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Kichi Kitsoon KitamiKitsune

Kitsune Red Panda Plushie

RT @dailyskyfox: It's temporary ok? I’m not giving kids funsized candy!
...I’m not heartless 😜🦊

2018-10-22 05:35


“It’s Too Bad That Stupidity Isn't Painful.”

RT @TheEconomist: Opponents of data-driven policing say it has inherent biases, and unfairly profiles the poor and ethnic minorities https:…

2018-10-22 05:35

Marina 🌱 marina_perezn

Estudiante, aficionada al Nestea y de vez en cuando escribo • would you be so kind?

RT @nayasrivera: it really is at the top of my bucket list to see this musical irl. especially this song.

2018-10-22 05:35

𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐚 🐊 SobukiRa

Managing Editor @KayhanLife; Child Rights at Researching Reform; blog @HuffPostUK. Member @GPToEndViolence. 🇮🇷🇬🇧✡️☪️ Sharing is InteResTing.

There's been a development on the Barnsley council story, which Buki will share with you tomorrow morning on Resear…

2018-10-22 05:35

Mick Mick27045833

RT @toryboypierce: There are more than 9,000 foreigners in Britain’s overcrowded jails. So why are we deporting only one a day?

2018-10-22 05:35

stigma AAbygel

@BTS_twt 💌🏹☁️

RT @ysljunhoe: YEEEEERRRRR Junhoe stans won

2018-10-22 05:35

BOSSMAN ☕🖕💀 Bossman_1975

Life is about meeting people, connecting and making things happen.

My first time watching Ron White. Fucking hilarious. #babyduckpussylipstacos

2018-10-22 05:35

yuuji yuuji_K1


RT @BBCNews: United States Grand Prix: All you need to know as Lewis Hamilton goes for world title

2018-10-22 05:35

Andrea AndessaV

Podrán cortas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera.
Insta» andreavalladaresotero

RT @SergioBen111: Suso pensaba que Tony se iba a liar con Aurah durante la prueba de Criados y Señores, y se la lió a Aurah por eso, pero n…

2018-10-22 05:35

next generation leaders sensualktae

i’m extremely whipped for BTS, they literally own me. thank you for listening — mono is coming for y’alls neck.

@BTS_twt keep being your cute little self, ily

2018-10-22 05:35

Spooky Noché 🌙 theMilitantHomo

did you even know Gianni Versace?

RT @Nadine_Writes: The daughter of woman racially abused by fellow passenger on a Ryanair flight speaks exclusively to me for @HuffPostUK.…

2018-10-22 05:35

Trina _Trina_Maria_

Life Is A Rollercoaster... Just Got To Ride It! 🇬🇧

RT @SkyNews: Man, 72, 'stoned to death by monkeys' in India

2018-10-22 05:35

Gilles Herard, Jr. GillesHerard

Businessman, merchant banker, private equity investor, Managing Director of Capital Corp Merchant Banking

RT @TheEconomist: Detecting diseases from bacteria is one thing. Picking up the presence of viruses is trickier

2018-10-22 05:35

Bet Angel betangel

Pro trader since June 2000! Bet Angel is the ultimate Betfair & Betdaq software - FREE & paid versions, FREE trial. Automate, profile & trade sports markets.

@Andrew19416249 Both, in the video I give you the data from an automated strategy I am using.

2018-10-22 05:35

BlackHeart AbongileMbauli

Discipline makes everything easier

RT @riizo7: “Oh Brother Nature? Yeah he did that shit, guilty af”

2018-10-22 05:35

Gordon Patten gordon_patten

Office worker in Nottingham City Centre 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 Supporter of thin blue, red and green lines. Independent Distributor for Herbalife

RT @stonewalluk: Watching #Butterfly and want to know how you can support trans people? 🦋

The Gender Recognition Act is open for consultat…

2018-10-22 05:35

David Jones buckleylad88

Radicalized by Twitter Long live The Union, Brexiteer, Welsh

RT @RichardWellings: Italy is only one side of the euro’s woes. The outlook for Germany is hardly rosy:

2018-10-22 05:35

HannahBCN ||*|| hannahbcn1

Llicenciada en Història de l'Art per la UB

RT @thesundaytimes: Jordi Cuixart was arrested with Jordi Sanchez, president of the Catalan assembly, after the pair were filmed standing o…

