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Kay | The Chaotic Scot 💙 TheChaoticScot

Scottish Travel Blogger & Content Creator 💫 Scotland Itinerary Planner 🗺 Glamping | Food | Public Transport | 40 Scottish Islands so far 🚢

Follow my adventures on Islay & Jura in real-time on Instagram Stories 📸 💙 #ad #Scotland…

2019-03-21 19:56

Lussa Gin LussaGin

Zesty and aromatic gin distilled by 3 women who live on the Isle of Jura using 15 botanicals that they can grow or forage on the island. 18+ to follow.

We’re looking forward to seeing our #ginfriends at this year’s #GintyreFest in #Campbeltown on Sunday 13th April. T…

2019-03-18 17:26

Woodrow keviniwoodrow

engineer with HIAL and retained fire service with SFRS. tweets are my own

Nice walk today #islay #niceday

2019-03-18 00:33


Single malts aficiando. Co-founder of Tipple and Dram . Tipple is a wine bar. Dram a whisky bar with a unique distillery direct collection @ 24 Ann Siang Road.

Different type of #cask impact the #whisky #maturation n process . Typically hogsheads and barrels with capacity of…

2019-03-17 23:46

Konrad Borkowski kjborkowski

Freelance Photographer based on Jura / Islay specialising in Documentary, Travel & Whisky Photography

Good morning with a short video of a beautiful sunrise in Isle of Jura. Turn the sound on :-). @ Isle Of Jura

2019-03-15 19:17