…

2019-02-23 12:21

keena👑 _kxxnx


here’s a little advice for you : find your own man

2019-02-23 12:21


RT @guarito_21: Quien prepara el café está noche?

2019-02-23 12:21

ur mcm aishaxawaaji

RT @alshabadb: I think I love her 🥵

2019-02-23 12:21

Aryna Kickass Aryynaa

Because baby, I'm ride or die. #hejabvb

RT @savannahjodie: My generation have lost men with this beautiful mindset.

2019-02-23 12:21

Marcus Maaaarvs

Bring your cake to the war fam.

The insistence on playing Abdel Nader is slowly becoming grounds for a malpractice case on Billy Donovan.

2019-02-23 12:21

Sarah Breedlove. yanataughtyou

warm as the sun dipped in black • professional smizer • nubian phenomenon • an unfinished masterpiece • in oceans deep my faith will stand.

RT @queenvictoryy: Bitching to your boyfriend is useless cause he’ll be all logical and shit and you’ll just get angrier because now he lik…

2019-02-23 12:21

Raf DreamrJustLikeU

I don't need to be on top to know I'm worth it cuz I'm strong enough to know the truth | The last ace in a lost hand

RT @sonic_hedgehog: Reggie's impact on Nintendo and the industry will be felt for many years. He embraced the community and was an excellen…

2019-02-23 12:21

Nadia 🌻 _SincerelyNads

Beautiful, Ghanaian & funny as shit✨✨✨✨ ODU💙🎓 | 🇬🇭

RT @jadorekem: 150 guests were meant to go but 20 showed up & her outfit and hair??? I’ve never seen someone’s life go downhill so fast 😩 h…

2019-02-23 12:21

mimi mimigabx


@cle_eaux *Sara’scatvoice* why’s my bestfwend so pwetty mA

2019-02-23 12:21

❄️จิ้งเอง🦊狐氷💧ฟิคคืออะไรกินได้ไหม... Kitsune_Koori

TH/ENG status:คุยได้ไม่กัด! | ตอนนี้โดนพี่เว่ยตก | งอกกาวตามอารมณ์ | โรลเฉพาะกิจเวลาคุยกับบอทตั่งๆ | #วิคยู #ส้มค้างคาว #วั่งเซี่ยน #hiddlesworth

RT @Q_cupid: อ่านเจอแก๊งแมวที่ปกป้องราชวังคอยจับหนูในพระราชวัง The Hermitage ในรัสเซียแล้วแบบอุแงมาก น้องง ฮือ (สรุปไม่ได้เดินชมผลงานในมิวเ…

2019-02-23 12:21

Dyke side dykesouza


RT @DoggoDating: Cooper is prepared. Cooper is a goodboye.

2019-02-23 12:21

Nate Dechavez Natesmb64

I'm a gamer, super fan of "The Amazing Race" and loves the Yakuza (龍が如く) Series! I'm also the creator of #TheAmazingJourney

RT @sonic_hedgehog: Reggie's impact on Nintendo and the industry will be felt for many years. He embraced the community and was an excellen…

2019-02-23 12:21

Kay Seeley KaySeeley1

Author of The Guardian Angel, The Watercress Girls, The Water Gypsy and The Cappuccino Collection. Writer of short stories. Lover of books, history and London.

An emotional rollercoaster of a book. I cried all the way through it. Tears of joy as well as sorrow. Couldn't put…

2019-02-23 12:21

My Info MyInfo96892081

RT @PrisonPlanet: Must read. This is a fight conservatives must take up or they will be silenced permanently.

2019-02-23 12:21

Becs scullysg1

drama student. writer. I have an undying love for the x files, stargate sg1, timeless... and the list goes on and on

RT @GillianA: Mom and dad backstage @AllAboutEvePlay.
Thanks for coming @davidduchovny!

2019-02-23 12:21

Prime Trader IdeasPrime

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2019-02-23 12:21

Owen MrPanQuake

16 |♂| Graphic Artist/Animator | Socially Awkward | Gamer 🅱😎👌 | Wannabe freelancer | Meme preference: dank |||||||||| Former LittleBigPlanetian

RT @sonic_hedgehog: Reggie's impact on Nintendo and the industry will be felt for many years. He embraced the community and was an excellen…

2019-02-23 12:21

Draco Malfoy Sexy_Malfoy

( HPRP Multiverse 18+) Draco Malfoy. Slytherin, You should very well know who I am. {Married to my beautiful wife @ToriCatGG(Main RP)

@ToriCatGG It is quite a long train yes but it’s certainly looks perfect on you *I say looking you over agaib* let’s see the other one

2019-02-23 12:21

맞괄해조요 💎김젤 kimjell56

❤ BH, CY, D, K ❤ 찬백 카디 백도 세준 다 먹음


2019-02-23 12:21

Allison Rt allisonrt_97

T U R I S 🌴 A

RT @DUALIPA: 👼🏻💕👼🏻💕👼🏻

2019-02-23 12:21

FinTech Futures FinTech_Futures

#FinTechFutures is the definitive source for #fintech, #bankingtechology and #paytech news. Newsletter sign up:

UK #lendtech DivideBuy feeling spry with £60m funding: #fintech #lending

2019-02-23 12:21

Fat Ninja Gaming FatNinjaGaming

Some shoot to kill- we aim to please. Home to the FNG's, check us out on Fat_ninja_gaming on twitch and fat ninjas on youtube.

