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Pure Funk Records purefunkrecords

Record Label. Home for Mr. Groove, Dr. Beat, Miguel Alcobia, Soulshakers, The Boogeyman.

@taaylor_24 🧘‍♂️

2019-02-23 15:22

Hiren Jariwala hiren1314

be indian/ contest lover/ win prizeee

RT @ChigzTechReview: @donovansung The Mi9 MEGA

2019-02-23 15:22

PERMISSION🙆‍♂️히릿 NewHopeCluv

뇹생뇹사•••내 행복버튼 @NewHopeGeorge⬅️Click

벨벳 레이어드 원피스 162 기준 발목 위
사진보다 골드빛이 돌음 운포 1만원

2019-02-23 15:22

Bayonetta Bayonnetamain

I need 10K Followers Looking for people to 1v1 in smash 4 I use :Luigi,Bayonetta,ryu,Ness,Lucina,and diddy kong:

RT @chazzdynamics: Some people will make your life better by walking into it while other people will make your life better by simply walkin…

2019-02-23 15:22

Dr.Maxwell🇵🇦🇵🇭 KingMaxwell99

Good Vibes• ♊️♊️•Future Veterinarian• Dancing 🕺🏻

RT @DoggoDating: Oh dear...

2019-02-23 15:22

Getahead Festival Getahead24

Get ahead without burning out. Health. Development. Fun. Our 24hr festival is back: London Fri 14 June 2019. Join us👇🏽

@kelly_convey 😂

2019-02-23 15:22

ナーナ@かやまん尊い kenkyuusei7noko

昆布のギルマスやってますのんびりしたギルドなんでよかったら是非!ナナの質問箱→ #昆布ファミリー

@TAKETO200212 あーね、無料のバトロワ系も多いしもし買ったらできるゲーム一緒やろうや٩( 'ω' )و

2019-02-23 15:22

Marian🥰 mariiantorress

RT @gbg_bucks: Yooo I’m bout to piss on my self 😩😩😂😂. Why the fuck he calling his mother for tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

2019-02-23 15:22

luli ; wfh blushelmslie

do what i want

@ImAllexx which

2019-02-23 15:22

CoraBlimey#NHS#SOS💜 las2950

#MMT #IStandWithHarry
#NHS #Unions #PublicSector No party. RT is not endorsement

RT @georgegalloway: As I just said on @SkyNews “If #Corbyn had been caught on camera discussing with the #Russia ambassador receiving £1 mi…

2019-02-23 15:22

YT: TravelwithTee_ TiareisaClarke

Travelling the world 🌍 • Carpe Diem ✨ Philippians 4:13

RT @moeuk: You know when you scroll through old conversations, smiling but you don’t talk no more so it’s sad 😓

2019-02-23 15:22

Ñembotavy nembotavy_0101

Art, music, politics, history, science, gender, and entrepreneurship. Always learning and hoping to do so, willing to play the fool. I do that well.

RT @FisherAndrew79: "This change to the law is essential to closing the gender pay gap and dismantling the structural barriers that hold wo…

2019-02-23 15:22

Bolshevik Mothman TrajansGhost

Industrial designer, too old for a youth revolt. He/him.

the Jersey devil and Mothman are the same

RT @gaytimesmag: Liv Little on the importance of allies and why we all need to listen more.

2019-02-23 15:22

@또뜨 Beaver_Treasure

( 글/그림/영상 ) / 이계정 쓴다 진짜

RT @KEspionageve: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2019-02-23 15:22

Gerardo Barco gerbarco

I.T. Engineer I like any study of science and technology, and Love Metal Rock, but i am not subscribe to no one metal group, is only music.

Wormwitch Premiere "Disciple of the Serpent Star" - in Metal News ( Metal )…

2019-02-23 15:22

Shahid Malik iamshahidmalik

International Fashion photographer - Fashion-Catwalk-Beauty-Travel & Editorial

@BajiPlease @ajmaljami It's Dawn newspaper you can't trust them on anything thier news is not even worth the paper it's printed on!!!

