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Ashley Thomson ashleythomson_

Ashton Christina Monaghan ; O1.O4.15 💝

A cuppa, pizza en route & beaches just started.. perfect Saturday night sitting greeting on the couch myself 😭😹

2018-10-21 04:44

Chris Meechan ChrisMeechan26

coach driver, Celtic lover

@Tom_Rogic > god

2018-10-21 04:39

Hannah Paterson hannahp2110

Student Nurse and aspiring alpaca farmer. Snapchat- hannahp396

My favourite part of my birthday is when my parents have a massive argument and verge upon divorce every evening of…

2018-10-21 04:35

neilc wintonfan

Good luck to AWR's 2003s who make the very long journey tomorrow to play Oban Saints 2003s in the Scottish Youth FA…

2018-10-21 04:35

Ardeer West Rec AFC ArdeerWRafc

Amateur club playing in Ayrshire Amateur Premier divison - formerly Ardrossan Winton Rover AFC

Thanks Neil

2018-10-21 04:33

stephen O'neill stevie075


@Stephen55952564 superb lads great result

2018-10-21 04:31

Ayesha🎗 AyeshaMcGregorx

Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 20, Stage 3 Cancer Survivor 🎗 23-12-2016💕

An 8/9 for me for them #Strictly

2018-10-21 04:31

connor reid ConnorReid13

you’ve got me singing the blues

RT @havlinnn1: A want a gubby n a halfer

2018-10-21 04:30

neilc wintonfan

Congratulations to @ArdeerWRafc on reaching the 3rd round of @ScotAmFAWest Cup after a 7-4 away win against Inverclyde of the SAFL.

2018-10-21 04:30

scott.conway scottconway98

sc; scottconway15

@reaganhamilton_ do it

2018-10-21 04:28

adam dickie🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ADest04

ice ice baby👳🏿‍♀️


2018-10-21 04:21

kaitlynnn kaitlyn_mcneex


can’t quite believe av stayed affit this weekend🤣

2018-10-21 04:17

Bunty 'Stripey' Bull BingoLittle75

Past caring tbh. Mockingbird. INFJ. I am not responsible for Cousin Halifax or what he might say. I am not "The Scone"

@Roy1Batty I'm always quite suspicious of people who immediately assume others are motivated by hatred or prejudice…

2018-10-21 04:17

NicolleThrelfall nicollethrelfal

William 💜

@stuart_devine @SparesCeltic I’ll take the rangers one that’s my bucket list !!

2018-10-21 04:16

paul farrell Paulfarrell1967

I am an easy going guy, Mental Health Nurse. Love my 2 sons and Glasgow Celtic always. One of the 45%; who will fight on for Scotlands Freedom. STH 111 🍀

That was a great game today.Celtic playing the way we know they can.Entertaining stuff.Fair play to Hibs they came…

2018-10-21 04:16

Chantelle chantellewalla

wait till a tan my drink

A feel so sick

2018-10-21 04:15

Chris Currie chriscurrie67

Can’t we turf this bastard out the county for good and shove his human rights up his atese on the way out.
He is no…

2018-10-21 04:14

Ashley Thomson ashleythomson_

Ashton Christina Monaghan ; O1.O4.15 💝

Aw get this woman, her lies & her shite pumpkin to fuck

2018-10-21 04:09

Ayesha🎗 AyeshaMcGregorx

Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 20, Stage 3 Cancer Survivor 🎗 23-12-2016💕

Love @katesilverton and @AljazSkorjanec #Strictly

2018-10-21 04:08

Becca rebeccamcewanox

19// sc:rebeccamcewan27

Although the central aspects or requirements of a situation ar... More for Scorpio

2018-10-21 04:03

Ayesha🎗 AyeshaMcGregorx

Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 20, Stage 3 Cancer Survivor 🎗 23-12-2016💕

How gorgeous is @katesilverton 💜 #Strictly

2018-10-21 04:00