2018-10-22 05:35

insight2marketing i2marketing

Helping You Achieve More Clarity, Focus, Visibility & Results📈📝 Multi Award Winning Brand & Marketing Strategist 🌟📲 🛠Plans & Campaigns⏰🙋🏽Mum of 4 #aski2m

Need clarity and a brand or marketing strategy to work with in 2019? I'm excited to announce the date of my next We…

2018-10-22 05:35

Yinka Akinfenwa theobsgyn

Yinka can be described as the complete #Obstetrician and #Gynaecologist. He has been in clinical practice for over 25 years! #privatedelivery #privatepregnancy

Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have. - Thomas Edison #quote

2018-10-22 05:35

Guardian Science guardianscience

Science, health and environment news from the @Guardian. Plus, independent comment and analysis from our network of expert science bloggers

Starwatch: moonlight bright enough to hunt by

2018-10-22 05:35

Adam Jezard - right now being #deeplyunhelpful jezardscribe1

Freelance journalist, ex-commissioning editor @FTreports. Film buff, views decidedly mine. Tweets, likes and RTs not endorsements things of interest. No lists.

@gavinesler I haven't laughed so hard since the fall of the Roman Empire....

2018-10-22 05:35

♡ Asma ♡ #Mono Asma_0iii

You Can’t Stop me Lovin Myself || Fan account.. Backup acc: @Samooy_00

RT @TRIVIAISH: jungkook never experienced a normal life as a teenager and his closest friends from the beginning were bts, who all raised h…

2018-10-22 05:35

Fisayo Longe FisayoLonge

Lifestyle Blogger at Founder of @kaicollective. Instagram: @fisayolonge.

Water is the best drink ever. Followed closely by green tea. Most other things (non-alcoholic) are trash.

2018-10-22 05:35

Borro Private Finance borrobuzz

The official Twitter page for Borro Private Finance. Company updates and industry insight into #FineArt #ClassicCars #Jewellery #Watches and the #Auction market

Why is everyone talking about Prince Harry’s new ring? @VogueParis

2018-10-22 05:35

The Old Church theoldchurchN16

London's only surviving Elizabethan church & an arts venue in the heart of Stoke Newington, next to #clissoldpark. Mailing list:

This all-squeezing, cake-loving, tea (and wine!)-drinking band of lovely talented ladies has enthralled audiences a…

2018-10-22 05:35

Alex I alex_iafe

RT @whoisjoshva: The common sense leaving you when you catch feelings

2018-10-22 05:35

Carlie MrsCarlieLee

Wearer of frocks with wellies. Jolly happy writer, writing, writing...

RT @cbcreative: Apply by midnight tonight for the 3-month #novelwriting taught by @CharlotteMende1, with visiting authors, agents & publish…

2018-10-22 05:35

The New Arab The_NewArab

Bringing you the latest news and current affairs from the Middle East and North Africa region.

Comment - “Democratic freedoms are not enough to fight austerity economics imposed by global financial institutions…

2018-10-22 05:35

ellymeier4 ellymeier42


RT @historylvrsclub: Models in NYC, 1952

2018-10-22 05:35

JWill _jwi11


RT @riizo7: “Oh Brother Nature? Yeah he did that shit, guilty af”

2018-10-22 05:35

Gigi_Tae Taehyun90475867


@BTS_twt I love you so much KIM TAEHYUNG... I purple you.... you’re my universe 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

2018-10-22 05:35

Jean-Pierre JPLT59

French teacher (retired). Political observer for 45 years, music-lover

@B19523798Andrew @ThatTimWalker @VoteLeave We will all be sad losers, sadly. Any form of Brexit will see to that. T…

2018-10-22 05:35

Jillian Gustafson planesafeorg

National Air Disaster Foundation - Raising standards of Safety, Security and Survivability for aviation passengers, and Supporting victims’ families.