2019-02-23 15:22

sayo __sayo0


RT @queenvictoryy: Bitching to your boyfriend is useless cause he’ll be all logical and shit and you’ll just get angrier because now he lik…

2019-02-23 15:22

🌹Wegie #GTTO 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇵🇰🇵🇸 Ncubekhan

Anti-Zionism | Anti-Daesh | Anti-Jihadi/Jewhadi | Boycott Israel & its supporters - BDS | Auto-block Racists/Fascists | No Tory Blair | No LFI | GTTO

RT @AyoCaesar: But will you let the people in Dudley vote on whether they want you or a Labour MP to represent them in parliament? https://…

2019-02-23 15:22

พี่บีคนชิคผู้เป็นทาสแมว 🌴🍑🐱 sevenheartjb

13/5/61 วันนี้ไม่มีวันลืม เจอกัซครั้งแรกคอนครั้งแรกสนุกโคตรๆ | เมนเจบี รองเมนแจ็คสันแต่รักทั้ง 7 คนเลย | ชิบทุกคู่ ชอบทุกมม.ที่กัซอยู่ด้วยกัน| รีวิว #แตบอมรีวิว

RT @wearepoweruk: It’s #FandomFriday everyone! 🙌 & this week it’s GROUPS THEMED.

🏆 The winner will get 1 hour of dedicated airplay on 1/0…

2019-02-23 15:22

·|黄安安|· tanyaananpan


RT @impeachii: คุณคะ #GoUniReunion เจอกันที่ Bella Rocca ชั้น9 Emquartier นะจ้ะ ห้างวนเก่งงง ต้องยอม ❤️ กินฟรี กอดฟรี แจกของฟรี แจกไปกระทั่…

2019-02-23 15:22

아티 LeeArty87

Rockman | 자캐 | 그림계- @000_AT_

RT @aveirjapan:

2019-02-23 15:22

lois loistamares

noot noot// RND 2019

@BRgonzales444 @miaruthdp Truuuu

2019-02-23 15:22

Flux Flux4Kofo

Flux, the Blog for Modern Marketers

Consumers that procure the products of Fast Fashion companies such as TopShop, Zara, Forever 21, are fashionistas…

2019-02-23 15:22

Tim TimLegdeur

Not much else to say other then that I'm a huge Pokemon fan. I also love the Fire Emblem and Bayonetta franchise's too.

RT @sonic_hedgehog: Reggie's impact on Nintendo and the industry will be felt for many years. He embraced the community and was an excellen…

2019-02-23 15:22

🐯 TK teakeeee

✨💛- @weareoneEXO | @BTS_twt |@WannaOne_twt 🌈 ใครจะน่ารักอีกสักกี่พันคนเราก็จะบอกว่าคุณน่ารักที่สุดสำหรับเราอยู่ดี 🌙

RT @Q_cupid: @hamzterzkub ขอป้ายยาเรื่อง Handsome Devil ในNetflixยังมีน้า ละนี่ชอบมาก หนังดีมากกกก ไม่ดารก์เลยแถมเพลงเพราะ บรรยากาศดี พระเอ…

2019-02-23 15:22

Roman roman_toofiq

RT @TheSanPlanet: This is how we greeting eachother now kings

2019-02-23 15:22

Omoluabi muyiade001

RT @RedwireGroup: In preparation for the elections on saturday, here are a few tips to have a decent time at the polls.
Make sure you have…

2019-02-23 15:22

Piya Khanna piyakhanna

All views my own, love Cricket, dogs, tigers, snow leopards, oceans, art, Arsenal, travelling & good food & wine

In this century, before 29 March 2019? Stable doors and horses come to mind #FBPE #tig #BrexitVote…

2019-02-23 15:22

cøle - m - 18 sendjoons

people who say namjoon is ugly or make fun of his looks have a brain the size of their penis which also probably isn’t that big

RT @hopieismyhopie: can we just talk about how good hoseok looks with aviators,,

2019-02-23 15:22

Ann Keen RN NDN FQNI FAAN AnnKeen11

Prof LSBU .Senior Scholar Hartford Inst Geriatric Nursing.NYU Former Labour MP & Health Minister Chair Prime Minister Commission Future of Nursing England.

RT @gemmamitchell92: Safeguarding chief for NHS in London Nicky Brownjohn says high-profile CSE scandals such as Rotherham/Rochdale threw u…

2019-02-23 15:22

hey. love. AyeeMix

NCAT21 💙💛 ~ Fellowship Gospel Choir

RT @gbg_bucks: Son Lmaoo he got me crying

2019-02-23 15:22

gwen gwenhannahhh


@isabellaidnanix haluhhh di po talaga ako itu hmmmMm :((

2019-02-23 15:22

JE冬夜|・ω・)BLEACHは不滅 toya358

成人済 BLEACHとサンホラ・リンホラとロクゼロが好きです。メルツくんマジ天使。チリーンは私の嫁^^ 備後国にて燭台切沼に落ちました。初心者レイヤーです。

RT @aveirjapan:

2019-02-23 15:22

mRr3b00t UK_Daniel_Card

Robot overlord @Xservus. creator of @threatweek & @pwnDefend ! Blogs @itsm_tools. Skulks on HTB and @TheManyHatsClub studying for #oscp

@devonrevenge @0x736A Tiramisu malware..... noooooooooo!

