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gishangabriella gishomo

sad/happy - a cute bitch that’s gaining weight

it wasn’t even for ur sake. i bet u never got to sleep at ur work rate

2018-12-18 02:50

b ✨ idkplz

iDk tBh

RT @lzino7: Its a hard skill to perfect

2018-12-18 02:50

Down The Fascists SamWHU98

Socialist. ✊ 🌹 ☭

@jackratcliffe45 @Kevin_Maguire @jeremycorbyn Haha is that it. What did he say that was wrong in that video?

2018-12-18 02:50

Larna _Larnss

Singer| Instagram: Larnasmusic_ Email: |

@GBE_RJ Thank youuuu🙏🏽😭🖤

2018-12-18 02:50

Players Sayings PlayersSayings

Famous Footballer Sayings, Quotes, Phrases, Slogans & Chants. Well Worth A Follow! 18+

RT @EPLsignings: BREAKING: Liverpool set to sign former player for €50 million!

Welcome home! 👏

2018-12-18 02:50

INNOVO InnovoNetwork

INNOVO is a completely different way of looking at Business-to-Business commerce.

Banks will look at sustainability as part of credit decisions #procurement

2018-12-18 02:50

Guardian Design GuardianDesign

We are currently looking for new design talent

2018-12-18 02:50

Mums Without Make-up MumsWithoutMU

2 mums 1 radio show. Just nice to get out the house for a couple of hours... Nush and Vic every Monday night 7-9 on @BBCBerkshire + available on @BBCiPlayer

RT @just1newhite: Excellent topics @VickyLetch @AnoushkaonTV if i can't listen at 7 I'll 'make the effort' to catch you up on @BBCSounds ap…

2018-12-18 02:50

Rashid Uzzaman rashiduzzaman82

Love football, cricket, most types of music and science fiction particularly Star Trek and Star Wars.

@moonchild722 Dear Wendi I’m sorry to hear this. I think you’re wonderful. Ever since @BTS_twt made us find each ot…

2018-12-18 02:50

Gloria Holmes LovGloria

The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering. - Bruce Lee

RT @historylvrsclub: This list of reasons for admission to a lunatic asylum in the 1800s reads like a list of potential metal band names. h…

2018-12-18 02:50

Tosspot TosspotBosspot

well I think I've pretty much alienated everybody now

RT @meejaboy: When your mum wishes you well and ends the message with three kisses, accidentally pointing you to a milf porn site #awks htt…

2018-12-18 02:50

Team Science TeamScienceEdu

You've found #TeamScience - a place for teachers to think, talk and share ideas about science education. 🔬🔭⚗️

RT @MissIsNowMyName: So on Friday I'm going to be doing one to ones with my y10s while the class watches dynasties (or similar). Does anyon…

2018-12-18 02:50

JL👸🏾🍭 jayleeee_

in thickness and in wealth, when you a star you shine baby ✨

RT @Unkle_K: Money leaving my account when I spend it

2018-12-18 02:50

Lee Dobson dobbo360

Avid gamer, martial artist and general fitness nut.

RT @mrjamesob: It’s hard to know who looks worse.

2018-12-18 02:50

Iris Weigel ⫩ 🦄 IrisWeigel211

Music expresses that what cannot be said and about what it is impossible to be silent. 💙 | ➕✖️➗ | 🌹 | Concert Junkie 🎶🤘🏼😂

RT @rickastley: Here's a festive throwback to get you in the mood! @kimwilde - Winter Wonderland ❄️ - Rick x

2018-12-18 02:50

Josh Barrie joshbythesea

Staff writer @theipaper | Lots of food and drink things | Draws a little bit | Own views |

@Khurtizz @PicturesFoIder your mum’s name in Italian?