RT @NBCNewsWorld: One of Taiwan’s fastest passenger trains derailed from its tracks while traveling along a coastal route popular with tour…

2018-10-22 05:35

αlᥱxчα LexYeah_

🎮‧) α l ᥱ x ч α ›› it tαkᥱs grαcᥱ to rᥱmαin kind in cruᥱl situαtions. — vidᥱo gamᥱ loving.❜

RT @kawaixbri: ✰ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ sʜᴏᴜʟᴅ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴛᴏʟᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɪ ғᴇʟʟ ɪɴ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛᴜʀɴᴇᴅ ᴍᴇ ʀɪɢʜᴛ ᴀʀᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜʀᴇᴡ ᴍᴇ ᴅᴏᴡɴ. ❦

2018-10-22 05:35

William Farmer willetfarm

Are you a good person? Take the test:

RT @labourleave: Frank Field says its a myth Labour was always pro-EU. Every time he has voted against the EU there were two men always the…

2018-10-22 05:35

Sue Christensen taxqueen49

Lancashire born tax adviser and accountant to small businesses and individuals, specialist areas theatre , music, and UK tax/ overseas tax.Livery Co Warden.

RT @City_Livery_SM: Conservative MP Rehman Chishti,
was paid £46,000 of Saudi money over 23 months

– working as an adviser for a Riyadh-…

2018-10-22 05:35

Deer-vin Townsend chaoticorehog

Sage - 20 - he/him - disaster gay - INFP-T - Nazi punks fuck off - RIP Chris Taylor 9/24/18 - PFP: @Chimera_Jam


2018-10-22 05:35

Robert Barr OBE 🔶 CllrBobBarr

Liberal Democrat Group Leader Warrington Borough Council, Geographer, FRSA. Strong Remain campaigner! #FBPE

RT @AnnabelMullin: ‘Survive’ is an awfully low bar. I don’t want that. I want our country to thrive, all of our country.

2018-10-22 05:35

Nemets PyotrNemets

Reader & NPC. 🇺🇸

RT @edwest: maybe gender paradox, that more freedom leads to men and women becoming more, not less, different, may have a parallel in polit…

2018-10-22 05:35

DJ GRIF8 djGriF8

19 Year Old DJ // SoundCloud:

RT @OthersDubstep: @djGriF8 @le_bikini 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

2018-10-22 05:35

Donnalyn Washington Notingshaw

#Writer #Reviewer #SeniorEditor @reviewfix #college #Englishteacher #Editor #blerd #interviewer contributor to Encyclopedia of #Blackcomics #academic

RT @Nadine_Writes: The daughter of woman racially abused by fellow passenger on a Ryanair flight speaks exclusively to me for @HuffPostUK.…

2018-10-22 05:35

Binty BintyMustard

Teacher. Lover of all things vintage, especially 40s & 50s. Fan of LOG, IT Crowd, Garth Marenghi, Psychoville, Father Ted, Vic & Bob. Blonde but not bubbly! 💋

@CaptCarlyon Vintage fun & frolics call 0800 123 123

2018-10-22 05:35

Tristan J. Miller ™️ TristanJMiller1

Award winning Actor & writer; comedian, mental health activist, host of @posnegpod @adcpod @anime_zing He/Him

RT @carrieffisher: Trump speaking his mind isn't refreshing, it's appalling. Coca Cola is refreshing...

2018-10-22 05:35

Londongirl Curiosity7709

Love London. #FPBE, pro any politicians of any party who will get us out of Brexit.🇪🇺🇬🇧

RT @JMPSimor: Britain is making an almighty fool of itself now. This is national humiliation. With a vote we could redeem our reputation.…

2018-10-22 05:35

tom payne getlamp

head of video @Studio71UK // attempting to CrossFit @3acescrossfit // podcast obsessive // all opinions are my own

4 trains, 2 buses and a plane later and back in London!

2018-10-22 05:35

Tooonyo tooonyo

Appelez-moi retweetor

RT @NickdeSemlyen: Still funny.

2018-10-22 05:35

H♣️ HBasyounii

Wayyy up i feel blessed .

You are my favorite late night cigarette

2018-10-22 05:35

6erenicesalas 🎈 6erenicesalas

“Yuh”-Ariana Grande

RT @xxIzabelaxx_: @CatherinePaiz Damn started watching you guys a year ago and a month and a half later Cathrine was pregnant its crazy tha…

2018-10-22 05:35

Berks Mammal Group BerksMammals

For everyone in Berkshire who loves mammals. The group holds regular meetings and surveys. All welcome.

RT @_BCT_: Horseshoe #bats are named that way due to their horseshoe shaped nose. They're the only species of bat in the UK that hang upsid…

2018-10-22 05:35

Maelys #fbpe maelysdervenn

Have lived in three European countries. Without the EU I wouldn't have had the freedom to study and work there.

