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John Hurley JockeyButtons

RT @ev_bartlett: RIP Jim Wilkinson

2018-10-24 05:27

Rose 🌹 Rose_Sinclair

20 NCFC 💛💚CCCU 👩🏼‍🎓A person without ambition is like a lifeless objective and when you work with an ambition, no goal is difficult to achieve.

RT @_sssmudge: Unpopular opinion but mince pies are horrendous

2018-10-24 05:27

Rodolfo Gaming RodolfoGaming

FIFA Youtuber with just over 300 subs. Massive FC Porto and Manchester Utd fan. I am fortunate enough to have the best weather in the world.

RT @WoJCC: Take a look at these updates coming to Pro Clubs Again encouraging but totally unacceptable that glitches that have been in 3 ti…

2018-10-24 05:27

Johnnie johnkioko81

RT @guardian: Bill Cosby: judge denies disgraced TV star's bid for a new trial

2018-10-24 05:27

Mu'izz MuizzOT

The first of my name.

RT @Arsenal: 🎈 A certain Arsenal legend turns 69 years old today - and we'd like to say...


2018-10-24 05:27

Marzia Gillani Marzia_Gillani

• Earthling 🌏
• 🇬🇧
• Psychologist
• fangirl
• reader
• 🍫 and ☕ addict
•waiting for the DOCTOR and TARDIS
And I wish to Visit ISS 👽

Muhabat karne walay kam na hongay,
Teri mehfil mai likn hum na hongay...🎼🎧🎺🎻

2018-10-24 05:27

John Dean j59dd

Physician, leader and change agent. Helping improve care and outcomes for the people of Pennine Lancashire, supporting physicians and teams through @RCP_QI

RT @HealthFdn: Analysing data before and after an improvement is a common approach to evaluating success. Our Senior Statistician Therese L…

2018-10-24 05:27

cameron 🌸🎀💗 _camdot

RT @onedirection: We knew every line now I can't remember, how it goes but I know that I won't forget her


2018-10-24 05:27

polly dymock pollsstar

world traveller, serial hugger, voracious reader, aesthete who loves to chat

RT @andrewspoooner: The Russians killed a vulnerable homeless British woman using banned chemical weapons on the streets of this country.

2018-10-24 05:27

Antoinette S #FBPE dragonmommy80

Trying to leave a better, fairer, more compassionate world for our children.

RT @PimlicoPlumbers: ATTENTION ALL: I’m on the hunt for a red bus, to hire for a few days for a special project. Please get in touch if you…

2018-10-24 05:27

Jode JudeHey_

No DMs

@999London Imagine crashing into a police car 🤦🏻‍♀️

2018-10-24 05:27

Kacmaz Makina Hvac34

RT @TheNobleQuran: “Surely, Allah will fully compensate you for your deeds. Indeed, He is Aware of all that you do.” #Quran 11:111

2018-10-24 05:27

Jarek Pawel Nowicki jarek_pawel

About all that matters to me. If you wish to join me... please do!
P.S. aka Jerry.
#LifeIsNOW🖖🧢 #PolesInUK🇵🇱 #UKinEU🇬🇧

RT @BBCNews: Aerial footage shows 'hundreds of thousands' of people attending protest in London calling for a referendum on the final #Brex…

2018-10-24 05:27

' b18___


RT @sh3rqt: "مهما حدث بيننا،
أريد منك ان لا تنسى طريق العودة إلي ..

2018-10-24 05:27

Neil Maidment NEMaidment

RT @ev_bartlett: RIP Jim Wilkinson

2018-10-24 05:27

ADALET sadece ADALET guheristan


RT @Fakirin_Yeri: Ebu Lehebin oğlu Uteybe Efendimiz(SAV)in yakasından tutarak:Ya Muhammed seni parça parça ederim,kızını da boşayacağım

2018-10-24 05:27

Mira Bar-Hillel mirabarhillel

Israeli-born freelance writer/broadcaster on property/housing and Israel/Palestine for media interested in facts and strong opinions. Neither fear nor favour.