2019-02-23 15:22

Eyeet7 Eyeet72

Beyond Meat Enthusiast

You can take away my Money but you can't take away my Burgers!

Beyond Meat burg: extra sauce
Triple Jr chicken extra mayo

RT @sivemorten: @elonmusk i had great fun editing this with sive2

2019-02-23 15:22

eva koromilas 🐨🌿 evakoromilas

Behavioural insights practitioner. Passionate about behavioural economics & its application to public policy. Tweeting in a personal capacity.

RT @SchwaUK: What people in advertising can learn from behavioural science.
#BehaviouralEconomics #BehaviouralSci…

2019-02-23 15:22

Bobby LetBobbyBe

RT @Unkle_K: When you’re already on your way to the date and she texts you saying “you’re gonna hate me 🙈”

2019-02-23 15:22


I AM HYSTERICAL QUEEN / ПИШУ СТРАННЫЕ ТВИТЫ / второй профиль если этот снесут

Мать как обычно посоветовала выпить валерьянки, она думает все заебы из головы видимо уйдут если Я скушаю валерьянк…

2019-02-23 15:22

Muhammad Shafiq Mehsood ShafiqMehsood

RT @WaqarBibi: دھاندلی کا اصل مجرم کون ان تمام نقصانات کا اصل زمہ دار کون ہے مگر وہ کہتے ہیں ہمارا نام نہ لو ۔۔۔۔ مولانا فضل الرحمن صاحب دل…

2019-02-23 15:22

Ani EgryAni

God fearing & loving Midwest women, I believe in America and stand w/those who want to Protect Her and our freedom!

RT @historylvrsclub: Sgt. Jennie A. Gordinier, WAC supply sergeant, with Gig pet cocker spaniel of the WAC detachment at Camp Grant, Rockfo…

2019-02-23 15:22

🎩ΗΑL DΟΒΒS🎩 BruceJ95

Bohemian. Friend. Keeper of The Flame.

RT @CynthiaEriVo: Before you fix your fingers to be negative about anyone, think about how useful that is, if you gain nothing, then you’ve…

2019-02-23 15:22

[벨리알] 죽어있다. bellial69

20대/여/블언블자유/딱히 특별한 건 없는 소나무 인덕/2015여름이/카민/롤리/초코포푸리/드리밍포푸리/헤이즐/에릭/에릭B/니콜라스/엘레나/스레나/화희/아정C/유진/소피/넥타/진/이노센트지젤

RT @KEspionageve: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2019-02-23 15:22

iainbundred iainbundred

PR MD @ogilvy EMEA & Exec Director @wpp_govt. Fmr No10 pol spksperson. Fan of nearly all teams in red (Liverpool, Wales but never ManUtd). All views own, etc

I’m so glad my people finally have a voice! After all those years of ... oh wait.

2019-02-23 15:22

Francesca Price 1goforgold1

RT @John_Mills_JML: Why No Deal?

1⃣ We keep £39 billion 💰
2⃣ Gives us impetus to resolve Irish border in a tech-savvy way 🤖
3⃣ Can get str…

2019-02-23 15:22

Prince Vegeta TheGaffaSM

Th£ Resistance|’Soul Off Freestyle’OUT NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS| |South London(Th£ F0UR)|A$k Tumblr if I'm accurat£:

How can sleep paralysis wrap me like that?? I thought I was asleep for hours...when I broke free I woke up to find it’s only been an hour!

2019-02-23 15:22

Amor Magazine UK amormagazineUK

Amor Magazine is an online and printed publication produced by the young woman for the young woman. Educate | Empower | Unite 💕

RT @fortherecord1_: @amormagazineUK premiere : @CELLiiE debuts visuals for new single ‘Fall Back’


2019-02-23 15:22

もふやなぎ🇩🇪🍺🎮 mofu_mofu525


RT @FujisawaBunoh: お答えします。雨音には人の心を落ち着かせる心理効果があります。そして、外界から遮断され、劇場という異世界に入ったという心境にもなります。さらに無音の劇場というのは妙に静かで緊張させてしまいますが、音楽を流すのも興ざめです。なので、毎回雨音を…

2019-02-23 15:22

baddie maddie xox__maddie

I.E. insta xox__maddie 💙stoned

RT @gbg_bucks: I almost just broke my neck
Shit lowkey scared me fr though 😔😔😞

2019-02-23 15:22

Jonny Vox JonRay_15

@JohnCMcNair1 @NinersNation Oh and if you think in the modern NFL you need 2 DT + 2 DE STARTERS and nothing more th…