2018-12-18 02:50

JT Atkinson jtatkinson666

I am a writer working on my first novel, a dark and disturbing horror novel of revenge and retribution - #writer #horror #paranormal #thriller

RT @KaceyKells: @lovemygrandchi1

2018-12-18 02:50

John Kent johndckent

Fan of @FCBarcelona_es, i write to @multversogeek, fan of DC, Marvel and others / Fã do Barcelona, ​​eu escrevo para o MultversoGeek, fã da DC, Marvel e outros

RT @trailertrack: OFFICIAL: First #Hellboy Trailer Drops This Thursday, December 20

2018-12-18 02:50

Jackie Paige fashion_4_me

Fashion top products

Latest News Briton 'faces up to 15 years' in Bali jail over cannabis oil

2018-12-18 02:50

عبدالوهاب العون whuob2012

دائما النوايا الطيبه هي الأساس المتين لتكوين العلاقات الصادقه .. هذا ما أتمناه لي ولكم بأن تكون نوايانا أجمل ما فينا (وعلى نياتكم ترزقون) _ الرياض

RT @alkhames: مؤامرات ودسائس .. نسيت مؤامرات أبوك مع القذافي... مسجلة ومنشورة. يا جوعان تحلى بالحكمة ولا ترمي الآخرين بالحجارة وبيتك زجاج.…

2018-12-18 02:50

PJ Pete351

living and dreaming


2018-12-18 02:50

Jon Snelling 🤚🏻 SerjGartner

RT @OwenJones84: If Tory MPs vote confidence in Theresa May, they're saying she's not good enough to be Tory leader but good enough to be…

2018-12-18 02:50

Jordan Fitness jordanfitnessuk

Europe's leading independent supplier of Functional Fitness equipment and education. Offering the fitness industry choice and best value!

RT @elevatearena: Stuck for Christmas present ideas? #Elevate19 exhibitors @jordanfitnessuk have the perfect ten ht…

2018-12-18 02:50

Selene Maher selmaher12

RT @scarlettstuff: 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

2018-12-18 02:50

LeanneMcNulty Leanne_Mc_Nulty

Fundraiser, volunteer, feminist, humanist and activist. Mostly on Twitter for the humour. I have many opinions, they are all my own.

New year's resolution suggestion: stop saying "1,000%"

It makes no sense.


2018-12-18 02:50

Mikhail Johaadien pandamodiums

@JuliaHB1 :(
Jaguar Land Rover to 'axe up to 5,000 jobs'

2018-12-18 02:50

OnceInABlueMoon LaughingSmurf


RT @jonlis1: Literally unbelievable. May now implying that people voted to end free movement even if that meant no deal. There are genuinel…

2018-12-18 02:50

Skills Matter skillsmatter

Europe's largest community of developers coming together to learn and share skills, discover new technologies & evolve ideas. Check out our venue #CodeNode

NEW #ScalaX 2018 #SkillsCast: @davegurnell - #Functional Interpreters and You #Scala…

2018-12-18 02:50

Buckley LmbBuckley

I was a cute science-and-space-loving spaniel. Now immortalised on Twitter through my own-er's views as a paw-litical observer with a love of furry creatures.

RT @MPSInspCamden: In Jun-Nov 17 we had 3939 moped enabled theft snatches in #Camden. Since then, largely due to brave officers pursuing &…

2018-12-18 02:50

inji duducu injiduducu

lives in god’s own country. All views my own.

RT @MsHelenWatts: @Glinner Not just drugs...the high court case in which the judge ordered the mother to stay away from Mermaids. The promo…

2018-12-18 02:50

eddie rogers eddierogers

Portrait Photographer

Isolating the Subject #gurushots

2018-12-18 02:50

Roi pedroroi

Comediante, vez ou outra; intolerante ao sertanojo e fã boy do Julian Casablancas, sempre. |

RT @NME: This Is It: The Strokes confirm first show of 2019

2018-12-18 02:50

♡🇰🇪♡ GithumbiSylvia

♡ IG - sylviagithumbi7

RT @MickzWrites: Spirit of doubt and procrastination

2018-12-18 02:50

tyl♨️ cy_nkie

| RedVelvet•조이 | Sixteen•나연•미나 | 라릿 | 쟈넌 | 텐 크루 | OhMG•비니 | EXO NCT G7 TWICE RV BlackPink | manga anime game

RT @Dazed: The 20 best K-pop songs of 2018:

2018-12-18 02:50

Amy Bridges Amy_Bridges

🎭 Next Adventure: Dick Whittington ❄️ Represented by Simon & How Associates. Spotlight - 4169-4539-8711

@theMTAonline Why are you laughing?! It’s serious. I’m gunna play Mr Sandman ;)
Actor-muso here I come xx

2018-12-18 02:50

Drug Discovery World DDWJournal

The quarterly business review of #drugdiscovery & development, voicing opinions of some of the industry’s leading experts.