RT @Keir_Starmer: I’ve written to the @CommonsProcCom to make clear that Parliament won the right to a truly meaningful vote on the final…

2018-10-24 05:27

Olly Hunter OllyHunter

Co-host of @Gridiron Show. NFL presenter/producer/reporter on national radio in the UK. Views mine or borrowed, not employer's (yada yada)... 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇮🇪🇧🇹

🎶Nakhi Wells
Nakhi Wells
Nakhi Nakhi Wells...


2018-10-24 05:27

Prof David Evans, OBE David_T_Evans

🏳️‍🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧🇪🇺 National Teaching Fellow, PFHEA. Sex, #Sexualities & #SexualHealth academic. All views my own. RT/follow/being followed ≠ endorsment

RT @BenPBradshaw: .@CommonsHealth told UK’s pharmaceutical companies have already had to spend £100s of millions on contingency planning fo…

2018-10-24 05:27

zäb🌈💗🌻 Zabrynamarie_

RT @benoobrown: Date a girl who stops mid sentence to tell you there is a dog nearby

2018-10-24 05:27

Medicare First MedicareFirst

We are a leading social work & allied health recruitment agency.

New #job: Social Worker – Adoption Location: West Midlands Salary: 26.00ph - 35.00ph .. #socialcarejobs

2018-10-24 05:27

Ju’ FORTINJustine

19 ans — Cinéma / Théâtre / Musique / Arts. 📍Luc-sur-Mer, France 🇫🇷 📍London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Pas de bol, le petit à la varicelle 😐🤧

2018-10-24 05:27

DW.. 🇯🇲🇻🇨🇬🇩 PlantainJefe

I’m good luv, enjoy

I’ve Just deeped it. Mum only cooks Ox tail when the grandparents come round.

2018-10-24 05:27

𝕵𝖆𝖒𝖎𝖊 𝕾𝖙𝖔𝖓𝖊𝖘™ Jamie_Stones_

RT @Club1984_:

2018-10-24 05:27

ابو وليد 0055Mgm

RT @Adhwan: موقف سعودي قادم، للفصل في كل التخرصات والهجوم الممنهج. الخطأ حدث والمحاسبة قائمة والقضية منظورة، لكن حسب المعلومات أن التحرك ال…

2018-10-24 05:27

Imane Fmg Imane_FMG

•Attend la Mort avec impatience•

RT @Mabel: Sometimes days off ☀️

2018-10-24 05:27

サントス mr_sandtoes

ask me

RT @brianklaas: The Dow is down almost 1,600 points from late Jan. 2018. It’s only a measly 285 points higher than Dec. 22, 2017—the day Tr…

2018-10-24 05:27

jimin’s sweater paws parkcheemean

do u know 🐝☕️S?


2018-10-24 05:27

MedicsAgainstBrexit #FBPE #NHSLove Medics4EU

We have until 29th March 2019. Brexit is not inevitable. Brexit is already damaging the NHS. Let's campaign together to change this.

RT @mikegalsworthy: @ProfBrianCox Anyone who works with complex systems knows that if you try to change dozens of things at the same time,…

2018-10-24 05:27

vivien ✨ coldteacups

London College of Fashion | BA Costume for Performance

@alivvna omg

2018-10-24 05:27

karamansl karamansl1

RT @Fakirin_Yeri: Ebu Lehebin oğlu Uteybe Efendimiz(SAV)in yakasından tutarak:Ya Muhammed seni parça parça ederim,kızını da boşayacağım

2018-10-24 05:27

Jim Martin (XII) barelysarcasm

TV / Film writer, producer, comedian & wannabe rockstar. Buy my movie here: *unauthorized account*

RT @historylvrsclub: Hunter S Thompson shaving Johnny Depp's head to play himself in 'Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas' (1997)

2018-10-24 05:27

Steve Pro-brexit and swivel-eyed loon Loofah57060

I believe in the United Kingdom we have a great past and an even better future if you belittle the UK you belittle it's people Brexit means brexit

RT @PrisonPlanet: The Netherlands issues its first gender-neutral passport.

2018-10-24 05:27

angie angelneptustar

Campaigned 3 times for Boris Johnson, and twice for Tories, now blog & tweet in his support. All comments and opinions my own.:

@mikerobinson951 @mazza1952 @JuliaHB1 @MorayDuke @BorisJohnson I really like Salvini, tells EU to FO!