2019-02-23 15:22

bambiyoyo yoyowynter

過去のことばかりtweetしてる 今を乗り越える糧になっている 決して後ろ向きなのではなく、こんなに経験させて貰ったという感謝と、いつか再びという希望を抱き続ける為に…

RT @momogramo: ロンドン交通局の地下鉄掲示板が好きだ


2019-02-23 15:22

Mike Kumar Mike_KumarSky

Editor, News Output at Sky News. Very early riser at the helm of Sunrise (0600-0900). IRN Awards judge. Formerly BBC News. All views my own etc

4⃣@WalkerSkyNews: R Kelly charged w 10 counts of sex abuse
5⃣@inzyrashid: Calls for more Body Dysmorphic Disor…

2019-02-23 15:22

Andy-Life Equation AndyMichaelArt

Comics, occasional Street Fighting

RT @RachaelAtWork:

2019-02-23 15:22

JO Reynard JoanneReynard

I am an IPN working in LCH NHS , coordinator Yorkshire IPS . EX PMRAFNS. Mum and chair of Governors at an amazing School . NHS Employers Flu champion 2018

RT @jessrmorley: As @NHSX comes 2 life 2 make tech better in the NHS we want to make sure that we ONLY support tech that is ethical & respo…

2019-02-23 15:22

nicole🌻 nbarbxsa

RT @jilesanmixo: @kaeonehundred Not even in a rude way but how is it affecting you 😭

2019-02-23 15:21

[Closed] DiggoryAmazayn

Follow @ZaynDiggory c:

"We have a choice..To Live or To Exist." - Harry Styles

2019-02-23 15:21

i want it i got it💍 thnkinbouttears

tell me how good it feels to be needed

RT @officialcharts: Official Singles Chart: 7 Rings returns to Number 1, making @ArianaGrande the first artist to replace herself at Number…

2019-02-23 15:21

Peaceful-SunFleur 🕊️🌹🕊️ OmShanti1504

#JC4PM #GTTO ♥️ Tony Benn, Chomsky ~ Tweets not all endorsements. #BDS #FSOI ~ Loathe Racism & ....U.K. USA Foreign policy ‼️

RT @MichaelRosenYes: Overwhelmed by the media's superb forensic examination of the leaving MPs records on war, austerity, immigration, isl…

2019-02-23 15:21

thisismiadaniel_k yaa_9394

💎SHINee🐥Taemin 🌟Wanna One😻🐶Daniel Sehun | JBJ | Dongho | TN♡is real~ #แก๊งกากที่มีพี่แทมินเป็นหัวหน้า 😆 ติ่งทุกวง : วงการเกาหลีอ่ะค่ะ

RT @impeachii: ในชีวิตที่ผ่านมา เท่าที่สังเกตดูแล้ว จะคนที่รู้เรื่องจริง เรื่องวงใน เรื่องราวมากมาย มักไม่มีค่อยพูดหรอก แต่หลายครั้งคนที่…

2019-02-23 15:21

Desires a Great Nigeria myworlduniq

Nigerian with a passion for the things of God with a die-hard slogan-' I refuse to be another number of female statistics'.

I love being me!

RT @Tutsy22: Bouillon of Bourdillon...

2019-02-23 15:21

Sheerin Dariani sheerind

Communications, fundraising and philanthropy professional.

@seanhannity Are you referring to yourself?! 😁

2019-02-23 15:21

ジェイソン・マッカートニー jasonmc26


イギリス使節マカートニー「Hello!!!!!!!!イングランドからハルバル来ましたヨ!!!Its me!!!!!!!!マカートニーデース!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

2019-02-23 15:21

TIDDY Living__ghost

My instagram is T_Tmarion

RT @gbg_bucks: Yooo I’m bout to piss on my self 😩😩😂😂. Why the fuck he calling his mother for tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

2019-02-23 15:21

habib habib2898


RT @WaqarBibi: علیمہ خان اور عظمی خان سے کون پوچھے گا ایک سو سات ارب کے اثاثے کہاں سے بنائے ؟
مشاہد اللہ خان صاحب

2019-02-23 15:21

Mari themariiii


RT @Elyas_FoodBae: Share this video, it could save a life

2019-02-23 15:21

Sogani Jewels SoganiJewelsuk

A premium jewellery store for women with an array of charismatic designs by the experts in #Gold, #Diamond and #Silver Jewellery.