In the latest DDW, Dr Phil Jones of @MDAndersonNews, discusses: Therapeutics Discovery at MD Anderson - Making Pati…

2018-12-18 02:50

Yvonne Kit Frubin

P/T Temp Christmas Sale Assistant (✈🐯 🇩🇰). Les Mills Advance BodyCombat 👊/ BodyPump 🏋️‍♀️/ Mentor 👥/ Group Exercise Instructor 🏃‍♀.

I'm at @Superdrug in Dalston, Greater London

2018-12-18 02:50

🇪🇺 Yorkshire For Europe 🇪🇺 EuropeanYorks

Yorkshire - let down by Downing Street more often than Brussels could ever do.

RT @mrjamesob: Jobs First Brexit.

2018-12-18 02:50


Rehabilitation Centre and Sanctuary for Unwanted Dogs

Faith in the next generation

2018-12-18 02:50

Rasmus Hoffmann Birk rasmushbirk

Visiting Postdoc @ Global Health & Social Medicine, KCL & Assistant Professor @ Aalborg University, Denmark. Researching mental health, subjectivity and cities.

@jana_bacevic @preater I agree! Maybe @AcademicDiary would know where to find this quote?

2018-12-18 02:50

tweetpolitics tweetonpolitics

A comprehensive source of political news and opinion.

Democrats, Mueller is not your saviour

2018-12-18 02:50

Silex Chtul IgnissTaljion


RT @trailertrack: OFFICIAL: First #Hellboy Trailer Drops This Thursday, December 20

2018-12-18 02:50

derek wyatt wyattd

Former MP and England rugby international; Editor-at-Large at Atlantic Books

RT @shahmiruk: It’s not a second referendum. It’s the first without cheating.

2018-12-18 02:50

The Cornerstone Church TCornerstoneC

You are significant...
Live a significant life, through a relationship with Jesus Christ, Connection with others and Contribution to society.

Cornerstone Church is proud to support the @biblesociety translating and distributing Bibles around the world. Mat…

2018-12-18 02:50

Engadget UK EngadgetUK

UK-focused news and features from @Engadget. The definitive guide to this connected life.

Apple hires former Tesla and Microsoft senior designer

2018-12-18 02:50

Tim Spencer #GTTO timspencer1

Editor, Film Maker, Musician, Left-wing polemicist

@jeremycorbyn More than botched. @theresa_may 's clown car of a government is still limping on despite all the whee…

2018-12-18 02:50

Gloria Bernstein GloriaBB2

I'm not working for The Clampdown ✊ Also, coffee ☕️ I used to play drums.

RT @distractedfilm: We're putting Distracted up on the big screen where it belongs!

Help make it happen:

Check-out the campaign: https://…

2018-12-18 02:50

Em the Evil EmPlaysGames

RT @PrisonPlanet: Having devoted all their time to being outraged by what they're told to be outraged about, millennials are having to take…

2018-12-18 02:50

Gi Go Lea Gol_Gotha


Amateurs Help Decide Juno's Path -

2018-12-18 02:50

💡DENKYUU MEDIA💡 DenkyuuMedia

Taking On The World. One Great Idea At a Time.

Kendall Jenner just gave us all more reason to be jealous of her entire life

2018-12-18 02:50

krystina kellingley krystinakelling

RT @Leodora_: My excitement for #OwnedVoices grows daily! When I think about what the future of publishing could look like, my heart swells…

2018-12-18 02:50

The MTA theMTAonline

@theStage School of the Year 2012 & 2017. The UK's 1st 2 yr accel course for performers.. 74% of grads still in industry. Est 2009

/> A public performance every term in an established London venue
Notice the size of the cast…

2018-12-18 02:50

221B cmcyq

filmphotography | aviation | cycling | germany nt | manuel neuer | atsuto uchida | fc bayern | schalke04 | marvel | yangyang | always keep the faith | bd42