2018-10-24 05:27

Leah Leah65236954

RT @brianklaas: They murdered his Dad, dismembered his body, orchestrated a cover-up, lied about the murder, then lied about the cover-up..…

2018-10-24 05:27

Helen Rothwell Helen_Rothwell

Lover of food 🍽 & saving money 💸 l’m a Head of Marketing & Events for Mortgage Intermediaries & like helping start ups with their marketing. Views are my own.

@Carl_Lincoln The era of interest only! I am grateful it’s harder to get a loan for a house these days, as the prog…

2018-10-24 05:27

gemgem gemmaroseo

#Scorpio 21

RT @maria_prutianuu: That Amber off Absolutely Ascot is vile 😳😳 #absolutelyascot

2018-10-24 05:27

Louis Mendez LouisMend

Charlton/Bromley fan. Host on @charltonlive Cover #cafc for @BBCLondonSport and @SthLondonPress 🎙✍🏻

82' - Pratley flicks Cullen's free-kick over the bar - #cafc #oufc

2018-10-24 05:27

Anna North AnnaNorthActor

Actor, writer, @UniofExeter and @MountviewLDN graduate, feminist, likes pasta | 'Hero Win' with Maiden Speech

Wonderful words from a wonderful woman xxx

2018-10-24 05:27

Sean theBB1985

Back in the UK

Aguero loves that bernardo goal

2018-10-24 05:27


hello stu p i d

RT @RIMMM_X: Today an international student said he liked my outfit, I’m now one of them.

2018-10-24 05:27

Steven Brown stevenbrownsix

traveling is part of my life

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him - #cheapHotel

2018-10-24 05:27

Judith Hughes JudithH1967

RT @brianklaas: They murdered his Dad, dismembered his body, orchestrated a cover-up, lied about the murder, then lied about the cover-up..…

2018-10-24 05:27

Kate McClelland katemcclelland7

Hello There I drink Earl Grey tea w/honey. I write poetry & short stories (no yawning out there!).

RT @davidschneider: 2016: “Sunlit uplands”
“An extra £350m for the NHS!”


2018-10-24 05:27

Graeme Ambience_ZA

Misanthrope 💔 | Recluse 🏠 | Pluviophile 🌧 | Arachibutyrophobia sufferer 🌰 | Gaming newbie 🎮 | Christmas light addict 🎄| General failure at life 😱

RT @claresiobhan: Get tapping with @OnePlus_UK’s #UnlockYourSpeed challenge and you could win OnePlus smartphones for life! ➡️ …

2018-10-24 05:27

natanana nataliexback

music enthusiast 💕

SIS ths is talent

2018-10-24 05:27

Mary Skoorey Richard49340013

It's nice to be nice

RT @PrisonPlanet: "As the two reporters discussed the size of the crowd outside, they openly agreed to downplay it."

Reporters were told b…

2018-10-24 05:27

Livi Lovez livilovez

Instagram & Snapchat: Livilovez | Common Sense Expert | Owner of The Music Confectionery Ltd | I reserve the right to grow and change my opinion.

@AllDef 5. 👑👑

2018-10-24 05:27

THE HERETIC admit2sin

*Burn Baby Burn*.... #FollowBack #バックフォロー 100% 🧐 unless you have 1 year without tweets. Pip pip old bean!

Pres. #Trump calls #MiddleEast a "nasty part of the world," says #SaudiArabia is a "very good ally of ours."

"I wi…

2018-10-24 05:27

Dat Raider DatRaider

Navid aka the host of the Dat Raider Podcast available on iTunes & SoundCloud, NFL Lover & an excellent human being... Oh & it's Raider Nation for eternity!

@YourboyQ254 It is what it is. Struggle builds character.

2018-10-24 05:27

Peter Harris peter_harris_

Arsenal. Football. Gigs. Travel. Photography. Skiing. Most sports. Team GB. Tall buildings. Forensic investigations and disputes

Brilliant news. Dulwich Hamlet are coming home to their rightful place #ItsComingHome

2018-10-24 05:27

Waste-Derived-Diesel plastics2fuel

Starting with tyres (then beach plastics), our goal is to displace Heavy Fuels with Low Sulphur alternative waste derived fuels...

