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It searches the Tweets of Twitter around Rogart, Highland 10km.

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Amy McHardy amy_mch

@MollyMacnicol How annoying is it.. I should do that too actually πŸ˜‚

2018-10-22 03:34

Amy McHardy amy_mch

Super excited for my new front door... can’t deal with this letter box flapping with the wind anymore 😑

2018-10-22 01:35

boy_A K I Π― Λツ boy_akira

mySoul β™‘ @alyaaakira ¦¦ ig : zyeelyaa

rindunya kat awak..
bila nak balik rumah..?
seronok sangat ke tinggal dengan orang lain..?
#CB3 #SM4…

2018-10-21 23:53

Amy McHardy amy_mch

Why does water taste like πŸ’© when your hungover

2018-10-18 02:16