@Viv_Laerorn ดูแลตัวเอง ทำตัวให้อุ่นๆเข้าไว้นะคะ ฮึบๆ

2018-12-18 02:50

Declan Colton DeclanColton2

RT @SkySportsPL: "Not this week!" 🤦‍♂o

@GNev2 and Roy Keane question @JesseLingard's decision to launch a clothing line ahead of this week…

2018-12-18 02:50

Alhamdulillah Undisputed, Undefeated TfcknSAR

'I've been broke my whole life, I do not know what to do with these racks.' United. Lakers. Patriots. Toronto Sports

RT @_NOMICS: Actresses 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

2018-12-18 02:50

Wrexham For Europe #FBPE Wrexhamforeu

Campaigning to ensure that Britain remains in the EU as a full & active member. Email: Join our Facebook group to #StopBrexit! #FBPE

RT @jonlis1: May had gall to say just now that a new referendum would do damage to integrity of our democracy. What does she think would be…

2018-12-18 02:50

The Sun TV TheSunTV

The hottest TV news and soap secrets from @TheSun. Like us on Facebook too:

How old is Nicky Campbell, who is the Long Lost Family presenter’s wife and what other TV and radio shows has he pr…

2018-12-18 02:50

Philippa_Perry Philippa_Perry

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (And Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did) will be OUT MARCH 2019

@MsMelancholy He is today’s version of Des O’Connor

2018-12-18 02:50

Angsaphuzi George_K_Monch

i still have a lot of fear that i need to turn into flowers.

RT @ChelseaFC: We have been drawn to face Swedish side, Malmo in the Europa League round of 32! #UELDraw

2018-12-18 02:50

N🍃 NSJ_093

RT @impeachii: ขอให้คำนิยามของอาทิตย์ที่ผ่านมาว่า “ร่างพังแต่ยังต้องไปต่อ” ของจริงจ้าาาา Push every limit possible ของจริง

2018-12-18 02:50

َR albadix_

روح طِفلة و أتزان العاقلين *

والله ان هموم صدري من تشوف عيونك
تدري ان مافيه حاجه تستحق الضيقه

2018-12-18 02:50

Ann Marie Christian Annmariechild

SAFEGUARDING PRACTITIONER Expert in child social care & education. Views my own. Email for course details or to hire me as a speaker.

My new Designated Safeguarding Lead course is open for bookings. Details of what will be covered, venue and date ar…

2018-12-18 02:50

Sprintbase Sprintbased

The ultimate DT collaboration software for your team. Build #DesignThinking capabilities at scale, from anywhere.

Designing products with gender inclusion in mind #InsideDesign via @InvisionApp #design

2018-12-18 02:50

Arion Productions ArionProds

Creating opportunities for theatre-makers. Producers of @ShowPeopleUK & @PortfolioLondon. Artistic Director is @AndrewKeates

Stay up to date about all of our productions, masterclasses and opportunities for theatremakers by signing up to ou…

2018-12-18 02:50

Esco Ashley_Escobar

Minister of Defence for The People's Republic of Daniel Sturridge


2018-12-18 02:50

Alice-May Purchristmas alicemaypurkiss

Writer. Avid eater of food. Northerner. Feminist. Had a run in with breast cancer. Trustee for @coppafeelpeople. Life, Lemons & Melons out 2018 (probably)

Yes. Hey sis, it's Christmas.

2018-12-18 02:50

Andrew Harding AndrewHarding4

Author: Hybrid Series: Split Decision, Critical Moments, Devil's Dyke, Wet Daddy, Medium Rare. Trilogy: Spirit, Force, Parity.
HWSNBN Ch1-20 Acc #1 18+ NO DM


2018-12-18 02:50

💎GFY Social Promo 23-17.9K GetFollowersYES

⚡Powered by @VeniMedia // GFY Social Media Promo // #FOLLOW @DanAuroraX @LeedsFooty @VeganFoodClub @UKBizLunch // #TeamFollowBack #OpenFollow #FollowBack #TFBJP

RT @2ndHandGoodies: #BritHour #ShopNow #shopping #jewelry #ATLondonUk #UKhashtags #FlockBN #fashion #FBNPromo #Sale…

2018-12-18 02:50

Cynthia Cynthiaabeltra1


RT @DavidHu54131696: Fuuuuuuuuck 👇🏻

2018-12-18 02:50

Kelvis Preseli kelvispreseli

RT @williamnhutton: What Mrs. May means - backed implicitly by not-the-messiah Corbyn - when she says a referendum would do irreparable dam…

2018-12-18 02:50

ghost girl konniixx

do not mistake me for something delicate.