@KingofRGN No bother. Take your time. We'll be here x

2019-02-23 12:21

Camaïeu kss_001

Art, sketching, music and photography. Part-time adventure junky and sports enthusiast.

@Madam___caramel @Club_Femdom Weirdly enough she has seen one of my collars and didn’t say anything... she saw one…

2019-02-23 12:21

drink juice baphomite


RT @sonic_hedgehog: Reggie's impact on Nintendo and the industry will be felt for many years. He embraced the community and was an excellen…

2019-02-23 12:21

Jamie Servellon jsmediagirl

Helping you share your story and journey through social media....

RT @DoggoDating: Doggo saves soggo doggo with loggo

2019-02-23 12:20

💜 honeyoonjins

RT @DUALIPA: 👼🏻💕👼🏻💕👼🏻

2019-02-23 12:20

Kayy hardcore kay_hardcore

£Business mimd£

@oluwamaleeq @Postsubman Yea it's FUNNY best bet is to end it or how else can you advice an able body YOUTH to spen…

2019-02-23 12:20

Sloth x Sean SlothVisuals

SlothVisuals • Graphic Designer from London • Creative Director// . Instagram - SlothVisual 📸


2019-02-23 12:20

StrongLeanBody StrongLeanBody

Inspiring people globally to transform their minds & build raw lean power & strength + increase energy, youth & vitality. Secrets at

The next quality solution will grant the actual body to heal and as well , greatly reduce fat stores

2019-02-23 12:20

Aimee 🌻 mitchell_aim

I retweet more than I tweet

RT @benoobrown: relatable

2019-02-23 12:20

Scott Dance sdancefilms

UK Distributor of @abu_movie • Writer & Producer of @notasoul_film • Barnes Film Festival Youth Coordinator • Met Film School Student • Outcome LGBT 🏳️‍🌈

@BenSwallow5 @freak1ngawesome Beats GWR any day of the year!

2019-02-23 12:20

GRACE ✨ graceeoliviax

23 | 🎈

RT @skepsismusic_uk: Katy on a Mission is a modern classic

2019-02-23 12:20

Kaynat Malik kayvohuncho


RT @LifeOfAls: I hope my friends are seeing this lol

2019-02-23 12:20

🌝 tres_yoonie

RT @hopieismyhopie: producer mode hoseok is such a turn on wowow

2019-02-23 12:20

Farhan sydfarhan_

Tak semua yang kita nak, kita dapat.

RT @ChelseaFC: Happy birthday, Branislav Ivanovic! 🎉

2019-02-23 12:20

Skyrush 9SkytorRush0

Senior Partner & Designer @LegionEsportsG || GFX Designer || 🎮 Former #Swtor & #BnS Player. Casual #PUBG & #TEKKEN player. 🔴💯 Arsenal Supporter

RT @KingJaeLDN: 🙏❤️ Well done Youtube

2019-02-23 12:20

J'baby gwotfreckles


RT @Veebanoid: 2019 so far in a nutshell!

2019-02-23 12:20

Dani~ vc_daniela

Todo es relativo

RT @onthisdayinkpop: 3 years ago today SHINee's Taemin released his performance music video for 'Drip Drop'.

2019-02-23 12:20

NightSlade_RayX lilshadow_ray24

19 year old / smash player(gamer)/ love dancing drawing, having fun, making new friends, meeting new people, acting, excrising, living a happy peaceful world.

RT @sonic_hedgehog: Reggie's impact on Nintendo and the industry will be felt for many years. He embraced the community and was an excellen…

2019-02-23 12:20

sun 🇨🇱 grumpyssun

welcome to the real world IT SUCKS you’re GANNA LOVE IT

Cristian Sanchez igual te me caiste con lo del viñuela Just Saying #PartyChilensisFtGala

2019-02-23 12:20

Kanha Kanhakhov

memes, cars, space, tea, designs, art

@elonmusk ❤️Precious❤️

2019-02-23 12:20

Military #MAGA Hat Chanting USA USA !! 🐻 Dux_Regionis

#Benghazi is not going away #MAGA

RT @PrisonPlanet: Leftists aren't mad at Smollett for staging a hate crime, they're just mad he got caught.