RT @siansutherland: “We need bigger ideas than this. And fast”. Plastic straws are approx 0.17% of our uk plastic waste. No more tokenism;…

2018-10-24 05:27

dannidarkside dannidarkside

Streamer on twitch | chill grill.

@jayyycgee so cute!!

2018-10-24 05:27

adeen __adeen

don't sleep

look at all the bots in the replies lmaooooo

2018-10-24 05:27


MBBS in Medicine & Surgery -Medical Doctor
British 🇬🇧 London Born 🇬🇧#Standup4Brexit 🇬🇧FairTrade🇺🇸#MAGA🇺🇸#POTUS🇺🇸#KAG #Trump2020 Like+Rt Not=Agree

RT @GerardBattenMEP: Tommy Robinson latest: Old Bailey Judge has referred the case to Attorney General, Tommy freed on bail. Judge’s decisi…

2018-10-24 05:27

ELLIOTT elliottsimmonds

@mharte18 Exactly what I said!!! 😂😂😂😂

2018-10-24 05:27

Marine Wan mmarineeeee

Talks about mental health. Supporter of sustainable fashion. Conscious living blogger. Sews for a living.

@RevolutionBars These tiny crispy drums were sold as Stateman wings. The wait staff said they were ‘definitely chic…

2018-10-24 05:27

KHABIB yonisafc

they laughed at us ~


2018-10-24 05:27

Adham Raafat adsraaf

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (South Park™: The Fractured But Whole™) live at

2018-10-24 05:27

Scott ︽✵︽ CarolPanels

Collecting my favorite panels from 50 years of Carol Danvers #carolcorps

RT @stardustcaroI: carol danvers in a pant suit. that’s it that’s the tweet.

2018-10-24 05:27

// O l i v i a // oliv_honey_

Enjoy🔅Great day for you’ㅤㅤㅤ | Psychology student* ㅤㅤㅤ

RT @oliv_honey_: @jairbolsonaro Você percebe que um país está falido moralmente quando a candidatura de um militar a presidência assusta, e…

2018-10-24 05:27

Raul Damião SLondonBenfica

S. L. Benfica

Almeida lesionado?

Tudo a saltar tudo a saltar

2018-10-24 05:27

PurpleU jiyoungwoo1

RT @hellohonne: Also we fucking love the #BTSARMY Thanks for all the love xox

2018-10-24 05:27

Alex McCulloch alex_mcculloch

This is my personal account please follow @alexmcretail for retail. This is a irrelevant mix of food and photos!

RT @saveDHFC: Football is coming home to Champion Hill. Well done @YesTom and everyone else @dulwichhamletfc and @dhstorg who made this ha…

2018-10-24 05:27

André CasanovaThePlug

“people saying money over everything, I'm just saying love over money and anything a anything.”insta @CasanovaThePlug follow @TheSuitGroup

Heavy touches all over 🤐

2018-10-24 05:27

Just a Londoner HandsOffLondon

#Londependence - respect London's referendum vote. Left winger. Minority.

@EdwardLeighMP So when your pension scams and one party, as your selling...

2018-10-24 05:27

chris Grahams intelligy

Cryptocurrency news and views

2018-10-24 05:27

أحمد العتيبي fai511sal

(*لاتزرع الشوك في ارضٍ تمر بها # فقد تعود إليها حافي القدم ِ*)

RT @BBCArabic: #العالم_هذا_المساء | الكاتب الصحفي غازي الحارثي لـ @mabdulhamidBBC :" خطاب #إردوغان كان خطاب التساؤلات ولم يكن خطاب كشف التف…

2018-10-24 05:27

R Colley rc1134

RT @brianklaas: The Dow is down almost 1,600 points from late Jan. 2018. It’s only a measly 285 points higher than Dec. 22, 2017—the day Tr…

2018-10-24 05:27

casey KG_Aspect

Xbox: KG Aspect.
/> Snapchat: Thenakedzeus
I like playing games mostly destiny and stealth games.

@jordanc2601 @CrazyGamer23908 Didn't know he was the real life Yoda.