@thatmisterj sweeet

2018-12-18 02:50

ganneau mathias machiasse

RT @GamesplanetUK: It's our final XMAS Week and we're got top new deals with over 180 offers including: #AssassinsCreedOdyssey (52% off), #…

2018-12-18 02:50

Carl Devitt CarlDevitt

1. NO longer out grazing!
2. Freedom of speech is a birth right and must be protected
3. Heliocentric model is dead #Flatearth
4. 440hz = Weponization
5. 1984

RT @PrisonPlanet: French philosopher Alain de Benoist says the yellow vest movement is "historic" and unlike any other protest because it u…

2018-12-18 02:50


#Medicare4All #S1804 #HR676

RT @estelledehon: Looking forward to arguing at the Tribunal tomorrow that a journalist can obtain personal data about a source via a #FOIA…

2018-12-18 02:50

Finding Answers FindAnswersTV

Finding Answers has been created as a platform for real people to express how they have overcome life's problems after receiving the right help.

If you missed the show on TV you can watch it here in HD. Make sure to turn on the HD setting on your device.


2018-12-18 02:50

Simon Carter simoncarter73

RT @PushkinPress: It's day five of #12DaysofPushkin! Win a copy of the compelling Dreamers: When the Writers Took Power, German 1918. Follo…

2018-12-18 02:50

Dying Matters DyingMatters

Part of @HospiceUK. Aiming to change public attitudes & behaviour around dying, death & bereavement. Awareness Week 2019 - 13th-19th May. "Are We Ready?"

Bereaved partners missing out on thousands of pounds in final salary pensions

2018-12-18 02:50

Treehouse Innovation TreehouseInnov

Innovation collaborators, service designers, avid socializers. We help leaders & teams utilize #designthinking and create cultures of #innovation

Designing products with gender inclusion in mind #InsideDesign via @InvisionApp #design

2018-12-18 02:50

George Stevens go_stevens

RT @BBCPolitics: Theresa May on #Brexit: "Another vote... would do irreparable damage to the integrity of our politics, because it would sa…

2018-12-18 02:50

🍬 Reason's Greetings 🍬 PlainsToSee

📌 Chiming in on politics and the disgraceful jerk trump + cultural interests, Fashion Week likes and Bananarama. #VoteDemocrat2020

RT @VivaBananarama: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SARA!!!🎂🎉💖🍾🍰 We love you xxx @SaraBananarama

2018-12-18 02:50


We are a specialist recruitment brand offering a personal service to the IT and Quad play markets on a global scale. To get in touch call; +44 (0) 20 7747 1000

Ampere: SVOD to overtake box office revenues next year #Ampere #Analysis #boxoffice #cinema…

2018-12-18 02:50

emmarobinson emmatsrobinson

Freelance photographer and former Architect. Doing what I love...working with creatives on still life, interiors & food #photography #styling #lighting

Another photo I made for the 'Sacred Herbs' book by Opal Streisand, commissioned by Quarto Publishing. Sage (saliva…

2018-12-18 02:50

Catriona Sibert TreenaSib

Professional research enthusiast at @CR_UK. Former GB team fencer. Huge volunteering advocate. All views stolen from people far cleverer than me.

A very festive last @theaccessp tutorial of the 2018 - photosynthesis with a backdrop of the @CR_UK choir!

2018-12-18 02:50

KOB85 lowliganz

Sports - Politics - Payment Technologies -
Blochain and Crypto enthusiasts

RT @SuperCazarre: Genesio 💬: "Messi a des qualités."