RT @StevePeers: The uplands are sunnier than ever!

Ford U-turn: no-deal Brexit could force carmaker to reconsider UK plans

2018-10-22 05:35

►@official♥pejay Team_yungCarteR

ask if it even matter

2018-10-22 05:35

jok jok07477517

Under construction 🚧

RT @fu_dad: I managed to go to sleep just before I started slurring my tweets last night

2018-10-22 05:35

canela con c de come odetoruben

➳ dema don't control us | ❝ɪᴛ's ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs ʏᴏᴜ, ᴊᴏʜɴ ᴡᴀᴛsᴏɴ, ʏᴏᴜ ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ᴍᴇ ʀɪɢʜᴛ❞


2018-10-22 05:35

The Toffee Blues EvertonNewsFeed

Everton Fansite, Podcast and YouTube Channel. Available on iTunes and Acast. Subscribe at

RT @Alookman_: Big big win today, fought until the end! 3 points and an assist 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #EFC💙

2018-10-22 05:35

𝓛𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓮-𝓛𝓸𝓾𝓲𝓼𝓮 𝓑𝓮𝓷𝓷𝓮𝓽𝓽🎃 LillieLBennett

I enjoy making a moron of myself online... I’m also an aspiring makeup artist! Instagram: LillieLouiseBennett - Snapchat: LillieLBennett 💕LDN born & raised🇬🇧


2018-10-22 05:35

Marcos Crepaldi Markinhosrc

Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube COM O NOVO TORB NA BGS #1 - OVERWATCH

2018-10-22 05:35

Jas💕 Jaaay_Akilgore

RT @1Hakz_: how many of y’all can admit u talk to yourself ??😂 i do every damn day.. 😭😂

2018-10-22 05:35

willia willia55625851

RT @Malanbreton: Congratulations to our beautiful friend and muse #camillegrammer @TheRealCamilleG and our new friend #davidmeyer on your…

2018-10-22 05:35

Fabi Fatitsuki28

Louis me calma la depresión. Me quiero morir. Larry es mas real que yo muriendo atropellado. Anime/Yaoi/BI/Esperando amor.

RT @Marleengirl: @HollieAnneB #XFactor is total rubbish now. Only Louis holding it together and keeping people watching

2018-10-22 05:35

TWJ IrnBruRevolutio

If you got far enough to read this and don't follow, I'm sorry I disappointed you.

I see they cut out the part where Amy and Olivia were told "yer not welcome round these paaarts" as they entered the pub. #CelebsGoDating

2018-10-22 05:35

yuuji yuuji_K1


RT @BBCWorld: Former Fine Gael TD Seymour Crawford dies at 74

2018-10-22 05:35

kelly ◟̽◞̽ LHNLZ BackToGhosts1D

Shit Maybe I Miss You ◟̽◞̽ / 2account @girlkelly_27 -• Fan Account •-

RT @GemmaAnneStyles: Have you seen Thomas Jones? Contact West Mercia Police on 101

2018-10-22 05:35

tiny jjong¡▪🌙 keybujiin

i see u again this night and even this night i miss you KJ ~

RT @ParadiseMPJ: Io che leggo le francesi scrivere che "popopopopo" è stato inventato dai Francesi mentre loro hanno scordato che è stato c…

2018-10-22 05:35

Yutaro heythisisyutaro

Business entrepreneur and investor from 🇯🇵 now in 🇬🇧 Looking for Fifa18/19 pro club team ロンジャパラグビー所属 #coyg Arsenal ST holder

この噛みすぎってコメント出るの同感だけれども、初めて会う人と話す時僕の日本語も正直こんなんになる。 堂安は大好き、近く応援行こうと思う。

2018-10-22 05:35

jah queer FakerDeep

[ gender traitor | Blood type: clart | dandere ]

RT @1bajaveli: Everyone of these countries think you’re a Nigger

2018-10-22 05:35

The Women's Org. TheWomensOrg

The Women’s Organisation campaigns for #equality; empowering #women, raising aspirations, developing confidence, access to #enterprise, #employment & #training

RT @BBCRadio4: In Archive on 4, @bbclysedoucet looks at how women have covered war, with accounts from the archives of early reporters such…

2018-10-22 05:35

Gareth GarethinEurope

Arguing for the UK to stay in the EU.
Lobbying parliament to debate the issue and hopefully remain and work towards a better Europe.