2019-02-23 12:20

John Watson 🎄🎅 JohnWatson_221

If anyone out there still cares I'm actually gay | @Anthea_PA | @AStudyInPiink | @HatmanHolmes | @221BBakerSt_ | @ShezaHolmes | @PreferText

@Anthea_PA *she squeals and pulls them back*

2019-02-23 12:20

Debs@hallammedical debsap73

Healthcare Advanced practice Primary Healthcare Books Books Business and economics Humour Lifestyle and Culture Music Politics news UK and World News News

RT @NVTweeting: Health and care voices unite against a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Read our letter to @theresa_may, signed by 75 leaders, professio…

2019-02-23 12:20

💜 pjmmlissa


RT @safybutt: jungkook: I like fabric softener

army: which one do you use?

jungkook: it's called downy! The red one!! Ruby jasmine!! Its…

2019-02-23 12:20

Tiger May Charli29107436


Just imagine, if a gay god, a screaming girl, a human disco ball and a space poodle formed a band.

2019-02-23 12:20

matt LOVES niall niallwonka

niall horan, music, books, fanfiction, liam payne & zayn; thats me

RT @niallerdiaries: 📲UPDATE II Niall being the HAPPIEST MAN at a wedding today, he deserves to be like this everyday

2019-02-23 12:20

EyeOfTheShooter LordJordan3

Detroit based Photographer

IG:@eots313 #EOTS313

@emiliarareheart I gotta grab that pixel sheesh

2019-02-23 12:20

Ells elhamijaa

ig: elhamijaa | sc: elllssxo

On god !!!!

2019-02-23 12:20

Lady_RoBzy Robynwolson

I ♡ Disney and Marvel


RT @sivemorten: @elonmusk i had great fun editing this with sive2

2019-02-23 12:20

Rohitashva Kumar Singh Hitromarku

Studying Structural Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar

RT @TheBarmyArmy: The Bajan Michael Jackson is keeping the party stand entertained! #WIvENG

2019-02-23 12:20

Kirbyyyyyy⭐️ KirbyyyyyyJuice

Hello I'm Kirbyyyyyy/Juicyyyyyy! He/Him, currently 18 and pan! Just a silly happy dork who reposts trash!

RT @sonic_hedgehog: Reggie's impact on Nintendo and the industry will be felt for many years. He embraced the community and was an excellen…

2019-02-23 12:20

lynn paterson lynnpaterson17

@JulesKay1 @ianinsurbiton @PurpleDon1973 😂

2019-02-23 12:20

Dark DarkSNetwork

Soon to be a Youtuber. Y'all are deadasses👍👍

RT @Legacy_Jaygo: How am i in vc at 3am with @DarkSNetwork listening to Sonic tunes

2019-02-23 12:20

Soft and only. justlikeleon

Strange as angels ⚕ Everything I do is simply delicate. ✨☄️🌕

Si me dejas ahora, te llevas la mejor parte de mi

2019-02-23 12:20

Diana Urrutia Diana_miauw


RT @aveirjapan:

2019-02-23 12:20

Cheeky M CheekyMark1917

Teaching in Guangzhou. China is utterly fabulous 99% of the time. I spend many hours trying to understand Chinese characters, fishing, and drinking cheap wine.

RT @gilli_clare: @wesstreeting @jessphillips It seems quite extraordinary to me that you say you want to “root out anti-semitism” whilst de…

2019-02-23 12:20

han :P hannahhponder_

RT @1Hakz_: Idc how goodlooking you think you are, if your personality is ugly then you’re ugly by default

2019-02-23 12:20

Devs. debi_debianaa

Dis is ugleh📌

RT @DUALIPA: 👼🏻💕👼🏻💕👼🏻

2019-02-23 12:20

David Hatala DavidDamit

RT @PrisonPlanet: Why did Shamima Begum need to travel to Syria to be part of a radical extremist group that hates Jews and attacks anyone…

2019-02-23 12:20

ℬen Hardy xngelben

༄ Actor ; enthusiastic musician ◜Cardboard Ben is my nemesis ◞

Pues sí, porque no puedes vivir sin él, un comentario por tu felicidad no lo valía.

2019-02-23 12:20

「☘반배정잘나오게해주세요」람비화 rambihwa

알림 오류 | FUBM free | 여캐만 그림 | 여성만 챙김 | 자캐 사랑 | 지엘 사랑 | 한남 블락 | 젠더론 거름 |

RT @KEspionageve: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2019-02-23 12:20

🐳 peachymeolk

Eu•pho•ria (n.) ⌜The euphoria of your desire will fuel your desire to continue your dreams⌟

@TaehyunguG @Lol56211898 Ya sure

2019-02-23 12:20

يُوُنُسْ younisaatoo

cool nerdy great surgeon in progress.

و انتي اي بضان

2019-02-23 12:20

Stephanie Osifo yabishhhhhhh

RT @lorreigns: Kylie took back all her wigs

2019-02-23 12:20

Iara girlpiscex


fan account

RT @benecoptero: o atleta pode ficar em choque chega eu to morrendo

2019-02-23 12:20