2018-12-18 02:50

GanGwE thounsiriwong

RT @Q_cupid: สรุปแคทมงในบ้านเราจริงๆด้วย เอาจริงไม่ค่อยค้านสายตาเท่าไหร่ นางสวยจริง attitudeก็ดี แต่นิ้งก็ทำเต็มที่แล้วอะ

2018-12-18 02:50

Sarakk ko_sarakk

RT @Dazed: The 20 best K-pop songs of 2018:

2018-12-18 02:50

𝔏𝔞𝔶𝔶𝔞𝔥 xXxLayyahxXx

⠀Lee is my fav human in the world

RT @The1975_Tour: // Portraits for @iHeartRadio //

📸: @helllokittttty


2018-12-18 02:50

Jim Cuthbert #FBPE JimCuthbert

Diaspora Scot, curious, distracted by Brexit

RT @SkyNewsBreak: A poll by @SkyData suggests 53% of people would prefer no Brexit, 32% of people would prefer a 'no-deal' Brexit while 16%…

2018-12-18 02:50

AlienPsyTing #LoveEuropeHateTheEU AlienPsyTing

Guy living in North London, detests the European Union, and was delighted that we voted for Brexit. Sadly we live in a divided country.

@John_Salisbury @themarkvipond @Femi_Sorry FRom Wiki entry "Tyranny of the Majority"

2018-12-18 02:50

GenderCriticalGreens gencritgreen

Critiquing gender-identity ideology and re-centring feminism in green politics.

RT @scarlettstuff: @Lauralols @edddiejamesc @BethAshton @Mermaids_Gender Any kids who want to transition have been systematically brainwash…

2018-12-18 02:50

Terri#StopBrexit#FBPE#Remainer TeresaWeath

British, lives in France. In Limbo. Hate brexit and the damage it is doing. Believes in honesty and fairness, love science, like facts, animal lover #StopBrexit

RT @jonlis1: Justine Greening spot on. MPs are doing their job by putting forward other proposals. May is refusing debate. Her gov is corro…

2018-12-18 02:50

kymberlee Strozier kympop123

Troy High School VARSITY LAX🔥🔥

RT @marcazette: This is the worlds greatest feeling

2018-12-18 02:50

Naza🇦🇷🎄 starshineforari

sometimes it's all get a little too much

@HOLLANDB0LUDO Sherlock, sigo esperando que confirmen una S5

2018-12-18 02:50

BakersBrownies Brownsnuggets

Lou Kraska : Mentor OH , Trubisky town Married Youth Baseball Coach father of 2 boys Die hard Browns fan bring you up to date latest news the best sources

RT @PaulBrown_UK: 2018 #browns Playoffs dream is over ....... However 2019 will be our season!
Trust me - Go Browns - Woof woof

2018-12-18 02:50

Race Equality Fdn raceequality

We explore evidence of disadvantage&use this to promote race equality in public services. Retweets relate to areas of interest, not necessarily our opinions!

The ugly spectre of racism in football on the rise across Europe

2018-12-18 02:50

DoDo ❤ Do3a38

Pharmacy college ↪ Nutritionist to Be ❤🎓 ... in

RT @7so0nr: - أقسمتُ باللهِ إنّي لا أكلّمها ** لأنّها لا تفي بالعهدِ والذممِ
وإنْ أتتْ تدّعي حبّاً سأهجرها ** ولنْ أبالي بما ألقاهُ من…

2018-12-18 02:50

Katy Wale 🐳 MissKatyWale

Agent - Debbie Rimmer Management Scottish 🥃

The beautiful @EarnshawAbigail looking fantastic in @NiceWorkUK @GatehouseLondon - can’t wait to see this in the n…

2018-12-18 02:50

Jason Moyer-Lee MoyerLee

@IWGBunion General Secretary

RT @IWGBunion: Nothin but fire from our Luton drivers today

Addison Lee and Luton council have serious questions to answer, it's time they…

2018-12-18 02:50

Four Point Play fourpointplayuk

British NBA podcast. Send us topics you'd like us to discuss! #FourPointPod #NBA. For partnership and sponsorship queries contact us at:

RT @fourpointplayuk: Tickets are out Friday! #NBAintheUK #NBATwitter #fourpointplayLive2 @NBAUK

2018-12-18 02:50

PigeonPairandMe NellHeshram

Storyteller, travel writer and Mum of a pigeon pair. Vuelio UK top 10 2018, 2017 & 2016 for #familytravel. Next trip: Rotterdam

"#Rotterdam combines functional spaces and straightforward transport systems with cutting-edge, uber-cool urban des…

2018-12-18 02:50