No dangles yet dazzling, these eloquently designed stud earrings crafted in distinctive contemporary designs are a…

2019-02-23 15:21

카일 👑 [ia; 2nd sem 😭💔] kyleannenicoler

@BTS_twt: Love Myself, Love Yourself. Thank you for holding my hand and reminding me I'm loved ♥ #BTSLoveYourselfTour

RT @safybutt: jungkook: I like fabric softener

army: which one do you use?

jungkook: it's called downy! The red one!! Ruby jasmine!! Its…

2019-02-23 15:21

nana JnnBnn

— wrecked by love — 110317 🖤 111818 MMERS HABANG BULIFE 💛✨ • independent woman depending on God •

@chrstn12_ hehe aqu din

2019-02-23 15:21

Lazy Marketing🏆 jameshickstwi

On a mission to teach people how to get paid to LIVE.. not live to work! Secret lazy income creation method available now at

Online marketing plan approaches for triumphant associates

2019-02-23 15:21

sarran lilrosybby

insta: sarranhamilton

RT @SalamaMitana: going out every weekend isn't the move anymore.

2019-02-23 15:21

NV niccivanlux

@YS_BOMB11 What did u do

2019-02-23 15:21

Drums Radio DRUMSradio

DRUMS radio - #TheSoundOfAfroHouse #WeAreGlobal #Afrohouse Raw & Unfiltered

#theDRUMS radio show is now @iamrsilk's #AfroHouseShow

#NP Deique Bleu, Jaymz Nylon - Destinations (Jaymz Nylon Afrotech Reshape)


#Afrohouse Ra…

2019-02-23 15:21

Öledümdük oledumduka

boğulmak üzere yüzüyorum

@barisozll Günaydın ✨

2019-02-23 15:21

shujat ali shujatali

tempting,naughty and cruel

@ICC @babarazam258 Still has to develop as a finisher !

2019-02-23 15:21

Damien ✌🏻 Damien93

25 🏳️‍🌈 👨🏻‍🦰 ♊️

@smallvillebuffy I watched it on amazon prime

2019-02-23 15:21

anthony AnthonyBowson

RT @Carlier_J87: So, it appears that lying and making it up as they go along isn't just restricted to @revolutapp conduct towards their cus…

2019-02-23 15:21

\7 | &TYA& | \7 HIJKLMNCT


RT @reviewkonruay: ทำไมถึงคิดว่าคนใช้ Brandname ต้องกู้หนี้ยืมสินมาซื้อล่ะคะ ? ,, มันเป็นสินค้าฟุ่มเฟือยนะ คนที่มีเงินเหลือเท่านั้นถึงจะครอ…

2019-02-23 15:21

Rav❌ R_athwal


RT @gbg_bucks: Son Lmaoo he got me crying

2019-02-23 15:21

laura tracey lauratracey4

RT @BrainTracer: This is dreadfully sad & so horrid - both owner & dear Staffie Cross Tai will be devastated; they'll be each other's world…

2019-02-23 15:21

Carey Lauren CareyLauren64

RT @PrisonPlanet: Leftists aren't mad at Smollett for staging a hate crime, they're just mad he got caught.

2019-02-23 15:21

k i r a x kiragillespiex

insta - kiraxgillespie

RT @benoobrown: relatable

2019-02-23 15:21

minimintท่ดค่ะเรือกำลังแล่น[13] minemint_ii

yunjae | kangtuk | nielong | ❤ TVXQ 💙 SJ 🤙🏻WANNA ONE |#changmin|#leetuek|#Daniel|#Ong|#hyunbin
|ไม่ได้พูดไม่เพราะเพราะพูดไม่เพราะ| ig: miintkrw | 1990's

RT @505293932: 190219 IZZUE SHOW 🇬🇧
왕자님 #김재환 #재환 #KIMJAEHWAN

2019-02-23 15:21

hu aissyahumn

trying to retrieve

RT @1Hakz_: Idc how goodlooking you think you are, if your personality is ugly then you’re ugly by default

2019-02-23 15:21

मराठी प्रेमी MarathiLove

एकच ध्येय. मराठी भाषेचा प्रचार, प्रसार आणि संवर्धन.

RT @TheEconomist: Why governments and parents should choose mother-tongue education

2019-02-23 15:21

Mermaid🐚 Nessaness15

RT @gbg_bucks: She A Super Stud I Wouldn't Let Her Near My Girl

2019-02-23 15:21


RT @queenvictoryy: Bitching to your boyfriend is useless cause he’ll be all logical and shit and you’ll just get angrier because now he lik…

2019-02-23 15:21

J j_b_159

I woke up and my eyelid was flipped. Honestly thought God had called me home

2019-02-23 15:21