2018-10-24 05:27

Andrew Lawrence bromideW

outback dweller (pun intended) battered ute & rescue dogs - honoured to live on Barkindji country

RT @davidschneider: BREXITERS, latest update:
Rees-Mogg: Opens funds in Ireland
Redwood: “Don’t invest in UK because of Brexit"
Farage: Get…

2018-10-24 05:27

أبو حاتم alghamdisaleh4

RT @Adhwan: أكثر من ٤٥٠٠ حضروا الساعات الأولى من #مبادرة_مستقبل_الاستثمار ، وتوقيع اتفاقيات بقيمة ٥٠ مليار دولار. وجميع الشركات التي أعلن ر…

2018-10-24 05:27

Raza #FBPE hassanrh

Scottish, British, Muslim, family man. Support hard working people, annoyed at the amount of tax we pay and tax avoiders. RT≠Endorse #stopBrexit

RT @AdamWagner1: Important campaign

2018-10-24 05:27

Kacmaz Makina Hvac34

RT @TheNobleQuran: “And speak that which is best.” #Quran 17:53

2018-10-24 05:27

Emma Todd elliecricket

Cricket fan and Mum to Eleanor who plays cricket and Katie who plays clarinet & steel drums

RT @BelievePHQ: How to successfully communicate with athletes

2018-10-24 05:27

𝑒𝓁𝒾 ☾ mangio_oreo

𝑻𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒌 𝑰''𝒍 𝒎𝒊𝒔𝒔 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒓𝒔 𝒎𝒊𝒔𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒖𝒏 𝒊𝒏 𝒂 𝒎𝒐𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒔𝒌𝒚 ~𝒇𝒂𝒏 𝒂𝒄𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕 ~

RT @ParadiseMPJ: Mi ci vorrebbe una vita intera per riuscire a spiegare tutto ciò che provo per lui,mi ci vorrebbero miliardi di quaderni p…

2018-10-24 05:27

Stephan Germishuys StephanGermis

Proud Father, Husband, Teacher, Coach, Sport enthusiast, Deputy Head

RT @SchalkBrits: Great opportunity for young players, to get better in their position, to measure themselves against the pro standard and s…

2018-10-24 05:27

Guardian sport guardian_sport

Sport news, comment, video and more from the @Guardian. For all your US sports needs, follow @GdnUSsports, and Australian sport @GdnAusSport. IG: guardian_sport

GOAL! Shakhtar Donetsk 0-3 Manchester City (B. Silva, 70): #ChampionsLeague – live! #SHAMCI #MCFC

2018-10-24 05:27

Craig Hindle CraigHindle1984

RT @prizedeck: #Halloween treat time!
Follow PrizeDeck & @sweetremediesuk & retweet for your chance WIN this Halloween sweets bundle.
Be q…

2018-10-24 05:27

Kev Stanbridge KevStanbridge

Married with 2 children. Football & Futsal coach. Gol Futsal owner.

Get the kid Chong on. What have United & Mourinho got to loose?

2018-10-24 05:27

Mike Stock mikestockmusic

Songwriter / Producer •

@HuffPost Yeah..number 235 in the playbook of things that never happened.

2018-10-24 05:27

ally 🎃👻🍂🕸 notionxally

notionally @ ao3 ▵ I write fic and scream ▵ ahgarmy ▵ ▵ icon by @pechebeom

yo my queen gayfantasticfour @dadjyp - just wanted u to know that we love u @jaebum_uwu

2018-10-24 05:27

Paula Watt xPaulaWattx

Don't do profiles and all that jazz. Views my own but I like to think they make sense. Retweet a lot because other people often say it so well.

RT @campbellclaret: Well that was a result for James Dyson’s spin team - @BBCNews report on his plans to build new car in Singapore not U.K…

2018-10-24 05:27

Olivia Buzaglo OliviaBuzaglo

Football obsessed ⚽️ instagram: oliviabuzaglo ✉️

RT @ChelseaFC: 🤷‍♂ #AskMeAnything x @WilliamHill!⛽

🗣 @hazardeden10, Jorginho and @willianborges88 answer YOUR questions! 🤣

2018-10-24 05:27

Honey Rouhani honsop

Operatic Soprano currently Despina in Mozart’s #cosifantutte @DulwichOperaCo @KingsHeadThtr @KHTWestend @DOCKLNDSinfonia @adacreatives