RT @Sister_Alia: 🔹Another racist Gammon filmed insulting black & brown staff members in a supermarket in London.
Stand against #Racism

2018-10-22 05:35

✡️ KeefsLoveChild


@MissTottenamite I just love any excuse to use a Kanye gif to be honest

2018-10-22 05:35

Selly|| i stan #Polaroid🌹 ◟̽◞̽ shifrakuran

Directioner, Zquad, Sam and Colby Stan, taekook shipper 💜, Anime Otaku and a Larry. 💚💙

RT @BBCNews: Liam Payne: 'Time we treat women with more respect'

2018-10-22 05:35

M ⵣ MahaBelhajj

North African

RT @znellll: theres this gc w albanian girls that was made 3 days ago, and theres already beef LOOOOOOL

2018-10-22 05:35

Dr Jimmy ukdon2013

Psychology 😂😂😂😂😂😂. No follow back. retweets are not endorsed.

@SyedRezaMehdi @javerias This is not a fun at all, these kids are playing on a hight that can be dangerous and can kill them.

2018-10-22 05:35

🌻 trippihippik

until I see you again @onedirection❣
wherever you go; go with all your heart

RT @KingLWTPromo: 📲| “He’s an artist, he’s an artist. I’d sign him tomorrow. If we had a meeting with him tomorrow I’d sign him. I’m that c…

2018-10-22 05:35

ĂḤṂΣĐ 🇸🇦 as_503

✨سُبــْحٓـان الله وبِحٓـمْدِه༺سُـبْحٓـانْ الله الـعٓظِيـمْ✨ 💙💛

RT @Nf_md_7: "انا لست مثالي لكن على الاقل انا صادق"
I'm not perfect but at least I'm honest

2018-10-22 05:35

rodney stewart adams rodadams46

OAP Hippy, New Ager, Truther, Sadhu, Satyayuga Psychedelic


2018-10-22 05:35

44Leo 4Laglago

#Massive_Arsenal_Fan #44 ❤️ #Junior_Marketing_Student at #KFUPM #AboMurtadha #بَاسم_الكَربَلآئِي❤ #BestMu4❤️#COYSJ • #Just_Have_a_little_Faith •

RT @Arsenal: 🔟 years on from @aaronramsey's first goal for us, we thought we'd treat you to one we'll never forget 🏆

Now it's over to you…

2018-10-22 05:35

$hotta _Deyy

• @PopcaanMusic • 🇯🇲

RT @Skrilla_Ebz: Why does Ozil look like a mum🤣🤣🤣

2018-10-22 05:35

Debra Christenson renegadesibe

RT @Nadine_Writes: Mrs Gayle moved to the UK from Jamaica in the 1960s, where she built a life with her late husband and their children. “T…

2018-10-22 05:35

Olayinka🎖 TheSilentMafia_

I think, therefore i act... 'Man of Power'... |Fratelli del mondo 🌹

RT @Sameer_R13: Cannot think of a more old school 9 than Mauro Icardi. Only a handful of strikers are as ruthless as he is in the box, but…

2018-10-22 05:35

yuuji yuuji_K1


RT @BBCBreaking: "Urgent need for clarification" - Britain, France and Germany push Saudis to better explain journalist's killing …

2018-10-22 05:35

euthanasia ErzebetK

PATRIOT, back after my account is not accessible, love to all, Erika

I'm immigrating to sombrero more fun 😂😂😂

2018-10-22 05:35

Shhhr ManhattanEons

If health is wealth then I'm broke as fuck 🌐

No one is having a worse fantasy league season than me

2018-10-22 05:35

Arec arecular

Polymath. Polygon. Polly put the kettle on.

RT @MrDavidReed: Final KARAOKE CIRCUS rehearsal today was sounding bloody lovely. Still tickets available for tomorrow night @100clubLondon…

2018-10-22 05:35

Amyra Purple_Pebblez

RT @TheEconomist: Detecting diseases from bacteria is one thing. Picking up the presence of viruses is trickier

2018-10-22 05:35

Penny Dampier pennydampier

Freelance #photographer, manager of independent community newspaper @WFEcho, #artist, with a bit of #socialmedia thrown in. Londoner... #E17

RT @StowArts: Excellent new piece of #StreetArt by the Palmerston Rd/High Street Junction. This beauty is a portrait of local artist Madge…

2018-10-22 05:35

ChrispLOL2 ChrispLOL

Mcr Councillor. Backing community action, walking and cycling, transport, planning, housing, economy, health. Posts in personal capacity and RT =/= endorsement.

RT @UDGUrbanUpdate: The places we grow up in will shape us forever. It is crucial to invest in #urbandesign that promotes health, harmony…

2018-10-22 05:35

yorkshire bloke harrybaldy

Out spoken Yorkshire bloke. Now half decent golfer.I hate the EU but like Europe.Hate soaps.Dont like politicians that lie!

RT @MartinDaubney:

2018-10-22 05:35


Unashamed of the Gospel of Christ 😇 || #God #Fam #July5 #MUFC #CU #CIU #ChemicalEngineer #Fashionista #MUA #FaceModel #GTAFreak | IG/Snapchat: Same Handle

@CHIEFtureosah Lmaoooooooo. True.

2018-10-22 05:35

wattooiba Salmanwattoo

Change Agent, C level Coach, Master Trainer, Consultant

RT @TheEconomist: In both America and Britain, Arabic is just the eighth-most-studied language, behind less important but somehow sexier on…

2018-10-22 05:35

Quanny 🎃🍁🧝🏾‍♀️ autumnlov3r


RT @AnitajisWorld: @Ryanair THIS IS THE @Ryanair passenger that was ALLOWED to racially & physically abuse an elderly Black woman on Friday…

2018-10-22 05:35

Reubs ReubenPinder

Putting finger to keyboard for @FootballJOE. Ex Squawka. Crystal Palace sufferer🦅 |

@ToffeeDaft absolutely. Watford were the most blatant this season. Capoue's foul in the opening minutes was disgraceful

2018-10-22 05:35

David Watson filmthug

Writer, Editor, Freelance Adventurer. Writes for Screenjabber and Movie Ramblings. Really should update occasionally.

RT @soapachu: Sitting behind two late middle aged blokes earlier in a food place at Waterloo. One in a Bollocks to Brexit shirt, one in a W…

2018-10-22 05:35

stella mills pweekhsnn

RT @Malanbreton: Congratulations to our beautiful friend and muse #camillegrammer @TheRealCamilleG and our new friend #davidmeyer on your…

2018-10-22 05:35

𝙑𝙄𝙑𝙄𝘼𝙉 perlucidum

welcome to my blog! there are many like it, but this one is mine :)

RT @morganmpage: It is not a radical suggestion to want editors to stop pushing a vicious narrative against a small, vulnerable minority gr…

2018-10-22 05:35

⚜️⚜️ alpha1malegroom

#Male#treatmnt#Grooming#Health#Beauty#refreshing#Massage#deep#tissue#Microderm #Facials treats #Sugaring#Laser #treatments#epilation#Aromatherapy#Cavitation#sw5

RT @JohnCleese: They did

2018-10-22 05:35

Philbo Bird bootneckrecce

Former (Royal Marine Commando) I served as best as I could. Interested in politics. I aim to be fair minded.

RT @JuliaHB1: Hilarious.

2018-10-22 05:35

Lee Hunt VOTE NOVEMBER 6th!🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 leehunt1971

Anti Trump, Pro Science. Follow me and I follow back. BLUE WAVE 🌊

RT @JohnCleese: jb ?

Not expert enough to know that abbreviation, I'm afraid.

2018-10-22 05:35

Wael Aleji waelaleji

Doctor & Psychologist. Spokesperson: Syrian Network for Human Rights. Passionate about Human Rights+Religious Freedom. I tweet on MENA politics and intelligence

RT @snhr: Map showing locations of villages that were attacked by #HayatTahrirAlSham in #Aleppo and #Idlib governorates between September 1…

2018-10-22 05:35

John JbthomJohn

3'd gen. Union member, retired public servant, current non-union factory employee, Progressive, #FBR #TheResistance #BlockedByChiefCovfefe #unhackthevote

RT @brianklaas: “Verging on authoritarianism”? It’s an absolute monarchy led by a literal king that beheads people for homosexuality and wi…

2018-10-22 05:35

ß das_rationale

Preußens Gloria. HOI 4 player. #UGA

RT @wtf1official: Amazing to think people were calling Verstappen to be fired after his start to the season. Now he's just a handful of poi…

2018-10-22 05:35