What a privileged to have been involved in the world premiere of such inspirational piece by the wonderful…

2018-10-24 05:27

Λ alvin5523

just wait on it

@98sxx What is this Welsh mentality

2018-10-24 05:27

Hüseyin titan7941

uluslararası ilişkiler ortadoğu kuzey afrika

RT @EmilyThornberry: Yesterday in Parliament, I talked about the parallels between the Khashoggi murder and the air strikes against civilia…

2018-10-24 05:27

Peter Tudor Kerr greentree1001

Hi Margret Tudor & King James 1V My Ancestral Grandparents 14xs,& Many Past Famous World Kings & Queens I've Despoyani bloodline I'm a Singer & Artist, One UK

RT @MayorofLondon: Thank you for joining tonight's People’s Question Time and putting your questions to me. Now, get involved in shaping Lo…

2018-10-24 05:27

Leandro Acquaroli lnacquaroli

RT @Scientists4EU: "I can't tell you how depressed our young scientists are about the messages coming out of government" says Sir Paul Nurs…

2018-10-24 05:27

Mo Costandi mocost

Neuroscientist/ Freelance writer. Author of NEUROPLASTICITY (MIT Press 2016) & 50 HUMAN BRAIN IDEAS (Quercus 2013)

@tclementsuk Searching for it myself....

2018-10-24 05:27

Philip Sheldrake Sheldrake

Chartered Engineer. @akashaproject. Architect @hiproj. Co-founder @tech_we_trust co-op. Partner @eulerpartners.

RT @mikegalsworthy: Nope, it would only humiliate those who deserve the humiliation.

For the country as a whole, it would restore the repu…

2018-10-24 05:27

wendy peffercorn LepriConn

RT @yoel_petros: Welcome to Eritrea 🇪🇷

2018-10-24 05:27

Slim Shady velocirapteej

#KL19 || Lincoln Tech 20'

RT @benoobrown: Date a girl who stops mid sentence to tell you there is a dog nearby

2018-10-24 05:27

James Marsh ❌ Grado779

Chief interests politics & animal welfare support Brexit & banning cruel ritual religious animal slaughter hoping UK will become world leader on animal welfare

RT @davidkurten: Mrs. May's plan to keep the UK in the Single Market and Customs Union until December 2021 at the earliest is an absolute b…

2018-10-24 05:27

P. Ramone mr_handsomed

Don't worry about me

RT @brianklaas: They murdered his Dad, dismembered his body, orchestrated a cover-up, lied about the murder, then lied about the cover-up..…

2018-10-24 05:27

Fred Koed fkoed

MA Dem. Pres. Elector 2000; MA Dem. State Comm.; Activist; UMB Alumni Board. #FBRParty #FBR #TheResistance #BlueWave #TrumpRussia #ImpeachTrump

RT @Billbrowder: MBS gets standing ovation at the ‘bone saw’ Forum. Back in Soviet times, Stalin would get multi hour standing ovations. He…

2018-10-24 05:27

cara 🧚🏻‍♀️ _caraaaaaaa


RT @marcusjdl: Buckingham palace undergoes £370 million refurbishment in the midst of a housing crisis and record homelessness in London ht…

2018-10-24 05:27

Abdullah al subaie AlsubaieAbdulah

Middlesex University graduate 👨🏻‍🎓 Al Hilal is My life,MAN UTD is The Air i Breath,GLORY GLORY MAN UTD.

@katielpaul @stephenkalin Star power is gone ! 😂 you guys are pathetic 😂

2018-10-24 05:27

Salman Ansari msalmansari

RT @QasimalirazaAli: رب کعبہ کی قسم
کاشف عباسی کاDGرینجرز سندھ سے 2بار یہ سوال کرنا کہ کیا الطاف حسین کا چیپٹر کلوز ہوگیا؟
اس پر5برسوں سےج…

2018-10-24 05:27

Féasógach Sionnach BeardedFox115

I only share personal info with people I know in reality, all you need to know about me is, well, my tweets will tell you more than I can.

RT @PrisonPlanet: Some cultures are better than others.

2018-10-24 05:27